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Refresher! Help with 680!

It’s been a while since we went through this. Anyone have tips for Roesmary and error 680?

Wonder if anyone can help with no broadband connection and error message 0680?

Having read extensively of other people’s difficulties and eliminated all the possible causes by doing all the basic tests suggested in the helpful responses the problem still persists. Can anyone tell if this might be a cause: for a few months the message “virus definition updates have failed because file base001.avc has failed its CRC checks” has appeared. Also, this file is the first of a long list of files, so it’s possible that all the others have failed too. I have found out that the Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC) is a function that processes each byte of a file – but not sure how this helps solve the problem……?
On a few odd occasions connection has not been possible but for the rest of the time it has been fine. Now for the last two days the 0680 error message appears. The phone works and all the other tests have been done ie nothing else connected, no sky, no split filter etc etc.

Judging from other people’s experiences when ringing BT or their ISP they were asked to do all the basic tests yet the problem remained. Can anyone help please?

Here’s the basic stuff for a 680:

Tiscali: Error 680

Speedtouch 330 USB driver problems

Well, for once, a problem of my own to report. I’m having some issues with the Speedtouch USB drivers. I installed a USB device that caused my system to go absolutely haywire. When I uninstalled it, a bunch of other devices went a bit nuts as well. Tried to reinstall the Speedtouch and now Windows XP keeps redetecting the device. I’ve narrowed it down, it’s definitely an issue with the drivers themselves on the system, but can’t seem to fix it. I’m updating this from my laptop right now (useful information, the Speedtouch drivers install fine in Vista Home Premium!)

Thankfully I’m not the only one with this issue. So, I’ll let you guys know how to fix it and if what The Scream forum people suggest works.

Also, thanks to SFC for the link (acronym to protect the delicate sensibilities!) It’s a funny blog, full of rage.

Edit: The Scream walk through works. Beware though, the French download from CCCleaner doesn’t actually work. Australian does.

Dial contact centre in South Wales

Looking for insight into CPW’s contact centres? Look no further than the Lone Voice and Kimi Magazine.

Both are former employees of a company called dial. They supposedly:

gives you the ability to concentrate on your core business and still respond to change, rapidly and effectively

dial specialises in the design, implementation and operation of the people, process and technology that constitute a modern contact centre

Their biggest customers are the Carphone Warehouse, British Gas, Welsh Injury Network and the Basic Skills Agency. Impressive no?

Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find some difficulty. Apparently dial was purchased by, an unsecured loan company. On the news section of the dial website, this apparently means:

The deal secures the immediate future of all 300 employees, who will now be paid all monies owed to them.

Wait, so employees were working without pay?

It gets better. Yes Loans, the company that now owns dial has a rather large history of sketchy business. According to the Mirror:

THE first thing you need to know about Yes Loans is that it’s not actually a loan company. It charges £49.50 to put you in touch with other firms, which may or may not give you a loan.

And if you don’t get one, receiving a refund proves a nightmare, according to victims who’ve contacted us.

The second thing you need to know is that Yes Loans is owned by Keith Chorlton, who is currently serving a 10-year ban on acting as a company director.
Click here to find out more!

Chorlton, 56, had siphoned £460,000 from his insolvent dating agency, leaving creditors unpaid.

Yes Loans says he’s just a shareholder. Yet his Linked In profile has him down as owner twice. Once for financial services and the other for IT services.

His current company doesn’t seem that er, above board either.

This quote is from one of his former employees:

Dan said, “I didn’t feel personally that I was misleading them, because I did stick to the script, but I felt the script was fairly misleading. I was speaking to a lot of customers, that after they made their applications, and returned their fee with the forms, they had been advised that they had been declined for the loan, and they felt pretty unhappy and were saying they had been misled by the company.”

Not to mention the employees that alledge they were hit, or generally taken advantage of.

Kimi and Fido both say they weren’t offered holiday or sick pay when working for dial. Not only horrible but highly, highly illegal.

Knowing all this I’m rather terrified of the idea of these folks knowing who I am or what my bank account details are. Read for yourself….

WLA Case Study
Mirror story
BBC Wales: The customers who wish they’d said “no”
Kimi: Talk Talk/Dial/Yes Loans – The dire telecoms company.
Fido: Keith Chorlton – Post 2. Dial/Yes Loans

USwitch poll shows Orange and Talk Talk at bottom of customer satisfaction

It’s all better, right guys?

Orange and TalkTalk — which collectively own 14 percent of the market, with over two million customers — have failed to pull themselves out of the bottom two spots in the league.

The companies, both of which recently launched “free” broadband, have the most dissatisfied customers — 35 percent and 31 percent respectively.

Household names give worst broadband service

CPW’s board think it’s all better now.

How many more times are they going to say it’s fixed?

Gildersleeve apologised in the report saying he was “very disappointed to have let customers down” in dealing with the initial connection delays with Talk Talk despite its broadband arm faring well against arch-rival BT.

Gildersleeve said: “We have dedicated significant additional resource in our call centres and re-engineered our provisioning and customer management processes to create a robust and scaleable platform. It is our aspiration to differentiate our broadband proposition not only on value but also on service, and this will be one of the
group’s key goals for the coming year.”

So, these ‘significant’ resources and ‘re-engineered’ thingies. Has it worked? Warehouse apologises for Talk Talk

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Charlie updates his blog!

Oh man, more idealistic blather from the man in charge.

On the other hand, we learnt some tough lessons about underestimating demand and trying to scale our systems to cope with the phenomenon we created. I wish I knew a year ago what I know now, we could have saved ourselves and our customers much stress. That said, we have improved massively over the past 12 months and whilst I am the first to admit we can still get better, we have eliminated the queues, increased the skill and quantity of customer service agents and got over 700,000 people connected to the service.

Did you though? Why am I still getting e-mails from people who still haven’t been connected?

I was suposed to be connected to talktalk broadband last August. It never happened and after countless stressful, expensive and useless phone calls to them they said it was my telephone wires and I should get someone to check them! I pointed out that they were my telephone provider and that anyway they had told me that I would be able to get broadband. After a few weeks of getting nowhere I told them that I would not bother them anymore [!] and they didn’t have to try and connect me. (From Sandra)

And you weren’t the first Dunstone, we were. The customers. We were completely pissed off and you finally admitted something was wrong almost 6 months later. That was after we badgered every newspaper and weblog we could find. So, you know, don’t pretend you had any idea about what was happening.

Thank you again to everyone who took the plunge at the beginning, sorry if we caused you problems. If you haven’t joined the revolution yet – one year on we are a much bigger, wiser and more reliable supplier maybe it’s time you gave the Challengers a chance to prove that we will save you a great deal of money and provide you with a great product.

How about people don’t and locate a better ISP?

That’s a much better idea.

Charles Dunstone’s ‘blog’

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Talk Talk Hell’s been busy!

Hey guys!
Lots of Real Life stuff happening over the last few months. I’m still moderating comments, so check them out. Some good info coming in our way.

Apparently the one year anniversary of ‘Free Broadband’ passed this week. Only fitting I should do a post now.

Amusingly, Dunstone was on saying:

Dunstone admitted that “coping with the demand meant that we couldn’t connect all of the demand at launch”, and thanked everyone who took the plunge at the start, apologising for the difficult beginning “sorry if we caused you problems.”

Dunstone was quick to point out that the problems have now been resolved.

Comes as a surprise to you guys, doesn’t it? All problems are resolved! So, that means your difficulties just don’t exist.

Don’t you feel better?

Read the whole article here.

As side, the finance director seems a lot more realistic about how the business went:

Finance director Roger Taylor said: ‘We’ve been getting our own house in order. We simply couldn’t have customers enduring the kind of nightmare they did, which was partly our fault and partly the fault of others.’


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