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Confirmation regarding e-mail

Hey guys,

I have some information regarding the e-mail thing. Talk Talk are going through an upgrade period to resolve some of the previous e-mail issues you guys had.  Some of the upgrades didn’t go as planned, hence the problems from last week. They say they’re still working through a backlog of issues at the moment but hope to have things resolved soon.

Let me know if that helps or not!

More e-mail woes. Don’t cry, you’re not alone!

Deary, deary me.

Just a few, teensy, itsy issues with e-mail at Talk Talk right now. Impacting a few customers….

From Tim
Yes I too have not been able to receive any e-mails for a couple of days even though if I sign on to their webmail with internet explorer (not firefox) I can read them. I use Thunderbird normal but it seems TT is playing DumbDumb. There is a bright side the tremendous amount of spam TT lets through has also stopped

And Jan

I am also in South Wales and have had the same problems. I have received a couple of emails in the last few days – but I know for a fact there are a lot i’ve not got yet. Just have to hope that they all come through soon, fingers crossed.

And PR

I’m also one of the unlucky ones concerning the current email fault – I seem to be able to send OK but cannot receive (using OE), nor on frequent occasions even able log on via webmail. It would certainly help if talktalk had a ‘service status page’ so that customers could check to see if the problem was at the ISP or one of their own making. or not.

And Neal

Totally unable to access emails AGAIN – seriously thinking of moving ISP – service is non existent and to the web constantly drops- very fed up!

And Mo
I am having trouble with talktalk emails – has anybody got a solution – it is slowly driving me mad

And Colin

Exactly the same problem for days now – can use internet without any problems. I use outlook and can send emails, but receiving them is a nightmare…..I just keep on hitting the send/receive button and occasionally I get lucky and my emails are delivered. I haven’t called anyone as talktalk must be aware, but why is it taking weeks to fix?

And Dave

Yes I am in South Wales too and it is still bad this morning, I use Thunderbird and Outlook both have problems with talktalk Email.

And Allan has had it with this. Can’t blame him. It’ s been what, two months since the last time?

six months into TT and no usable email service I have been up the hill and back again with support, I even had the florida geeks look into my PC all to no avail. My in box works sporadically and never when I want to recieve anything important. I’m getting to the point of dumping them and facing the consequences. Surely a small claims court would not be on the side of a supplier whose goods are unfit for purpose whatever it says in the small print. Why should we have to “buy out”. Are there any leagal experts out there to advise ?

And Ian doesn’t want to go broke calling you.

Also problems (receiving e-mail only) for 2-3 days. Can send e-mail fine. However the fault in receiving has been intermittent over last few weeks and I have not yet been able to access webmail since signing up as a customer months ago.

Haven’t got time / patience / or phone budget to phone the so-called help desk after the reports that I have read about the service! Please post if anybody gets any sense out of them.

And Delli have not been able to log onto my talktalk email for 2 days…. different error messages each time

Am i the only one?

Paul’s born to run

We’ve just got our PC fixed today only to find the emails are down yet again. This is falling into a sadly familiar pattern. Unbelieveable.

Mark S, yes you can leave Talk Talk but it’ll cost you £70. I can’t bring myself to do this on principle. But rest assured that when my contract is up I’ll be off quicker than a very quick thing. Along with hundreds of others, I guess.

And David can see the problem. Can you, you know, at tech support?

I’m really fed up with being unable to receive emails. This evening i have been trying to receive them for over 2 hours and each time it times out connecting to the POP£ server. I wish i had never joined talktalk broadband, although the telephone part of the business is just fine.

Dave D has some sage like advice for the customers:

Last time this happened was in December when talktalk started to play around with the servers, the symptoms are you simply just cannot log on to the Email sever, but it will allow you to send but not receive. Last time I spent hours looking for a conflict in my system. I have my email on two different servers the non talktalk server still works perfectly every time so don’t let talktalk’s idiots try to convince you that its a problem with your system. Just another example of talktalk’s total incompetance

We’re telling John it’s probably a screwed POP3 server. Though, you won’t tell us, so we don’t actually know.

can get online but cannot send/receive e-mail. Have complained and received a £20 credit. (Threatened to cancel contract). Company informed me that it could be several days before the e-mail problem is rectified.

Can’t log on to e-mail (using outlook express or mozilla thunderbird) and cannot use or talktalk webmail. In fact, I can’t now login to ‘my talktalk’ on their website because it doesn’t recognise my username.

So, is it an authentication problem (radius server?) or is the whole system b*****xed?

If you know something tell me please.

Oh but wait! Maybe you do! A little snippet of info from Tim

Appears no one knows whats going on as have just received Email from Talktalk stating that problems are due to error on POP3 server and engineers are trying to rectify????

And I want to hug Jane.

Oh please help me. I’ve been sitting here crying for the last two hours. I’ve been trying for 6 hours to get my talktalk webmail to do what i want it to do. it took over four hours yesterday to clear it out and get it to send stuff to Outlook. i’ve spent at least 200 hours over the last couple of months just trying to get it to work when i want. I want to tear my hair out. what can i do to get the stupid thing to work. what do i do to get my broadband connection to stay on. i’ve spent hours on the phone to tech support going over the same stuff time and again and never getting through to 2nd line support until i’ve been made to go through it all once more at least. are they trying to get rid of customers who signed up for the ‘lifetime’ deal so that we will be replaced with customers on less favourable terms to the consumer. are all these problems deliberate systems failures so that we must spend more money on the phone to them thereby generating income. please someone, help me out i can’t stand much more of this.

But the ones that know obviously weren’t talking to David P

4 Days- can send (so far) but cant receive email except sometime during the night! Collegues have resorted to old technology (fax)!

Spent 11/2 hours on phone with Tech Services (19th). At first swore blind was my anti- virus etc. although his own ‘tools’ were down and he couldnt access my account direct apparently?

With his instructions tested all ports etc and hes stumped– then his ‘tools’ come back and he tries to access my account on the server- but hey it rejects- and rejects- then hes in…….but cant see emails!!!!!!!! Well Done- new answer- it must be a very, very large email/ or corrupt email thats ‘blocking’ the account…very original! Wants to finish shift- can only recommend I leave a couple of hours and try to access via http:talktalk and delete all ‘bad’ emails myself!!! Up to me to get phone charge @ 10p min back- £13.00 Absolute BS of course- some come down during night, but off again now. Can these complaints be forwarded to OFTEL or something- a 10 Downing Street petition maybe- desperate now as going to have to alter sleep pattern otherwise!

And Alexandra has some advice

Microsoft have published ‘white papers’ and techie tools with clear instructions on how to use them. Purpose? to give the equivalent of a driving test to a business user of a particular operation of a server -aka Email Server- so you know the signs and symptoms of OVERLOAD before the server becomes OVERLOADED and everyone who depends on your business like prowess -falls over as a result of holding their breath.

Rocket science it most definately is NOT, buy more servers and employ a resident mechanic who can put the wheels back on! Incidentally, for the concerned millions of T2 email users who come home in the afternoon to eagerly check if they’ve had a reply (to anything….) the customer service reply of having trouble with their “email server” – is not a good sign. Talktalk would do well to get a grip, and relax their stranglehold on their customers lives. The excuses have run out, hand in hand, with their credibility. I think.

But somehow I don’t think they listened.

Here’s what they said to ah

I have now had a reply from TalkTalk to a customer service e-mail I sent them yesterday about the ‘no response from server problem’.

“I understand this is very frustrating, however, we are currently

experiencing a fault with our email server, which is why you are unable

to access your emails. This is currently been looked into by our

engineers as a main priority but as of yet there is no exact time in,

which this will be resolved. If this problem persists please contact our

Technical Support Team on 0871 226 7146 who should be able to give you

an update as to the problem been fixed.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this


So, there you have it. POP3 problems at Talk Talk.

Dear Talk Talk,

Talk Talk Hell

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E-mail problems round up

Mornin’ guys!

No solutions yet, or at least that I know of. I did a little ping test to last night. Lots of dropped packets and some time outs. That could be indicative of a network problem but could also just mean there was a lot of traffic.

But here’s a rundown of what we’ve received so far.

From Jim: is at

It Pings ok but receiving mail is very spasmodic.

Also tonight the webmail interface seems to be down too ( 0n which can also be pinged)

Better in the mornings? Could it just be the mail servers are suffering under the weight of their customers?

From redman

We too have just started (this week) having a problem receiving email through talktalk. I have found we have been able to receive this morning ( but not tonight) perhaps this is because it is less busy or perhaps it was just a lucky connection!

If it wasn’t so damned expected that Talk Talk would blame the user, it would be tragic.

From tillyann

I, like quite a lot of people by the looks of it, have had awful problems recieving mail this week. To start with it just seemed to be post 4pm (funnily enough about the time most school kids get home and check their mail) but today it has been down most of the day. I have tried through my mail client and also directly through a browser and when I try to connect on the browser I am told I am using the wrong username or password I AM NOT, ITS A PROBLEM WITH TALK TALK’S SERVER!!! I am at the end of my tether after 6 months of TalkTalk hell, I just wish my husband hadn’t just painted his van and used his talk talk email address!

More confirmation of AM: Ok, PM: Not so good.


The Talktalk mail servers have been up at best intermittently in the last few weeks. After midday it always gets worse. The last couple of days however it has been impossible to contact Talktalk’s webservers at any time in the evening. They really are the most incompetent company I have ever come across, with the worst customer service. Dunstone should be ashamed of himself.

Ahhh, this is sad :(. Now is a bad time of year for e-mail to go on the fritz.

From Brian

I have having the same trouble with talktalk email.

Ok through day evening not a chance.

It use to be no trouble at all till this last week now its every night.

Very annoying at this time of the year when i use email to contact the kids regarding mother christmas box.

Possible Solutions

From SteveF

I had similar problems until I did what the screen says: send an email to yourself – BUT not those spanking new accounts you create – the overall account based on your phone number –

Power cycling the router helps?

From Dave

Yes I would like to echo the comments of these other people.

I have found that most times I can’t get my mail, powering down my router and the rebooting will often let me connect.

The only difference I can see is I generally get a new Gateway address.

I’m not sure it will help you guys now, but if you’re new to this whole troubleshooting thing, have a read through the e-mail primer.

More as I get it!

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Customer service from the Carphone Warehouse. Nightmare roundup.

I’m making some changes to the way I post. Partially to keep information more central and easier to find via a search. Instead of posting every comment separately, I’ve been bundling them under categories. I find it helps to keep certain issues together, along with what worked for some and what didn’t work for others.

I’m also cross posting some over on the board. Which isn’t, for the moment, moderated. However, the same comment policy (no defamatory statements, no full employee names unless already public, no secret phone numbers) applies to posts.

Now, on to the update!

Roy assumes Carphone Warehouse aren’t a cowboy outfit.

Thanks BooBoo for the interesting update. However as a customer I am entitled to the service I have signed up to and pay for. Quite frankly, I don’t care what Talktalk problems are. Surely they had some business plan, risk assessment and contingency arrangement before embarking on this latest expansion. Or is there management and engineering staff as bad as their customer service operators?

Dunstone, besides not updating his blog for a while, has kind of an answer regarding their poor customer service in the Times.

High up on his “to do” list for the coming year is to get a grip on customer service at Carphone’s TalkTalk broadband. The service revolutionised the market by offering free broadband to customers who sign up to the group’s £21-a-month international call package. Thanks in part to Carphone’s “free” marketing campaign, the service has been a huge hit in terms of sheer customer take-up, amassing more than half a million customers in just seven months, with 12,000 new ones every week.

Yet widening costs on the TalkTalk product have increased losses by £20 million to £70 million. More damaging for the group is the barrage of negative publicity that has resulted from the poor service endured by many customers in its early stages.

Mr Dunstone’s defence that “you always hear more noise from people who have problems” is untypically feeble. However, he also concedes that the execution of the grand broadband plan has not been his finest hour. Right now, TalkTalk, he concedes, has only “dragged itself up to the same poor level of service that you get from all broadband suppliers”.

So tell me then, oh sage like CEO of CPW, how is it that the people who read this blog are swapping to other suppliers? Or that below I have a barrage of comments from people who say this is the worst service they’ve ever had, or that upon moving on they found helpful staff? The party line is getting just a tad old now.

An excerpt from Kate’s e-mail shows how well managing customer service is going at CPW..(also posted on the board as she’s looking for advice.)

Enough was enough and I decided to tell talk talk to bugger off. This too was a nightmare – after 5 calls I eventually got put through to someone who could handle the request. This charming operative ( who was a Liverpudlian and so very English ) was very rude and on being asked how I got my number transferred back to BT, slammed the phone down on me.
I then rang my bank to cancel the direct debit only to be told that interestingly Talk Talk had set up two direct debits – I hadn’t the strength to ring Talk Talk back to find out why. I have the address of where to send the modem and router back if anyone wants it – although I suspect I will have to issue legal action to get the money back !

It took Onx an hour to find out there was an outage. For the record, I can confirm I know of at least two other ISPs that have status lines. Sometimes they’re even accurate.

Talk Talk support sucks like a bad hooker. I was setting up Talk Talk for a mate, (I work for an ISP so i know what I’m doing). After waiting in a queue for 25 minutes when someone said ‘hello’, I said ‘one sec’ and they hung.

My mate told me to call straight back (his bill so I did) after another 25 minutes I get through to someone. He gives me all the settings for the account confirmes the password and I set up the router. Another 10m minutes later It still don’t work. His responce to this ‘option 2 and option 4 customer are no able to log into the network at the moment. (days after the live date). OK so theres a drop in the sersvice, why did it take a 1 hour call to actually get that information.

Talk Talk should be shut down and all the money taken should be returned. The moral of the story: Just because a service is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s any good or worth having.

Stuart wrote quite a good post regarding his experiences with ‘customer service’ at the Carphone Warehouse. (Full text on the board.)

All was fine until I had to move house. I was moving at the beginning of October so sent them an email with all details at the end of August – No reply after 2 weeks so sent another email – still no reply. Then the nightmares began – two and a half months and nearly 18 hours on the phone to Talk Talk customer dis-service later the nightmare continues! It took over 10 hours of calls before I gave up trying to shift my account to a new address and cancelled my account – the place I was moving to had a BT line and internet was available. What’s more at the time I wanted to keep my account. I cancelled the account and signed up for BT and BE Internet (Highly recommended so far!)

Sounds like all other ISPs are just as bad, right Dunstone?

Sarah had them ask for her Hotmail password….

Hi Cathy, for ages I have had problems with Talk talk broadband and experienced exactly the same problems as you. I called them loads and got shite from them, I asked for the Ombudsmans phone number, to be passed to a manager and the ignorant customer services wench would not give me these. She also asked for my MSN Hotmail password which is wrong of her. I called the landline side of Talk talk and spoke to the cancellations dept which helped and agreed that they were shite. I had the previous phonecall recoreded and am writing a letter in to talk talk about their shite service.

My MP is Andy Burnham. Sadly I don’t think he’d be very effective. (Given his track record as junior Health Minister.)

Teresa and James are damned right. It is scandalous that they still charge for tech support when they have so many known issues. I’m actually beginning to think that I keep better track of them. Especially with the recent announcement that they’ve only now employed a company to develop a knowledge base for them.

How many of us do you think there are? Each time we call we are left with the impression it is just a couple of unfortunate cases but the faults, lack of ability to contact them, the hanging up (sorry lost connection) when you call them, the lack of phone and broadband service after “upgrade”, lack of real apology or any willingness to do anything about it is very scary. They clearly have a completely unusuable system (their own phones don’t even work) yet they continue to charge us, refuse to admit there is a problem (other than high demand) and insist we call them at £0.10 a minute to talk to someone who is not capable of doing anything or fixing the problem.

If they were really interested in “customer service” they would write to everyone, /send a CD of fixes and new settings, ask for real feed back about whether the service was working and at least have the courtesy of offering free technical support until this is sorted.

There are more. Oh, there are more. And there will be more! Under the ‘customer service’ tag in my GMail account, I currently have over 200 comments and e-mails that pertain to their poor customer service.

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More NetGear round up

For the NetGear users, try the below:

1. Adjust MTU. There’s a link on that post that will guide you.

2. Check CHAP and settings against the first NetGear round up post. You may need a firmware update.

3. Try the new settings in this post!

4. Try the beta firmware (Thanks chrs!) Mind you, I’m totally not liable if it hurts your router. Ok?

However, none of this may matter if you are part of the LLU group.

Issues from Michael:

Please can someone help me as I have no idea about routers and networking. It all started when a friend recommended the Netgear DG834GT wirleless router. I purchased one and plugged it in instead of the speedtouch that TT supplied. I clicked on the setup wizard and hey presto the thing worked. In fact I remember saying to my wife that it was easier to setup than the supplied modem (how I now regret saying that!). Everything was fine and I managed to get past the router dropping out every five minutes by switching my screen saver off and setting the monitor to switch off instead. That was until about 10 days ago. While connected at 576Kbps, the internet light went off which I thought was a problem with the ADSL line/exchange. I waited 24hours and still nothing. Before spending an obscene amount of money on the TT support line I tried the supplied modem. To my suprise this worked fine and still is. I therefore thought the 834 was faulty. I took this to a friends house and plugged it in to his BT line running Wanadoo as the ISP. Withing 30 seconds the nternet light illuminated and stayed on and connected perfectly. Therefore encouraged that the DG was working properly I swiftly took it home and plugged it in. You have guessed it nothing, nadda to this day the internet light will not come on yet the speedtouch works? I have changed filters, phone sockets, cables but still nothing. As I said I have never used a router before now especially a wireless one and have no ides but this just seems really really strange! How come a cheap inferior USB modem works but the expensive well reviewed one struggles. Has anyone got any suggestions as I am baffled?

LLU/NetGear combo example from Darren

Having the same problem with my DG834GT. Dropping the internet connection all the time and running very slow when running. Problem only started when upgraded to 8Mb. Have talk to Netgear Tech support they mess around with the setup tried MTU 1458 now changed to 1400 still no better. TalkTalk would not help as said they do not support any other router except Belkin. Has any one found a fix?

Firmware update didn’t work for Nehal:

well..guys, it didn’t work inspite of NETGEAR replacing the DG834G unit twice with a firmware thats has not been out officially!

I have finally managed to get a FREE brand new upgrade to DG834G-V3 router. Since it could be either a Firmware or an ISP issue, I have also sent a direct email to B. Richardson @ TalkTalk for further investigation just in case there any problem @ their end.

I am now waiting for the last one month to go online. I hate TalkTalk or should I say less Walk Walk !!! :o(

Some detail from chrs

Same here…

Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:27 – Initialize LCP.

Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:27 – LCP is allowed to come up.

Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:31 – CHAP authentication failed

Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:31 – LCP down.

I had been a talktalk 1MBit customer for a while, and these problems only started when I was switched over to the ‘free broadband’ 8MBit service. I understand that’s a technically completely different service, and that my DG834Gv2 might not be compatible any more. (the old USB modem still works)

Would love to try beta firmware for the router – where do I get that? it’s not on the regular Netgear support page.


Norman can’t get anything to work:

i’ve tried 3com, belkin and netgear routers with all poss settings, NOTHING works, stills dropping connection. The problem is with talktalk but they say that they can’t help us folks with routers. Their advertising claims that routers can be used!!

A case for the lawyers I guess

Joe’s back! And his NetGear doesn’t work with the upgrade:

Netgear DG834Gv2 – Has anyone got this router to work with talktalk new 8mb service (firmware, v3.01.25)

I was upgraded to 8mb 23/20/06 and router keeps dropping, tried all the good stuff suggested on this site. Can anyone recommend a wireless router and version number that works with 8mb .

talktalk speedtouch modem works, phone line doesn’t work (no dial tone) but the phone is the least of my worries.

He also comes with a tip!

quick question – is anyone running Netgear DG834Gv2 with v3.01.31.

I have seen lots of posts on an Australian forum which says it fixed constant drop problems on ADSL2 lines.

Something that worked for Cjdinc

I have a Netgear DG384G wireless router with the following settings that works with TalkTalk

Encapsulation – PPP over ATM

DNS -Get automatically from ISP

MUltiplexing Method – VC-Based


VCI 38

Let me know how it’s going!

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Customer service tips from Five Cent Nickel

This is a particularly useful article for those of you with persistent problems. Have a read through and learn from the Americans how to ‘deal’ with customer service.

First of all, I always give the regular customer service reps (CSRs) a chance to solve any problems that might arise. Unfortunately, it seems that plain old CSRs are nearly powerless when it comes to fixing problems. Still, it’s worth a shot, and you’ve gotta start somewhere. It also gives you ammunition for later, when you need to escalate your complaint to the next level. When dealing with CSRs, always be firm but polite. And always take detailed notes. Write down the date and time of your call, the name of the person that you are speaking with, their operator ID or phone extension, a direct phone number (if available — usually it’s not), as well as exactly what (if anything) they promised to do to resolve your problem.

Five Cent Nickel: Solving Customer Service Problems

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LLU and upgrade round up

It appears the magical upgrade to 8MB isn’t working out for many customers. I’ve had a positive avalanche of complaints from you guys regarding lost or seriously degraded service.

The symptoms of being upgraded:
1. Connectivity becomes intermittent
2. You’re told there’s ‘nooooo problem at all’ but then, they retract and suddenly realize there may be something wrong.
3. Your phone line dies. Then your VOIP phone dies.
4. It’s obviously BT’s fault.

Martin is dealing with the issue of connection drops during the evening:

Was advised that my broadband would be improved on 23 Oct – yes the speed went up to 5/6 thingy bobs!! but unfortunately the system drops out after 10 minutes. Went to help/support (what a joke!!) got neither. emailed and got replies saying contact LLU (what a joke!!) can’t get through – spoke to customer service – through in no time – asked for help – they said I need to speak to LLU team – put me through to the bl—dy music again (what a joke!)(find myself singing the song all day long now!!). Now 20 days later no change in situation – system works OK during the day (when I am at work!!) but not in the eveining !!

Another Martin was working fine, amazingly, until his upgrade:

Have been running 834v2 with 3.0.31 firmware perfectly until the exchange was upgraded two weeks ago, since then very intermitent broadband, and when it does work, only for a few minutes before it dies. Rebooting router can help, but again, only for a few minutes. Am waiting callback from TT LLU department to see if they canhelp, otherwise I’ll be cancelling my contract in the morning, going back to BT and finding a new broadband provider!

I’ll try changing the DNS to manual entry on the router side, but don’t hold out much hope!

Will let you know if I have any luck with engineers!

Peter’s connection petered out:

TalkTalk broadband was installed with very few problems and pretty constant reliability until the fateful day that my service was “improved to give me the best possible connection”

Yup it was the dreaded LLU unbundling operation- subsequent to which , just like the previous blogger,the service went awol at peak times. If I do get a connection after 7pm it is so slow that I cry out for my old dial up pay as you go line back.

Calls to the helpline eventually got my complaint logged and a member of the LLU team did actually call me back three times. His verdict was that “we have a major broadband outage problem at my local exchange,they are aware of the problem and that I am by no means the only customer affected. It will be corrected within days.”

Days stretch into weeks and weeks into months and still the problem is unresolved.

Come on TT , I was a happy customer who was prepared to champion your cause against all the adverse publicity but you are testing my patience to the limit.

Joe is jonesing for a lawsuit:

i am a talk talk user and i was told that they were going to update the lines to give me a better internet speed. Since i have been put on llu i have had nothing but talk talk refuse to take my tech calls because its llu’s problem now and llu keeps hanging up the phone when all i ask them to do is test my line.

I am a calm and tranqual person but if you pay for a service you expect it to work not work for 2 mins and then get greff for asking llu to do there job. I spent all day on the phone to bt today asking them what my options are with changing the isp from llu to BT. they cheaked the line and said it is impossible unless i get a mac code. i got a mac code and then phoned bt bk. the mac code is usless because llu have altered the exchange line to there own equipment. as far as i know i we were not toldof llu pulling a wire out of the bt exchange to connect to there own box. they have me by the nuts. i cant change isp and i am bound by a contract. this is my old mans house and i origonaly got talk talk because of the free calls we could make to italy, america, germany ect. the internet was part of the package. now i feel like they have violated my staturtory rights as a consumer by not giving the service and refusing to deal with the ongoing problem i am haveing with llu. If there are more ppl with this problem and dont want to stand for the shit they are giving us then e mail me please. power in numbers. with enough of us we could get the best leagle representation for possably less than 50p each.we could take llu and talk talk to the cleaners. please let me know what you guys think. I dont want to be pushed around by a company that dont give a crap about us and wont help us. I have my reasons for needing the net so please dont have to state your reasons for needing/wanting it. just if you have had problems with them then let me know.

Roy didn’t even have a telephone line!

I was due to receive the LLU upgrade on 24/10. Since then I have had no phone or internet access. Trying to contact helplines is very difficult. Then after finally geting through to a UK call centre on the Friday afternoon, I was told nothing could be done as it was an engineering problem associated with the upgrade. It took until Monday morning when a friendly operator in South Africa, took my details and actually logged a fault!

Keeba feels everyone’s pain.

*sigh* finally got talktalk after waiting nearly 8 weeks, 6 weeks later (up to now) and sitll no modem -_-“, lucky i have a router so i been using that. everything was going fine then i got a letter saying they were gonna upgrade me to a higher connection . Since then my line just cuts off randomly and can take up to 15 mins sometimes before i can reconnect. Talktalk seriously sucks

Lesley’s phone doesn’t work either:


Joe finds a newer NetGear router may be the answer:

I still had no phone after 3 days following LLU 8mb upgrade only broadband. I tried a friends newer Netgear DG834N ADSL2 router and that worked on new 8mb but my old netgear DG834Gv2 did not… was that just a coincidence?

Anyway after lots of nagging to TalkTalk they have backed out of the 8mb upgrade (as it was apparently affecting loads of people) and am back down to 2mb and everything seems ok again on my old router.

I guess I’m going to have the same problems when the try to upgrade to 8mb again!

26 HOURS?! Wow. Phillip is way more patient than I am.

Because we know that were shite

We have got to get it together – Now

Still no BB after 26hours calls on hold and 6 e-mails and 3 letters.

LLU may not be the way ahead – ADSL line was fine before my upgrate.

All UK BB is rubbish needs to be sorted out.

Joe found that it was BT’s fault… naturally.

Just got through to talktalk helpdesk after 45mins to say my phone has no dial tone since yesterday mornings scheduled 8mb upgrade.

They said that they were having major problems and three of the exchanges were down in the area, could be Erith, Crayford, Dartford. Fix ETA for tomorrow sometime (wed 25/10/06)

Saying that my broadband works (5-6mb speeds) with speedtouch modem but not my netgear router, so not sure it’s a “major” exchange down problem as they said.

I also asked the nice engineer if it was a problem with talktalkak’s LLU and he blamed it on BT exchange being down… Could be defamotary!

SSDD for Anthony

I have had the same….all was fine til the LLU upgrade,then no phone and no net……next to no customer service……Talktalk need shooting!!!……it is the worst experiance of my life!!…be warned….do not go near them!!

Ian’s cool phone stopped working. 😦

Hi well ive had TalkTalk for about 4 months, the broadband was fine until i became LLU now its a shambles, I have a netgear 834G and also a Zyxel VOIP Router, since LLU the Zyxel refueses to work at all, while the Netgear works for a couple of hours buts gradually gets slower and slower until you end up having to reset the router. any ideas. the router is on TalkTalk recommended settings and the MTU is currently 1458

I have a thought….

Could it be that the hardware they’ve already shipped, that was already a bit crap, isn’t compatible with the exchange after LLU is complete?

I dunno.

Just a thought.

Can anyone confirm?

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Orange hit by outage

Well guys, we’re not alone. Apparently Orange had an outage that started on Monday.

The broadband service run by mobile firm Orange is experiencing a “major” national outage.

The problem occurred on Monday afternoon, affecting 100,000 broadband subscribers at its peak.

A spokesperson for the company said the fault on the service, formerly known as Wanadoo, was caused by a “network equipment failure”.

Orange said they were working to fix the problem but there is no indication when a normal service will resume.

The BBC news website was alerted to the fault by a reader who had been unable to connect to the internet for the last two days.

BBC Tech

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Talk Talk outage 11/9 7:44

I return home, cook my dinner and think ‘I need to update the Talk Talk Hell site.’ I logon and everything is fine for about oh, 30 minutes. Then DNS goes. And now it’s error 721, ‘the remote computer is not responding.’ The light on my modem is blinking (line synch) and I have no broadband.

How I love you, Talk Talk.

One of my coworkers mentioned them as a possible future ISP today. My reaction was so violent as to make them start a bit.

He’s now investigating Sky.

7:48: Still blinking….

7:55: Still blinking, have rebooted PC.

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DNS troubles around Greater Manchester 7:40pm

I managed to get some rather odd fish for supper tonight. Thinking perhaps I’d try something else, I went to look for recipes. Then in the middle of a recipe including butter and perhaps unsurprisingly, my connection dropped and no pages were being served.

Yet another case of dreadful Talk Talk DNS.

This is why I run this site. What the heck kind of ISP can’t keep their DNS servers up and running? I dare not even try to call the ‘help’ line in case I get stuck in the endless drone of Dunstone apologizing. (Well, for 10 minutes until I’m cut off…)

7:57: dinner is almost ready. No Internet.

9:06: No browsing since 7:40pm

Back up!


And still, no DNS for a little over an hour.

Did anyone else get smacked with it?

Something I should have done?

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