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Confirmation regarding e-mail

Hey guys,

I have some information regarding the e-mail thing. Talk Talk are going through an upgrade period to resolve some of the previous e-mail issues you guys had.  Some of the upgrades didn’t go as planned, hence the problems from last week. They say they’re still working through a backlog of issues at the moment but hope to have things resolved soon.

Let me know if that helps or not!

Little update to AOL + CPW lovefest

Apparently they aren’t going to merge into one gigantic amorphous blob of scariness. Or at least that’s how I interpret this e-mail.

I can confirm that Carphone Warehouse is taking over AOL’s company. However it will still continue to operate as a separate company from Carphone Warehouse’s other Broadband suppliers, TalkTalk and OneTel, if you do have any queries please contact the AOL customer services and they will be able to help you further.

Have tried to cancel AOL because of disatisfaction and also because I think things will get worse with CPW but am told I still have 5 months left on my aOL contract.Funny though I didn’t make any contract with CPW.

AOL’s retention is a littl frightening. It might be worth investigating sneaking out of it. I do recomment keeping records of everything you do when you want to cancel. Everything.


Talk to Banon!

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Carphone Warehouse’s aggressive cold calling tactics getting them in trouble…. again

It’s a bit strange. A few people, when they found out I run this blog, told me ‘I’m so f****ing tired of them calling me. EVERY DAY. I can’t get them to leave me alone….’ I brushed it off as a sort of whatever type thing but as it turns out, there was a legitimate complaint:

And it’s not just windows and conservatory companies which are guilty of this. The commissioner is meeting Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk this Friday to discuss similar complaints. Unless assurances of future compliance are accepted, more enforcement notices will be inevitable.

More fines? I can only hope.

The Register:Info Commissioner slaps cold-callers

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Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone’s make out session not that passionate.

The papers were positively buzzing with the amazing news that Vodafone had kind of come back to the Carphone Warehouse. You would think, for all the publicity, that the lovebirds had renewed their vows and planned on getting remarried. However, like Anniston and Vaughn’s relationship, it may not be as close as it would appear.

1. Carphone upgrades are only 15% of the old business and there is no chance that Vodafone go back on the exclusive relationship with Phones4U. Phones4U has delivered exceptionally high volumes of Vodafone contract sales in recent weeks.
2. Carphone is really struggling to sell the Cath Kidston range.
3. Phones 4U are about to start selling “independent” broadband
4. Both Vodafone and Orange are putting the pressure on their store staff to sell more. Although, it is reported as a negative story, I believe long term this is the only way forward if the network operators are ever going to deliver decent volumes of direct sales and break the dependence on high indirect commissions.

TeleBusillis: Carphone Warehouse: More Woes

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Something nice? Never.

It’s not often that I get to say something nice about anything to do with the Carphone Warehouse. (On Sunday I actually glowered at one of their stores rather fiercely. That’s right, you heard me, glowered.) I mean, this blog isn’t called Talk Talk Heaven right? Saying that, there is one, but their hit counter definitely hasn’t gone over 80,000.

They’ve dropped the domain name dispute.

They also deny starting any arbitration. However, my domain is still locked. It could be a product of Go Daddy’s mystifying control panel… No one seems to know!

Go Daddy did decide to eventually answer my support question and are allowing me to unlock it. What, like I did it myself in the first place? Surely there’s a difference between ‘redirect’ and ‘lock.’ Who knows though?

Essentially, they’ve said that they’re happy the domain name isn’t being used for anything commercial.

I would pay good money (you hear that J?) to see the inner workings of the Carphone Warehouse legal team.* All I get is the other end of it, which occasionally makes it seem like it might be a vortex of oddities that may or may not have green alien women.

In response to the vortex’s other requests, I’ve edited some additional comments that I didn’t realize were still lingering around. This is the problem with broaching 1000 in total, you guys are as easy to keep track of as those beatles on CSI:New York. The edit was kind of a ‘oh, fine, fair enough’ sort of gesture.

There’s still one stickler issue that CPW really, really, really wants taken care of and that’s the posting of Charles Dunstone’s e-mail address.

I’m iffy about this.

A quick Google search comes up with about 9 websites (22 if you get rid of the ‘similar’ filter) proudly displaying the e-mail address of the big man himself.

On one hand, when my work e-mail address was posted on a completely unrelated website by one of my colleagues as a point of contact thing, I was livid. I mean, I don’t actually answer customer queries, I am technical. I’m not even a big MD mouthpiece. I am a small little techie peon that occasionally answers the phone. Under my gaze of death, they did eventually capitulate and the address was removed in favor of theirs (ha.)

So, it’s kind of similar to that.

On the other, there’s a teensy clause in the DPA that says stuff about ‘in the public interest.’ Now, you guys keep writing to me with tales of customer service depression. You get cut off, or kept on hold for 45 minutes at a time, reach people that don’t fulfill their promises, or people who don’t know how to fix it. In Charles Dunstone’s own admission, customer service at the Carphone Warehouse is pretty poor. They’re understaffed and at times frighteningly inept.

Due to the bargain basement customer service, some of you have been sent to collections. Others charged for months on end for a service you’ve never received.

So, why shouldn’t I have the e-mail address of the man who admits to the problem posted? If you click that same search, you’ll find that people relay it as a way of helping others. Oddly, after e-mailing Dunstone or calling his office, things tend to get fixed in short order. Now that’s public interest.

It’s also not like I’m publishing something that’s super secret. Surely, if it’s that big of an issue for the man to be on the direct receiving end of his customer’s ire, his own internal techies can change his alias and make that one bounce. Easy enough to do in modern e-mail programs. Yet, from what I can tell, they haven’t.

So, TTH is pondering what to do about that one. I’ve been leaning towards no, unless CPW legal can point out the bit in the DPA that says you can’t post e-mail addresses. As of yet, they haven’t.

In better news, Talk Talk Hell has the day off work tomorrow. What should she do besides update this thing a lot? This beast has given me a lot of catch up work, including more issues with NetGear routers.

*Obviously, this is a joke.

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Yay! Watchdog!

Yay for the Beeb. Well worth paying a license fee for.

Last night Watchdog picked up on the enormous amount of complaints from customers of Talk Talk.

Any of you guys on the list?

Apparently they’re offering to refund some customers and waive the 70 pound disconnection fee.

Is this the end?

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Stewart stewing about odd charges

This is the first I’ve heard of Carphone Warehouse even insinuating that they call people (and then saying they don’t anymore…) But the final notice story is the same as various others. Any recommendations for Stewart?

I was a customer of OneTel for four years. I always paid my bills by DD and in the main I had no problems. Then Carphone bought Onetel at the same time as I moved. Onetel told me that as I was keeping the same number they had an arrangement with BT and the ADSL woudl follow five days later. It did not. Eventual the lady in India told me twenty one days. I could not wait that long (having already been without a service for over a week) so I cancelled my contract and allowed one more DD payment to go through before cancelling the mandate.

Turns out according to the Indian people I owe them £1.56 although they requested the full payment of £23.99 after which they would refund me. I have just paid their debt collection agency CCS £26.15 (no idea where they got that figure from but that is not important) at least CCS have a web site that works.

The money is not the issue for me. What bothers me is the dishonest trading practices that are being employed i.e. stating in the standard worded letter entitled FINAL NOTICE “we have attempted to contact you by phone and letter on several occasions … ” when I asked when? I was told “we no longer phone people” and the letters “oh we definitely sent them”

I will never use Car Phone Warehouse OR The Phone House (as they are known in France) OR OPAL Telecom (I am an IT Director) again. I have written to David Cowan Legal and Litigation manager at OneTel and if I ever get a response will post it here but somehow I doubt it!

Is this a case of 6 months down the line billing? Talk to Stewart

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