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Cable connected to wireless?

Hey guys! My wireless setup is via an adapter on a system at home set to Access Point. I then use ICS from the wireless adapter to connect to Talk Talk’s network. Needless to say I don’t have a fancy router :).

But, my guess is someone knows how to do this without shelling out 25 pound to Geek Squad?

Have a read and see if you can help!

Hello there Mr. Hell. My name is Abbey and I’m the daughter of an existing Talk Talk customer, and I wish to tell you my trouble.

Today my dad and I spent the afternoon feeling frustrated, annoyed and quite angry. Infact there was a point when I felt like smashing my computer up with a sledge hammer, a feeling in which I’m sure all computer owners have experianced at some point.

But anyway here’s why:

I recently got a Nintendo DS for my birthday, and couldn’t wait to get set-up on Wi-Fi connection, believing that it would be relatively straight forward. (I should have known better!!)

I mean I have all the equipment I need: Internet, Wireless Router, a DS and Windows XP, and finally a compatible Wi-Fi game.

I’ll get to the point, our wireless router (purchased from Talk Talk) is currently set up with the cable connected setting, but to enable Wi-Fi connection, we need to change it to the Wireless setting. Not sure of how to do this, we turned to Talk Talk for help, so we rang their helpline. Before getting anywhere, we were transferred to 3 different help sections after only explaining our problem.
Finally though, it seemed as though help was at hand, it looked promising!

The help service that we were talking to now, was called Geek Squad and they said they could easily help us change our router to the wireless setting BUT!!!…….

………It was going to cost £25!!! £25 just for a set of instructions? Talk about being ripped off, it’s diabolical!!

So let’s summarise my problem here; My dad and I spent an afternoon trying to get help on how to make our router wireless, when it’s supposed to be wireless anyway, we phone TalkTalk up and get transferred all over the place, when the number we first rung up should have been able to help us out. Then when help is finally available, we find out it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg to get it. Talk about bad service!

Anyway we gave up on Talk Talk for help on this matter in the end, and we certainly weren’t prepared to pay that £25. So I turned to the internet for further help and I stumbled onto your website. On there, it was nice to see we weren’t the only ones going through this ‘TalkTalk Hell’!

I’m sorry this E-mail was miles long, I never intended it to be this long winded, thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it. Goodbye, take care.

Thanks for your lovely e-mail Abbey. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

Bandwidth capping at 30GB instead of 40?

This has the potential to be a real issue for gamers.

All right I want my position made clear. I am a 17 year old student and loves gaming through Xbox Live. Now for the story. Oh, and I love the website and I officially hate talktalk.

At the last week of July, my internet got capped/throttled this interfered with my Xbox Live, my media capabilities i.e. streaming media. At first I thought “Oh I hit the internet 40GB cap somehow, it was only days from August so I waited until 5th August. No change. I phoned up TalkTalk. I’ll give you a run down of the conversation after a 40 minute wait on hold. I asked what was going on and it seems that they have throttled my internet since I hit 30gb not 40gb in the contract. I was like hang on I pay to have a 40Gb limit not 30. They said it was to be fair to everyone who uses the internet service. Angrily I accepted, I asked when will service be resumed. At the end of the billing month. September!? Yes. I cursed the night away.

Now its the 10th of September and internet is still capped, I have called TalkTalk 26 times in 10 days trying to get my internet working again. I never get a straight answer. Some say its the exchange, modem, cables, telephone, micro filters anything but them!! I ranted to tech support today, they said they’ll put me through to an engineer or live support or something. Call back in a few hours since hold time is very long, he wasn’t authorised to let me hold. I agreed to wait. Called back a few hours later and found that they have no idea what I was talking about with an engineer even though the other guy said they’d make a note of it on my account. They then said the connection is perfect on their end, my PC was to blame. Right. I was angry beyond belief, I stressed the fact that ever since I was capped my internet was broken thanks to THEM!!! “Nope, nope, the connection is perfect our end, its your problem” I am quoting an Indian woman here!!

I plan on grilling TalkTalk again tomorrow. I will not let them sleep, when the contract ends and I kid you not, I would prefer Dial-up with AOL!!! That is how ticked off I am. If you do talk with TalkTalk, give them hell son, or I WILL SUE TalkTalk!!!

Liam’s issue is resolved now but I was curious if anyone else had trouble with early bandwidth caps?

Halo 3 issues?

Well, that’s a new search term. ‘Halo 3 MTU’ came up today.

What’s the issue? Do I need to fear something?

Edit: The folks at Eurogamer are all a buzzing about NAT problems and Halo 3. thread is here with some good information.

Customer’s ‘legitimate’ traffic gets throttled….

Anyone else experienced random throttling on P2P or online games?

Thoroughly pissed off I went back on their website and read their terms and conditions inside out – when I noticed a link to an FAQ. In the FAQ it stated that ‘Legitimate music and gaming services would not be effected by their traffic management techniques.’ I had them. Checkmate.

Read the whole account here!

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Death threats against Dunstone!

Also a confirmation regarding WoW on Talk Talk:

Talking of Carphone, Charles Dunstone admits to two death threats from hardcore computer gamers because his broadband operation limits access to virtual games such as World of Warcraft. Not too surprising, really. Players on such sites often have difficulty working out whether they are in the real world or some sword and sorcery fantasy.

No, lovely Times people, it’s because they changed about midway through. When I asked before subscribing to Talk Talk, they said they didn’t limit access to MMORPGs. Part of the reason I picked up the awful service in the first place was to play RFOnline for review.

Times Business round up

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Bart has Talk Talk’s number.

Darren has mailed us with some of the awful Terms and Conditions of service. Not very well advertised, are they? But again, if you’re surfing on in looking for an ISP, then you should check this out first.

Here are some highlights from another dissection from Bart of what’s in your contract with CPW:

4.2: “your Call Service will not include the ability to make calls to the following countries: Nigeria, Columbia, Russian Federation, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sao Taome, or Kuwait; unless we permit such access (at our own discretion).” So, what’s so special about these countries? India, Pakistan? Surely these are going to be high income target areas. Why the restrictions? Also, where is “Sao Taome” – do they mean “Sao Tome”!

5.6: “By installing this software you will also allow us access to your PC so that we can diagnose and fix any problems you have encountered with your connection to the Service. You hereby authorise us to have such remote access.”

WHAT?! Hold on a minute! You are agreeing to let TalkTalk have free reign over YOUR computer!
This is way out of line – and completely goes against any kind of privacy that you may have. This effectively means TalkTalk can spy on how you use your computer whether you allow them or not. And what’s more, this clause also goes on to say that the software is by a “third party” – it’s not even under TalkTalk’s control. What the hell is it?

12.1: “Your Information may include your name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone numbers, email address, bank and Credit or Debit Card information, occupation and employment data, lifestyle information and details of how you use the Services, which may include for example and without limitation, traffic data related to your use of the Mobile Service or the Call Services including, without limitation, the numbers you call, the type, date, time, location, duration, and cost of calls, messages or other communications, the addresses you send messages to, or your use of the Broadband Service, such as how long you are on-line, your browsing activities”.

12.2: “We may share Your Information with: companies within the CPW Group and any company or other entity in which CPW Group owns (directly or indirectly) more than 15% of the issued share capital”.

That’s right. They will log all your call usage, Internet usage (including who you send e-mail to, what web sites you browse), what you do for a living and what you don’t do for a living. This seemingly over-the-top monitoring about what exactly you do with your TalkTalk service is certainly quite alarming. Again, I’m no expert, but if a company is logging all this information about you (and probably, they’ll know more about you than yourself after several months!), they clearly have some kind of motive for recording all this.

Bart’s right these parts of the Terms and Conditions are incredibly poor. What reason could Talk Talk have for logging all of our calls? Some cooperation with the Home Office (that links in with the list of banned countries) or something more corporate? Does anyone look at these records as part of their job? Why are you interested when I call my Dad? Thank god I use my mobile more, hopefully Virgin isn’t doing the same.

Thanks Bart!

Talk Talk down from 9:30pm last night in KT14

Hey cats. Since Talk Talk haven’t stooped to inform us plebs what’s going on with our service, Darren took it upon himself to drop us a line. Apparently from 9:30pm on August 3 to sometime today their service was suffering a ‘major technical fault.’ As per usual there was no real explanation provided or estimated fix time.

I can’t get through on the phones, option 3 for broadband results in “everyone’s busy, please call back later”. Just got through to a Sales Advisor that says they are having a major problem, but there is no recorded message to this affect when calling customer services. I suggested to the CSA they do that.

Talk to Darren over at his blog! Edit: The Register picked up on it. Thanks Darren :).

Edit2: Robin says someone from Talk Talk blamed a large server in Amsterdam. What kind of server I wonder?

Thanks Robin!