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Tin cans would be a better solution.

I find it disturbing that in this day and age people could be left without something as basic as a telephone line. Have a read at Ian’s correspondence with Talk Talk!

My phone does not ring any more thanks to TalkTalk, and BT Openreach did not call on Saturday morning, as Nigel S [Edited] of your engineering section said they would.

I am sure the BT line is not at fault though as it worked fine until I opened an account with TalkTalk. After that my phone went from 6 rings to 2, and now not at all.

During this time my excellent BTL R123 handset’s answering facility packed up completely. Your expert technical staff tried to blame the handset, just as Mr S[Edited] later tried to blame the BT line.

Needless to say, on plugging in a friend’s handset with answering facility by a different manufacturer, no difference was noted. I now have to dial 1571 regularly to see if any prospective clients have tried to ring me.

I have left a message on your answerphone to the effect that if you phone me, I will not be able to hear you as the phone does not ring any more.

I will dial 1571 regularly to see if you have left a message.

If you leave a message tell me when the best time is to ring you, so that I can speak to you in person.

Your local loop unbundling equipment is obviously to blame and if it cannot be fixed very quickly or an out-of-court settlement reached, I will be instructing my solicitor to sue for breach of contract, damages and compensation, as I informed Mr Dunstone last week

Ian [Edited]

From: cpw staff [Edited]
Sent: 16 April 2007 07:13
To: ian[Edited]
Subject: TalkTalk HLC [Edited]

Dear Mr Hills,

Many thanks for your email; I am extremely sorry you have had to contact Charles in search of a resolution to your issue.

My name is Kedu U[Edited] and my role is to resolve any customer issues on behalf of Charles.

I will initiate an immediate investigation into the background of your issue and will be contacting you soon to discuss the matter in more detail. In the interim, I am available by both email or telephone, my direct number is 01925 [Edited] .

Please accept my sincere apologies for having to take time to contact TalkTalk, please be assured I will do everything to help bring a satisfactory resolution.


Kedu U[Edited]
E: [Edited]
P: [Edited]

—— Forwarded Message
From: ian[Edited]
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 18:30:21 +0100
To: Charles Dunstone
Conversation: TalkTalk – Damages and compensation claim
Subject: TalkTalk – Damages and compensation claim

As a web designer I value a working telephone and answerphone service, which I used to receive from BT on their own quality R123 handset, and which I do not receive now, thanks to TalkTalk.

Now, when someone telephones me, my handset does not even ring once. The answerphone kicks in immediately, recording pure interference. I have no idea who is ringing me. If I am in and hear this interference, picking up the handset makes no difference – the sound continues, drowning out the voice of the caller completely.

And despite regular requests to your staff to activate TalkTalk’s 1571 and 1471 services, these do not work either. Nobody can contact me and I am losing business as a result.
I tried connecting a friend’s telephone (by a different manufacturer), as suggested by your staff – and naturally there was no improvement.

I have lost business as a result of TalkTalk, and am going to sue you for breach of contract, claiming substantial damages and compensation, unless I hear from you in short order.
Ian [Edited]

I hope you win.

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Carphone Warehouse against bullying… Unless it comes from them.

A few weeks ago Charles Dunstone amused the cynics and pleased the easy by yanking sponsorship from Big Brother after the Shilpa Shetty Shenanigans. According to him, Carphone Warehouse and subsidiaries don’t believe that bullying is appropriate… or very nice. So, what do you call it when a company keeps customers against their will? When High Level Complaints go nowhere and the result of valid complaints regarding service is to cut off telephone service?

At the best, I’d call it aggressive. At the worst.. well, perhaps Charles Dunstone should pull out of the Carphone Warehouse as well.

From Mike:

I managed to be a TalkTalk customer for approx 6 weeks before deciding to leave. I have never had such bad service from any other. Free Broadband – well over 2 months and not provided. Cheaper calls – nearly double my previous supplier for majority of calls to same number. Customer service – do not answer emails, do not phone you or write when promised. I’m now on my third yes third high level complaint and I still have not hear from them. I stopped my Direct Debit after warning them I would do so if the service did not improve. Their reaction is to put a restriction on my line – now I can not even ring their Customer Services or Accounts department. What stupidity on their part. Goodby TalkTalk why don’t you ListenListen?

PS Not a disgruntled ex employee or connected with any other phone company – I just want my bloody phone service back from them!

We hear ya Mike, oh do we hear ya.

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No Talking with Talk Talk (this is a long ‘un)

Sophia wanted a divert put on to her mobile. Seems simple enough right? I think a lot of people have diverts put on. For example, if I want to divert calls to my land line I use my mobile’s menu. Easy-peasy.

For Sophia, however, it’s been a comedy of terrible errors and possibly… bald lies. Possibly (legal team.) Remember, if all else fails, blame someone else!

I have enough from Talktalk. Yesterday, Talktalk
promised divert my telephone to my mobile, but I
checked many time before I write this email.The call
divert hasn’t been done at all. Talktalk said they
have asked Opal(the telephone engineering company to
re-investigte again the fault). But when my friend
rang Opal, they said Talktalk hadn’t asked them or
given them new ticket to re-investigate my telephone
fault problem. Your so-called manager Pravin M
said he would call me in a couple of days time on 2nd
Jan 2007 to tell me the progress of the problem
solving, but he didn’t call at all. Instead, he bans
my number,
so that I completely can’t get through.
Talktalk is a layer, layer, and layer!!! Talktalk only
knows how to swindle money from its customers.
Talktalk charged me to pay other people’s bill, to pay
a modern which I had returned on Oct 2006, and even I
have no telephone and internet service, talktalk still
charged me money. Talktalk has broken the contract
with me. So, Talktalk has to compensate to me. If I
can’t get compensation as Pravin M agree over the
phone ( I have record). I will take Talktalk to court.

I am here to inform you that close my account and I
will no longer a talktalk customer!

It gets worse than the divert issue.

The horrible timeline:
* 7 December Sophia e-mails customer service regarding her bill stating that:
y November telephone bill has a lot of call to Nigeria,Italy, Belgium,and Germany which I have
never ever called. All those strange calls make the bill from normally £20ish/month to £105/month.
Please check. I think talktalk make a mistake or somebody stole my telephone line. My flatmates and I never did those call

* The response, (no date) from Nasreen M says:
have checked your account and November bill. I can confirm these calls were made from your line as I contacted an internal department to have that investigated into. All the calls displayed on your bill are extracted from your Local exchange and is therefore accurate details.

Like Talk Talk can’t make any mistakes right?

And then later on:
I can see that you have called to report a cross connection on the line and I would advise you to
contact our LLU Team on 0870 0873 527 for further assistance. If you have any further quires, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on the number provided below.

Beyond the spelling mistakes and dreadful grasp of grammar, does anyone think perhaps the crossed line Sophia reported may have something to do with those calls? I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am.

Oh, I get my evidence on December 15th when she replies to the lovely Nasreen. Sophia reported that someone with a number that her and her housemates were receiving calls from a number about 4 digits off from hers. Her theory (probably correct) is that other person, the one with the crossed line, was making the calls. I think that sounds reasonable. She’s also been without phone AND broadband for 7 days at this point.

One more e-mail I don’t have the headers for but was probably recent, says the fault was reported and wait. I’m horrified for Sophia, what a dreadful, awful example of customer service. You know how I asked the question before regarding ‘improvements?’ Well, I have my answer.

Can anyone help Sophia?

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Now the Post Office is going to provide broadband

Am I the only one that’s starting to think, perhaps, there are too many branded phone products? I can get a phone through BT, Tesco, Carphone Warehouse, NTL/Telewest….

I note this doesn’t mention who will control the underlying infrastructure. It might mean Postman Pat has a new job…..

The Post Office is taking on BT with a £5m-plus campaign backing the launch of its HomePhone telephony service. It aims to attract at least 1m customers by 2008, taking 5% of BT’s residential business.

HomePhone promises to deliver average savings of 12%-20% compared with BT Option 1, and will be ‘competitively priced’ against Carphone Warehouse’s TalkTalk and Tele2. TV ads break this week on terrestrial and satellite channels, using the strapline ‘It may be good to talk, but it’s even better when you save money’, playing on the old ‘It’s good to talk’ slogan used by BT. The TV campaign will be backed with press ads and the Post Office’s biggest ever direct mail push, to 400,000 customers.

New campaign: Post Office

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Phone for help

As well as ye old broadband tales of mystery and horror, Talk Talk Hell also receives a lot in the way of phones. As much as Chucky Dunstone protests that he’s drug their service up to ‘the same level as other broadband providers’ it actually just seems to be an issue with the Carphone Warehouse’s inability to provide an acceptable level of service.

Have a read.

From Margaret, whose father is waiting on a liver transplant.

my parents went away on holiday in septenber to ther dispalefe when they came home ther was a diffrent telephone number. we got in touch with talk talk they said they was going to sort the problem as you can guess the problem has still not been sorted and once again they have gone to use there phone and it has completely been disconected this is not good enough my father is a very sick man he is under kings colleg hospital with the liver department he needs the telephone to liason with the hospital i am very very angry

Picked on a young lad

i felt intimidated by some of the staff. I dont know much about phones and because i was young i felt they took advantage, they were smirking at eachother. after i bought the phone i felt i was mugged so i went back in less than 10 mins later and they refused a refund so i asked to exchange it , they sed i wud loose my £10 top up. the guy sold me a 1 Gb memory card, i later found out that my phone oldy takes up to 512mb. i asked to see the manager they told me he was on holiday, a few days later i found him at the shop. i made unnesseary journeys to the shop they gave me wrong information. ive ent them a letter but they havent replied

if anyone here has had a similar experience please email me

lets bring them down!! iam not sure if iam allowed to say that but its only fair of how they treat a 14 yr old taking advantage of my age!!

Russell’s experience is less than complimentary: (link goes to Ciao review

Having returned home from holiday I was most surprised to find when I attempted to make an outgoing call a restriction had been placed on the line. I telephoned customer services (from my mobile phone as I couldn’t make outgoing calls from my landline) and using an online translation website to interpret for their customer services telephonist, found out they had cut off my phone because my direct debit had been refused.

This struck me as odd because I knew fine well I had more than sufficient funds in my bank account to honour their direct debit when it was requested. I was put through to ‘credit control’ – you know, these psychopathic, mean spirited, spiteful turds that get hard ons lording it up over people having difficulties paying their bill. Knowing all too well I did have the funds to pay this bill and clearly, this was their mistake I felt a sense of belligerence as I listened to fuzzy, crap music tapped out on a bontempi organ while I wasted yet more of my mobile phone credit being transferred.

Now, I know there are problems with other ISPs/mobile providers. It’s just pretty much the way technology goes. I am, however, feeling slightly sceptical about the claim that Talk Talk, or any of these experiences, happen with quite the same frequency anywhere else.

Well, unless it’s NTL.

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Magda maddened by international prefix woes

I am a Talk Talk phone customer but don’t use any of their international prefixes. Can anyone help Magda?

I’m one of TalkTalk unfotunate customers. Obviously I have had great
difficulties with getting promised broadband, I have been waiting since
5th of October. But it is last of my worries at the moment, main problem
is with unfair bill which I got from them on nearly110 pounds. They
charged me for international calls, which supposed to be free. From the
9 of NOvember TalkTalk has had obvious problem with their international
prefix 18418, which stopped to work. I’ve been adviced to use additional
one 1840, and they reasured me that it will be absolutely free. Well…
what else you can TalkTalk. They want me to pay this bill, what I’m not
going to do, but they put the bar on line. I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF
THEM. I wonder, whether thera are some other people who had same bad
experiance with international prefix. How to terminate the contract?
Will I need to pay res montly payment, which mean in my case montly
payment timed by 16. Could you please let me know as soon as possible?
My situation is rather difficult now, as I do expect to have a babby in
couple of days. And English is my second language, what make contact
with TalkTalk customer service. This story with Talk Talk is really too
much for me.

Please comment if you know if any tips or help you can provide.


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Robbed and Helen

Rob and Helen have been added to the legions of people who also hate Talk Talk’s phone service. Who knew that a divert could cause so many problems? Hell, I can do it with the PBX at work….

TALKTALK agent Satti R (removed) visited our home on 14th September 2006,and spoke to Helen to ‘run through some of the benefits’ which TALKTALK had to offer and discuss a possible switch from BT. Helen explained that we use the phone as a business line and as she is a mobile florist, the landline is on divert to her mobile for the majority of the working day. Satti confirmed that not only would they be able to activate the divert system ‘as soon as the account switched from BT to TALKTALK’, but it would also be cheaper. Seeing the apparent savings, we decided to switch to TALKTALK.

On October 4th our landline switched to TALKTALK, Helen attempted to activate the divert to her mobile and this service was unavailable. Helen called the customer service centre and was informed that the call divert service would take ‘5 to 7 working days to activate’. I subsequently contacted a TALKTALK representative on Thursday morning and spoke to Jim on team 31 to express my dissatisfaction that this service was not available immediately, as stated by the representative (Satti R). Jim apologised and informed me that that the service ‘would definitely be activated by the following Saturday’. By Saturday 7th the service was still not active so I called another representative on team 35 (unfortunately I haven’t got their name), she informed me that the advice I was given previously (by Jim on team 31) was entirely incorrect and the divert system could take ‘another 5 working days to activate’. I informed her that after calling BT I would call back to confirm cancellation of our contact with TALKTALK, as TALKTALK had already cost Helen 3 days takings from telephone orders.

I subsequently contacted BT to request reconnection and, understandably, they are only able to reconnect when TALKTALK has released the line. I called TALKTALK back to confirm cancellation of our contract this morning and have been informed that this will take ‘up to 48 hrs’. This means that Helen will have to wait a further 2 days before being able to divert calls to her mobile. I was also informed that we would ‘receive a bill’ for the outstanding balance!

As a small, recently established mobile florist, Helen does not have a shop or employ any staff to answer the phone, and I have a full time job. The business/shop number is almost always on divert to Helen’s mobile phone. Telephone orders for bouquets probably average £30-£50 per day. I appreciate that when compared to daily turnover of TALKTALK, or indeed Mr Dunstones hourly salary this may seem insignificant, but I am sure you can appreciate that to a new small business like Helen’s every days takings is significant. By the time we re-connect with BT, we will have had no divert service for a total of 5 working days.

Good Luck to you Rob and Helen I hope BT doesn’t suck.

Edit: Oh but wait! This is what they did.

Charlie’s email address. I emailed a complaint directly to charlie address is and cc’d it to cheif exec of ofcom address is plus many national newspapers. Got a reply from the organ grinder and his sales director within 20 mins. Currently looking into my problem apparently. That was yesterday, will keep you posted.

This is why I am currently refusing to remove that e-mail address. It appears to be helping people who have been screwed by the Carphone Warehouse suck.

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