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Death threats against Dunstone!

Also a confirmation regarding WoW on Talk Talk:

Talking of Carphone, Charles Dunstone admits to two death threats from hardcore computer gamers because his broadband operation limits access to virtual games such as World of Warcraft. Not too surprising, really. Players on such sites often have difficulty working out whether they are in the real world or some sword and sorcery fantasy.

No, lovely Times people, it’s because they changed about midway through. When I asked before subscribing to Talk Talk, they said they didn’t limit access to MMORPGs. Part of the reason I picked up the awful service in the first place was to play RFOnline for review.

Times Business round up

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New router solves connection problem?

Mornin’ guys! Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last week, work project + deadline kept me away from here. Going through your comments now. I’ve dealt with some of the more nasty ones from a few people.

For the record, I don’t ban IP addresses outright. WordPress has a moderate function that I use when someone is generally misbehaving. If the posts start getting abusive or simply A4 pages of the same text, then I automatically yank everything from that IP, delete everything offensive and leave the rest.

Hopefully you guys are going to have some new moderators/posters soon as well :).

hello , my mate has talktalk just for the phone and has not had a bill for a year…so he gets total free calls….i signed up in april for broadband and had same trouble as you …but i am connected now but not resived their modem ….i just put my unser name and pasword into my netgear router and connected ok…iv not droped off of line yet like the other , but its the first week….only fault with the connection i can see at the moment is gaming…on a evening the ping of the server i play on goes fron 24 through the day to 300 pluss on a evening…not sure if this is talktalk problem yet….keep ringing them up its free….but now i wish i had stopped with AOL…my advice to everyone on talktalk is get a netgear router and take their soft ware off of your computers

I haven’t had any problems with the game I’m beta testing just yet. Perhaps it uses different ports?

Anyone else having trouble gaming?

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This pisses me off. I write game reviews in my spare time and occasionally get sample products of MMORPGs. I didn’t have any issues with RF Online (thankfully, it was a good game) but asked them specifically about any potential bandwidth caps for other online games ‘like World of Warcraft.’ Now, I doubt Simon in Preston was lying to me at the time but he did say no. Which means either he was unaware or they’ve recently decided to blacklist certain ports. The whole story is quite terrifying but at least confirms the DNS outage on the 8th of May.
This line in particular made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

The best part is indeed the comments, where some idiot (no doubt employed by our reviled ISP) starts calling him a ‘LOOSER’ and mistakes WoW for a P2P app. For those non-techies in the audience, here’s the difference simplified:

1. P2P applications are things like Kazaa (recently in the news for settling with the music industry.) Basically you have a lot of computers that tell one central computer what they have for ‘sharing.’ Users search this central database and then connect directly to another user’s computer to retrieve the files. So say I have a document that says ‘Talk, Talk ducks pigeon feet’ and you want it, you connect directly to my PC to get it from me.

2. World of Warcraft and others of its ilk are online roleplaying games. You create a character and then adventure off into a virtual world to kill things. In this case, your computer and everyone else’s computers connect to a central computer. At no point do you play the game on their system. See the difference? The massive gaping blackhole of a difference?
Also, one is a genre of video games, the other is file sharing. Hardly the same thing.
Thanks Ralph!