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Talk Talk moves Brenden

Whoa. So, a name change on a bill means go live of March 2007. Then, his service is at his friends’ house.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (as amended)

Reference number: 1300000 or Account Number 970000

On 26th May 2006 I used to reconnect phone number 0205555555 at (edited) Bethnal Green.

The reason was to simply change an existing connection under my flatmates name Jo (removed) into my name as they moved out into their own house.

The web site made this task seem simple, and I entered phone number, and post code, then it said there was an existing connection – I selected that I wanted this under a new name and typed in my details.

The tracking number is 1300000 for this.

Since this moment ive spent 25 hours on hold to talk talk customer service, of whom when finally do answer the phone (always after a minimum 20 minute wait – which is unacceptable to me), have been unsuccessful in trying to help with this.

Each time I have enquired about the connection, they have told me it is not under my name. And now the tracking web site states that my connection go live date is March 2007.

In more recent times, ive discovered that quite illegally, talk talk have connected my friends connection at their new house (removed) Middlesex Txx xxxx under my name – Mr B. (removed).

I have never had any association with their address, they moved out from living with me and moved to Isleworth. It is impossible that I can be linked to their address by any other means then problems with your systems or people.

It is a very scary scenario to me that my name can be associated with someone elses bill. It raises many legal questions for me. I have done nothing wrong but follow your web process.

The whole ordeal has been an absolute nightmare, and I am seeking legal advice, talktalk have been 100% responsible for this mess up, yet I have wasted a weeks worth of hours trying to contact them, all to no avail, I have emailed several times only to get a reply 2 weeks later apologising and asking me to re-submit the query.

I had someone call me in response to a re-submitted query, and they simply put me through to the talk talk customer service people, who I was on hold for 25 minutes with and then the girl said she could not help me and suggested I write to you.

To me, the emails ive sent to customer service have had all the information, so for someone to then call back and clearly seem to have no information about the problem is ridiculous and another example of poor service.

Financially I have been impacted upon from not having broadband for 1 month, and the time involved in trying to contact you, all with no success. And of course I seem to be paying for someone elses connection.

This is simply unacceptable, I expect compensation of some sort, I no longer require or want talk talk connected at my number 020xxxxxxxxx – I have clearly told BT to reject any such transactions, I have connected my internet using another company and had it working within 2 working days.

I urgently need to know exactly what will happen in March 2007, and I urgently require the connection for my friends in Isleworth on phone number 0xxxxxxxxx to not be under my name, they do require this connection still under their name – I would suggest maybe they receive a years free credit for the inconvenience to them also.

I have enclosed some details which may help you.

Please contact me ASAP to confirm that this will be resolved, I will not be in the UK in March 2007 and I require confirmation in writing that no action will be taken at this time.

I require confirmation that my name and bank details are no longer in your systems at all, and I require full refunds of any charges, as well as compensation for the wasted 25 hours trying to contact you by the means which your website provides.

I will also write to consumer direct and am currently seeking legal advice also.

Please respond to my complaint within 7 days.

Wow. 25 hours. Did you get anywhere Brenden?

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How to: Cancel service if you haven’t been connected.

There’s nothing in the Ts and Cs that says anything about charges if you disconnect. However, apparently there is a clause (11.3) that says you can cancel if you haven’t been connected within 28 days.

I signed up in April and was given a Broadband go live of ‘by the end of July’.

July has come and gone and we’re getting pretty close to September now but I still don’t have broadband from TalkTalk. Thats nearly 5 months since I signed up !!!

Anyway, I’ve got totally fed up of the rubbish customer services and I’ve had the same problems getting through as everyone else. So I decided to get out if I could.

I’ve been taking a close look at the TalkTalk terms and conditions and I may have a way out – I’m trying it anyway……..

Section 11.13 says

If you signed up for certain of our products (which may include without limitation our ‘combined’ products i.e. being ones under which you receive our LR Service and our Call Service together with our Broadband Service), and we do not supply you with our Broadband Service (being an element that forms part of such combined product) within 28 days after the last day of the month given to you from our ‘availability checker’, thenyou will have right to terminate your Contract for the combined product at any time prior to your actual Commencement Date for the Broadband Service. Any right you may have to terminate your Contract in these circumstances, will be lost as from the point at which you are able to access our Broadband Service.

So I just waited til the 28th August and I cancelled. I’ve already contacted BT who will take the line back on 1st September, I’ve written a letter quoting the terms and conditions and stating the problems and that this is notice of termination which I posted using recorded delivery on Friday 25th August, that way someone reads it on 29th August (28th was a bank holiday).

I’ve cancelled direct debits (though i have stated I will pay any outstanding call charges by cheque in my letter).

I sent all the details to customer services and Charles Dunstone on the 28th August via email too.

I was then promptly emailed and called by someone from the Customer Liaison Department who could actually do more than just follow the guidelines on a customer services ‘hymn sheet’. They went through all the details with me and I’ll have no problems cancelling. No £70 disconnection fee, no debt collectors for failed direct debits etc. They Customer Liaison guy is even going to call me once I’ve been disconnected to finalise the billing details. That’s what customer services should be like – someone who takes your case on board and will follow through until resolution.

On a side note – I called customer services yesterday (29th August) to verbally cancel (as well as the email and letters that had already been sent). I got through to someone straight away – maybe they are getting more people in the call centres now.

I’m not sure what the broadband would actually have been like – it was a good deal; guess I’ll never find out now.

Just thought this might be of some use to other sufferers. Remember to quote terms and conditions 11.13 ( as long as you haven’t been connected to the broadband service yet ).

Thanks Tej! And be sure to let us know if they start strong arming you for charges.

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Chris happy somewhere else

And this makes me happy too. See, part of the reason I started this site was the dreadful lack of information available from Talk Talk. It’s also a warning to others out there to avoid it, at least for the time being due to the poor quality of service (frequent disconnects, lack of communication, 10 minutes and beyond hold times.) When I set this up, mainstream media hadn’t picked up on how dire Talk Talk’s ‘free broadband’ offer turned out to be. They just happily wrote about progress and cheapness. Well, it all went a bit wrong, didn’t it?

I am glad now i cancelled my Talk Talk Broadband given the problems you guys have encountered.

Get a MAC code and walk away to another provider!!! I went back to BT and have got home hub which touchwood has been working fine!

Talk to Chris

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Protected: More numbers, can they fix it?

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Issues sending mail

This is a quick primer on how e-mail works.

Getting the mail out:
For sending, you use something called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. (Wikipedia)

SMTP uses TCP port 25 to send e-mail. In your mail client (Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird) there are settings for SMTP. These settings include either a server IP address Wikipedia or the ‘name’ of the server you want to send mail through.

IP address:

(Note, those are for demo purposes only.)

Now, guessing that those settings are correct and have worked in the past, there are a few remaining problems.

1. Port 25 is blocked by something. This could be either your local firewall (Zone Alarm,) your router, or similar kit at the ISP’s end.

2. The mail server at the ISP end is down. You are basically sending information via the ISP. If their server is down, then you won’t be able to send mail.

3. There is a problem with your mail client (could happen, but less likely than 1 or 2.)

4. There isn’t a problem with any of the above. The real trouble is a server problem at the recipient’s end. If you’re getting return receipts from something that isn’t one of Talk Talk’s servers, then the trouble is with the address you’re trying to send to. I’ll outline basic troubleshooting later.

You can send e-mail, but not receive it:

So, you’ve managed to get your e-mail out. They’ve sent e-mail to you and you haven’t received it, what could be wrong?

Now, SMTP is the send protocol, remember? (Just think S for Send) The receive protocol is called Post Ooffice Protocol, usually POP3. (Wikipedia) POP3 uses port 110 to receive mail.

Got that? Two different protocols for sending and receiving mail.

Occasionally, Internet Service Providers (or, Talk Talk) will use two different ‘names’ for sending and receiving e-mail. While you have for sending, the IP for receiving may be It’s important to look at the difference when (if?) you receive your documentation.

Like SMTP, you receive e-mail via the ISP. Mail is sent to, mail finds its way to Talk Talk’s servers, Talk Talk’s servers deliver to your system when you connect to the mail server.

If you can’t receive e-mail, one of the following may be at fault.

1. Port 110 on your computer is blocked by something (your system’s firewall, the ISP, router…)

2. The mail server at the ISP end is down.

3. There is a problem with your mail client.

4. There isn’t a problem with any of the above. There is a problem with the sender.

How to troubleshoot e-mail

Now you know the basics right? So, here is how you troubleshoot your e-mail.

1. First, make sure that the e-mail address you are sending to or giving out is accurate and follows the correct format. All e-mail addresses will look like this: user@domainname.something (the .something could be .eu, .com,, and so on.)

2. Read any messages that come back to you, or have the person sending the e-mail read messages that come back to them. Often times something from ‘System Administrator’ or ‘Mail Daemon’ will come back. There will be something in that error message to indicate what the failure was. ‘User not found’ or ‘mailbox full’ are pretty clear. This AOL page has a good rundown of common error codes and messages found in return reciepts.

3. Triple check your settings. Make sure that every little dot and number is identical to what you were sent from the ISP. A mispelling or typo could be all that’s at fault.

If those three things are working, or don’t apply, then call the ISP.

Here’s an example of an SMTP problem from one of our lovely readers!

Hi Simon: I think I am having the same problem as you: I can receive but not send emails (these are emails on my account not talk talk). Just called the helpdesk – load of rubbish

The solution?

chris you need to change your outgoing mail server to this should rectify your problem as to web mail i called in and found 2 alternatives and also the mydial takes you to the old style webmail but it works.

Funny thing is i called talktalk today and got through straight away and when the person couldnt help i got transferd to there 2nd line team who i must say where very much on the ball and resolved my issue emidiatley

In Talk Talk’s case, they seem to have several names and IPs for sending/receiving mail. Best keeping track of these somewhere offline.

Talk to Simon and Derek

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Physical addresses for Talk Talk?

This may have already been addressed but Debra has written in wanting physical addresses for Talk Talk or CPW’s corporate headquarters. Anyone have it? Post it here.

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Protected: MD’s e-mail address

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