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Phone for help

As well as ye old broadband tales of mystery and horror, Talk Talk Hell also receives a lot in the way of phones. As much as Chucky Dunstone protests that he’s drug their service up to ‘the same level as other broadband providers’ it actually just seems to be an issue with the Carphone Warehouse’s inability to provide an acceptable level of service.

Have a read.

From Margaret, whose father is waiting on a liver transplant.

my parents went away on holiday in septenber to ther dispalefe when they came home ther was a diffrent telephone number. we got in touch with talk talk they said they was going to sort the problem as you can guess the problem has still not been sorted and once again they have gone to use there phone and it has completely been disconected this is not good enough my father is a very sick man he is under kings colleg hospital with the liver department he needs the telephone to liason with the hospital i am very very angry

Picked on a young lad

i felt intimidated by some of the staff. I dont know much about phones and because i was young i felt they took advantage, they were smirking at eachother. after i bought the phone i felt i was mugged so i went back in less than 10 mins later and they refused a refund so i asked to exchange it , they sed i wud loose my £10 top up. the guy sold me a 1 Gb memory card, i later found out that my phone oldy takes up to 512mb. i asked to see the manager they told me he was on holiday, a few days later i found him at the shop. i made unnesseary journeys to the shop they gave me wrong information. ive ent them a letter but they havent replied

if anyone here has had a similar experience please email me

lets bring them down!! iam not sure if iam allowed to say that but its only fair of how they treat a 14 yr old taking advantage of my age!!

Russell’s experience is less than complimentary: (link goes to Ciao review

Having returned home from holiday I was most surprised to find when I attempted to make an outgoing call a restriction had been placed on the line. I telephoned customer services (from my mobile phone as I couldn’t make outgoing calls from my landline) and using an online translation website to interpret for their customer services telephonist, found out they had cut off my phone because my direct debit had been refused.

This struck me as odd because I knew fine well I had more than sufficient funds in my bank account to honour their direct debit when it was requested. I was put through to ‘credit control’ – you know, these psychopathic, mean spirited, spiteful turds that get hard ons lording it up over people having difficulties paying their bill. Knowing all too well I did have the funds to pay this bill and clearly, this was their mistake I felt a sense of belligerence as I listened to fuzzy, crap music tapped out on a bontempi organ while I wasted yet more of my mobile phone credit being transferred.

Now, I know there are problems with other ISPs/mobile providers. It’s just pretty much the way technology goes. I am, however, feeling slightly sceptical about the claim that Talk Talk, or any of these experiences, happen with quite the same frequency anywhere else.

Well, unless it’s NTL.

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O2’s 07872 prefix causing problems.

Not something we can blame on Charles Dunstone and his band of merry Scrooges (sadly…) it seems to just generally be an issue. Its resolution, however, pends someone getting off their wide posteriors to sort it out.

O2 have had complaints from customers who have mobile phone numbers starting with the prefix 07872 who have been unable to receive incoming calls from 2 networks.

O2 have found a problem with customers receiving calls from Talk Talk and Vodafone. The problem was spotted on Friday 15th December when certain O2 customers could not receive incoming calls from either network.

O2 have now fixed half the problem, and O2 customers with telephone numbers starting 07872 can now receive calls from the Talk Talk network, they are in the process of fully rectifying the situation so that customers can also receive incoming calls from Vodafone. This should be completed by today, Wednesday 20th December.

Until the problems have been fully fixed O2 will not be issuing anymore sim cards starting with the prefix 07872.

O2’s call problems

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Phones 4 U challening Carphone Warehouse


Phones4u rings out warning
The mobile-phone retailer says it intends to overtake market leader Carphone Warehouse by focusing on the youth market. Report by Paul Durman
CHARLES DUNSTONE and Carphone Warehouse have a new challenger for the top spot of Britain’s booming billion-pound mobile-phone market — Phones4u’s Tim Whiting.

Whiting became boss of Dunstone’s main retailing rival when John Caudwell sold his group for £1.5 billion in a long drawn-out deal that was completed at the end of last month.

Caudwell’s decision to sell up and sail into the sunset caused the business he founded to be split. The retail operations, headed by Whiting, have been bought by Providence Equity Partners while another private-equity firm, Doughty Hanson, acquired 20:20, the logistics and distribution business.

I hope they win.

Times Online: Phones4u rings out warning

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Vodafone drops Carphone Warehouse, is Orange next?

Far be it from me to giggle with glee regarding troubles of our beloved ISP… Well, that’s not true. I am amused by this news.

13 October 2006 – Following hot on the heals of the announcement that Vodafone is dropping Carphone Warehouse from selling its mobile phone contracts, rumours are gathering pace on the internet that Orange is about to follow suit.

According to reports online, the mobile phone operator said it was reviewing its “indirect sale strategy” as fears grew for the future of independent mobile retailers who could be forced to lower commissions as operators look to lower costs.

Pocket-Lint :Orange rumoured to follow Vodafone away from Carphone Warehouse

We lose money, they lose money.
It kind of feels like Earl….

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Carphone stock prices are down

The Telegraph blames it on free broadband. But is it more a case that Carphone Warehouse can’t deliver what they say they will?

Free internet is costing Charles Dunstone dear. Dunstone’s entry into broadband has put an end to the winning streak for Carphone’s share price, with stock falling by 25 per cent since mid-May, underperforming both its telecoms and retail rivals. The Telegraph.

Hahahhahaha. Mobile Today

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Edward irked

Mobile phone insurance completely useless according to the below, then broadband not up and running. No new tale to tell.

my new handst didnt work so it now has to be sent bac and im expected to wait another 2-3 weeks without a phone. since im paying £40per month thats £80 wasted (2 months without handset if im lucky). i took out the contract because of the handset and the internet. carphone generously offered me a £20 voucher. this is ludicrous as ive paid £60 in insurance which is a complete joke as its made no difference!

worse still my landline with talktalk still doesnt hav broadband because im now being told my mac code has changed. it took them 2 months to tell being robbed on all fronts

2 months seems to be the standard Talk Talk lead time.

Talk to Edward

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Physical addresses for Talk Talk?

This may have already been addressed but Debra has written in wanting physical addresses for Talk Talk or CPW’s corporate headquarters. Anyone have it? Post it here.

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