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This is a collection of tips, tricks and contacts that the Talk Talk Hell readers and yours truely collected over the lifetime of the blog. Apparently, they work sometimes! Have a read.

This page is updated when new info comes in.

Here are some things you guys can do to get the ball rolling: 1.

Totally agree with you and Darren. One way would be to dispaly the petition very well visible on your homepage and I guess it might be better to use this petition j(sorry Tiffany) just because there are more signatures on and people can hide their name from the web (google) Come on guys – sign it… They need 500. It is possible. Maybe then the Guardian will start reporting about this site?

Try doing a search for Carphone Warehouse if the link doesn’t work

2. Keeping on with the Guardian theme, here’s the e-mail address for the tech editor:

3. Read tips and tricks from the readers:
Take Christopher’s advice and e-mail the folks therin.

Have a nosey through Dec’s recommendations and have a look at the ‘The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999’

4. Try some of the new e-mail addresses and phone numbers we’ve been sent: Charles D

0800 0280188

0208 8965000

For tech support: 0192 555 6494 (thanks MarkR)
Try one of the numbers here. (Thanks, Annoyed with Talk Talk!)

For line faults and problems:
08700873527 (Thanks Peter!)
E-mail the Chief Exec of Ofcom: (Thanks Rob and Helen!)

5. Check out the tips tag here for the expanding list of things to avoid and try.

6. Send people Darren and Bart666’s terms and conditions round ups to show them what they’re getting into. Bart666 Darren

7. Also, as recommended by Andre and Darren, some sort of en masse effort. Just so you know, I don’t live that far from Preston…. Ideas? The more bizarre, the better.

8. Forward this site! 🙂

9. For technical issues, follow George’s advice:

1. Make sure that you are using the main BT socket for your modem connection.

2. Connect the modem as close as possible to the main BT socket.

3. Go down the ethernet route. If your computer is too far from the BT socket for the supplied cabling buy a ready-made 10 metre ethernet cable – they work ok – I am using 2 x 10 metre with an inline connection.

4. Chuck the TalkTalk filter/s and replace with BT branded filter/s.

5. Connect BT branded filters to any additional sockets.

6. If you still have problems try to talk to a second line Techy. The are far more clued up than the ones who answer the telephone.

8. Find out of you have a tag on your line by calling: 0800 169 9576

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115 responses to “Things you can do

  1. Complaints procedure

    1.Write to Talk Talk and state the nature of your complaint, in accordance with their procedure and the terms and conditions of the service, which is shown below:

    Section14 of its terms & conditions

    If you are dissatisfied with TalkTalk’s service

    We are committed to providing you with the best-value residential tele-communications service in the UK. We understand that faults can occur and, when they do, we want to correct them quickly. We offer a comprehensive complaint-handling process to solve your problem as soon as possible. You should also use our complaint-handling process if you want to complain about any aspect of how we marketed or sold the service to you.

    When you call us, a customer service adviser will note the details of the problem and agree a course of action with you. Complex queries may take a little longer to resolve.

    If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you may ask for the matter to be referred to a senior manager for further investigation.

    If we cannot resolve your problem, we will write to say so. This is sometimes called the ‘deadlock’ letter. When you receive this letter you have the right to refer your case to the Ombudsman (see ‘Resolving disputes’ below). Any unresolved complaints can be referred to the Ombudsman 12 weeks after being raised with us.

    You can find the Ombudsman’s contact details in section 10. The Ombudsman will want to ensure that you have followed our complaints process before contacting him. If this is not evident, he is likely to refer the matter back to us for resolution.

    If you receive the deadlock letter as described above, you must decide within six months whether you wish to refer the issue to the Ombudsman.

    Please note that the deadline for referring an issue is nine months after first making your complaint to us.

    Even if you apply to the Ombudsman, you must still pay any amounts not in dispute.

    We are happy to work with other independent bodies, such as Icstis, Citizens Advice, Consumer Advice Centres and Trading Standards Departments.

    Section 23 of its terms & conditions

    Responsibility for complying with this code

    Responsibility for all TalkTalk representatives’ compliance with the code lies with TalkTalk. Our Compliance Manager is accountable for ensuring that we and our agents observe the code, and is also responsible for handling complaints relevant to the code. You can contact our Compliance Manager in the following ways:

    Address: Email:

    Steve Thompson

    Compliance Manager

    TalkTalk Telecom Limited

    1 Portal Way Telephone:


    W3 6RS. 0845 655 5959

    2. Then you can escalate it to Otelo…

    Section 15 of its terms & conditions

    Resolving disputes

    TalkTalk is a member of the Telecommunications Ombudsman scheme, which provides a free, independent service to help sort out complaints when customers and telecoms companies can’t agree. It is run by the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman, Otelo for short.

    Otelo’s job is to investigate complaints fairly, listen to both sides of the story and look at the facts. If the Ombudsman decides your complaint was justified, we will honour his decision and put things right for you. To find out how the service works and what it covers, please ask for a copy of Otelo’s complaints booklet ‘Two sides to every story’ by phoning 0845 050 1614. The scheme provides a straightforward alternative to legal action.

    The Ombudsman can give you further details and you will also find information on Otelo’s website. Contact details are shown in section 10.

    Otelo may be contacted on its website where you will find an online form to complete-but you must have gone through the complaints procedure above.

    Also send your complaint to ofcom. It will log it and possibly fine Talk Talk up to 10% of its turnover.

  2. If you’re a senior manager and you hate how the place is run… don’t you hate yourself for not running it properly?? since you are in a possition to change the way things are run….

    PS all emails in to anyone above team manager (like all companies) will go streigt to their high level complaints.

    PS your not a senior manager. there are none leaving soon

  3. Just tried emailing the Compliance Manager – Steve Thomson – listed above and you get the following:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    Isn’t that a breach of their code of conduct?

  4. no. contacting the right department and being redirected to the wrong place would be tho.

  5. Things You Can Do ... Reply

    Hate to break it to you mr hell but a valid petition would need to show the users details because whats to stop people signing over and over with different names? Erm…. makes sense doesn’t it.

    If it was a simple as you say i could start one against you.. Bitter Man Website Designer Petition.

    signed by mr brown

  6. Do-di-do:

    The reason these numbers and steps exist is because the Talk Talk way… well it hasn’t been working.

    Read before posting.

  7. I was trying to cancel my order following a talktalk phone billing problem (of their making – they didn’t act on my direct debit then cut me off whilst I was on holiday and wouldn’t accept responsibility for the problem – read the gory details here:

    Not sure which your helpful suggestions have worked, I’d tried the (non-existent) Compliance Manager ( that comes back with “delivery can not be completed”; the normal customer service customer service email (and got an automated holding message) and the David Thatcher (ThatchDO2 email above). And I signed the petition too. One (or more) of those did the trick:

    I got this back from email :

    “Many thanks for your email which arrived on my desk this morning.

    May I firstly take this opportunity to apologise for the below standard of customer service that you feel you have experienced I can confirm, as per your enquiry, your Broadband service with us is now disconnected. [NB: it had never actually happened after 4 months and I’m still on my Bulldog connection but I wanted reassurance that they were not trying to migrate me to their 18 month contract that I’ve now (thru this site) seen the problems with]

    Should you wish to escalate your complaint further, please email our escalations team on

    Kind regards

    Barry Richardson

    High Level Complaints Dept
    Balcarres Road

    Thanks to you all for your suggestions – fwiw, persevere and keep emailing and writing and (although it can be frustrating, keep it polite).

    Good luck – and tell family and friends to avoid CPW and talktalk – sooner or later the brand reputation risk is going to hit them hardest.

  8. I currently work for talktalk, but not for much longer. I wont be coming back to this site either, so theres no point replying to my comment or asking me ‘dont you hate yourself for not running it properly’ as mentioned above, or something along those lines because i wont read it.
    I want to say firstly, that i know for a fact that at least 90% of the references to customers being hung up on by call centre agents are not true. I totally agree that your call terminated, but it was not the agent that did it. Its the phone system. Its appauling i know, its like Ford running out of company cars, but the phone system is overloaded. I cannot tell you why the bosses dont increase capacity, all i know is that there are severe problems with calls dropping due to system failures! This occurs especially when transfering calls (as you may have experienced) to the broadband department.
    Secondly, the product is good! If you are lucky enough to have had a successful order, then you wont be reading this. If not, i assure you that you are in a significant minority.

    Mr Dunston is a good guy with good intentions (as good as can be while making millions) and a good product. He has just employed the wrong people in important high level roles. The call centre agents and admin staff are doing all they can to sort out any issues you have. As mentioned earlier, most of the problems are covered up by managers to make them seem better.
    Thirdly (last one), and a minor, but TalkTalk’s ofer has sparked severe unrest in the industry within the big players camps. Just look whats happened since, Wanadoo/Orange, BT cuts, and even Sky now. BT still maintain the infrastructure and certian elements of the transfer of phones and/or broadband will involve them. Without saying you will find a memo circulating BT offices directing staff to mess things up for TalkTalk, rest assured they are doing everything they can to make life as difficult as possible, including misadvising customers refusing mac codes etc. Of course none of it is official. Charlie Dunston has made no secret of his desire to obliterate BT from the market place, and regardless of his imperfect product solution, i can only praise him for being brave enough to finally realistically challenge BT’s monopoly and show the public that there are other options. BT have been overcharging for too long. Its just a shame he was unable to provide the same level of service delivery, although i believe this will come.

  9. post 10, kennedy, bullshit, as far as BT are concerned, the mac codes are not incorrect, as every single leading broadband provider has access to the exact same system that produces the mac codes ! secondly, it would not even be BT infrastructure as it is TALK TALKS EQUIPMENT THAT GOES INTO THE EXCHANGE (HENCE LLU) – Meaning BT has no LEGAL RIGHT TO TOUCH THAT EQUIPMENT. Next, the BT cuts have only come because OFCOM have let go of the reigns which they have had over BT for 22 years (to encourage competition, like small fry TalkTalk), Ofcom let go of those reigns in August, which is when BT made cuts after cuts after cuts. NEXT…WILL SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER, WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE 18MONTH TERM, WHICH WILL BE 2008, WHICH CO-INCIDENTLY IS THE END OF THEIR 5 YEAR BUSINESS PLAN PERIOD. Now, i appreciate you are a loyal employee of TalkTalk albiet jumping ship, but erm, when a company goes to LLU, then BT have no legal control over that company what so ever, and BT make no-money from that company what so ever, only the lease of the part of the exchange they use.
    THE QUESTION EVERYONE SHOULD BE ASKING IS THE CONTENTION RATIO, I.E normally 50:1, DOES TALK TALK USE DOUBLE JUMPERS ? IE, A BOX HOLDING A CONTENTION OF 50:1, DOUBLE JUMPING EACH CONNECTION WOULD GIVE 2 PEOPLE THE SAME IP ADDRESS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? has this been covered before ? also, using LLU technology, where all services go through one cheaply made box from a 3rd world, do we have crossed lines ? do we have telephone numbers on a bill which have never been dialed ? okay guys, if you dont have a clue what im talking about, talk to a BULLDOG customer, one of the best LLU providers for cheapness.

    Its simple for you TalkTalk customers, pay the price now, or pay the price later. one way or another, you will pay the price for being sucked in. Once, an ice cream man offered me a free ice cream, I took it, then all of a sudden, i felt his hands down my pants.

    MMMMM.. see what im getting at ?

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  12. re; post 11.

    The LLU system has not been fully rolled out yet. We can only take control of people who have LLU (and that is less than 15% approx). Only yesterday a customer rang and said it was talk talk’s responsibility to clear a line, (she was migrating from bt) and that a MAC code wasn’t BT’s responsibilty. She was informed that by BT that we could clear the line “with a flick of a switch”. The customer then phones us up and is very irrate because they believe BT. The only thing I could do was ring BT wholesale who where engaged for 3hrs (sometimes they help if you don’t have a CBUK code, sometimes they demand it to go any futher)
    In closing really, TT’s situation is not helped by these apparant dirty tactics by BT and other ISP’s when migrating. We never stop giving customers MAC codes if they want to leave us, or spin a yarn that it is not our responsibilty. Shame others don’t follow suit

  13. re post 14… are u smokin dude ?

  14. Charlie’s email address. I emailed a complaint directly to charlie address is and cc’d it to cheif exec of ofcom address is plus many national newspapers. Got a reply from the organ grinder and his sales director within 20 mins. Currently looking into my problem apparently. That was yesterday, will keep you posted.

  15. When you give out the brickbats, you also have to give out the bouquets – Using Mr Dunstone’s email address above, I contacted him “in robust terms”. I received a response the following day (07:37 on a Saturday) saying that he would get someone to look in to it. A week later, during which his appointed “someone” kept in contact Broadband appeared. I call that a result so Nice One, Charles!
    Obviously there are some major problems at CPW but, speak as you find, the top levels are taking responsibility and action. This all just confirms my belief that these offshore call centres are a Really Bad Thing and merely cause grief for companies and their customers. All I wanted to hear right form the start was a sincere and informed apology and reliable information when my service would start. This never happened with the call centre, only when the big boys got involved but that’s often the way, isn’t it? Anyway, I think it’s only right to report a success for them.

  16. If you are fed up of 10p per minute. Try calling 0192 555 6494 for tech support.

    If you speak to anyone, ask them for their name and get them to spell it out.

    If you do get through to them and they say they are going to put you on hold ask them to call you back if it disconnects. For some reason it happens quite a lot. Make sure they write down the number you are calling from.

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  18. I just sign in for one of the USENET providers. For extra £10 per month i’ve got unlimited speed(around 300KB/s, which is still low compare to what i suposed to be on) for p2p downloads. So if you pi%%ed off that TT blocked all p2p ports and AZUERUS or BITCOMET running slow with encryption this could be a cheap solution!!!!Download alaways with max speed of your line and it’s not possible to block it!!!!Minus – you have to pay some money for GB’s you downloading.I pay £10 for 10GB/month, which really gives me around 20-30GB because most of files you can download on their”free download”option, which reduce speed to 1000kbit/s. Still faster then i had before with any p2p after TT blocked ports. I won’t be advertising any company, so if you intrested look for USENET providers in internet!!!!Good Luck. 15 monthes to go for me:(
    But working on it:)

  19. is a new site under development to host a campaign and class action legal claim against TalkTalk for failure to supply contracted services.

  20. We’ve got to get it together…They sure have!

  21. I’m having problems too – wondering if anyone else has had similar.

    I pay for a broadband service £10 a month (despite initially being told that there would definatley be a free service in my area by september). I also ordered my brooadband equipment from TalkTalk in their online shop. It was continually not delivered, and eventually 6 weeks later I received everything I needed. In the mean time I have been paying for 2 internet services – one via braodband, the other through calls to an 0845 number (a win-win situation for talktalk surely!)

    They are seemingly unwilling to compensate me for this – anyone else in the same boat?

  22. i write this on behalf of my 16yr daughter,who live sin her very first flat,i signed her up for TT for free broadband assuming the cheapness was betetr for her,ok her phone service went on, but since 26th sept when she was told a nd recieved her login details and activation date, there has been no broadband,too many calls to list always the same, we can re provision the line, your not logged into our domain, we will get that sorted 3 days max, and weekly calls meant nothing, i ask what would be my course of action here. thanks, very pi$$ed off .

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  24. well after reading from the above posts, i decided to email Dunstone direct , and woudl you believe he replied,

    Dear Mr Murray

    Many thanks for your email, I am extremely sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing with the connection of your broadband account and concerned that you have had to contact to me in search of resolution.

    I have got someone investigating what has gone wrong and we will be back to you shortly.

    In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies

    Charles Dunstone

    personaly i think i wil be emailing him several more times, and as he replied atleast i have something on paper now, terading standards agree they should terminate my account freeing me up to go where vere i please, i will update when somethign has been sorted.thansk for this site it has helped me out alot.

  25. Ok my own TT broadband is now about to stop, how you ask,

    well 7 days i go i went onto my account, and sent a email askign for a mac code, of course nothign came, so i phoned them up, it was ontheir system i requested my mac code, and after telling the agent that i am by law allowed to have this, as they are providing a free service that i can decide wether i want to keep, and to my amazement they gave it to me over the phone.

    so its worth tryign if you want off their crap broadand, use contact us via your my account .

    hope this helps.

  26. As per most of the comments I’ve been finding talktalk service absolutely diabolical over last 2 weeks. Tried getting mail through mail2web and it works sometimes. Believed that I had a total broadband and phone service for £20/month (plus telephone calls to mobiles etc) but still being billed for separate £10/month broadband service. Contacting customer service is little more than a joke as they promise to correct the billing (when, and if, they answer the phone) but never do.

  27. Still no connection from may 2006, many hours spent on phone to them, each time I note down who I speak to and at what time. Below a few key moments

    23/11/ on phone trying to get some one to help for 1.5 hours, finally they said I need to climb out the window and check the wiring in the box where the line comes in ! then they put the phone down.

    28/11 had another go to try and get level 2 help said would put me through then put the phone down.
    I phoned back went through it again, said I should reboot and that will solve my problems, then phone put down again.

    4/12 phoned accounts dept said I wanted out and cancel she said why! I said how long have you got she said someone would call back later, no call back so I called them went through the long procedure then cut me off.

    6/12 had another go got through to options dept they said to me no need to cancel as my service was upgraded and put phone down.

    8/12 had another go got thru to options dept spoke to someone who could speak and understand english confirmed he understood why I was canceling said I was not the only one and would action it straight away.

    Could I now be free from these lying bunch of cowboys? currently I am waiting for my line to be released.

  28. As Charles Dunstone presides over what is arguably the biggest customer relations disaster in British business history it is astonishing that so many customers are sticking with this shambles of an organisation.

    I knew by the end of the first week that TalkTalk had let me down badly.

    I made the mistake of believing their empty promises that things would improve and it was another five months of absolute hell before I realised the scale of this company’s failure.

    I have now left and have signed up with a decent company – and it hasn’t cost me a penny more than I was being charged by TalkTalk.

    What I cannot understand is the good manners of customers who go on believing that they are tied into a contract with TalkTalk, which they must continue to honour no matter how many time they are kicked in the teeth by Dunstone and his crew.

    The truth is this:

    Once TalkTalk has broken its contract with you by failing to provide an adequate service, you are no longer bound by its terms

    You can repudiate the contract by sending TalkTalk a letter by recorded delivery stating that it is in breach of contract and that you are terminating the agreement.

    You have a right to a MAC code within a reasonable period – a few days at the most.

    Because it is TalkTalk and not you who is at fault they cannot legally force you to pay a disconnection fee – no matter what the contract says.

    If they do try just remind them of The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 which will protect you from any threats they may care to make.

    I was amused to see Charles Dunstone’s press statement about rail passengers who accept their fate once they are given an explanation over why their train is late.

    What he should realise is that nobody needs to be on his train. The scale of his failure means that no court in the land would support any move he now makes to try to force disaffected broadband customers to abide by his tarnished contracts.

    So feel free to leave and find a broadband provider you can trust – they are plenty around.

    And remember – a bargain is only a bargain if it works.

    To the people who run this site I would offer this advice – don’t be bullied into silence. Everything I have seen here is “fair comment on a matter of public concern” and that is a good defence against accusations of libel.

    In fact TalkTalk’s reputation is now in such tatters that I don’t believe anything that anybody says here could make it worse.

  29. TakeTake have the worst customer service I have ever encountered in all my life.

    However if you do want to try and rectify a broadband problem I have found this is the way to go:

    call up talkalk broadband tech support on:
    0192 555 6494

    You shouldn’t have to hold at all!
    when the call is anwered confirm your details and explain to the guy that you were just on the phone a moment ago waiting to be transferred to 2nd line support when the call cut off.
    Say you have already phoned numerous times and have already done the following from advice you were given from 1st line support:
    *NO SPYWARE – you have windows defender (and it is a recently formatted machine)
    *you have updated all modem drivers
    *you have done the bt line speed check
    *you have done the speed check once every day over the last 3 days
    Note: actually do it once cos they may ask for the results

    explain that they cannot help you and you need to be put through to 2nd line support.

    The guys at 2nd line know loads more and are much more helpful. they are much more likely to get your broadband speed issues sorted and they do not lie as much as the guys from india. Best of all are based in the UK and can speak english!!

    good luck ppl

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  32. Second line will not take a call if you just try and blag your way into it. If you lie to the first line agent to get the second liner to take the call, you can and will get that person into very deep trouble, which is pretty selfish.

    If you are not on LLU, that speedtest will mean nothing. They have to be taken to BT, and BT will ONLY accept THREE speedtests run at thier site,, while connected to the internet with the user name speedtest@speedtest_domain. They will reject any speed issues not done in this exact manner.

    And yes, the second line is much more helpful. Uh. So I have heard.

  33. No broadband connection at all since 6.12.06 due to problem with local exchange. TT 2nd Tier Techies referred problem to BT on 4 occassions. 3-4 days turnaround time. Its still down & doing my head in. Any suggestions. (sent via PDA as no internet at home)

  34. Had exactly the same problem as Martin C (above)

    On the 6th couldn’t get online, ADSL light flashing on my speedtouch modem. Went through about twenty five different helpline calls including two to second line tech support. The final call was two days ago and I was told by the second line techie that I should leave my PC turned on with the broadband plugged into the test socket on my main telephone socket for a minimum of FIVE working days so that OPAL can check the line, but because it’s new year it may take up to two weeks, that said, I don’t expect a resoloution this side of Easter !
    I know it’s been said before many times but I have never in my life been subjected to such pathetic customer service in my entire life. I do intend to cancel and I definately intend to sue them for breach of contract….AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  35. TT are offering half price deal for – don’t touch. I wouldn’t use them again if they were giving ME money – utter crap service with worse customer service

  36. will post some fact cos i work for the comp

  37. Helper? don’t bother we know the facts … read all the above, try waiting on the otherside of the line, waiting hours, ringing for weeks, being cut off, getting no where. The truth of the matter is that TalkTalk have overpromised and the fact is that they have the worst reputation and the worst customer and technical service in trading standards. Everyone should vote with their feet and leave all services mobile, broadband etc so they go bust and we don’t have to deal with them ever again …

  38. Has anyone else logged on today to find they have no emails in their email account?
    Not only do I have no emails left in my inbox, but people trying to email me get a “Mail Delivery Failed” message.

  39. Hi

    I’m with Talk Talk Onetel and I use 0800 9571034.

    Try for other alternatives.

  40. Talk-Talk Telecom Ltd
    1 Portal Way, London
    W3 6RS

    9 Sept – opened A/c for Broadband
    13 Oct – Received modem
    21 Oct – installed modem but it was faulty & did not work
    22 Oct – several calls to helpline etc (no satisfactory response)
    23 Oct – returned modem with personal letter to Mr Dunstone (no reply)
    27 Oct – phoned re modem replacement
    3 Nov – phoned re modem replacement
    17 Nov – phoned re modem replacement
    24 Nov – phoned re modem replacement
    1 Dec – in frustration and exasperation phoned Talk-Talk to cancel service
    11 Dec – renewed contract for phone calls with BT and requested details of Broadband
    5 Jan – BT requests MAC code
    8 Jan – phoned Talk-Talk for MAC code
    9 Jan – phoned Talk-Talk for MAC code or line release date to BT Wholesale
    10 Jan – phoned Talk-Talk for line release date.
    11 Jan – phoned TalK-Talk for line release date OR MAC code.

    * Although we have phoned Talk-Talk on at least fourteen seperate occasions,
    NOT ONE call has been returned

    We have been charged for a modem and for having a broadband installation since Sept
    but the modem did not work and broadband has never been enabled.

    Four months on and we are no nearer fulfilling our plans to have broadband!
    We are now in limbo with no MAC code and no release date.
    Until we get one of these we cannot enable broadband with any other supplier.

    Steve McGhee

  41. 18 Jan – after much pressure, we have been given a MAC code and will be receiving a credit for the service that never was. But it took an appeal to Charles Dunstone to work the magic!

  42. I am a humble TalkTalk complaint novice, signed up with them in November ’06 – obviously not yet connected. My question; Does anyone know if it’s possible to legaly chalenge TalkTalk/CPW, within the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or similar ? – Is this TalkTalk broadband scam the biggest rip-of since Robert Maxwell (goes without saying Gordon Brown can never be beaten !)…….bread

  43. Kevin and Becky

    Re: Talk Bloddy Talk

    My partner and I moved in together into a property near Tetbury which didn’t have a Broadband capability when we moved in. My partner contacted TalkTalk to cancel her account at her previous address in Box when she moved.

    We received a letter saying that TalkTalk were sorry she was leaving them dated 23rd January 2006 and as the account was paid by direct debit there was no monies outstanding. However in October 2006 TalkTalk started to bill us at our new address for a connection to a BT line that was in my name without any communication with me. I have at no time given TalkTalk permission to put a broadband service on my telephone line.

    We have contacted TalkTalk to find out what was happening on occasions to many to number and without any success.

    We have continued to receive bills in the meantime for a service we don’t have.

    On 2 occasions we went to the Carphone Warehouse store in Cheltenham and the manager assured us that it had been sorted out and that the bills would be cancelled. However, once again we have received another bill this month. We were assured there are notes on the account saying that it should be cancelled.

    We simply do not know what to do next as this is consuming much time and energy with the fear that, if we don’t resolve this, my partner will get a bad credit rating.

    We have no idea why we are being billed and why, despite being assured to the contrary, we are still getting them.

    Thanks for the useful tips on here and we will keep you posted on progress

  44. Has anyone got current Email addresses for Dunstone; TalkTalk compliance manager & Ofcom.
    My story same as everybody elses, need to get some action, Signed the petition.

    Ta very much!!

  45. Don’t forget its not only their broadband which is rubbish. So is the phoneline!! Every few weeks, the phone goes dead, can’t phone out or in, and it loses your 1571 messages. Phone them up, and they admit they are experiencing problems with their london network??great stuff.

  46. I have the same problem as Peader above. My fault is now with OPAL who TT have no servive level agreements and can take as long as they want to fix a fault and TT can have no recourse with them. I got my fault upgraded to a high priority but don’t believe this has had any effect because 3 days later is still doesn’t work. I’ve also received a letter from TT saying that they have done some work on my local exchange. I don’t think it is a coincidence that my broadband doesn’t work at the same time they have been working on the exchange. Anyone else had issues with TT in relation to OPAL?

  47. Pingback: Flashing lights. This ain’t no disco. « Less Talk Talk: More Service. The unofficial, unaffiliated Talk Talk blog.

  48. I notified TalkTalk on the January 2 2007 of my intention to move from Flat 45 to Flat 36 in the same building. My telephone line was transfered by BT on January 23rd 2007. TalkTalk were notified immediately but have failed to transfer my Telephone Service or my Broadband. I cannot get any help from Customer Services after more than 30 Telephone Calls. The operator often disconnects the call when they realise it’s a problem they cannot resolve easily or they promise to ring back and never do. Is there anything anyone can do to help me?

  49. DG834G mk 1 and mk2 wireless routers

    Having read the posts concerning Netgear Routers and having problems myself with a FG834G mk 1 router and talktalk with ADSL2 (they subcontract the ADSL2 service to NTL by the way) I looked on Netgears site and found a solution.

    The problem is that TalkTalk drops my connection, and it takes a reboot of the router and several minutes before the router reacquires the signal.

    The solution seems to be Firmware level V3.01.31 which is stated to apply to the V2 router, but looking at the specs of both, Netgear say that they are very similar and the V2 software will work on the V1 router. This firmware version was put on Netgears site in Jan this year, and it could be that later netgear products have similar probs and fixes.

    Putting the firmware on resulted in near instant line acquision, and an end to the dropouts. (well that may not be completely true, I have noticed one or two, but the line was pretty instantly re-acquired). I remember my previous ISP Pipex had this occasional drop.

    Seems to me that TT have gotten a somewhat undeserved bad reputation. Their customer service was certainly bad, but is now improving, their email is poor in terms of reliability, also the third world router they provide for £30 is rubbish, and they don.t support any other router apart from a TT badged device (Belkin I think).
    TT does cost £21 a month after all!

  50. Never once since last november has anyone rang me back from talktalk,ive been waiting oo lets see 5months! when the questions get too hard they just cut you off and there isnt 1 thing you can do about it,one time when I rang a girls who answered was laughing with her mate,just having a right good old laugh talking about where she had been for the weekend etc.I was saying hello,hello,HELLO and she finally said to me oh hiya can I help,I said is it any wonder this company has appeared on Watchdog! and she replied Watchdog? whats that?! these are the type of people you are dealing with be aware!
    They WILL and DO just cut ya off when they dont know how to deal with ya further…AArrggg I want me emails *sniff

  51. e-mail flowed again last night. In fits and starts. Many messages delivered twice. It co-incided with my deleting some e-mails but there has never been any indication of exceeding capacity and I would be surprised if I had.
    Still working today.

  52. Well it’s a good job that I work in IT or the braodband would never have worked. After them cocking up my bank details and delays I finally got it swiched on. Why they tell you to use the connect and go cd is beyond my as you don’t need it!!! Anyway got it all sorted but for some reason I can’t seem to send emails through outlook. I know the setting are ok as I have tried it at work. It’s one ball ache after another. When it works it’s ok though. One tip that works a treat, before you setup your broadband re- install windows, trust me it helps. There is help on the Microsoft Web site about how to re-install your operating system. The sending email problem is due to the router configuration, just have not worked it out yet but I will do.

    Why does broadband have to be so hard.

  53. Allison Warwick

    Here’s the letter I have posted to Lisa Bachelor, Deputy Personal Finance Manager of the Observer.

    I’ve got lots to tell you. So much so that I’m sure in your article this weekend, you will help many, many people in my similar situation.

    After speaking with TalkTalk for a frustrating 2 1/2 hrs continuously on the phone yesterday, I had contacted my soon-to-be-ex husband’s girlfriend who is a successful barrister. Albeit being in her best interest to help her partner, she wrote an extensive legal letter and we sent that to Charles Dunstone who low and behold, immediately replied.

    My initial letter with my dissatisfaction with CPW’s horrible customer service got NO reply at all.

    To make matters worse all customer service representatives would no longer talk to me regarding my issues because the password my husband created with the acct. (4 1/2 yrs ago while on OneTel) mysteriously no longer existed and they refused to give me any more information. In fact they refused to give me any of their surnames as well. All this whilst holding a screaming baby and using no profanity!

    This morning, however, I receive a phone call from the customer Liaison Executive who proceeds to give me his name in full and direct number where he can be reached. He then proceeds to tell me he is handling everything (how sweet) and has completely settled the entire fictitious bill of £105.30. He will also contact the collection agency directly and sort out that end so I will have to do nothing. Very helpful indeed.

    What I’m angry about is all the wasted time and energy (over 2 months in total) and my sanity. If I did not know a barrister, such as my ex’s partner, this would have never been done and it would have ruined the acct. holders credit rating. People are being bullied into paying fines they never accrued and CPW/TalkTalk uses this to their advantage.

    I hope this will help others and change the way customer service in so many companies all over the UK deal with complaints.

    By the way,. I’m an American.

    Most Sincerely,

    Allison Warwick

    attached letter:
    8 March 2007

    For the Attention of the Complaints Department


    Account No: J177406 (Talk Plan, Talk3 International)

    Telephone Number: 02085427719

    Account Holder: Mr K Warwick

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing further to two telephone conversations of same date with a variety of your employees, most notably Mr Frank Garson and John (unknown surname) who works within Options Team 31. I have spent a total of approximately two hours in discussion with your employees today in relation to an unsubstantiated debt of £105.30 which I am alleged to owe Carphone Warehouse as a result of my service under the above Account and in a final attempt to resolve this matter before court proceedings are unjustifiably issued against the account holder, Mr K Warwick.

    As discussed I received in yesterday’s post a document entitled Notice of Legal Proceedings from a debt collection company known as Robinson, Way & Company Limited stating that they were intending to take court action against the account holder as a result of non-payment of a debt totalling £105.30. This Notice was dated 2 March 2007 and requested payment of the said sum by 10.00am this morning, despite the letter only having been received on 7 March 2007.

    Prior to this notice I had received a document entitled Formal Demand for Payment from the same company dated 21 February 2007 in relation to the same debt (Reference No. 831639840).

    To date neither myself nor my ex-husband, who is the named account holder despite a request by myself when I joined TalkTalk to have the account transferred into my name, have received any explanation as to the breakdown of the amount being claimed or the reason that the debt has allegedly been incurred. I have been informed during the course of my telephone conversation today that you are unable to provide a bill setting out what this amount relates to (such admission having been made following my request for this to be emailed or faxed to me immediately) or even provide oral particulars, wholly or at all, as to what charges or fees the figure relates to.

    In October 2006 I was contacted by an employee of Carphone Warehouse explaining that OneTel, with whom I had been a customer for over four years, had merged with Carphone Warehouse and that as a result I was eligible to sign up for TalkTalk Free Broadband. I was asked to pay an initial fee as well as, to the best of my knowledge, two months line rental up front. I believe my service was activated on or around 14 October 2006 and my broadband line subsequently went live on 7 November 2006.

    On 21 November 2006 I received a communication sent to the account holder and dated 13 November 2006 entitled “Your first bill explained” and setting out the payment now due for billing period ‘November’. This bill was for a total of £104.83. This was said to cover line rental from 14 October 2006 to 16 December 2006, relevant call charges, the cost of Talk 3 from 14 October 2006 to 16 December and a charge of £25.52 for ‘Talk240 Informati’ (see attached Exhibit 1). Initially I was extremely surprised by the amount of the bill but, given the content of the communication I took the view that this was simply as a result of the charges covering both the period from when I joined the service and advanced charges for the next month. The amount due was subsequently deducted from my bank account on 28 November 2006.

    Unfortunately, prior to my receiving this bill my broadband service had begun to fail. The service was very slow and sporadic. I further understand that my service was “upgraded” (needless to say without my or the account holder’s permission) on or around 18 November 2006. Whether as a result of this upgrade or simply due to a generally deficient service after 20 November 2006 it failed to work at all. From this date until I cancelled my contract as detailed below, I was completely unable to access any TalkTalk Broadband service.

    As a result of my total dissatisfaction with the service I initially contacted your Customer Service Department to complain on 7 December 2006. I have had it confirmed today that this call has been recorded on your system. At this time I expressed my concern over the service and asked how I would go about cancelling my contract. I was told at that time that the issues I had raised would be resolved and, in any event, that I was unable to cancel the contract because I was not the named account holder.

    As such, and after further consideration, I contacted your Customer Service Department on or around 10 December 2006 to finally cancel my entire contract with you. I was informed that the account holder must confirm that he wanted the contract to be cancelled and as such I contacted my ex-husband whilst on the telephone and he spoke directly to an employee to confirm the same. I was then informed that my contract had been cancelled. To my mind, at this time any involvement I or my ex-husband had with TalkTalk was concluded.

    I am extremely concerned, however, to learn as of today that your company has no record of my account being cancelled at all. Further, it was confirmed by a Mr Ali Jalal that your systems indicate that I am still being billed for the TalkTalk service as, despite the account having been cancelled on or around 10 December 2006, the service has never been officially disconnected, although please note that irrespective of this assertion I have not received any bill in relation to the same. I am astounded by the lack of competence which this implies and wish to confirm that, since the 10 December 2006, I should not have been billed for any services provided by TalkTalk or Carphone Warehouse as both myself and the account holder had expressly cancelled the contract for such services in their entirety. Given this information I can only assume that the debt to which we are now being threatened with legal action relates to service charges since 10 December 2006 for which clearly neither I nor the account holder are liable, although I note, again, that none of your employees who I have spoken to to date have been able to confirm this.

    For the sake of clarity I wish to stress that since 10 December 2006 I have received no further correspondence from TalkTalk or Carphone Warehouse save for a letter at the end of January informing me that my email account was not working and as such questioning where the next bill should be sent. As I had cancelled my account over a month previously (of which please note I received no written confirmation on which I am now able to rely) I was both angered and frustrated to receive such correspondence. I responded to this letter as attached (see Exhibit 2 sent on 1 February 2007 detailing my efforts to resolve this matter and my complaints up to and including that date). I have never received an acknowledgement of this letter, let alone the courtesy of a response.

    The next correspondence I have received was the Formal Demand for Payment referred to above which I, unfortunately, only became aware of on 6 March 2007 on my return from a holiday abroad (from 15 February to 2 March 2007). As a result of this receiving this document, and the subsequent Notice of Legal Proceedings, I and the account holder have taken the following action to seemingly no effect:

    1) contacted Robinson, Way & Company Limited at approximately 6.30pm on 7 March 2007 to explain the ongoing dispute with your company during which they informed my ex-husband that they were powerless to take any action in relation thereto without being contacted directly by TalkTalk;

    2) contacted TalkTalk at approximately 8.30pm on 7 March 2007. I initially spoke to an employee named Scott, explained the situation, and was then put on hold for over 30 minutes in an attempt to transfer me to your Options Department. I eventually spoke to a female employee who informed me that she was wholly unaware of any debt in the sum of £105.30 and that your system seemed to suggest that the only potential debt was for approximately £45 for charges for telephone calls made up to and including 31 December 2006, my telephone line having finally been disconnected on 1 January 2007. Whilst I was in the process of seeking further information about this new figure which I am purported to owe I was disconnected after a total of 45 minutes on the telephone;

    3) sent, at approximately 10.50pm on 7 March 2007 the email attached as Exhibit 3 to the following email address: I have not to date received any acknowledgement or reply, automated or otherwise;

    4) sent, at approximately 11.00pm on 7 March 2007 the email attached as Exhibit 4 to the following email address . Once again, I have not to date received any acknowledgement or reply;

    5) made the attached complaint to Ofcom by email at approximately 11.43am today, a reply to which was received at 12.33pm (see Exhibits 5 & 6); and

    6) as detailed above, contacted TalkTalk at approximately 9.30am today, and further at 4.30pm today seeking clarification of the existence of the debt, an explanation as to what it relates to and proposals for resolving this issue. I was informed during the course of my first telephone call that I would be re-contacted by Mr Frank Garson before the end of the day once he had had an opportunity to look into the issues surrounding this account. I have not received any telephone call from him as at 5pm and it has subsequently emerged that despite him providing me with his extension number for the purpose of contacting him if necessary your employees are told not to transfer any individual customer in this way.

    I have now been informed that TalkTalk will no longer deal with me, only directly with my ex-husband as the account holder. I can again only assume that this is as a result of my numerous complaints and our refusal to simply accept the alleged debt.

    The account holder was informed this morning during the course of a further telephone conversation with a representative of Robinson, Way and Company that as a result of our ongoing dispute with your company the issue of any legal proceedings would be put on hold for five days. It is our understanding that this deadline therefore expires at 10am on 13 March 2007 after which Robinson, Way & Company have stated that legal proceedings will be reactivated if they are not contacted by TalkTalk directly.

    I have made every attempt to resolve this matter with your company and wish to reiterate that neither I nor the account holder has any liability to TalkTalk as a result of any service alleged to have been provided after 10 December 2006. Given that the original bill that was sent dated 13 November 2006 and paid on 28 November 2006 covered the provision of such service until 16 December 2006 I am completely at a loss to understand how either of us can be in anyway indebted to your company. The service that you provided before this date was wholly unsatisfactory and incompetent as well as being grossly overpriced.

    For the avoidance of doubt we have no intention of making any payment in respect of the alleged debt and, if this matter is pursued any further by yourselves despite the content of this letter we will not hesitate in making a counterclaim against the company for compensatory damages. Please therefore confirm on receipt of this letter that Robinson, Way & Company will be contacted immediately by yourselves to confirm that no further action, legal or otherwise, should be taken.

    For your information a copy of this letter will be forwarded to Ofcom for their attention.

    Yours Sincerely and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Mrs Allison Warwick

  54. Can anyone tell me a up to date email for Mr Dunstone? I like so many are at the end of my wits trying to sort out my TT problems. I work from home and the problems from TT are litterally killing my company in it’s 1st year. Wonder if Mr Dunstone could have built up his empire using a company like TT for such important resources (phone/internet/email).

  55. stewart brady

    I am writing to you with regards to the unauthorized disconnection of the above account.
    After discussions with your customer service department, I have been led to believe that you are currently investigating the reasons behind this disconnection.
    I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that I did not at any time in discussions with your personnel ask for a cancellation to be processed and that Talk Talk have made the error.
    I have listed a brief summery of events leading to the disconnection:

    20/10/06: Received a letter from Talk Talk stating that my broadband line was to be
    upgraded on 25/10/06 and that services would not be available for a short
    period of time.

    25/10/06: Phone line and broadband connection down. Phone line was restored by that
    evening. Broadband connection still down.

    26/10/06: Broadband connection still down. Called Talk Talk. Eventually managed to
    talk to broadband services who informed me that my phone line was crackly
    at the receivers end of the line and that my phoneline would be checked as
    this was probably what was causing the fault.

    27/10/06: Called for an update on the problem and was told it was being investigated by

    28/10/06: Called for an update. I was told that I would be called by an engineer who
    would let me know what was happening. Never received call.
    29/10/06: Called for an update. Two Talk Talk representatives both said that they would
    look into it and call me back later that night. Never received call.

    30/10/06: Similar to above

    31/10/06: As above.

    1/11/06: Called for update. Asked Talk Talk representative to log my dissatisfaction and
    my threat to leave Talk Talk if the fault wasn’t rectified soon.

    4/11/06: Broadband connection and phone line working.

    6/11/06: Received a letter from Talk Talk stating “Sorry you are leaving”.
    Called to say I had no intention of leaving as the fault was rectified and the
    representative logged accordingly.

    13/11/06 to 16/11/06:
    No phone line or broadband connection. Numerous calls to Talk Talk to find out
    what happened all met with the same response that they would look into it and
    call me back. Most never did. The representative who did call back on 16/11/06,
    informed me that my account had been disconnected and there was nothing Talk
    Talk could do as BT are the only company who can reconnect lines. I was also
    liable for a £70 disconnection fee.
    I contacted BT for reconnection. Was given a date of 4/12/06, a fee of £125 and
    a new phone number as they couldn’t guarantee that I could keep my existing
    number. Broadband connection 3 to 4 weeks later.

    As I am now signed up with BT, I am committed to them for a minimum 12 month contract. If I wanted to come back to Talk Talk, I would have to pay a fee to BT.
    I am sure your investigation will find out that this disconnection was NO fault of my own and was a result of an error by one of your employees.
    As a established and reputable company, Im sure you will agree that I am not being unreasonable by asking to be compensated for the inconvience and financial loss I have incurred due to your error.
    This amounts to the following:

    £125- reconnection fee to BT
    £70- disconnection fee to Talk Talk
    £50- mobile phone costs to Talk Talk and costs while land line was down

    The inconvience of having no internet access from 25/10/06 to 6/11/06 and from 13/11/06 to 1/1/07 approx. This is particularly inconvienent as I rely on this to do my banking and work related business.I was also counting on this to do my Xmas shopping as my wife and I find it difficult to ‘shop’ due to health reasons.

    Not having a phoneline from 13/11/06 to 4/12/06.
    Having been a Talk Talk customer since 2004, it is regrettable that I have been forced to leave due to this incident as prior to this I had always found the product and service to be first class.
    Hoping for a speedy and satisfactory reply and if there was any way in the future I could come back to Talk Talk without incurring any more costs, I would gladly do so.


    Stewart Brady

  56. Ok guy great news! I had an 088 number I was ringing for techincal support, a few were helpful, alot knew as much as my 5yo kid about PC’s Fact no, I won’t insult my son lol, most are N00bs!!! lol

    Anyway, there’s the pointless intro/diss outta the way. I have good news!

    I was hounding the guys on the said 0800 number cause my net kept dying and they would try “help” me fix it by reading through their manuals telling what I already know, I was bored so would play along for 10-15 mins untill they became frustrated realising how little they actually know, then would come the excuses… LAME excuses!!! Which was the reason of phoning them in the first place.

    Anyway, I realised that when I was talking to them, my net would stay online till 5mins after I hung up.

    So here comes the sweet sweet news;
    Apparently My net is stable and running quite fast aslong as I leave my phone off the hook.. so yeah it aint all good news but I never got the phoneline for the phone, I got it for the Broadband.

    IDK if this will solve everyone’s problem but I know I can sucessfull connect to 89. ip’s and since using my trick, I have only had one disconnect, when my GF hung up the reciever!!

    If this works for you please let it be known, TALKTALK doesn’t need to be hated! Yeah its sucky, but its not all bad! lol

    ALSO>>>> You can ask talktalk to switch ur “broadband profile” This can either speed up a stable connection, or fix a faulty one, just make sure u ask which one ur on so if things go pear shaped u can ask for either ur old profile or a alternative.

    ENJOY THIS INFO, it saved my sanity!

    LATA 😀

  57. Well I’m not sure I’m posting in the right place but here goes…
    I joined upto talktalks free broadband and free calls and loads of hassle package last April.
    The while process of switching was a total fiasco. Mac code problems and when I finally got connected, after many weeks, I’d go for maybe two weeks plus,without any connection. The connection would cut out at the drop of a hat, and the hat was dropping all the time.
    After almost one full year of the hell I was still having the problems of the connection dropping.
    The message was nearly always “The remote computer has disconnected you”. Call centre staff would always try to shift blame to me as I was using an extension to my PC. They seemed to be saying I should hump my PC down the stairs and plug it into the socket in the hallway. Every conversation with these people left me with less of a will to live.
    After one particularly long spell of cut offs in March, I tried them again.
    Dial the number> Automated options> Crap version of sixties pop record>Press this for this and that for that stuff>more crap version of same sixties pop song>Get through>Get cut off. You all know the routine.
    Finally I get through. Give phone number>name>Bank account> and am asked what my problem is. I endure the whole “are you using an extension” sketch and then talk calmly but very firmly in a manner in which shouts out “DON’T EVEN GO THERE”. I say “look I’m a layman but….. the message I get on my screen is the remote computer has disconnected you. That indicates to me at least that IT’S NOT A FAULT AT MY END !”. There was a bit more of “Try this sir and try that sir” and a bit more of me indicating that I was losing my will to live. At a certain point I swear I heard the sound of a penny dropping very loudly at the other end of the line. The foreign sounding lady at the other end of the line said that she would pass me onto a second line colleague. OMG I had never heard those words in nearly twelve months of repeatedly having daft conversations with them.
    The second line guy (english sounding) comes on. Asks a few questions. Says “it could be the Speedtouch 330 modem which can be problematic”. He tells me that he will send me another more upto date gadget that will be rolled out generally in the future. I say fine send it and I’ll give it a go. The conversation ends.
    Ten minutes later Mr second line guy calls me and says ” I’ve just been looking at your settings at our end and it appears, for some reason, you were setup wrongly at our end. Try to connect now” I try to connect and…..I get connected instantly.

    There you have it. Twelve months, loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of frustration and all it took was someone at talktalk to:
    1) Listen
    2) Twiddle a nob or flick a switch.

    I’m now connected on a non stop connection (well it has been for a couple of weeks)

    Would I recommend talktalk? NO!
    Have I had regret at signing up to talk talk? OH Yes!
    Will I ditch them at the end of 18 months? Probably not if there are very few problems from now on. I just couldn’t be bothered with facing the possibility of going through all that rubbish with some other company.
    Do I have respect for Charles Dunstone? Absolutely not! I think what he has done is best described as criminal. He has sole responsibility for the debacle. All his excuses would not have been needed if he had been a good business man.

    My thanks go to the last lady and second support man at talk talk who got this sorted. I guess like in any organisation there are a few people who want to deliver.

  58. I thought I would try going over to Talk Talk to try and save money on combining phone and internet. Once the phone got transferred it seemed ok for a while, and then suddenly I found my phone had been disconnected. I phoned up Talk Talk on their 100 number (The only number that worked) to find that they had mucked up setting up my direct debit. (Which had already been working for a while) So I was told I had to pay over the phone before I could be re-connected. I asked why they didn’t contact me about this. they couldn’t comment. This happened 3 months in a row with promises it would not happen again each time also I never received any contact about any problems, just getting cut off each time.

    Now time had passed and I had been asked for a Mac code twice due to them not transferring broadband in time.

    I logged onto their account web site and checked the status of my broadband. It said, There is a problem with your order, please call xxxxxxxx. I called the number and was told it was the wrong number and put me through to an Indian call centre with people that spoke very bad English and didn’t seem to understand English very well. I was repeatedly asked what my problem was, I said I don’t know I was told to phone you because there is a problem. “What is the problem”, “You’re supposed to tell me as I was told to phone you as there is a problem”, “I can’t help you until you tell me what the problem is”

    That was it I said I was cancelling my account and moving back to BT, which was what I did.

    I had been with BT for a few months and everything was great. Broadband was great, phones were great. No problems with direct debits, life was good again.

    I get a letter off of BT saying “We are sorry you are leaving us”. Alarm bells start ringing. I phone BT and the person there says, we don’t know who it is but your service is being transferred to another company. I tell them I didn’t ask for it to be transferred. They said they would log a complaint with Offcom and stop the transfer which they did.

    All was fine I thought when Friday 20th April I get home to find my broadband box isn’t connected. I try phoning BT’s support number and get a non existent number sound. I try to phone a friend and get the same response. I then try dialling the operator and get…. you guessed it “Welcome to Talk Talk….”

    I try to get through to their billing line. Sorry our call centre is closed. Please phone back when we are open again.

    I phone BT to find Talk Talk re-instated the transfer 2 days after BT cancelled it. Again this was all done without even contacting me. I had to call BT back on Saturday so that I could get the line transferred back to them.

    Saturday I call Talk Talk billing etc. and start talking very loudly at them as to why they transferred me without my permission. After lots of “I need to speak to someone else please hold” I eventually find out my line was scheduled for an upgrade so they took back my phone and internet from BT to upgrade it, then we disconnected it.

    I am now without a phone or internet till 5th may for the phone and around 8-10th for internet.

    BT have been great through this and are sorting out a final bill issue I will be having and are trying to fast track everything within the regulations.

    So comes the 5th and no transfer. I phone up BT and ask why wasn’t I transferred. They said, it was scheduled for the 5th, but Talk Talk didn’t transfer the line and they don’t have any one to contact till Tuesday (Monday being bank holiday)

    Tuesday comes. I phone up BT again and they say, they date is 14th for the transfer, it seems that Talk Talk have decided to drag things out and make we wait without phone or internet. BT say there is nothing they can do, they have to wait for Talk Talk to do the transfer.

    I phone up Talk Talk and get through to someone who says yes it is set for the 14th, and yes that is a lot longer than the 10 days required to transfer the line back. They then said that they would transfer it tomorrow. (9th May)

    I phone BT back and they then look back into it and now have 10th down for the transfer so Talk Talk again seemed to have lied to me.

    I think Talk Talk shouldn’t be allowed to trade in this kind of state.


  59. You heard it here first from first line technical support. Talk Talk do not support FTP. Yep I can’t update my websites or transfer files because they block port 21. How is that an internet connection? What a bunch of jokers.

  60. For those of you having problems with talktalk webmail saying it has timed out as soon as you log in:

    1) clear your cookies (though read the proviso further down before you do so!).
    If you use firefox press ctrl+shift+del and make sure the “cookie” box is ticked.
    If you use internet explorer, close all internet explorer windows. Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

    Even if you don’t use internet explorer, it’s probably a good idea to delete those cookies as well.

    Proviso: clearing your cookies may cause some other websites that you have personalised to return to their default state. If you really can’t tolerate that then try step 3 first.

    Cookie problems can cause lots of weird behaviour with lots of websites. It’s a fact of internet life.

    2) check if clearing the cookies has fixed your problem

    If not, the problem is with the security certificate

    3) log on to webmail with the following address:

    Note that is https for secure http not just plain http (which is what is prepended if you don’t specify a protocol)

    Now you may get a dialogue box telling you the security certificate has expired and asking you what to do. You should continue. Firefox users will note that their dialogue box is more helpful because it asks you to check the date on your computer. It’s not as nuts as it sounds: do check that the date on your computer is correct (that goes for Internet Explorer users too). Make sure the year is also correct. If it is wrong, correct it and that may fix your webmail problem. You need administrator rights to change the date on Windows computers. Double-click the clock in the corner or Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date and Time.

    Until someone publishes a permanent solution to the expired security certificate, you’ll have to log on using https and manually confirm to continue every time. Not ideal but better than nothing.

    Of course if you are using a program like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc to download your email, then you may not be able to force it to use the expired security certificate.

    If none of the above has worked then try to log on to your webmail from a different computer. If that works, the problem is with the original computer. If it doesn’t you can be fairly sure either you have your login details wrong (it happens!) or there’s something wrong at TalkTalk’s end. To check your login details, type your password into a texteditor (like notepad) so you can see what you are typing and then copy and paste it into the password field on the webmail login page.

    If you’re still stuck, I hope you like listening to “Something in the Air” because you’re probably going to hear it a lot.

    My experience tells me TalkTalk 1st Line Support know about clearing cookies but don’t know about Security Certificates. I don’t know anyone lucky enough to have actually talked to a living and breathing 2nd Line Support person (maybe you need special powers to achieve this) so I don’t know whether know a Security Certificate from their collective elbow. Answers on a postcard because email may
    not be working.

  61. Hello, I have only recently found your site and have been reading all the problems your listers have been having with TT. My experience echos all these and I am now under a FINAL DEMAND for a payment I dispute, with the threat of a debt collection agency. I have phoned TT and they agree that I do not owe this debt and to ignore their letter. I have been promised confirmation a statement showing a NIL balance. That was seven days ago and not received at time of this mesage. What do I do next?.

  62. Parry Edwards

    In this mornings post I have just received confirmation that my account with TT is now clear with a zero balance, and that the account has been disconnected.
    This has been a long time coming but it just shows you have to keep at it to get a straight answer.

  63. barry and vicki

    just to echo the many cries for help caused by talk talk’s inefficiency. we are in dispute with them over the pathetic service and general incompetance.
    They are threatening debt collections agencies coming down with bailiffs, but yet they don’t reply to our letter of complaint. so we have taken the initiative and emailed all the people on this blog with copies of our original letter of complaint.
    we hope they will sit up and take notice.
    the next stop will be the national press
    good luck to all, let’s hope we can all get some compensation from these buggers.

  64. I have had a similar problem moving internationally and cancelling my service.

    I had phoned a few weeks prior to departing the residence to tell them that I was vacating on the 26th Feb. I told them I was moving internationally and could not give them a forwarding address, bt would have mail forwarding in place. I was told that the account would be automatically cancelled when BT disconnected the line at 6:00am on the 26th March. I was also told that payment would be raised for a final bill as soon as I was diconnected.

    Hence, when, half way through April (now overseas) I saw a direct debit come off my account, I assumed this was the final bill and cancelled the direct debit.

    Come 13/06, I become aware of a final demand for something in the region of £15 (With mail redirection overseas I do not belive I had ever received the final bill). I phoned to complain that I had paid, only to be told that the deduction in April had not been the final bill … and in fact I now owed an additional £10 for late payment. Anyway, I refused to pay the £10 and we agreed I would happily pay the £15 and that would be that.

    Anyway, I now receive a threateneing Debt Collection agency letter sent after I had phoned them saying I owe £30.

    So I called the debt collection agency yesterday to confirm that I owed this and it hadn’t been cancelled. No, talk talk hasn’t notified them of anything different.

    So I contacted talk talk to ask them how much is on my account. No, there is now a £10 charge for the fact that the payment was not made by direct debit (why was I not told when I settled with credit card on the 13th June!) . I told the operator everything and he agreed to issue a refund of £10. However, he told me I should phone back on monday or Tuesday to confirm the balance is zero! (So he will not even commit to it or send a confirmation letter immediately as requested or provide me with an email address so I can get something in writing!)

    However, he said it would then take 21 days for the debt collection agency to be notified!!!! I asked if I could get an email address to get this confirmation and he said he would send a letter saying my account balacne was zero which I could show to the debt collectors (like I can … I am overseas!).

    I just am left baffled by their incompetence!

    1. This whole situation arose becuase they didn’t do waht they said they would do (raise a bill immediately) leading to confusion.
    2. Acknowledge the fact that I did not leave a forwarding address and was moving overseas.
    3. How does 15+10 = £30 debt (The intial figure) … or even 10+10 or 10+10+15!
    4. Why was I not told when I paid the bill that I would be charged again for paying by credit card.
    5. Why is a complaints procedure and escalation not made known to me when I told the chap last night that I was very very angry about the qhole thing?
    6. We have not had problems with final bills with anybody else!!!

    … given that this seems like a common problem, one would think that Talk Talk would sit up and take notice instead of just taking our money!


  65. Hello everyone I use to work for carphone for seven years and I have had talktalk sine 2003, and though it is cheap we have not received the service cpw has stood for.
    Charles Dunstone Direct Email Address:

    Trust me this is his personal email and not a correspondance address.

    I have had netgear for years and now is not compatible with talktalk is ridiculous, 2nd line support for tt is useless, customer service is crap.

  66. Carphone Switchboard is 0208 896 5000

    list of directors.

    Email address is surname plus first letter of first name

    e.g charles dunstone is

  68. Another Number:- 0208 896 5500

    We need a better service forour money.

  69. I have had enough of this f… awful outfit and, today I experienced the same problems as I did last year, tearing my hair out, blaspheming down the phone, started smoking again, and am not really quite sure what to do next. Anyone got any suggestions? I have sent the following email to Dunstone and await a reply with interest and trepidation.

    It would not be in your best interests to ignore this email. It is 21.32 on 9 July 2007 and I have spent fruitless hours today calling 0870 087 3527, each time being put through to someone who had no in depth knowledge of the English language or, indeed having any knowledge as to how to deal with the problems I am experiencing. I changed over to Talktalk in May 2006 and shortly after that experienced the most horrendous problems which involved Talktalk’s Breach of Confidentiality, Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act. That was eventually resolved, Talktalk having to reimburse me with costs incurred and, I have been waiting patiently since then to “go live” which should have happened at the end of February 2007. I received a letter dated 3 July 2007 from Steve Rescoria, Customer Service Director, Talktalk Broadband informing me that the physical transfer would take place by Openreach on 6 July 2007 and, outlining the problems I could expect to experience. None of those problems transpired, but since that date downloading on my computer is slower than it was before, I have very serious interference on my telephone line and, no longer have the display facility (for which I am paying). I have spoken to numerous people today and, earlier this afternoon I was even asked to get a screw driver and detach the main socket of my telephone line to see if there was another socket inside. Firstly, I have undergone spinal and hip surgery thus making it very difficult for me to undertake these instructions. However, I did, only to find that there was no extra socket inside. I was then told to disconnect my main telephone and plug my spare phone in (also disconnecting all the filters) to see if that made any difference. It did not. The person to whom I was speaking then told me that he would have to report it to the landline engineers, but would not be able to do that unless I agreed to pay £80 for an engineer to come into my apartment. That is outrageous and unacceptable, particularly in view of the fact that these problems have only occurred since the apparent transfer of my line to the new equipment being installed into my local telephone exchange. I was also informed by another of your minions that the modem I was using was not compatible and that I should go onto and download a more compatible modem. The modem I am using was supplied by TalkTalk so, if that is the case, why then are you supplying customers with outdated equipment?

    I sum up as follows:-
    1. Would you please have my line investigated and return the reception to an acceptable level for both incoming and outgoing calls.
    2. Would you please tell me why my computer is now operating at a slower rate than that experienced before the changeover.
    3. Would you please return my display facility FOR WHICH I AM PAYING.
    4. I would reiterate, do not ignore this email. I have sent numerous emails over the last few weeks but no-one has taken any time to reply, thus indicating that your customers calls are not important to you as portrayed in the recorded answering message.
    I would ask that you reply to this email with immediate effect. In the event that you don’t, then I shall revert to BBC Watchdog, GMTV and all other relevant bodies who are very well aware of the horrendous problems I experienced last year.

  70. Hi guys

    Well it worked. My email was picked up within 4 minutes and passed to the appropriate person who rang me this morning. Yes, there are serious faults as a result of going live, but things are now in motion to rectify the problems. Seems scaring the shit out of TT is the only way to deal with them!

  71. Today I have received a new modem with numerous wires and plugs, but I am loathed to instal them. I have the most horrendous problem with my telephone and, somehow, I just have this feeling that when I put the CD into the drive, things are going to go desparately wrong. Please can someone help me.

  72. Email address is surname plus first letter of first name

    e.g charles dunstone is

    i work for this hell hole and just to clarify – no it is not the way the e-mail is done.
    it is first 6 letters of surname and then 1st letter of 1st name
    EG –

    if the last name has less than 6 characters – then quite frankly you are screwed unless you work there or know them personnaly becuase those poeple are given thier own numbers to add on.

    only cleared that up because i actually think TT is quite frankly a joke, i wouldnt join them if there was a gun to me head and i work for the flamming company.

  73. Email did get to Dunstone’s office. Surprise surprise – yes, new modem doesn’t work, after spending over one and a half hours speaking and taking instructions from expert. Engineer coming out tomorrow to check the wiring. I have reverted to my old modem – would rather have a slow computer than be without it completely.

  74. I am very pleased to tell you all that having loaded the CD and new modem, against the wishes of the engineer, my computer is now up and running and, all the problems with my telephone have been resolved. Let’s hope it stays this way.

  75. If anyone is having hell setting up TalkTalk with a Belkin 7633 wireless router, then there is a trick that may save you hours of pain:

    My symptoms were that when you view the Belkin control page (, everything seems to be connnected, but when you try to connect to a webpage, it is not found – very frustrating.

    So, here’s how to fix it:

    1. You will need to set up the belkin router with the TalkTalk settings, and get to a stage where you have the greeen “connected” on the Belkin control page.

    2. On your PC, go to “Network Connections” and if you are connected by ethernet cable, go to “Local Area Connection”, if you are Wireless, go to “Wireless Network Connection”.
    – Then you will need to change your TCP/IP settings from “Obtain DNS automatically” to “Use the following DNS server addresses”
    – Then input and

    3. Then you should be able to access any website. You can then change back to “obtain DNS automatically”, and it seems to work for some reason?

    Best, AL.

  76. What a disaster. Welcome Pack arrives 10 days after disconnection by BT: helplines take 45 mins to answer, mostly non-english speakers, phone seldom works so bail out of ‘free’ trial after 3 weeks, Virgin and BT reluctantly let us back in but have to use ‘System Restore’ to pre talktalk for anything to work.

  77. I just joined Talk Talk from BT because I had my phone with Talk Talk. The saleman on the phone sold it to me. My Mac couldn’t get hotmail and ebay and everything was slow, so I changed the MTU to 1400 and now it works. Thanks for that advice- You beauty as someone else wrote. I phoned Talk Talk to discuss this, and get the box changed to 1400 but they put me on hold. Should I cancel and go back to BT.

  78. whats MTU and how can I change it to 1400

  79. re my 8/8, we gave notice to quit the ‘free’ trial on 10/7 due to the poor telephone service; ‘Anne-Marie’ telephoned 10/8 to confirm our direct debit had been cancelled. Direct debit of £71.35 to Carphone Warehouse same day, no refund to date. Next step Small Claims Court, bet they don’t attend.



    PHONE NUMBER – 01752 670832

    Hello Mr. Dunstone.

    I have today commissioned solicitors to commence legal proceedings against you for breach of contract and breaching The Supply of Goods and Services Act for failure to provision phone and broadband services as contracted to do so by 5pm today. Dispite severel phone calls to your India and South Africa call centres, which got me absolutely nowhere, you have not done what you were contracted to do so. I requested that by line and broadband services be transferred to you over TWO MONTHS ago, and after chasing and chasing, got a provision date of the 24th August, today.

    Therefore, unless services are fully provisioned by 8pm today, the agreed time and date, I will take you to court for loss of business and compensation of not less then £5,000 plus court costs. If judgement is awarded, I will them immediately issue you with a Statutory Demand, which will be the first step in me and my solicitors taking insolvency proceedings against The Carphone Warehouse and their associated companies.

    Unless you deliver on the contract as agreed, I will close you down.

  81. Hi all,
    Terribly sorry to see how tech support has been mistreating you.
    @Irene:I’m terribly sorry to say this Irene,but,Yes we know we stink.
    For the record,we can’t send an “engineer” out based on a customer’s ill health.Reason being that we don’t have our own engineers.We outsource to BT Openreach and they sort it out for us.
    The reason contact center staff say that it’ll cost you 80 pounds for a visit is because they don’t have a disclaimer script at hand.
    Note to all:If you’re confident that the fault is not on your property,then why worry?
    Screaming at the center agents(be it preston,south africa or even india) will not get you anywhere.Do you know why?Because we don’t have any flippin’ authority.If cpw gave us even 10% control over systems and procedures(such as a separate team to chase faults),both you and us would be much happier.Please use the numbers provided on this forum if you’ve called 2nd line support already.Your time is valuable.Don’t waste it breathing fire to someone who just picked up your call and you start by saying “This is the 5th time i’ve been transferred…” so on on and so forth.
    Take care and try some meditation or brew yourself a cuppa while waiting.who knows,you just might get an agent who’ll go all out to sort out your problem.


    Been with talk talk (no surf) for a few months now. All i can advise to pertentual subcribers is, forget it. Cant wait for my term to end, been fobed off when face to face with carphone w/house sales, (they gave me u.k tel number for cust service – turn out to be fork lift truck hire – ha ha good one. Also when signing up said i didnt want there modem. Package came, (with modem) – decided to use it big mistake & bill to match. should have relised. Speeds are so slow its just a waist off time. i sell a lot on e.bay and now its too long winded, (probably be dead by the time the pics upload) Total disapointment, and i will continue to let every one know what a bad company exists i n this hi tec day and age (age been the key word here, more like prehistoric) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Anonymous IT Warrior

    Solution to Bitcomet vs TalkTalk

    Why don’t you just set the Listener Port to 443 then reload Bitcomment it will start as HTTPS. Then start you download all should be fine.

    Just tested worked fine I had the same problem only been with Talk Talk 5 days.

    Hope this helps if so spread the word.

  84. I can only suggest that you all go to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau and let them know about the issues you are having.
    Every month we get a mailshot from our Head Office asking for us to collect evidence on things that have been highlighted as an issue..this month it’s private landlords and ILR. Last month BT and British gas helplines.
    Once you have done your complaining, ask if they can send an E-BEF (a bureau evidence form). If H/O get enough of these it will then become a request in the monthly Social Policy mailshot.
    I’ve just had to do one for myself, so I’m encouraging everyone to give it a go.
    All your evidence, any letters you have, take it all into your local bureau and get the weight of the CAB behind this.
    Good luck

  85. Since signing up with talktalk last week we haven’t been able to access secure websites e.g. hotmail, ebay, etc. Using BT’s 2wire 1250 router. Have heard we should change the mtu to 1400 but no idea how – shows the mtu on the router management page but doesn’t seem to be a way to change it. Any ideas? Anyone know if this WILL solve the problem? Meanwhile we’re back to BT soon, but until then, no email…

  86. Darren,

    Did you get a response to your letter written in August? Have you begun court proceedings?

    We have reached the end of our tether and Otelo has once again infuriated us with their lame decision which only reiterates the ‘goodwill’ payment of £100, letter of apology & ensure our termination fee would not be on final bill. We cancelled March 2007 & there was no termination fee so TT is once again having a laugh.

    We requested the highest amount Otelo could award, taking into consideration the amount of time wasted chasing TT, extra expenses we incurred during time without service as well as the anger & frustration. The response was the average award has been £70 over the past 4 years! Certainly not much of a deterrent for TT & just another slap in the face to customers.

    Any advice?

    Is there any group law suit happening?

    If anyone is seeking other unhappy victims of TT to go to court with, we are certainly willing to join forces.

  87. So things you can do?
    Having now read a few of the logged problems, and in the light of my own experience (and assuming you are prepared to spend insane amounts of time on this), here are some things you can do.

    1) You are not tied in to a contract of any length whatsoever if you can prove the ISP is in breach of contract (which includes failure of service or a failure in a duty of care)
    2) Don’t waste your time (and money, as TalkTalk charge you for these) with telephone calls, and listening to scripts being read at you – unless you can record these (not acceptable as evidence anyway).
    3) Send one letter stating a date when you expect problems to be put right, by registered post. TalkTalk can be relied on not to reply to these (ever), and may even (as in my case) change office address several times whilst thinking about not replying.
    4)After the requisite period of time has elapsed making this eligible for a complaint, complain to OTELO. In my case it was citing an OTELO complaint number that did the trick.
    4) In the meantime, vote with your feet, having done your research first.
    5) using the direct debit indemnity if you pay by direct debit is a possibility if there has been a failure of service, though I would not recommend this – it would certainly grab their attention.
    6) Personally I would go for schemes that allows you “exit” at any time, even if these cost more in the short term. If everyone did that, a real market would develop, and along with blog sites like this, help to throw out the crap. Next in line has to be some collective action to deal with artificial limits placed on speed and bandwidth.
    PS: the modem supplied to me by TalkTalk was incapable of running at more than 1.9 meg (though it never managed more than a few k), so I presume talk-Talk either did not know this, or never intended to live up to the “up to 8 meg” offer (scam) that tempted me to them in the first place.
    And incidentally, do insist they pay you back for bad service – albeit as a good will gesture. That can help to restore your sanity.

  88. How do i access the Talk Talk Moden itself? mine is an MT882? It keeps asking for a username and password, but where do i get one?

    (this is after I have typed in the IP address of the modem into internet explorer)

  89. Hi, Has anyone out there managed to get the SpeedTouch 330 adsl modem (the grey one) working on SuseLinux 10 ? ? ?
    I’ve practically given up.
    If so please please pass on exact howto.
    Notice that I don’t use the TalkTalk webmail.
    It doesn’t work. It’s absolute rubbish.
    Takes forever to load and five minutes to display a single email. Then another ten to reload the page. You can’t even delete an email.
    How can a company screw up the most simple of internet protocols.


  90. we’ve been with tt about a month and the internet seems ok once it is connected although a little slow, however i stil cant get the emails to work and i cant understand the help line for the life of me. Any suggestions? phone seems ok

  91. GOD i hate talktalk i wish i new what i was signing for,my phone line keep cutting of no dial tone for a day then it comes back then it goes again.i keep calling them they say they’ll fix it but they never to do its been over a month internet keeps disconnecting,help me guys i dont now what to do.

  92. Hello all , when i first joined talk talk , the customer service was , essentially next to nothing. Never actually recieved modem but was never going to use it as had a really reliable belkin router.Had to actually phone for the router settings along with password etc. For many months internet was good no problems whatsoever. THEN….. i got a letter saying they were upgrading my connection. Ever since i keep getting disconnected but according to my router i am actually still connected but nothing loads , no apps ( msn , p2p software) . Its really getting on my proverbial tits ! any ideas


  93. Hi Daniel,

    Let me explain what I believe has gone on with your account.

    As you may or may not know Talk Talk use LLU lines. LLU stands for Local Loop Unbundling. This means they have their own equipment at the exchange and can take the customers line off the original BT exhange equipment and put it onto their own equipment and network of lines. This, supposedly allows them to offer the free BB upto 8megs and gives them better control over the BB service.

    When this service is not available at an exhange Talk Talk do still offer Broadband. However this is simply a line Talk Talk rent from BT and in turn send their BB service down the line. It is still on the BT equipment at the exchange and their network of lines. It is capped at a maxmum of 2megs. This service is often chargable (though not in all cases) and to be honest often works a great deal more effectively and efficiently than TT’s LLU service.

    The reason it works better is that the TT LLu exchange equipment is massively inferior to the Bt equipment at the exchanges. The Network attached to their equipment…the former Opal Network, now known as Carphone Networks….is still ridden with faults.

    The upgrade on your line was Talk Talk putting your line onto their LLU service and as such your telephone and Broadband onto the Carphone Network…the inferior network.

    My advice…leave Talk Talk. Ring BT and get them to put your line back on their exhange equipment. This means your line rental will have to be with BT for at least 12months but it also frees you up to use any of the other better quality ISPs on the market. I would reccommed BT Broadband, it may be quite expensive but you really do get what you pay for.

    Hope this helps.

    (former Talk Talk employee)

  94. Hi have you heard of

    A brilliant site that will save you a fortune in 0870 fees… and will give you alternative landline numbers and freephone numbers,

  95. If youve got a problem email me, i will help you super fast, love you long time too.

  96. Can somebody send a link for this site to Ofcom so that they can read this catalogue of disasters? Do Ofcom have any idea just how appalling TT is? Why are they even being allowed to operate given the level of complaints and dissatisfaction with their’ service? The emails here are clearly just the tip of the iceberg- not everyone will know about this site nor take the time to write about thier experiences.

    I am myself one of those who was fooled into signing up for TT phone and broadband. After initial fury when i did not get connected at the promised time , and endless angry converstations with the call centres in india and cape town…(exact same issues: cluless, empty promises that someone will call you back, getting cut off, not being able to talk to a senior manager etc..), i was finally connected.

    Things are sort of OK, until you have a problem and then- God help you! The discount code 18418 which they say you can use to get dicounted calls abroad did not work when i tried to use it – it simply would not connect me – so i had to bypass it and just make the calls i needed to make which were all urgent, without a discount code, so i was charged the full rate. Incidentally, i tried using a discounted number from another company but TT bars / blocks their use on your landline. So i had no options.

    Ended up with a a HUGE bill – when i called to dispute it was told it was not their problem. That i should have reported the fault to TT before attempting to make any more international calls. Despite the fact that it was at the weekend and evening, so there was no one there to take my call.

    I used to be with BT and Plusnet and had no problems- made the truly stupid mistake of falling for the marketing and cheap prices. When i realised the poor service within the 30 day cancellation period, i called them up to say i wanted to cancel. WARNING: cutomer service which is non existent when you have any other problems, will promise you the world, and attend to every complaint when they are trying to keep you with them- they magically fixed the slow speed on my internet. So, fooled once again, i didnt go ahead with the cancellation and am now tied in for 18 months.

    If you are still within the 30 day cancellation period , dont fall for their polite and empty promises. Once you are tied in, they will not lift a finger to help and you will be just another lemming who has to spend hours shouting down the phone to Cape Town or Bangalore.

    Save your sanity, stick with a reputable company and ISP provider. NOTE: In TT land, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM !!!!

  97. Things that help!
    Dont get you anywhere considering its now February,BUT SURE AS HELL MADE ME FEEL BETTER

    Query Type:
    > TalkTalk Landline – Report a Problem
    > My dial-up internet is very slow
    > No other equipment on my line
    > Comment:
    > DOING
    > Once again,I’m having to contact you regarding your service or rather
    > LACK of your service.Having spent hours of my time on the phone to
    > yourselves at an average time of 45 mins per call WAITING FOR AN ANSWER
    > I am more than slightly fed up of the situation how I really feel about
    > I’m sure would be somwhere illegal to type it I have no broadband since
    > the 27th of SEPTEMBER worth mentioning, my phone line just goes dead
    > with no warning at all maybe for hours on end or there is several other
    > people present on my line at the same time however about ten work
    > tickets have supposedly been issued all to NO avail.I,m not informed
    > about any updates maybe because NOTHING has been done.Although I’m told
    > that the lines are all fine.Having been to the Sunderland
    > Carphonewarehouse more times then i care to remember I’m told it will be
    > passed to the senior managment team
    > However this has now been referred to them they do ring me and tell me
    > there there is a fault on the line.They just rang again and said there
    > isnt a fault yet they will send an engineer round to be told to which
    > I’ll have to pay for it myself
    > Having spent out already because of their being no problem with your
    > service so suspected my equipment I’m now on my third router(which are
    > all working fine on other peoples pc’s just not mine)have bought a new
    > hard drive and totally reloaded windows on the new harddrive the service
    > still did not work.Paid for two computer technicians to come visit me
    > this is their job to set up wireless connections they say the problem
    > lies at YOUR end
    > I’m passed from pillar to post and hung up on relentlessly Yet you still
    > debit my account every month for what?I have NO service
    > I am now waiting for a computer engineer to visit my house at a cost of
    > £125 because i know before he’ll even get here that it will somhow be my
    > WAIVE MY FEE-thats big of you!!
    > However having left BT a pefectly good company I left to joining your
    > company
    > Talktalkhell no wonder there is a site name after you!
    > Only to find the same thing is happening to other people too so at least
    > I know its NOT just me.Its obviously the service as everything worked
    > just dandy till your marvellous update to llu the 27 sept.I wont be
    > paying for this engineer because i knowthis is not my fault But if your
    > willing to pay my outgoings for your own problems with talktalk I’m sure
    > I wouldn’t mind paying the engineer
    > So far to date it has cost me
    > 3 routers a sweex, two netgear routers and even your crappy speedtouch
    > usb keeps losing the connection
    > Two technicians about £60 an hour
    > price so far over £300
    > Hopefully you will realise it is not just me it is NOT just my problem
    > So I wish to know what about my service the money i have now lost and if
    > i have to leave this service I’ll now have to be reconnected further
    > cost £125 from bt
    > And you call this a service?
    > You dont have a our service is totally unacceptable selection so its
    > probably gone to the wrong section not like anyone cares is it?

  98. Update
    February still no phone working properly
    Having spent hours of my life no exaggeration on the phone to talktalk.I’m still no further on!
    Going to move to a useable service one which dont throttle you so much you cant surf the net.
    And thats fair usage policy?
    Posted this link incase it helps anyone =]

  99. Oh it its not dial up
    Its supposedly the 8mpbs ever on broadband connection(=

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  102. consumerchoices

    Hi there!

    Great blog, i absolutely love it.

    I noticed your ‘how to complain’ link no longer works, so here’s an alternative guide posted on Broadband Choices that you might want to try:

    Also, i gave TalkTalk Hell a mention on my blog a few weeks ago, check it out:

    Let me know what you think.

    Keep up the good work,

    Dan Drage – Editor, Consumer Choices

  103. That TalkTalk is synonymous with abysmal service needs no further comments. We encountered a more alarming development recently, reminiscent of scams originating fron certain states in northern Africa.

    having seffered since January 2007 the non-service provided, we rang TalkTalk to asked how to cancel our subscription when the 18 months of hell expires. A persuasive lady (Angela) explained that our broadband problems were due to a poorly functioning router (this was bought from Carphone Warehouse!!) and changing to a new router would help. She offered to send a FREE router. Against my better judgment (being an ordinary human being I was always willing to give a person another chance) i agreed to try he suggestion.

    But the cost of the router promptly appeared on our May bill and the money was taken from us as we pay by direct debit. Phone calls made to TalkTalk got only one answer: we had no choice but to pay.

    Has TalkTalk not only continues to provide what it calls “service” but has it also branched into what must be regarded as rather dubious, sharp practice as what happened to us, to increase its profits?

    Are there any reader with legal training to comment on the legitimacy of this latest act of the mighty TalkTalk?


  104. I was also charged for the “free” router that they reckoned would sort out the problem. The old router, the smartax nightmare had started to drop out regularly. By regularly i mean every 20 seconds or so, and it would only hold for about 5 seconds at a time!

    Since the new router, the connection has been dire – it doesn’t drop out so much, but it is so slow and it just changes connection speed all the time. I like to play WoW occasionally, and the latency always starts at a normal 60ms, but after a few minutes can be up to 2000ms, and then even up to 17000 ms sometimes!

    I’m at a loss what to do. there is no virgin cable outside, amazingly, though i live in london.

    I’m certainly balking at a £127 bill just to go back to BT, but maybe there is no choice. What is the advice?

    let me just add – for my own therapy – that when i went through 4 months of nightmares with this, since when i’ve basically stopped caring, i called the helpline so many times (naturally, racking up some tidy bills for their incompetence) and spoke to the same guy over and over who always just tried to get rid of me by running the same tests over and over and over, asking me the same questions, trying the same things, and then one thing different at which point he would get off the phone with a “call back if this doesn’t resolve it”. the last time, when i argued back (politely – i don’t raise my voice or get rude) he was outright rude and offensive, accusing me of trying to be difficult, of making stuff up, and for overusing the service (painfully ignoring the fact that i hadn’t HAD a service for 2 months and much of one for most of the year!).


  105. BT are currently doing a £30 deal for line installations OR you should be able to use something called Return To Donor which is free BUT you have to find the correct person to speak to at BT.
    Other companies can also re-connect to BT’s network such as The Post Office, Madasafish, Plusnet, The Phone Co-op so ask around.

  106. Talktalk and MSN messenger aka Hotmail messenger or Microsoft Live messenger

    Talktalk has been diverting customer outbound connections to port 1863 (or any port 1863 traffic) to a bogus “connection refused” for about a month – this is about when MSN switched to requiring version 8 protocol, which is always encrypted.

    MSN clients fallback to http connection methods which are not encrypted. The http method is also error prone as MSN’s http servers tend to be overloaded and this is exacerbated by TalkTalk’s forcing of all port 80 traffic via a (not very) transparent proxy.

    I’ve called them up on it and the customer blow-off response is “We do not support peer to peer networks”

    The only reason I can fathom for blocking an encrypted protocol in favour of an unencrypted one is unauthorised interception activities.

    Perhaps you can find out more.

    I have a talktalk ticket number: 1003858

    On the actual call itself, I was blown off by the frontline droid (“Amjad”) and again by his manager (“Arvid”) and it was only when I asked to speak to someone competent that I got given the number of their 2nd tier helpdesk (087 087 8046)

    Arvid went further to say “We ask that customers not use peer to peer networks as they affect bandwidth for broadband users during peak periods”

    This raises some interesting questions, not least of which is the company’s inability to distinguish p-t-p from IM protocols.

    I tried to raise a specific complaint about being blown off, which got a lot of evasion from Arvid before finally being added to the technical ticket when I told him if he didn’t take the complaint I’d be adding him to any complaint I had to raise myself.

    I suspect that Interception/blocking of encrypted sessions is at the very least an issue the Information Commissioner’s office will want to look at, along with Ofcom. Perhaps it’s even a criminal issue (RIPA)

  107. Has anyone had the same experience when moving house?

    I explained to BT:

    Due to a fault of my phone provider talktalk, my landlord’s phone number 0162… was given to me!! I never wanted it and cancelled my talktalk contract immediately. What can I do to get his number back to you? TalkTalk said they could not do anything.

    The reply:

    Thank you for your e-mail dated 24/9/08 about I want to complain – There’s a fault with my service.Unfortunately I cannot deal with your e mail as 0162… is not a BT number. I think you would need to speak to Talk Talk if they provided the number. I am sorry that I cannot help. (…) ServiceRef: 18848719

  108. Sabine Bradding

    Just for your information guys.
    I read a few times the email address of Charles Dunstone and you apparently think that this is actually his email address.

    Well, sorry to say that but fact is that a dedicated department is behind this email address.

    Mr Dunstone has more important things to do than reading the thousands of complaints per day, don’t you think ?

    These kind of companies are making fortunes with the naivity of us customers.
    Yes, they have become HUGE because 1. we use to throw our money after them because we believe evry shit and 2. consumer protecting is non existent in UK.

    This society will go down the drain because of greed.
    Yeah, G R E E D … you know ?

  109. I have found only one way to speak to an English-speaking person in the UK.

    Go to a Carphone Warehouse store and scream the place down and demand your money back NOW. Be unreasonable, rude and furious (but don’t swear).

    After 4 days of spending several hours on the phone trying to speak to someone who could understand what I was saying (and being passed from pillar to post) I lost my mind and went rampaging into my store, which was full of Christmas shoppers.

    Impressively, I managed to clear the store with my furious ranting, and (even better) my problem actually started to get sorted. not there yet, but a hell of a lot closer.

  110. I have suffered at the hands of Carphone Warehouse and “Lifeline”…Ha! what a bloody joke that is! This whole sorry business has taken years off my life! In a nutshell, I foolishly signed a ridiculous contract for a phone for my 11 year old son in May last year, the handset being on the recommendation of the Trafford Carphone Warehouse salesman. He offered insurance which I took, as my son is not the most organised boy on the planet. He assured me that the phone would be covered for “every eventuality…theft loss, fire, damage etc” I happily trotted off, contract and insurance policy in hand. Fast forward to mid January when a sheepish child approached me with the news that he had lost his phone. He was sure he had last seen it in the house. After a severe roasting I started the hellish experience of claiming on the insurance. After hours of stupid pointless phone calls to stupid incompetent call centre staff it became obvious that I had to report the loss to the police before the ignoramuses would do anything. I bothered my police (how much must that cost the tax payer??) got a “crime” reference (even though there had been no crime ) and waited for my new phone. What a joke! I too got a knock back letter. I hadn’t reported the loss within 24 hours!!! (if I reported everything my three boys lose within 24 hours I would have the insurance company on speeddial!) The next paragraph informed me that I wasn’t insured for loss. I went straight back to the Carphone Warehouse to basically be told to b****r off. I couldn’t describe the man who served me (was he asian or white was one of the questions) and he had logged in under the manager’s name so could not be identified through my receipt. After spending more on phone calls than a new mobile would have cost trying to get this appalling travesty rectified I was today told to b***er off by the customer “support” department. Apparently I should have read the booklet. Oh should I? Did it say in the booklet that Carephone Warehouse staff are lying cheating idiots who are only after a quick insurance commission? How the hell was I supposed to know that there were different policies? Why should I have to check that the insurance so thoroughly described by the salesman, was in fact rubbish? To add insult to injury I was told that the phone wasn’t worth insuring in the first place because it was so cheap! Not what I was told when I was buying it!!I am so angry…I feel so frustrated that people can get away with this sort of behaviour and I am told it’s my word against theirs? There is so much more to moan about having spoken to so many stupid stupid thick ignorant spineless useless morons at the various Carphone Warehouse call centres and likewise at the “insurance” company. I really really hope that I read one day that Carphone Warehouse has gone into administration. Hopefully with their disgusting attitude people will vote with their feet……grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  111. I’m currently going the ombudsman route after being cut off for non payment…joke is I owed them nothing, apparently an admin problem at TalkTalk…this company is a national disgrace…you just lose eons of your life trying to get a sevice that you have paid for but rarely works…I once managed to speak to an Englishman in warrington who was actually helpful…would love to speak to him again but you just can’t get routed to anywhwere else than India or south Africa…if anyone knows a phone number for Warringon I would be grateful!

  112. I have had lots of problems with Talk Talk over the last few months, starting with the salesman that came to my door in the first place, anyhow I cancelled within the set period in the correct manner only to be transfered over to them anyway. And so the complaints have began, firstly they charge me a connection fee, a disconnection fee and many other stupid fees which I am battling to get removed from my account as I feel that I shouldnt have to pay them anything because I didnt ask to be with them, I called them and they admitted that they had slammed me and my account would be cleared…. fast forward 2 weeks, I get a letter from their recoveries agency, they’re coming to get my money. I obviously paid but now my credit rating has been affected, they never call me back even though they’ve told me I should get my money back but the customer service people cant give it to me. What do I do?

  113. I’ve had it with TalkTalk.
    On a 512 kb/s broadband package, I was getting 230 kb/s solid connection for a good few months. Then all of a sudden our download speeds turned to hell. Now from standard servers like youtube and, our speeds reach a max of 20 kb/s but are usually about 1.5 kb/s. And the crux of it? We did nothing to cause a change. I swear it was overnight. And Talktalk tell us the line is all good and try and sell us shit – telling us our router is busted. Filthy pigs. I’m going to search for a new ISP.

  114. Response? Don’t make me laugh…

    e-mail to Charles Dunstone:

    Dear Charles,

    I am moving home next week on 26th February. It seemed like a great opportunity to escape the clutches of BT.

    Last week I called all the telephone and broadband providers. To my amazement, I was told that it would be impossible to provide a line for 26th February and that broadband would follow three weeks after a line was installed. Plusnet was the only exception (I didn’t know at the time that they were owned by BT!). They guaranteed 26th February installation and broadband a few days after. I said that this delivery date was a condition of placing the order, which they accepted.

    This Monday they sent me an e-mail that installation would not be until 3rd March: which was exactly what their competitors quoted. I hate liars so I cancelled the order.

    On Tuesday I rang round again. The story hadn’t changed. A broadband comparison site tried to sell me TalkTalk with 3rd March installation and broadband three weeks later. I declined.

    I called TalkTalk direct. The salesman assured me that 26th February installation could be guaranteed. I pointed out to him what had happened with Plusnet and what your own agent had told me an hour before. ’I’m checking availability while we talk,’ he explained, ‘24th, 25th, 26th and 27th February are available for installation.’ In fact, TalkTalk could do it any time,he assured me, despite what the sales office had told me the week before. Installation had also dropped from £59.99 to £29.99 he added, and broadband would follow within four days.

    I didn’t believe him. ‘I’ll get an engineer to call you and confirm in a few minutes’ he said. Sure enough, five minutes later the phone rang. It was Adam. He didn’t sound like an engineer to me, but he assured me that installation on 26th February was no problem at all and that broadband would follow three or four days later. I stated emphatically that 26th or 27th February would be a condition of placing the order and that broadband must follow within a week. He agreed wholeheartedly.

    I began to be convinced. He put me through to Sean. Sean went through the whole spiel again. He explained that the reason TalkTalk could install when other companies couldn’t, was that competitors wouldn’t install before the 14 day cooling off period was up, but TalkTalk were prepared to take a chance on cancellation. The rest of the conversation followed exactly the same pattern as the previous conversation with Adam. I asked for e-mail confirmation of the details of my order, but Sean said this wasn’t possible, but that a hard copy would be sent in the post.

    Each of your salesmen took pride in informing me that my call was being recorded: so why don’t you take a listen?

    Yesterday evening I received an e-mail from TalkTalk telling me that installation would be on 3rd March and broadband would follow three weeks later.

    Angry? You’ve no idea. I called 0800 0494228 and asked for the address of head office. The tele sales lady refused. She finally went off to get advice and came back with the same rseponse. I called 0870 0878038: the response was the same. I called 0870 0878038 and the phone rang for 35 minutes before I hung up. I called 0800 0497825 and the phone rang for 27 minutes until I gave up.

    I downloaded TalkTalk company details from Companies House at a cost of £3 and called 02088965000. Kim told me to hang on and kept me waiting for 10 minutes before I gave up again. Eventually I tried again the number again and a helpful (amazing!) lady gave me your e-mail address.

    TalkTalk? Only when it comes to telling out–and-out lies to get the business it seems. As I pointed out to one of your secretive telephone operators this morning, it’s a murky business that is frightened to tell people its address.

    Anyone can ‘sell’ by lying in their teeth can’t they? It’s my experience that sales practices at the sharp end are a reflection of business ethics at the top. Shame on you and your bunch of conmen, Charles!

    My instinct is to send a copy of this to the Consumers Association, the consumer affairs correspondents at the broadcast and national press (with the exception of the Daily Mail, where I understand you are a director!), but I’ll wait a day or two to see if there is any response. I suspect TalkTalk will turn into Guilty Silence…

    We’ll see.

    Mike Barford

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