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Is anybody out there?

In an attempt to step this up after a year of no contact from anyone willing to give their names in CPW, I’ve decided to contact them. I’m sending the below to Charles Dunstone and the press office. I’m pessimistic but genuinely hopeful someone will come back to us.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m the webmaster behind Talk Talk Hell, the blog featured in the Observer in December and used by your disgruntled customers for solutions (and general gripes.) I’ve been running the site now for over a year and still get around 800 hits a day (600 of those unique.) Over 100,000 people have come to this blog seeking support. And yet, I realize to you that these numbers seem small. However, our page ranking is 1st on Google for ‘talk talk problems’ and various permutations of the above. Any answers you provide will be read by your deeply unhappy customers.

In the time I’ve been running this blog I haven’t had any direct correspondence with anyone within CPW PLC willing to give their name (beyond your enthusiastic legal department.) I thought it was time to provide you with the opportunity for ‘right to reply’ and give my readers some answers to the issues they’re having.

I was wondering if someone would be willing to address some of the current issues on my website.

Amongst the most frequent problems people are reporting:

1. Billing issues. Your billing department, despite promising they wouldn’t, recently sent a 73 year old man to a debt collection agency. This isn’t the first or last time I’ve heard of this happening. In fact, on the blog now, there are 3 separate incidents within the last 6 months that readers e-mailed me about.

2. Connection problems. Despite Charles Dunstone stating over and over again connection issues are being or have been resolved, I’m still getting reports of people taking months to get connected.

3. Compatibility issues between Talk Talk’s products and popular models of Netgear routers. I realize Talk Talk states in their T&Cs that they won’t support routers purchased from other sources. However, many people still do use these products! We have a fix, but your tech support providers seem unaware. This is, by far, the most highly read article on the site.

4. LLU issues. People are still being left without phones/broadband. You’ve just launched a cheaper unbundled product. Are there any contingency measures to make sure the issues you’ve had with Openworld don’t get any worse?

5. Continued e-mail problems. There are regular disruptions to your mail service. As of yet no fix, solution or status has been provided.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Tiffany Craig

Anything else you guys want to say?

Edit: Well, that didn’t go very well!

his is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.1
X-Display-Name: Press Office

Edit2: Decided to give it another go:
to me

show details
13:40 (1 hour ago)
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

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X-Display-Name: Press Office

Edit3: From Charles Dunstone’s office (bets on whether or not they’re popping a nice Pinot and laughing at me?)

Thank you for your email, this is a courtesy response to let you know we
have received it. We always strive to respond within 3 days

This is an automated response, please do not reply to this message.

Charles Dunstone’s Office How to win phone battles

Some tips for you guys! 28 tips to winning battles with Customer Service reps:

1) Use a speaker phone
2) Set aside at least 30 minutes
3) Get a human.
4) Gather your evidence
5) Act like a human
6) Don’t think the world revolves around you
7) Know your enemy
8) Take notes
9) Don’t be afraid to hang up and try another operator
10) Run out the clock
11) Be firm

12) Keep calmly repeating your story
13) Say exactly what you want
14) Don’t ask for yes from someone who can only say no
15) Make a business case for your wants
16) Honesty begets honesty
17) There’s sometimes more freebies to give out early in the day, or early in the quarter
18) Email a company executive, then print it out and mail it

The next ten tips are from the customer service rep side, compiled together by the call center slaves who run

19) Be civil
20) Let the rep talk
21) Don’t ramble
22) Don’t blame reps for corporate policies
23) Remember the other person is a person
24 Demanding a supervisor will not always work
25) Be reasonable and keep perspective
26) Consider seeing a therapist if you’re screaming at a powerless rep
27) Sometimes you just can’t be helped
28) Don’t tell them how long you’ve been on hold

Also: How to file a good complaint

Potential legal action against the Carphone Warehouse?

Would anyone be interested in the below?

Hi, is any Talktalk victims wants to raise legal action against Talktalk? I would like to join. The only thing Talktalk does is swindling money from its customers. They charged me for other people’s telephone bill, a modem which I returned on Oct 2006, and even when I don’t have telephone and internet service because they do nothing to resolve my telephone fault, they still take money from my account! They are cheating !

Any lovely lawyers willing to point us/them in the right direction?

Talk to Sylvia

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Haggle to get a better deal on broadband?

I’m not sure how you could possibly put a Republican spin on this particular story, so I’ll take Fox News at face value.

British broadband providers are offering to slash customers’ bills by more than two-thirds if they threaten to switch to another supplier in the latest sign of the fierce competition in the market.

These cut-price deals are not publicized, but the companies will pull them out of the bag to prevent loyal customers signing up with rivals.

Interesting. Has anyone tried this with the Carphone Warehouse’s retention people? Actually, do they have a retention department?

British Customers Find They Can Haggle Over Broadband Prices

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Pensioner Protests CPW

Oh man. I’ve had fantasies about doing this.

A FURIOUS pensioner staged a lie-down demonstration to protest about poor phone service.

Brian Crews signed up with Talk Talk through the Carphone Warehouse in July because of the free broadband offer but has had numerous problems since then.

He tried to install the software to run the internet on both his computers but it only worked on one.

Mr Crews called in a computer consultant to fix the problem and made the company pay by issuing a county court summons against it.

We’re behind you Brian!

Pensioner calls on phone firm.

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More tips for e-mail

Dude has commented regarding what your e-mail settings should look like. Have a skim through, could keep you from spending a lot of money on those 0870 numbers!

TalkTalk freely admit they’ve had problems with their servers. Currently they are upgrading their POP3 server so most people can’t seem to access their email.

The best option is to go to (it redirects to, but your on the best server for that time).

If that doesn’t work, go to Just type in your email address and password and there you go. If you can’t get in on either of those, try emailing yourself from a different email address (for some bizarre reason TalkTalk don’t ensure email accounts activate straight away).

You can always try using something like Outlook, just make sure you do type in the correct settings, or you feel rather dumb for yelling down the phone at someone that it’s not working!

The correct settings are as follows:

Incoming Server Type = POP3

Incoming Server =

Outgoing Server =

Account name = (emailaddress)

Password = (email password)

Also, if you hae any problems, try deactivating email-scanning or your firewall temporarily.

Some different virus-protection programs stop things working too.

Hope that fixes most peoples emails! If that doesn’t, all TalkTalk will do is test that you can ping ok, run a netstat to check for any wrong connections from spyware. They’ll probably fob you off and say run a virus scan, or ‘try swapping the microfilters…’ to a dead line.

Don’t take any of that, go through the settings with them, reset your browser defaults, try the pings with them, and when they say they are stuck, ask them to then send it to 2ndline. I know it’s a wait, but you can’t help it. And to be honest if all this doesn’t fix it, it isn’t gonna get fixed by whoever you call up.

Dude points out a rather tricky move that I’ve known of in tech support. When they tell you to swap filters, that’s when they want to disconnect the call. (Or at least some times.) Try not to do that.

Talk to Dude

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One of the many petitions

Hey guys!

It appears as though Talk Talk is still dreadful, despite Dunstone’s assurances to the contrary. I can tell you, however, that I’ve been browsing rather happily over the last few weeks. It’s staying connected.

So, er, I guess all that about it being on my end was wrong. Hubby says he can login at about 9:00 in the morning and have it still be up the next day. (As long as we don’t change XP profiles, have yet to figure out how to sort that.)

Anyway, if you’re still having problems, sign the petition.

I have just come across this petition if any one is interested. The more people who complain the more chance we have of getting satisfaction?

Talk to David

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