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Confirmation regarding e-mail

Hey guys,

I have some information regarding the e-mail thing. Talk Talk are going through an upgrade period to resolve some of the previous e-mail issues you guys had.  Some of the upgrades didn’t go as planned, hence the problems from last week. They say they’re still working through a backlog of issues at the moment but hope to have things resolved soon.

Let me know if that helps or not!

More e-mail woes. Don’t cry, you’re not alone!

Deary, deary me.

Just a few, teensy, itsy issues with e-mail at Talk Talk right now. Impacting a few customers….

From Tim
Yes I too have not been able to receive any e-mails for a couple of days even though if I sign on to their webmail with internet explorer (not firefox) I can read them. I use Thunderbird normal but it seems TT is playing DumbDumb. There is a bright side the tremendous amount of spam TT lets through has also stopped

And Jan

I am also in South Wales and have had the same problems. I have received a couple of emails in the last few days – but I know for a fact there are a lot i’ve not got yet. Just have to hope that they all come through soon, fingers crossed.

And PR

I’m also one of the unlucky ones concerning the current email fault – I seem to be able to send OK but cannot receive (using OE), nor on frequent occasions even able log on via webmail. It would certainly help if talktalk had a ‘service status page’ so that customers could check to see if the problem was at the ISP or one of their own making. or not.

And Neal

Totally unable to access emails AGAIN – seriously thinking of moving ISP – service is non existent and to the web constantly drops- very fed up!

And Mo
I am having trouble with talktalk emails – has anybody got a solution – it is slowly driving me mad

And Colin

Exactly the same problem for days now – can use internet without any problems. I use outlook and can send emails, but receiving them is a nightmare…..I just keep on hitting the send/receive button and occasionally I get lucky and my emails are delivered. I haven’t called anyone as talktalk must be aware, but why is it taking weeks to fix?

And Dave

Yes I am in South Wales too and it is still bad this morning, I use Thunderbird and Outlook both have problems with talktalk Email.

And Allan has had it with this. Can’t blame him. It’ s been what, two months since the last time?

six months into TT and no usable email service I have been up the hill and back again with support, I even had the florida geeks look into my PC all to no avail. My in box works sporadically and never when I want to recieve anything important. I’m getting to the point of dumping them and facing the consequences. Surely a small claims court would not be on the side of a supplier whose goods are unfit for purpose whatever it says in the small print. Why should we have to “buy out”. Are there any leagal experts out there to advise ?

And Ian doesn’t want to go broke calling you.

Also problems (receiving e-mail only) for 2-3 days. Can send e-mail fine. However the fault in receiving has been intermittent over last few weeks and I have not yet been able to access webmail since signing up as a customer months ago.

Haven’t got time / patience / or phone budget to phone the so-called help desk after the reports that I have read about the service! Please post if anybody gets any sense out of them.

And Delli have not been able to log onto my talktalk email for 2 days…. different error messages each time

Am i the only one?

Paul’s born to run

We’ve just got our PC fixed today only to find the emails are down yet again. This is falling into a sadly familiar pattern. Unbelieveable.

Mark S, yes you can leave Talk Talk but it’ll cost you £70. I can’t bring myself to do this on principle. But rest assured that when my contract is up I’ll be off quicker than a very quick thing. Along with hundreds of others, I guess.

And David can see the problem. Can you, you know, at tech support?

I’m really fed up with being unable to receive emails. This evening i have been trying to receive them for over 2 hours and each time it times out connecting to the POP£ server. I wish i had never joined talktalk broadband, although the telephone part of the business is just fine.

Dave D has some sage like advice for the customers:

Last time this happened was in December when talktalk started to play around with the servers, the symptoms are you simply just cannot log on to the Email sever, but it will allow you to send but not receive. Last time I spent hours looking for a conflict in my system. I have my email on two different servers the non talktalk server still works perfectly every time so don’t let talktalk’s idiots try to convince you that its a problem with your system. Just another example of talktalk’s total incompetance

We’re telling John it’s probably a screwed POP3 server. Though, you won’t tell us, so we don’t actually know.

can get online but cannot send/receive e-mail. Have complained and received a £20 credit. (Threatened to cancel contract). Company informed me that it could be several days before the e-mail problem is rectified.

Can’t log on to e-mail (using outlook express or mozilla thunderbird) and cannot use or talktalk webmail. In fact, I can’t now login to ‘my talktalk’ on their website because it doesn’t recognise my username.

So, is it an authentication problem (radius server?) or is the whole system b*****xed?

If you know something tell me please.

Oh but wait! Maybe you do! A little snippet of info from Tim

Appears no one knows whats going on as have just received Email from Talktalk stating that problems are due to error on POP3 server and engineers are trying to rectify????

And I want to hug Jane.

Oh please help me. I’ve been sitting here crying for the last two hours. I’ve been trying for 6 hours to get my talktalk webmail to do what i want it to do. it took over four hours yesterday to clear it out and get it to send stuff to Outlook. i’ve spent at least 200 hours over the last couple of months just trying to get it to work when i want. I want to tear my hair out. what can i do to get the stupid thing to work. what do i do to get my broadband connection to stay on. i’ve spent hours on the phone to tech support going over the same stuff time and again and never getting through to 2nd line support until i’ve been made to go through it all once more at least. are they trying to get rid of customers who signed up for the ‘lifetime’ deal so that we will be replaced with customers on less favourable terms to the consumer. are all these problems deliberate systems failures so that we must spend more money on the phone to them thereby generating income. please someone, help me out i can’t stand much more of this.

But the ones that know obviously weren’t talking to David P

4 Days- can send (so far) but cant receive email except sometime during the night! Collegues have resorted to old technology (fax)!

Spent 11/2 hours on phone with Tech Services (19th). At first swore blind was my anti- virus etc. although his own ‘tools’ were down and he couldnt access my account direct apparently?

With his instructions tested all ports etc and hes stumped– then his ‘tools’ come back and he tries to access my account on the server- but hey it rejects- and rejects- then hes in…….but cant see emails!!!!!!!! Well Done- new answer- it must be a very, very large email/ or corrupt email thats ‘blocking’ the account…very original! Wants to finish shift- can only recommend I leave a couple of hours and try to access via http:talktalk and delete all ‘bad’ emails myself!!! Up to me to get phone charge @ 10p min back- £13.00 Absolute BS of course- some come down during night, but off again now. Can these complaints be forwarded to OFTEL or something- a 10 Downing Street petition maybe- desperate now as going to have to alter sleep pattern otherwise!

And Alexandra has some advice

Microsoft have published ‘white papers’ and techie tools with clear instructions on how to use them. Purpose? to give the equivalent of a driving test to a business user of a particular operation of a server -aka Email Server- so you know the signs and symptoms of OVERLOAD before the server becomes OVERLOADED and everyone who depends on your business like prowess -falls over as a result of holding their breath.

Rocket science it most definately is NOT, buy more servers and employ a resident mechanic who can put the wheels back on! Incidentally, for the concerned millions of T2 email users who come home in the afternoon to eagerly check if they’ve had a reply (to anything….) the customer service reply of having trouble with their “email server” – is not a good sign. Talktalk would do well to get a grip, and relax their stranglehold on their customers lives. The excuses have run out, hand in hand, with their credibility. I think.

But somehow I don’t think they listened.

Here’s what they said to ah

I have now had a reply from TalkTalk to a customer service e-mail I sent them yesterday about the ‘no response from server problem’.

“I understand this is very frustrating, however, we are currently

experiencing a fault with our email server, which is why you are unable

to access your emails. This is currently been looked into by our

engineers as a main priority but as of yet there is no exact time in,

which this will be resolved. If this problem persists please contact our

Technical Support Team on 0871 226 7146 who should be able to give you

an update as to the problem been fixed.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this


So, there you have it. POP3 problems at Talk Talk.

Dear Talk Talk,

Talk Talk Hell

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No Talking with Talk Talk (this is a long ‘un)

Sophia wanted a divert put on to her mobile. Seems simple enough right? I think a lot of people have diverts put on. For example, if I want to divert calls to my land line I use my mobile’s menu. Easy-peasy.

For Sophia, however, it’s been a comedy of terrible errors and possibly… bald lies. Possibly (legal team.) Remember, if all else fails, blame someone else!

I have enough from Talktalk. Yesterday, Talktalk
promised divert my telephone to my mobile, but I
checked many time before I write this email.The call
divert hasn’t been done at all. Talktalk said they
have asked Opal(the telephone engineering company to
re-investigte again the fault). But when my friend
rang Opal, they said Talktalk hadn’t asked them or
given them new ticket to re-investigate my telephone
fault problem. Your so-called manager Pravin M
said he would call me in a couple of days time on 2nd
Jan 2007 to tell me the progress of the problem
solving, but he didn’t call at all. Instead, he bans
my number,
so that I completely can’t get through.
Talktalk is a layer, layer, and layer!!! Talktalk only
knows how to swindle money from its customers.
Talktalk charged me to pay other people’s bill, to pay
a modern which I had returned on Oct 2006, and even I
have no telephone and internet service, talktalk still
charged me money. Talktalk has broken the contract
with me. So, Talktalk has to compensate to me. If I
can’t get compensation as Pravin M agree over the
phone ( I have record). I will take Talktalk to court.

I am here to inform you that close my account and I
will no longer a talktalk customer!

It gets worse than the divert issue.

The horrible timeline:
* 7 December Sophia e-mails customer service regarding her bill stating that:
y November telephone bill has a lot of call to Nigeria,Italy, Belgium,and Germany which I have
never ever called. All those strange calls make the bill from normally £20ish/month to £105/month.
Please check. I think talktalk make a mistake or somebody stole my telephone line. My flatmates and I never did those call

* The response, (no date) from Nasreen M says:
have checked your account and November bill. I can confirm these calls were made from your line as I contacted an internal department to have that investigated into. All the calls displayed on your bill are extracted from your Local exchange and is therefore accurate details.

Like Talk Talk can’t make any mistakes right?

And then later on:
I can see that you have called to report a cross connection on the line and I would advise you to
contact our LLU Team on 0870 0873 527 for further assistance. If you have any further quires, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on the number provided below.

Beyond the spelling mistakes and dreadful grasp of grammar, does anyone think perhaps the crossed line Sophia reported may have something to do with those calls? I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am.

Oh, I get my evidence on December 15th when she replies to the lovely Nasreen. Sophia reported that someone with a number that her and her housemates were receiving calls from a number about 4 digits off from hers. Her theory (probably correct) is that other person, the one with the crossed line, was making the calls. I think that sounds reasonable. She’s also been without phone AND broadband for 7 days at this point.

One more e-mail I don’t have the headers for but was probably recent, says the fault was reported and wait. I’m horrified for Sophia, what a dreadful, awful example of customer service. You know how I asked the question before regarding ‘improvements?’ Well, I have my answer.

Can anyone help Sophia?

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Magically disappearing e-mails?

Anyone else have this problem?

Has anyone else logged on today to find they have no emails in their email account?

Not only do I have no emails left in my inbox, but people trying to email me get a “Mail Delivery Failed” message.

Talk to Avril

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Dec C’s tips and tricks.

Dec wrote in to give us a healthy run down of your and their rights. I do think he’s underestimating the terrifying fiasco of Talk Talk slightly. Just slightly though. Get to skimming!

As Charles Dunstone presides over what is arguably the biggest customer relations disaster in British business history it is astonishing that so many customers are sticking with this shambles of an organisation.

I knew by the end of the first week that TalkTalk had let me down badly.

I made the mistake of believing their empty promises that things would improve and it was another five months of absolute hell before I realised the scale of this company’s failure.

I have now left and have signed up with a decent company – and it hasn’t cost me a penny more than I was being charged by TalkTalk.

What I cannot understand is the good manners of customers who go on believing that they are tied into a contract with TalkTalk, which they must continue to honour no matter how many time they are kicked in the teeth by Dunstone and his crew.

The truth is this:

Once TalkTalk has broken its contract with you by failing to provide an adequate service, you are no longer bound by its terms

You can repudiate the contract by sending TalkTalk a letter by recorded delivery stating that it is in breach of contract and that you are terminating the agreement.

You have a right to a MAC code within a reasonable period – a few days at the most.

Because it is TalkTalk and not you who is at fault they cannot legally force you to pay a disconnection fee – no matter what the contract says.

If they do try just remind them of The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 which will protect you from any threats they may care to make.

I was amused to see Charles Dunstone’s press statement about rail passengers who accept their fate once they are given an explanation over why their train is late.*

What he should realise is that nobody needs to be on his train. The scale of his failure means that no court in the land would support any move he now makes to try to force disaffected broadband customers to abide by his tarnished contracts.

So feel free to leave and find a broadband provider you can trust – they are plenty around.

And remember – a bargain is only a bargain if it works.

To the people who run this site I would offer this advice – don’t be bullied into silence. Everything I have seen here is “fair comment on a matter of public concern” and that is a good defence against accusations of libel.

In fact TalkTalk’s reputation is now in such tatters that I don’t believe anything that anybody says here could make it worse.

Thanks Dec!

And thanks for the advice Dec, much appreciated. As you can imagine CPW’s legal team were fairly aggressive.

* Charles Dunstone should hear me on the phone to Northern Rail if he thinks that’s even moderately true.

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Welcome to Observer readers


The Observer has kicked off the campain I alluded to on Friday. Good timing with new mail server issues. If you’ve drifted in from Google or repeat visits have a read.

If you’re an Observer reader, then welcome. Hope you find something useful here.

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E-mail problems round up

Mornin’ guys!

No solutions yet, or at least that I know of. I did a little ping test to last night. Lots of dropped packets and some time outs. That could be indicative of a network problem but could also just mean there was a lot of traffic.

But here’s a rundown of what we’ve received so far.

From Jim: is at

It Pings ok but receiving mail is very spasmodic.

Also tonight the webmail interface seems to be down too ( 0n which can also be pinged)

Better in the mornings? Could it just be the mail servers are suffering under the weight of their customers?

From redman

We too have just started (this week) having a problem receiving email through talktalk. I have found we have been able to receive this morning ( but not tonight) perhaps this is because it is less busy or perhaps it was just a lucky connection!

If it wasn’t so damned expected that Talk Talk would blame the user, it would be tragic.

From tillyann

I, like quite a lot of people by the looks of it, have had awful problems recieving mail this week. To start with it just seemed to be post 4pm (funnily enough about the time most school kids get home and check their mail) but today it has been down most of the day. I have tried through my mail client and also directly through a browser and when I try to connect on the browser I am told I am using the wrong username or password I AM NOT, ITS A PROBLEM WITH TALK TALK’S SERVER!!! I am at the end of my tether after 6 months of TalkTalk hell, I just wish my husband hadn’t just painted his van and used his talk talk email address!

More confirmation of AM: Ok, PM: Not so good.


The Talktalk mail servers have been up at best intermittently in the last few weeks. After midday it always gets worse. The last couple of days however it has been impossible to contact Talktalk’s webservers at any time in the evening. They really are the most incompetent company I have ever come across, with the worst customer service. Dunstone should be ashamed of himself.

Ahhh, this is sad :(. Now is a bad time of year for e-mail to go on the fritz.

From Brian

I have having the same trouble with talktalk email.

Ok through day evening not a chance.

It use to be no trouble at all till this last week now its every night.

Very annoying at this time of the year when i use email to contact the kids regarding mother christmas box.

Possible Solutions

From SteveF

I had similar problems until I did what the screen says: send an email to yourself – BUT not those spanking new accounts you create – the overall account based on your phone number –

Power cycling the router helps?

From Dave

Yes I would like to echo the comments of these other people.

I have found that most times I can’t get my mail, powering down my router and the rebooting will often let me connect.

The only difference I can see is I generally get a new Gateway address.

I’m not sure it will help you guys now, but if you’re new to this whole troubleshooting thing, have a read through the e-mail primer.

More as I get it!

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