Talk Talk Hell is run by a young ‘lady’ who became very fed up with the service she received from Talk Talk. After going through a rather lengthy ordeal back in May 2006, she decided to blog about it. What better way to vent frustrations right? After a few months, comments from other users also frustrated with the Carphone Warehouse’s products and services started trickling in. Now this blog is dedicated to helping long suffering customers find resolution and showing what service under the Carphone Warehouse is really like.

Talk Talk Hell is only updated intermittently now, many common and current issues have resolutions detailed on the blog. There’s a lot of good information under the search and tags. However, please do comment and e-mail. The more information we have, the better. The more discussion there is, the more folks can get help.

If you hate Talk Talk, think they suck, been royally screwed by their shoddy DSL, poor customer service, draconian billing and incompetence… You’ve come to the right place. Post on the blog for help, complaints, moans, tips (especially tips for long suffering customers) or anything else having to do with Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk or Charles ‘I sail on yachts whilst my customers are being triple billed’ Dunstone.

Mail me! talktalkhell@googlemail.com and please include your phone number. This is not for pranking, dirty phone calls (I have an awful nasal voice) or publishing on the Internet. It’s hopefully so you can get help!

Last upated September 2007.

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  1. This blog is for the many suffering users of Talk, Talk’s various services. E-mail me your gripes, pleas for help and whatever else is on your mind.


  2. Robin Ritchie

    I bought a new Broadband sub, 3 mobile phones, and switched 3 landlines to Carphone warehouse in December. They double billed me for the Broadband service for 5 months, failed to deliver cashback coupons on the mobiles, and I am paying more than BT for my land line service. I have rung written emailed to no avail. The only people I can talk to are their sales people who cold call to offer more stuff. Where do I go to now? Perhaps to Mr Bloody Dunstone’s tennis club in Holland Park?

  3. The story from Hell. How to terminate a landline service from Talk Talk – Carphone Warehouse or the onestopphoneshop.

    24 April 2006 15:22
    Posted To: Folder10
    My termination by e-mail (via the carphonewarehouse site)

    nothing heared:

    28th of April
    just to make sure called on the 28th of April was transfered to a supervisor was promised the line would be cut of (i was moving home)

    4th of May: the answer to my termination e-mail (I had clearly stated I would move and no longer need a phone line in my old home)

    Thank you for your email.

    I can confirm that your account is active with ourselves and if you do wish to cancel you will need to contact Bt and ask them to take over your line rental and calls.

    Should you require any further help or information, please call our Customer Service team on 0870 444 1820 or email customerservices@talktalk.co.uk.

    4th of May – my anser by e-mail (tried to call but not succesfull)
    please help me,
    it is becoming a nightmare.

    i have already spoken to somebody in your call center and was assured that my accounts will be closed.

    i have tried 5x to call you but was waiting 40+ minutes and then decided to give up.
    PLEASE cut my connection. I do not live at this address anymore!!!!!!

    I am no longer using telephone from BT or TALK TALK TALK – PLEASE DELETE ALL MY ACCOUNTS – THANK YOU

    Why should I call BT?

    7th of May a e-mail to my e-mail address.

    Dear Mr. Butler (my name is definately not Butler)

    Thank you for your email.

    Please accept my apologies for the delay in reply.

    Reviewing your account you have already called in a few days prior and spoke to a manager who has disconnected your account as requested. The account is in status disconnect and if the line is still operating it will be going through a process of cancelling.

    If you need any more help, please email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk or call our Broadband Support team on 0870 444 1820.

    Again I had to send them an e-mail and received the following answer:
    Thank you for your email.
    Your account is closed.
    If you have any further queries please contact customer services on 0870 444 1820 or email customerservices@talktalk.co.uk.
    Kind Regards
    TalkTalk Correspondence.

    every month I got my invoice with only the line rental on it and i had failed to cancel my direct debit so the “robbers” collected my money

    Then I called the help line several times and I was always assured that my account with the telephone number 0**** has been cancelled – but why did it still ring when I called it. I spoke to a nice lady and she promised me to stop outgoing calls so I could be sure nobody will do outcalls and she was certain that within a few days the account would be closed.

    21st of May:
    21st of May 2006
    > > hi guys,
    > >
    > > i am amazed about the fact i am still writing in a positive tone. but i am aware the person reading this is not the person who screwed everything up. but PLEASE let the people who screwed everything up know that there is a unhappy customer out there who will probably never again have anything to do with the carphone warehouse (once his mobile contract is expired).
    > >
    > > i am begging you since 1 month to close my account with the telephone number * it is obviously still open 😦
    > >
    > > Please refund the monthly line rental – as it is not my fault that the customer care center agents where not able to close my account.
    > >
    > > please send me confirmation by e-mail and by post.
    > >
    > > thanks for your help and understanding and do have a nice day.
    > >
    > > kind regards

    I think that was when I cancelled my direct debit

    25th of May

    Please accept my apologies for inconveniences caused. I can confirm that your TalkTalk account has now disconnected.
    > >
    > > If you have any further queries, please contact us on 0870 444 1820 or via email to customerservices@talktalk .co.uk.


    26th of June – my e-mail
    !!please read this e-mail!!
    If someone gets it wrong the 9th time it might be carphonewarehose

    Dear Sir or Madamme,

    this is now the 12th e-mail regarding the same simple topic.

    Please refund all my paid invoices and please STOP invoicing me. The
    last invoice was sent a long time after your last e-mail confirming my
    account is closed. The invoice number is 1121305 and with it I paid
    line rental up to the 10th of July.

    however I have closed this account on the 28th of April!!!

    Please refund my money otherwise I will start have to targeting blogs
    with my story.



    PS: If someone doesn´t get it right the first time it is o.k.
    If someone gets it wrong the second time it is worse.
    If someone gets it wrong the 9th time it might be carphone warehose

    20 days later!!!!!!! (after I had sent them the above e-mail several times with different e-mail addresses)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry for the delay in my response. After investigating your query today I can confirm that there is still a out standing bill for calls that were made in February which total £7.79 which will need to be paid as soon as possible or this could go to a collections agency to seek payment. You can also pay by cheque or by calling the below number who will be able to take payment from you.

    I am sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience in regards to this matter.

    If you have any further queries, please contact us on 0870 444 1820 or via email to customerservices@talktalk.co.uk.

    BULLSH* I was still invoiced the monthly line rental

    31st of July 2006

    Dear Mr.


    I am writing with regards to the above account that was disconnected on the 12th of July (HURRAY HURRAY…. HURRAY.. it is disconnected)

    Despite our previous requests for payment, the above balance remains unpaid. This letter is notification of our intention to pass your account to a debt collection agency in orer to pursue payment of your outstanding balance.

    Your credit rating may already be affected through non- payment of your bills.

    If you would like to discuss this matter further or if you are likely to experience difficulties with this payment, please do not hesitate to contact our Credit Control Departement on 0845 456 5598. It is in your best interest to settle your account in full immediately. If we do not receive a payment or response in the next 4 day we will pass your account to a debt collection agency without further notice.

    If you have paid the above amount in the past few days, please ignore this letter.
    Yours sincerely Simon Rawlings
    Head of Credit Control
    The Carphone Warehouse Limited
    The Carphone Warehouse and “CPW” are trading names of the Carphone Warehouse Limited.

    What should I do. First I wanted to pay it – but why? It is 22 pounds for 2 months line rental (as you know I paid by direct debit so they already have the line rental from other months I haven´t used the service)

    I sent one letter to Mr. Charles Dunston (signed for) One letter to Mr. Simon Rawlings, 1 e-mail to charles.dunston@cpw.com and one e-mail to customer service. My fear and my believe is that nothing will happen and it will go to a debt collection agency….. Maybe my only chance is to take the CPW to court….? Any suggestions?

  4. does anyone really like cowbag whorehouse ?
    ahh…those are the clowns who sponspor reality tv shows which are past their sell by date…aint that right ?

    oooohhh..im not even one of their customers, but lets slag the ::::::: off !!


  6. Get A Life sounds either like 1 – an employee of the above mentioned so-called provider (of horse poo), or a customer of the so for mentioned above company provider of horse poo maybe they have scooped to new lows and threatend his family (most probably inbred). The big give away ? Losres (I tried to look it up in the Oxford Consice, but alass I got know-where . . . Bit like those broadband customers whom signed months ago, paying the £20+ yet not even having a disc to boot . . erm yes)

    Meanwhile…Back at the ranch

  7. Will someone put something else on here, it brightens my day reading all the bitching about scumbag crackhouse. is there any way a puff like me can clip on some top-naked pics of myself on here ? I need some light-relief……however, if I needed comic relief id go and buy a new mobil from somewhere

  8. There’s nothing worse than a bitter ex-employee

  9. One day the world will not be shackled by BT’s ownership of lines and we will then to start to see what these resellers really have to offer as an alternative

  10. Rudolph.. Wake up….BT no-longer own the lines as per ofcoms rulling last year. The process was / is called LLU which comprises of companies like CPW, BULLDOG, Cable And Wireless, to mention a few. so that argument is a bit out of date. And on the same note, its LLU that is causing a headache for the end user …. Rudolph..be the guinnie pig, move over to CPW LLU and lets see if you can stick the 18month min term

  11. Hi Darren, I’m catching up. You lot have been very active over the last few days :D. Be prepared for more tales of talk talk hell.

  12. Talktalk only have 0.1% of their customer base as active LLU customers, the vast majority of BB customers are still on the IP stream on lines owned by BT. And whilst LLU will not exclusively give resellers full control of the lines it will give them a lot more freedom to get things right.

  13. Rudolph, as per TalkShits TCs, “WHERE THE TECHNOLOGY BECOMES AVAILABLE, WE WILL TRANSFER YOUR SERVICES ONTO OUR NETWORK.” – they are not even required to give notification. .. Thus meening this time next year 70% of the talk crap customer base will be on LLU as they migrate, without knowing or warning, onto LLU. And another thing, THE WLR scheme has been going for well over 18 months now, which means that nearly 2 years ago BT started selling off their lines. So, again rudolph, BT does not have OWNERSHIP of the lines, and have not had exclusive ownership for quite some time. Even Cable companies use BT lines and exchanges, and look how long NTL/NYNEX have been knockin about. Again, your arguments are old, outofdate and no-longer valid.

  14. happy customer of TalkTalk

    BT do have ownership of the lines and TalkTalk have only offered the WLR for twelve months.
    When TalkTalk started to offer WLR we rented the lines from BT so maybe you should get you facts correct before you start posting lies about TalkTalk.

    And just so you know, the 70% of customers who are migrating onto TalkTalk’s LLU are made fully aware of what they are signing to if they bother to read the T&C’s.

    As alot of customers tend to just call TalkTalk and abuse the call centre staff, maybe it would be a good idea for you to read the T&C’s before calling otherwise why dont you stay with a company who crumbles when the customer gets irate.

  15. ohh dear happy customer has got out the wrong side of the bed, or just the wrong bed. in a nutshell dipshit, i know im right, you know your wrong, now stop falling off the couch trying to lick your own balls.

  16. Why are you such a bitter ex TalkTalk employee, I’ve made a few enquiry’s to some friends of mine who work there and they are pretty they know who you are……

  17. Randolph, talktalkhell is not hiding her ID, TalkTalk knows who she is and by all means she is not a bitter ex employee. It is her right to set up this blog and if there wasn´t allready such a fantastic blog out there I would have done the same at the beginning of August. And to all those TalkTalk employees. I am sorry about your situation. The people who call in your call centres are normal people and they are angry. The reason for this is because everything that could go wrong goes wrong in your company. It is not you who the anger is aimed at. But unfortenately some of your colleagues don´t help to clear up the mess. You call and get an answer untill you find out a week later the answer was not true. You try the entire week again to get through wast 12 hours per week to get a wrong answer again…..
    Why does your company still advertise the free broadband if it is clear to everybody involved that TALKTALK cannot deliver. And btw. I wasn´t even using anything free and could see TALKTALK going down. The only thing I can do is to warn people to join TALKTALK. It seems like Russia or Eastern Europe before the wall went down. You want a product? o.k. we put your name down and maybe you will get it in the next 12 months. But you are required to start paying for it now. Once you have the product we will not be able to guarantee full functionality. The reason for this ähhmm because we are a few pounds cheaper per month. So you will understand…

  18. 1. i’m not an employee
    2. My references were directed at darren

  19. You left a perfectly good company just to get a cheaper service and moan because it doesnt go your way for the first few months. There are going to be teething problems especially when 4 times as many customers have signed up to the free Broadband offer than was expected. Ok so things haven’t gone your way but surely there must be more important things in life than whether your broadband works or not!! If this is the main upset in your life at the moment you are very lucky!! Think of all the people around the world who can’t even afford food let alone Broadband!! What about the people in Lebanon? I think their problems are extremely worse than yours don’t you? At the end of the day you should all be thankfull that you have enough money to afford a computer and enough spare time on your hands to be moaning about things that aren’t really that much of a disaster considering the world in which we all live in!!

  20. At the end of the day, whenever we sign up to a company for its products and services there is an understanding that in due course we will receive such products and services. There is no doubt whatsoever that TalkTalk has failed to deliver both, and sooner or later they WILL go under. My phone bill last month was £46 which is really funny because I thought £20 a month included all your calls (exc mobiles etc of course). The month before that it was £48. Oh, I haven’t paid it because apparently CPW didn’t set up the direct debit, yet on my CPW statements it says ‘Payment received, thankyou’. I’m just waiting to be disconnected now, but thanks CPW for paying my bills!

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  22. I, and I suspect other disgruntled customers have received anonymously, from TalkTalk an email that contains nothing other than a list of email addresses that I suspect belong to other likewise disgruntled customers.
    I have emailed a couple of the people on the list and have had replies that they too are experiencing or have experience of TalkTalk hell.
    Has anyone here had these mails? Is there an employee of TalkTalk with a conscience issuing these emails to provide an opportunity for a number of people to unite and bring a class action? I do hope so.

  23. Carphone Employee

    TalkTalk is terrible, you won’t hear a single person who works in a Carphone branch say anything other than that at the moment! We get lumped with all the problems while the call centres p**s about adding things like caller divert to peoples accounts for them instead of actually sorting issues! We keep getting promised that this will improve but I think we’re on our fourth promise now. I had TT broadband but when it got messed up after I moved house it took them over 5 months to cancel it, and that’s with me emailing and telephoning everyday!

    Just one more thing to say really, don’t let your TalkTalk experiences stop you from buying at the Carphone Warehouse, your phones are in good hands with the guys in store and you don’t have to worry about the hard TalkTalk sell anymore either, we don’t bother now!


  24. Just to say my TalkTalk experience WILL stop me from going anywhere near a CPW, just on a matter of principle. I don’t want anything more to do with their abysmal service or their crap equipment. A class action should be brought about – Ive realised that their CS number is an 0870 no…whch is about 10p a minute? Is this right? So all the time I’ve been phoning them to complain about them they’ve been charging me for bing on their holding line! Surely they can’t get away with this!
    http://www.ethical-business.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3170#sigs is an online petition to force a watchdog to take action. They need 500 signatures so get signing!

  25. Carphone Employee

    No, all TalkTalk CS numbers are classed as “TalkTalk numbers” and so are free from any other “TalkTalk number”.

  26. Not according to my bill. anyway, not paying it either way so it doesn;t matter.

  27. Stop being Gay, the service is free remember…

    You get what you pay for..

  28. Er... carphone employee

    Perhaps if you monks in store stopped mis-selling the service we wouldn’t have as many disgruntled customers. So before you start slagging Talktalk off how’s about you take a look at your own first, and the problems you’re creating. It’s not like you guys have a good name for yourselves in CS either.

  29. claude smokes 2nd liners..

  30. that guy can suck a golf ball thru a hose pipe

  31. Randolph: If you’d bothered to check around a bit it would be pretty obvious who I am.

    I’ve never been a CPW or Talk Talk employee.

    I do like that your ISP is BT though….

  32. A TalkTalk Customer

    Entry 17 was interesting. There is a Jonny Mitchell who works in TalkTalk customer service…I wonder…

  33. I seem to be receiving these at the rate of two a day. I am no longer a customer having been migrated back to BT today. To which relevant department do I now report this spam? Christ on a bike, they really are bloody useless. I am begining to think that the entire set up is an elaborate scam. Is Dunstone able to sell his debtors list to others and still make a profit? Something stinks somewhere.

    “Please accept our apologies for not replying sooner. Unfortunately the demand for our free broadband service means that we have received far more emails than we expected and this has resulted in us being unable to reply within our normal timeframe..

    We understand how frustrating this must be for you and we are making changes as quickly as possible to improve the level of service we deliver, both by email and on the phones.

    I do hope that we have managed to resolve your problems in the intervening period and that you will accept my apologies for the difficulties you have experienced. I trust that you will enjoy a better experience of our service in the future.

    If you do still need us to take action please reply by return giving us a detailed account of your original enquiry and telephone/account number.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for this confusion, we will endeavour to resolve your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Thank you for your custom.

    My apologies, once again, for this delay and my thanks for your patience.

    TalkTalk Correspondence Team”

  34. I think my below letter of complant, sums up everything I have suffered at the hands of the talkfuckers

    To whom it may or may not concern:
    Unfortunately I have been a customer of yours since March of this year, when you begun to advertise your “free” broadband offer. Me and my son, whom I live with, thought that sounded good. So we telephoned your sales line, and after considering the pros of your service, above the service we was receiving from your predecessors (Tele2) so we jointly made the decision to change telephone provider, to Talk Talk. This was a big mistake so far. I placed the order for Broadband on the 25th May 2006, that’s a total of 58 working days ago. You eventually gave me broadband, on the 9th August (54 working days after my initial order (that means we could of got 5 broadband orders through with any other company – who take just 10 working days). The mystery is that according to your customer service department, and your online website, my broadband is NOT active as of yet, and they “do not have a go live date” The only date there is on the website, is “the end of august.” However, in recent days, I have had the fulfilling experience of you VERY slow (self proclaimed) broadband. The reason why I say its “self proclaimed” is the simple fact that last night (for example) I run a quick speed check, on my 2.2mbps connection, and discovered, that it was running at a astounding, 57.6k. For your records, that is ONE kilobyte faster than dial up internet.

    Further more, your customer service is the worse customer service, I have ever experienced, and I am NOT exaggerating that one tiny bit. I understand that you will have a “high demand for your service” so don’t try to fob me off with that. I have sent you numerous emails, of which you have replied unsatisfactorily, trying to fob me off with various strange excuses. To be honest, I think your deals on the service, are really brilliant, however the point of this letter, is to draw your attention, to your atrocious customer service.

    Please bare with me, while I describe in honest detail, just what it is like to get in contact with your customer service, for this example, I will describe today’s call.

    Step 1: Dial your customer service number, 0870-444-1820.

    Step 2: Press the option ‘3’

    Step 3: Press the option ‘5’

    Step 4: Be told that “all our agents are busy at the moment, please call back later.”

    Step 5: Repeat steps 1 through 4, until you finally get placed in a queue, today’s example, I had to call 28 times.

    Step 6: Once you finally win, and get placed in a queue, wait for at LEAST 15 minuets. Today I waited 19 minutes, and 28 seconds, another day it was 45

    Step 7: Once you have waited, speak to the person on the end of the phone, who cant really speak English, and who will inform you, something totally different than what the last customer service agent told you. Today’s example, I was told by ‘Monica’, that their was an active broadband connection on my line and that the order had been refused by BT. Although I have already been told on the 29th July, by ‘Rocky’ that he had placed the order again, and I should wait 10-15 working days, and I was also told by BT that, the broadband activation of the line, has nothing to do with them, as Talk Talk are my service provider, and they ‘rent’ the line from us (BT).

    Last month, I did the described procedure, a staggering ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT times, and to my knowledge and ongoing records of every call I make to TalkTalk, you failed to answer, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN TIMES. My calculations show, that you have answered, a pathetic 7.8% of my total amount of calls to TalkTalk. In addition I must point out, that I am not racist in one bit, however if you managed to get through to an English person / an English speaking person, your customer service improves 110%.

    But wait, there is more to come. All the months I have being a customer with TalkTalk you have repeatedly failed to send me a bill. Last month, this resulted in incurring a £4.25 charge from you, for a failed direct debit, and a £30 charge from my bank, for the same reason. Let me say, that if you had sent me a bill, I would know when the money was going out of my account, and I would have made sure that the correct amount of funds where available for you do to this procedure. If you had correctly informed me of the date of the money departing my account, then none of the above charges would have occurred. This means, that I now have to ask you for a total of £34.25 in refunds, for the charges I incurred, the sole reason being that TalkTalk did NOT inform me when the money was going out of my account. I have enclosed a printed bank statement, with my personal records blanked out for my own personal security, to show you just how these charges, that where your fault, occurred in my account.

    I hope you have a nice day, and please reply to this letter, and prove me wrong about your atrocious customer service.

  35. Please note that TalkTalk call bundles do not include calls to non-geographic numbers starting with 084 or 087. Calls to 0845 numbers are charged at 4.5p/m (day), 1.5p/m (evening) and 1.5p/m (weekend). Calls to 0870 numbers are charged at 7.51p/m (day), 3.75p/m (evening) and 1.5p/m (weekend). Our maximum price for calling other 084 or 087 numbers is 10 pence per minute (day/evening/weekend).
    Thought they were free?

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  37. Please let Darren stop posting tripe

    Darren please, stop posting that crap. You really haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. The fact you believe the WLR process involves BT ‘selling’ their lines says it all, it’s called leasing. So no, Talktalk don’t own the lines at all, and yes BT DO have OWNERSHIP. So please do us all a favour, and stop posting.

  38. As per T&Cs, 01 and 02 numbers are included in the talkplan, so no 084 or 087 aren’t included.

  39. entry 40.. yes sorry, you are right, wlr lines are leased, the supplier contacts bt for an openreach engineer, however, when the migration takes place to LLU, then the suppliers own engineers deal with. in the case of talk talk, the supplier could be Core, Opal or Cable Direct. Appologies , I did get myself muddled.

  40. I live in a rented place. What happens when I leave and a new tenant comes in and wants to get BT Broadband? Will the mysterious ‘marker’ still be on the line?

  41. GET A GRIP,




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  44. Hmm. Now it appears I have a ‘restriction’ on my line because Ive exceeded my call limit of £100. Premium-rate numbers apparently, which I KNOW were not dialled by me. As if CPW couldn’t get any worse…lo and behold they do! Screwing up my phone bill now. Oh well, this is the first step to total disconnection.Am I right in thinking that once I am disconnected the ‘marker’ will be removed?

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  46. moan..... wont get you anywhere.

    – If you have a bill pay it.
    – If you want to sign up to something read the contract.
    – If you spend all day compaining to other customers will your issue be resolved? think about it.
    – If you dont like something.. Leave.
    – If you think you’re smart why did you sign up to an 18 month contract before reading it?
    – If you can read this you can read your terms and conditions.
    – If you have eyes you can read all the information you need before even signing up.
    – If you grow up you’ll realise that if you’re a customer and you have an issue you should phone customer services.. see the connection? you being the customer and everyting??
    – If you like to moan about something instead of getting it sorted it’s clearly not a problem to you, so stop moanin!

  47. moan..... wont get you anywhere.

    Sam.. No you’re not correct. It won’t automatically. Your line is (and always will) belong to BT. They fitted them and will never give them up. If there is a marker on your line, TalkTalk never added it, they request to add them like any other isp by contacting BT Wholesale, you want it removing, wait 40 days minimum for BT Wholesale to automatically remove it or get your new provider to.

    I work for a similar type company who i cant name and we have the same type issues, but without the broadband issues because we hand that to another company. Calls are charged to the customer via BT, they charge us, then we pass the charge on to the customer. If there are Premium rate numbers on there that you recon you didnt dial they where added by BT. But you no you did dial them…

  48. I know I did not dial them, and if you go to the Ciao consumers’ website regarding TT there are other cases of people being charged for calls they did not make. Anyway, does anybody know how much putting in a new BT line will cost?

  49. non uk 1st liners smoke major pole also…

  50. curved slightly

    hey there….any questions i’m your man/woman/ladyboy ( delete as appropriate ) i’m here for the rest of the day, if it’s a war u want then……. well, maybe

    if you want to debate about talktalk, type me a note or two

  51. curved slightly

    where are you all…..you’re quick to complain but when someone decides to try and help, you all bugger off!, hey guys come on……….i have information and i’m not afraid to use it…….i’m fully loaded….by the way criminally vulgar is really cool, a chick with balls….like it a lot.

  52. I am sick & tired about listening to all the pointless banter, constant whinning and sifting through the Bullshit on this site. Many of the posts aren’t even viable. This site hosts the most speculative commentary that I have beheld since the Aliens landed in Mexico. Each and every one of you have been overtaken by your own deluded mentality that TalkTalk are not doing enough. Hence you’re fuelling your own downfall, creating a little imaginary world for yourselves where TalkTalk have become the enemy and each of you have become the superheroes ready to save the world.

    THE TRUTH IS: that everyone at TalkTalk is working around the clock to meet the needs of its customers both old and new. No one seems to appreciate the hardwork, perseverence, commitment and trouble that TalkTalk is putting itself through to alleviate each of your problems. Despite your negativity, TalkTalk is moving forwards and this website will soon lose it’s purpose.

    Personally, I think you’ll never change, you’re all habitually dissatisfied from birth.

  53. curved slightly

    habitually dissatisfied. welcome to the great british public…..we’re all so quick to grab a freebie ( ooooh look it’s free lets all rush out and get it like beggars to a penny ) but oh, it’s not perfect, we cant be having that……………for christ’s sake it’s freeeee!!!!!!!!!11
    whats big deal bitch?

  54. Ray pugh- would like to say…..
    how right you are mr finish!

    have any of you *&^%$ers ever worked for a call center?

    have a heart you whining gits, the pay’s probobly crap too.

  55. What I like about your comment ‘moan’ is you’re using NTL and not your lovely employer’s product.

  56. you go girl, you tell that jive arse son of a bitch talktalkhell !! hehehe
    ya know am messin ! *am on ntl !!*

  57. this is more entertaining than skype while im workin…

    NS TM..

  58. moan..... wont get you anywhere

    hello talktalkhell:
    i know im on ntl. because cable or wireless are the only 2 ways to get true broadband that’s always on.. internet through a phonline, wether dial up or broadband is not always on as you usually have to connect after turning on your pc, and the download times are faster depending on the area.
    but i’ll print you a certificate for your efforts. the fact is this whole site was designed by 1 angry customer. which is quite sad because if you’d put as much effort into reading what you where signing up to as you did making this site you wouldn’t be in the trouble you’re in now.

  59. moan..... wont get you anywhere

    I know Im on NTL, have been for years if you dont have a problem with something why move…. oh but you wouldnt understand, you went for the cheapest possible option and now your just an angry man who wants to complain.
    i must admit making a website is a good idea, but if you put a fraction of the effort you put into building this site into reading what you where signing up to befor signing you wouldnt be in the mess your in.
    fact is, angry at talktalk?? no son, your anry at yourself because you didnt follow the simple rule.. small print and t/cs are there for a reason, to protect the business, not you, you chose not to read them.

    oh and blocking people from posting messages because they dont agree with you isnt very fair now is it? you want a debate dont you? or is it because there are more peopl calling you a sad wakner than ther are agreeing with you?

  60. moan..... wont get you anywhere

    I know im on NTL, have been for years. why would i leave something i have no problem with? oh but you wouldnt understand, you went for the cheapest possible and now your upset its not what you wanted.
    fact is your an angry customer who made a website, i’m sure if youd av put a fraction of the effort into reading what you where signing upto before signing as you did into making this site you woldnt be in this mess.
    oh an blocking people from posting on your site because they disagree with you isnt very nice is it? thaught you wanted a debate? or have you found that nearly all the people who are posting also think your a wakner with too much time on his hands?

  61. Moan, you weren’t blocked. WordPress thought you were a spammer because of the 3 or 4 times you tried to post the Ts and Cs. It automatically filters anything with 2 links or more and if you try to post it more than once, it thinks you’re spamming. I’ve released most of the comments that were trapped in the moderation queue/spam filter.

    I’m not releasing the terms and conditions link though, we’ve covered them more than once here (Bart’s breakdown, my own read through, Darren’s breakdown) and it isn’t necessary. The only thing adding your comments will do is flood the page with information we’ve already covered, making it difficult for people to filter through to the new stuff.

    I’m not sure where you’re getting the info that cable is the only way to have an ‘always on’ connection. I’ve worked in IT for almost 7 years (including doing DSL support) and have never had disconnects every 20 minutes. This really is just a poor ISP issue. At my current job we have an ADSL fail over we’ve had to use twice. It stayed on for at least 72 hours while the problem with our SDSL was fixed. That’s pretty normal. Even Easynet only disconnects once a week.

    I did read the Ts and Cs before signing up. And while legally Talk Talk has an excuse for providing such a poor service, it’s still absolutely diabolically bad. I signed up before the free broadband offers came out, when the only complaints were P2P throttling and bad customer service. I don’t really have a problem with either guessing the latter isn’t necessary. I even called pre-sales support and spoke with someone technical to check out some things I had questions on, like MMORPG support/blocking.

    The reason I keep harping on them is because people are doing searches trying to find out if they want Talk Talk. I’m making it easier for them to decide by deciphering.

    The reason this site actually exists is because there’s been virtually no unbiased information about what the service is actually like that’s been made available. The press has been pretty quiet, even though up to 110,000 customers have actually cancelled the service. (If 500,000 have signed up, that’s around 20%.)

  62. Just thought i would point this out to anyone who doesnt want to wait in a call queue any more.


    The owner has no contact with talktalk at all but is fully qualified to give support and advice for new starters.

    All support is via email so far and is chargable at a very small fee.

    (before anyone reminds me that they cannot get online or email the theory is its used from another connection / email address)

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  64. I am sick and tired of all those on this website saying that there isn’t a single person out there who works for TalkTalk or CPW that would say that TalkTalk is good.

    Well, I’ve got news for you. I work for TalkTalk and I believe in the service that we provide followed by a few thousand other colleagues spanning out across the UK. We try really hard to get problems resolved and we work round the clock, constantly trying our level best to ensure complete peace of mind and satisfaction.
    There are many sad people in this world, some bitch about the company they work for, some bitch about the service that they have experienced, some bitch about they spouses, their children, their unhappy existence.

    Nothing seems to ever be good enough for these people.
    There is a number for these people, a special number where special caring persons are waiting to listen to your complaint about anything and everything. May be you want to bitch about your eggs not being done properly at breakfast time, Maybe you didnt get enough the night before, Maybe your green with envy at everyone else around you, These people will hear your bitchin and not say a word back, WOW – “Human Punchbag’s” I hear you say, give them a call on:
    08457 90 90 90 – Don’t bother getting upset at the rest of the world cos no one’s paying any attention to your bitchin, no one cares.

  65. Reply to post 44

    I think most of us would, if you didnt have to pay them 70 for the honour, however im starting to think it may be worth it…

  66. Reply to post 68

    if nobody cared, and talktalk where good, then why the need for this website.

    I believe it was also mentioned in bbc news this morning, that talktalk (in not so many words) suck, and its true.

    I will grant one thing, they are getting better…

  67. why was my posting deleted?

  68. reply to post 70

    hi karen,
    i assume it was the spam filter. the admin checks every now and then so probably your comment will go live in a few days. If you want it to appear immediately only use one link. It might work then. Have a good weekend. Cambridge Tony

  69. Hi Karen,

    I’m not sure which one it was. I’ll have a dig through and see if I have a comment notification for you.

    Thanks Cambridge Tony 🙂

  70. talktalk employee

    Can i just say what a great pertittion you have, all of 30 signatures?? how longs this site been open for!!!!!!!! going by the first note in here over a month, Thats going to take loads of our ever growing 2.5 million customers!!!!
    I work on the cancellation team and i can essure you we have more people coming though to us because they cant press the right button on the automatic service and just want to pay a bill then actually cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And all the talk about getting through to indian call centres, your just making yourself sound racist which theres no need for, shouldn’t everybody have the same chances as us!!!!!
    And as for post 25, i agree with post 30 you make life difficult for everybody at talk talk, So start backing your own company or just leave!!!!

  71. who’s an angry person eh?, get a brew and lets keep it relevent….but yes people do cancel even though they didnt ring up to cancel, its a real insight into the nature of us brits, we do tend to think first and then shoot later…..best tip is to stay calm and stick to the query at hand if you have to wait a while then wait a while it’s better than going through the whole cancellation reversal procedures ( nightmare for both parties )
    we’re all human so we’re all gonna make mistakes ( customers included )

    mmmm, just found a worm – – – – tasty!

  72. so mole, you are suggesting brewing a tea before calling to cancel? that´s for what i like britain 😉 and this country has transformed me. I drink around (no joke) 8 cups per day now.

    number 73, if your departement did its job correctly this site might not have 30.000 hits. please read the stories of the people triing to do a runrun before you assume that nobody wants to cancel. and for the petition, the people wanting to sign it don´t have internet ‘:D’

  73. nah, i told you to make a brew and chillout cos i thought you were gonna blow a fuse, i prefer number 13, it’s free and available 24/7

    your point is fair, 30k hits, we’re all gonna be famous now.
    have you seen the posts from stephen white?, now that’s bad

  74. nah, i told you to make a brew and chillout cos i thought you were gonna blow a fuse, i prefer number 13, it’s free and available 24/7

    your point is fair, 30k hits, we’re all gonna be famous now.
    have you seen the posts from stephen white?, now that’s bad

  75. If talktalk are so bad at customer service why have they been voted the best for 2 years running???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  76. Hey guys.

    Understandably, there are some mighty pissed off people around. This past few months have been quite unbearable for both the staff and the customers.

    I am a member of staff for TalkTalk, and I would like to take the time in saying that the amount of calls we have been receiving every day has been unbearable at times. But yet, plodding through the day, trying not to take it personal can get right under your skin at times.

    For those of us who are trying our best to help you, I speak out by saying thanks for being patient. (Or impatient, depends on which way you are!)

    You are right, you do have the right to a service, but for the people that work at TalkTalk have a right to a life. Working around the clock can take its toll.

    So, please guys. Have a little consideration when you ring up next time. I know for a fact that MY customers always get what they ask for and I have never once “lost it” with a customer. More staff are being trained, and for those newbies, it can get very daunting. You may just break their confidence…

    Please, don’t take offence to this. Its just a little something from the other side of things. We’re trying REAL hard people. Please remember that!

    Major thanks!

  77. Just one more thing, number 25. Why is it you guys call up retail support to ask the most DUMBEST of questions. Did you know that stores calling up retail support jump ahead of customers calls?

  78. 73: The other petitions have quite a lot more. But, we have over 30,000 hits on the site, which says quite a lot.

    Indian call centres are touchy but I doubt calling anyone racist is going to help with issues centering language barriers. And that’s where a lot of th e complainining comes in.

    I doubt it’s an inability to press the right button that gets people to you. More likely the amount of call drops for tech support or customer service. Sadly those departments still remain understaffed (by the look of it.)

  79. How can some of that crap under ‘press’ be classed as press, I mean look at the following : http://neilstudd.com/index.php

    I mean seriously, could this guy know anything less. He’s even mentioned the fact that he believes his router is causing him problems “things were fairly stable. My laptop stopped being able to get a strong signal from my wireless network, but that sounds more like a router issue than anything else.”

    But then still manages to slag Talktalks technical support for not supporting routers “TalkTalk’s comments? Well, as far as they’re concerned, there’s not a problem. They’re refusing to offer technical support because I use a third-party router. It’s true that I get a perfect connection if I use the dinky modem that TalkTalk supplied”

    Er…. so what’s the problem ? Your router is causing the issue, or is it a bit of a coincidence that the modem works fine, yet the router doesn’t ?! Exactly why tech support are telling you nothing is wrong, BECAUSE IT ISN’T!!!!??!?

    Which is also what you’d probably find are alot of peoples technical issues are with the service, it’s quite easy to plug something in once, find it not working, carry out zero troubleshooting then start slagging things off via the net, when chances are the issue is down to your own hardware, or internal wiring.

    Ho hum.

  80. Hi Talktalkhell

    Have you managed to get your problems sorted, or are they still ongoing?

  81. number 83,
    1) this does seem to have something to do with TALKTALK
    “Things were fine until a letter arrived last week proclaiming: “We’re performing maintenance to improve your service”. I should’ve known it wouldn’t be quite so straightforward. As of their “upgrade” on August 21, my broadband service has been intermittent at best, and at worst it’s stopped working with my router altogether.”
    2) most other suppliers don´t have an issue suporting routers. My expirience with PIPEX; ZEN AND NTL clearly shows this.

    number 82) instead of laughing at the sad comments you could do something constructive at the CPW like inside mole who does help out. Please read comment number 3 as it is aimed directly at the cancellation departement which apparentely has no work because no customer wants to cancel (wtf). What is the template name for account is already cancelled? E3, do you ever check if its true?

  82. I do do something constructive, it’s called my job. And for the record I wasn’t laughing, there’s nothing funny about half the ‘sad comments’

  83. why are all staff at talk talk so great and good looking

  84. i fucking hate my job

  85. Well, its been a long time coming but I am now officially back to BT and the obstacle of markers and MACs have been removed. All you have to do is say you are a new tenant….
    So Up Yours,TT!

  86. Folks, I don’t know if I can get any answers here…but I’ve been told some of TalkTalks ex managers/employees read this blog…so I’d like to make a posting and see what happens.

    I’m currently a Onetel customer (and have been with them now for six years from dialup through to adsl) and like many Onetelers am worried what Carphones intentions are with the Onetel brand.

    When Carphone bought out Onetel we were told that all Onetel customers would receive a letter about our future…that was supposed to have happened January last but nothing came to pass.

    Since then I and other Ontelers have been in contact with our customer support to find out what they knew…and all we got told was Onetel would continue as it was and there would be no changes to the products or billing arrangements.

    Well that seems to have gone to pot as Onetel are now stuck with one product i.e. 2mb broadband, they can’t use their own LLU arrangements and some Onetel customers are now receiving their bills from TalkTalk etc etc.

    So it’s now looking like Onetel are slowly but surely being run down and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to disappear completely by the end of this year.

    TalkTalk made some mention months ago that the Onetel product would be rebranded over to their name and it looks like this is now the way things are going…and it worries the hell out of me and other Onetel customers.

    We don’t want to be forced over to TalkTalk…we want to get out before it’s too late…but like I say nobody is telling us what’s going on in the background.

    TalkTalk you bought Onetels database and you know who 60,000+ of us are…so why don’t you tell us upfront what you are doing with Onetel and not do the dirty on us?

    So if any of you ex TalkTalk people do read this can you blow the gaff about what’s going on with Onetel please because we don’t want anything to do with your old employer.

    Thank you.


  87. HAH! Just had a knock on the door from a TT service rep! He asked if I would be interested in signing up! Now what do you think I said?????

  88. Hi,
    Sorry if this is covered somewhere in your site (it is a very big, and may I say excellent site), but has anybody found a way to disable the TalkTalk SPAM filter without taking up their F Secure software ?
    Some of my (very much not SPAM mail) gets trapped by their filter, and I have to go to the TT webmail and “liberate it” every now and again – I use Outlook for mail normally.

  89. Has anyone here experienced any problems with dialling premium rate numbers on a talktalk line? according to all the customer service reps, and engineers, there is no bar in place on the line, and no apparent fault. this has been on going for almost six months now, and quite frankly is starting to get on my nerves. I KNOW they are premium rate numbers, and I KNOW that its £1.50 a minute, Ive never missed paying a bill, so WTF is the problem? any help would be appreciated!

  90. hey chaps and chappesses! I work for CPW and feel for all of you who have had issues. Thankfully it is a minority, i hope you will all be sorted soon! If not go into a store and do the doe eyes to the sales staff, it wont work on all of the staff but it will work more than aggression against the poor sales staff who have nothing to do with the Account/Line departments!

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  92. Hi guys, nice website by the way, wish I found this before I spent a month Fing around with Talk Talk, no CD, net gear wireless routers, oohhlalala

    anyway, I am up and running but now I cannot get into hotmail accounts, nor does MSN messenger work, or some online banking, gmail works, tried everything that hotmail/msn troubleshooters offer, didn’t work, went to talk talk site and found a relevant link with links about reinstalling my dlls and flushing my dns as some secure sites wont work —- great—- except that has done nothing, i checked my zone alarm pro firewall, disabled it, messed around with security settings on IE and mozilla, nothing is working, I have sneakily got into my account once, by logging on to web messenger (which onyl worked once in ten tries) then acccesing emails from there, but this rarely works and is ridiculous!
    does anyone have any ideas to help me out!?
    Leo x

  93. I set up an account with Talk Talk back in May and 3 months later i was still waiting for my broadband account. I had just set up my own business, a greassroots internet reality show for artists callled seekingpicasso and it really hindered getting things started. I didn’t receive a word of apology and people just lied to me and lept passing the buck. I was paying for the ‘free’ ??broadband but not receiving it. Talk Talk is the worse company i have ever dealt with.

  94. Well, I hope this won’t seem too off topic, but I think there is an additional problem that probably affects mainly existing, rather than new, TalkTalkistas.

    I originally subscribed to TalkTalk broadband in April 2005, taking 1Mb unlimited at £14.99 per month with Talk1.

    Initially all was fine and the broadband was excellent. My only (familiar) complaint being that when there was a fault, (not unacceptably often) it was far quicker to wait for TalkTalk to fix it, than to ‘phone to try to find out what was wrong, and when it would be fixed. “Important call” and “with you shortly” really grate when you’ve heard it for the fortieth time!

    However, since the introduction of the 8Mb offer, which I have not taken up, the 1Mb service has declined. It has become very prone to sporadic disconnects, normally mid-late afternoon, although to be fair it normally reinstates early-late evening, or following a re-boot of my (Linksys, not TalkTalk) wireless gateway. Also, coupled with this problem, the broadband speed has been falling in the run up to the disconnect, at times running little quicker than a dial-up. I have therefore begun whingeing at talkTalk.

    Gripe 1, there is no one to whom you can address a complaint. I have tried all the phone options I can find and just get cut off (“all our agents are busy, please call later”… click!) which is unforgiveable, or I get pushed to the tech guys in India over a bad line – for which I am charged. Outrageous!!

    One says “new TalkTalk equipment being installed in local exchange, all will be OK later”. However, not OK later, so phone again. “Oh no not TalkTalk equipment at all, BT equipment and it won’t affect your service”. “Have you installed any new programmes recently?” “Well yes, as a matter of fact I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7 on reccommendation from Microsoft”. Ah, uninstall that, reinstall IE 6 and thet will fix the problem”. So 10p per minute for two tecchies to contradict each other, even more outrageous!!

    Thinking I could detect the standard “it’s your fault, not ours” routine, I didn’t do as advised, and the connection was fine next morning still using IE7. So, I emailed TalkTalk cust serv for confirmation of the problem. Email reply: ring technical! Nothing in writing, you see, no proof. Further outrage!!

    Why does Dunstone pay these people, they should do something for their bread!

    Final gripe, then I’ll shut up!

    The e-mail now appears to have been re-eatablished after a bad patch week ending in over 48 hours with a no recieve service. Having just got into mine, I find that a number of regular circulars I should have received over Saturday/Sunday have gone missing. That means a number of e-mails have been wiped, and I have no way of knowing from whom.

    Do please check what e-mails you’re getting, because I suspect they’ve wiped rather a lot!!

    It was notable that the first e-mail was not an apology for the poor service from TalkTalk, or an offer of a waiver of their charge for the past month. That, I suppose, would be rather too much “Customer Service”?

    Regards to all and apologies for the litany.


  95. Hi David,

    Good luck with your site. We all hear ya!

  96. was wondering what this meant . The skin TALKTALK was not found . It sometimes pops up when I close the site .

  97. Hi, is any Talktalk victims wants to raise legal action against Talktalk? I would like to join. The only thing Talktalk does is swindling money from its customers. They charged me for other people’s telephone bill, a modem which I returned on Oct 2006, and even when I don’t have telephone and internet service because they do nothing to resolve my telephone fault, they still take money from my account! They are cheating !

  98. Apart from all the usual crap associated with Talk Talk, their advertising is typically misleading on many levels. The big blurb/fanfare tells you how calls are charged by the second which is obviously cheaper, but actually irrelevant if you pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited call time. But look at the contract and you’ll discover that this doesn’t apply to mobile calls which is the only source of extra revenue for Talk Talk. Calls to mobiles are charged by the minute and always rounded up, and the difference in cost when making frequent, (supposedly money-saving), short calls to a mobile is pretty substantial.

  99. I like many others am suffering at the hands of these incompetent buffoons.

    Would anyone be interested in potentially looking at a class action lawsuit?

    Sylvia – please e-mail me or call me on 0775 2003634


  100. Hi People,

    I am actually an ex employee of TalkTalk (CPW). I can tell you where the problem lies, too many pies and not enough staff to bake them. So in english, CPW introduce all these things ie BB, line rental etc, but cant supply the staff. I worked on the correspondence department and I had a very high level of customer loyalty until CPW decided to emply temporary staff to send out emails. Hence the delays in replying, the lack of knowledge and the clear lack of education and basic english language. I was marking emails such as “are company” instead of “our company”. TalkTalk wonder why, they are now receiving the high level of complaints to date.

    If you have a problem with TalkTalk and other companies, visit ofcom or oftel. They will advise you. Alternatively contact the High Level Complaint department.

    I am not a disgruntled ex employee, Im a saddened one because of the way the service has gone downhill in the past year, hence why I left.

  101. However, on an upbeat note, I have been a customer of TalkTalk since 2003 for my telephone service and line rental, never went to BB coz of the problems I witnessed and love my AOL too much anyway, and I have NEVER had any reason to whinge about it.

    I took the necessary actions to avoid premium rate charges as it is common knowledge that since the internet has got more popular there are scammers out there who can hack your line without your knowledge, hence the premium rate charges on your bill that you are unaware of. However, if these charges relate to a porn line, quiz line. voting line, you know you have made those calls. You will not get away with not paying for them. TalkTalk recognise the hackers from the liars……..

    So for those who are looking for a cheaper service than BT, TalkTalk is the best and I wouldnt go back to BT. BUt I also wouldnt leave AOL either, although funnily enough CPW have taken over them. Any problems with my AOL and I will not HESITATE to find another provider.

  102. oh and i’d love to hear from Darren again, especially since 28th January 2007. Any TalkTalk employees will know why, if its the Darren I think it is……

    I knew Lisa too!!

  103. This gets worse – having complained bitterly and having written to various people, I get a call from a lady claiming to represent High Level Complaints.

    Now the solution they are so proud of is this: go some place else Mr Killen – it’ll be quicker. Oh yes I reply, can I have a MAC code please? No you can’t. Why not? Because we don’t give them out for LLU.

    Can this be true?

  104. I have now been with the beloved Talktalk since May 2006 and in February 2007 will GO BROADBAND LIVE, plus 8mg. I am so nervous about this. I had the most horrendous experience in 2006 which resulted in me receiving compensation from Talktalk. Since then things have been running relatively smoothly, but having read some of the comments on this blog, I almost feel that I would perhaps like to leave things as they are – any interference from Talktalk could just “muck” things up. Is there anyone who can comment on this so called “going live””

  105. TO SYLVIA

    Cancel your direct debits if they are taking money that isnt rightfully due. Someone will do a bill recalculation and sort this out for you


    You do not need a MAC code to cancel your telephone provider ie line rental or services a MAC code is only used for changing your ISP.

    So you can call BT and ask them to sign you up and they will cancel your TalkTalk line rental etc if you have it

  107. I managed to be a TalkTalk customer for approx 6 weeks before deciding to leave. I have never had such bad service from any other. Free Broadband – well over 2 months and not provided. Cheaper calls – nearly double my previous supplier for majority of calls to same number. Customer service – do not answer emails, do not phone you or write when promised. I’m now on my third yes third high level complaint and I still have not hear from them. I stopped my Direct Debit after warning them I would do so if the service did not improve. Their reaction is to put a restriction on my line – now I can not even ring their Customer Services or Accounts department. What stupidity on their part. Goodby TalkTalk why don’t you ListenListen?
    PS Not a disgruntled ex employee or connected with any other phone company – I just want my bloody phone service back from them!

  108. I’ve just found this I’m hoping haven through google and have spent the last hour trying to find an answer to help me make my Netgear DG834G work with the very recently acquired yet misery inducing TalkTalk. And I thought I hated AOL. I’ve probably skimmed more than I should have, but all these solutions seem to be about changing settings and whatnot. I can’t even get onto the settings! Right now I’m using the Sagem modem TalkTalk sent. The Netgear’s sitting prettily next to it, blinking at me, with all the lights on, I’m sure – power, internet, wireless, port number. So it must be connected properly, right? Putting the installation CD in, when I click on settings to change them to those provided by TalkTalk, it opens an IE page and the TalkTalk dial box comes up – I press dial and it says “Error: There is no dial tone.” So the Settings page won’t load for me to change the Settings for it to be able to dial! HELP? I’m a bit suspicious about the lights – my father says they’re green but I could swear they’re yellow. The router worked fine with AOL, who we’ve just switched from, but the computer crashed and had to be rebooted in between, so it’s not installed. Really, REALLY, help. I’ll send flowers and flatter endlessly?

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  110. My father passed away last week & I’ve just tried to close his TalkTalk account.

    This is a brief resume of my phone call to their Customer Care(less) service:

    “I’m calling to inform you that my father has passed away. He had an account with you”

    “Oh, what do you want me to do?”

    “Close the account”

    “OH, no I can’t do that. Only the person whose name it’s in can close the account. You’ll have to send us the death certificate and then transfer the account into your name and then close it”.

    Any ideas what I can do?!


  111. Hi,
    First joined Talktalk back in December and signed up with a telesales person for Talk 3 with free broadband. I was told that within the next seven days I would receive a talktalk welcome pack that I would need to sign and return in order to proceed with my connection along with another letter giving me the right to cancel my subscription within a further seven days if I had changed my mind.
    received nothing until the end of January when i received a bill for service recieved from mid January on talktalk’s talk 2 plan.
    I immediatly called the customer service number and after the most frustrating 90 minutes of my life was told that someone senior would look into the problem and call me back the following day.
    Guess what?, yes you got it, nothing…..
    Called again three days later and after a further 90 minutes including 30 minutes to “upgrade”??? my package was assured that everything was now in order and I wolud be receiving another welcome letter within the next 7 to 14 days etc, etc, etc….
    On the 23rd February I received a letter from the talktalk broadband dept. stating that my broadband should be going live on Tuesday 6th March.
    Having heard nothing more about my telephone service and none of my caller options (Voicemail, call divert, call waiting etc…) working icluding the fact that my number was still being withheld to outgoing callers (as I work from home I need people to be able to know its me calling so this was one of the first things I requested) I once again dialled the number and entered the talktalk lottery. This time I was told that everything appeared to be in order and all of my caller options were on their system but unfortunatly they could not be applied to my service untill after my next billing date. The young lad at the other end of the phone did however point out that I had been placed on the talktalk metro plan which was an old, now obsolete plan so he would change my plan to talk 3 immediatly.
    On 1st March I received my first bill now on the talk3 plan but with only one caller option listed…
    Time for the talktalk lottery again me thinks…
    This time I was in the enviable position to actually be speaking to someone who I not only could understand every word he was saying, he too could understand what I was saying, what my problems were and beleived he was capable of solving them immediatly (well within 5 days,but come on, this is progress…). He assured me that all of my caller options would be working and I should only pay the £3.50 for the bundle of 4 as quoted in all of their litrature. So within 5 days all of my troubles would finnaly be over.
    That as I say was the 1st March,

    Guess what, its 11th March,………Lottery time again……………………………………………

    Sorry for such a long winded story but it is nice to communicate with others that know what I am going through. I will be in touch with a further update soon.

    Paul (three quaters of the way round the bend)

  112. In fairness, you get what you pay for.

    If you weren’t so cheap and wanted a superior ISP you would pay for it. At the end of the day the proposition is good, £21 a month all in? Thats crazy? Fair play to TalkTalk for giving it a go and showing BT that they couldn’t hold such a monopoly on the UK market.
    I personally am NOT on TalkTalk for my broadband, it wouldn’t work out for my needs. However if I was in the 70% free coverage and didn’t have the current requirements of my ISP I would seriously consider it.
    Another thing that got me going reading this was the assumption that TalkTalk and CPW are the same thing? CPW owns TalkTalk… sure… but CPW are (IMO) the best mobile supplier on the market. TalkTalk is a landline and broadband service. DSG owns Currys and (what was) The Link, you wouldn’t put them in the same boat.

    To summarise, TalkTalk have done something that no one else has done, there are many happy customers, there is also a small (considering how many are on the service) percentage of unhappy customers. Things will resolve in time, they are always gaining experience in this (new) market and i’m sure that they will go from strength to strength.

    If anyone decides to get pedantic over any of my grammar or spelling, please email me at idontcare@grammar.com

    Thanks for reading.

    PS. Buying the UK division of AOL will bring a lot to the company. I’m sure this will help resolve more of the issues they have had.

  113. Paul Woodfield

    Dear Mr Dunstone……Oh sorry Woot,

    As you are not a customer of Talktalk then in all fairness you are not really in a position to comment. I suppose you will also be impressed when the government brings in road charges to a country that pays more to be on the road than any other in Europe , and hey what’s a pound a litre between friends…..
    I am sorry you feel that the members of this site are moaning unduely but maybe, just maybe, they feel that they deserve to receive a fair service for a fair price and not be pushed from pillar to post by a customer service team that make the teletubbies look professional.
    Yes of course if money is no object we can all have a superior ISP but why does it appear so strange to you that people might expect to receive a similar service at a more resonable price. Or is it that you are so used to paying through the nose for poor service that any incling of rebellion is looked upon with distaste.

    Thanks for your comments, I am sure Uncle Charles will be proud. Obviously dont bother to put your money where your mouth is and sign up though, it “would’nt work for your needs” now would it you hypocrite…..

    Love and kisses from Paul and all the other poor sods still holding on for a TT customer services rep to ruin their day……..

  114. Talk talk employs actual cunts. I have spoken many of them myself and they are prize ambassadors to this company that specializes in
    first-class incompetence.
    In 4 months they were unable to set up the broadband connection that I ordered. I eventually canceled 2 months ago and despite a gazillion phone calls to them, they have failed to remove the “marker” from my line. This means I cannot use any other broadband provider as they have effectively hijacked my line.
    Does anyone know if I’m entitled to sue these moronic twatfaces.


  115. I once had a CPW mobile. I will never ever go near CPW ever again after that experience.

    At the time I had a close relative who’d had a stroke, was not recoverable and we were just waiting for her to die. It was a pretty awful time.

    A day or two before the stroke I had bought a new mobile from CPW. It was full of bugs but because I was 200+ miles away it was a little difficult to get the receipt (which was at home) and take the phone back to CPW.

    Finally when my relative had died, I went home, found the receipt and took it back to CPW. Guess what? I was 2 days past their 1 month clause. The guy in the shop would do nothing but told me to email Charles Dunstone which I did. The response came from some male secretary who basically said to me “tough shit.”

    I replied asking if they could at least take it back and upgrade the software on it so that it wouldnt be as buggy. The response to that was that there were no bugs so it really was “tough shit!”

    Ended up upgrading the firmware myself and sorting the bugs out. Had that contract for exactly one year before getting out of it. During the time I had the contract, I was cut off numerous times for going over the £75 limit and ended up preloading my phone with £300 at a time. (I use my phone for work and frequently make overseas calls on it) Bit of a joke considering it was supposed to be a 12 month contract.

    I will NEVER buy anything from CPW ever again. Their custoner service sucks, their attitude sucks and it seems that it stems from the top.

    Charles Dunstone and his cronies can take their company and shove it where the sun dont shine.

  116. Talk talk tips, wireless, ADSL, DNS

    When talktalk works it works!
    Took 3 months of phone calls for one friend to persuade the talktalk help desk to issue a new password as the first one never worked. They insisted always it was software.

    I have now set up wireless systems for 5 different people (using USRobotics, Edimax, C&W routers)
    You have to find these settings and change them
    Select ‘other country’ in many ADSL modems to be able to manually change these settings

    Talktalk uses
    VPI/VCI 0 / 38
    Encapsulation : VCMUX
    Pimary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    All other settings leave as default

  117. Thunderbird & TalkTalk – a solution?

    -just been trying to setup a friends Thunderbird to use talktalk email. After much frustration, I found a solution – don’t use your default email that talktalk gives you – this continually comes back as “incorrect password” – use the talktalk account maintenance website and setup new email adresses & passwords – these seem to work OK – and don’t forget to put your full username (eg. me@talktalk.net) into Thunderbird’s “account name” fields.

  118. My poor 80 year old Mother has no phone line or broadband again tonight. Of course you can’t actually report a fault on the phone after 8.00pm so too late now. I have reported on the web and they have the cheek to say that they will “aim to respond within two working days” so that’s next Wendnesday morning then?

    Actually phoning the faults number did elicit a pre-recorded message saying they are having problems in the South East tonight.

    However, the last fault my Mum had was when she was moved onto LLU (although TT assured us that this had actually happenned the previous week and was not the cause). This fault took six days to resolve.

    I wrote last night to ask for compensation and full details of how the company plans to meet it’s 48 hour SLA in the future. I’ll write in more detail on this later including a lovely quote from one operator on the “escalation team” who said “we do actually phone back when we say we will on this team”

  119. I just want to say one thing to people. If talktalk are messing around, and you have contacted them three times and they still haven’t sorted out your problem, the just terminate the contract and cancel ALL direct debits (but only do this if you really did make an effort to get them to sort out your problem).
    They will threaten you with debt collections, then solicitors, etc. I got so fed up I told them I will see them in court. They try to scare you, but you need to stand up for yourself. If they do not keep with their part of the contract, then the contract is worth nothing and it is your right to cancel.

    I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome of my court case.


  120. I was just reading this website and i couldnt help but laugh, if you people read the contract and actually did your homework you would have known what u were letting yourselfs in for! and I would just like to say stop pressing the wrong options on the phone pad and might get through to someone who can help I only say this because I work in the sales department and 80% of our calls are from people who pressed the wrong button, WE CANT HELP YOU!!!! and another thing if the broadband is free what do you expect you get what you pay for dont you!!!

  121. Yes…well if you can’t provide what you advertise don’t take peoples money for nothing…I think it’s called extortion here…if you’re typical of the staff at TalkTalk no wonder everyone complains about the support…if I was your boss and just read what you posted I’d sack you!


  122. TalkTalk is a microterroristic organization, and anyone who invests or supports them in any way is contributing to terrorism.

    It’s because of such TalkTalk attitudes and philosophies that terrorism exists in the world. They only work to extract money from people in every way possible.

    I cancelled with them by sending 3 cordial and formal letters since February; the last of which was a warning that I had sought legal advice and would pursue legal proceedings against them should they persevere with their errors.

    Not only has TalkTalk ignored all letters and warnings, they even dared to hijack my line after I had switched back to BT. They approached BT and somehow managed to “authorize” the cancellation of my BT account and switch my line back to TalkTalk without neither my consent, nor my knowledge! When my broadband service and phone line stopped working (again only with TalkTalk), I discovered what they had done and reported the case to Ofcom, who have been investigating the matter since.

    I’ve had to change my phone line again to a new number, and I do not dare to phone TalkTalk with it, in case they try to hijack my line again.

    I recently received 2 threatening letters from TalkTalk and the debt collection agency, for an outstanding “final” bill – due to their illegal switching of my line! They are trying to threaten me into paying it and have threatened to take legal proceedings against me and damage my credit rating.

    What do you do with such an organization, who ignores and perverts the course of justice, recklessly, without any ethical scruples whatsoever?!?

  123. Arse biscuits!

    Who the fuck does that moron from TalkTalk (above) think they are? How dare you suggest all these people are pressing the wrong fecking buttons on their phones. And by saying “if you people read the contract and actually did your homework you would have known what u were letting yourselfs (sic) in for!” are you actually admitting that the service you provide is little short of the smelly stuff that comes out of my dog’s bottom?

    You may be surprised to know that I’m not, and never have been, a TalkTalk customer. My parents are, though, and the experience of talking to ‘Rupert’, ‘Emily’ and ‘Chris’ in the Indian call centres on their behalf has put me off for life.

    And by the way, TalkTalk’s so-called free broadband isn’t free for them as they have put their shitting LLU equipment in their local exchange.

  124. Reading all these comments is encouraging given that so many of us are experiencing the same problems.
    To echo others we signed up last year for tel &bb service, obviously bb was late and then did not work the tel line started malfunctioning so we politely requested to change back to BT in Oct 07. This was finally done after two letters, threats of OFCOm etc and we received a letter apologising etc saying we had nothing left to pay. We moved back to BT in Jan, after having no service at all thanks to TT over Xmas for two weeks.

    But wouldn’t you know it the bills kept rolling in, we cancelled our dd and the most inefficient company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with has kept on sending bills, final demands and now bailiffs letters. This is despite as others frequent calls telling them of their errors. We have it on black and white from them that we do not owe them a penny but still they send out a bailiffs letter.

    I intend to call the police if they do turn up. What action can be taken against these useless specimens at TT ,any advice? Can’t we all band together get a good lawyer and take action.

    Responses please!

  125. Hi

    Don’t worry Cpw not only treats it’s customers badly but treats it’s employees even worse.
    Dunstone only cares about the money he doesn’t care about the people who work for him.

  126. Help! I can’t access gmail, or my blogger accounts now that we have Talk Talk wireless – WHY???? We’ve tried calling TT for help but the dudes in the call centres don’t get what we’re saying, and we don’t get what they’re saying. We also managed to email TT, but the responses have been unhelpful.

    PLEASE help. Email me at my btinternet address (ha ha, the irony hurts me)

  127. MY GOD!
    I thought I was alone in this NIGHTMARE!!!
    What a wonderful feeling it is to know you are not having delusions!…. or think that the mushrooms you had for lunch were spiked with what ” Darren” ate sometime in his life!
    What about someone out there who is riding in the same boat as us , and who is a “legal beagle”, START A CLASS ACTION!!!!
    … there is enough material for misrepresentation on ALL fronts to start one – to hell with the so called “Terms and Conditions”. WE STILL HAVE BASIC RIGHTS which have been violated!

  128. Dear Hannah,
    maybe I can be of assistance having been througfh all the loopholes of Hell with talk talk!
    1- open your browser and type the in the address block.
    2- sign in as “admin” – use the password “admin” as well!
    3- click on and open BASICS.
    4- scroll down to thye block that says TCP MSS and changed the value to “1392”
    5- just below this block you will another block with MTU – change this value to “1432”.
    6- Now click on SUBMIT at the bottom and let it change the settings.
    6- scroll down on the left to LOG OFF and close your browser!
    click on your wireless connections bottom lrifgt hand corner and refresh all wireless connections!
    reopen your browser and try your email again!
    I promise that will work!
    What ever you do DON’T LISTEN to the IDIOT on the Talk Talk help line as they don’t even know what they are talking about!! they are just reading out a “blurb” they have in front of them!
    When you question the integrity- they start to wobble immediately and cut you off!
    been here done that!!
    Good Luck!

  129. can any one top this one? :

    TalkTalk have just set the credit collectors on me to collect money they owe to me! I suppose this was triggered by someone reading a minus sign in my old account as a debt (it is in fact a credit balance). To make matters worse, the bill comes from TalkTalk, whilst the credit (alleged debt) is with OneTel. This consitutes not only a farce, but a breach of Company Law and the Data Protection Act. Even more oddly Onetel claim they are unable to access my closed TalkTalk account, and vice versa, in order to sort out this mess.

    I thought I had put the nightmare that was both TalkTalk and the sister company OneTel behind me after they grudgingly paid me a good will gesture by cheque earlier this year (TalkTalk), and a good will credit (oneTel) in lieu of an unpaid credit (due to me) which goes back to last July. The attempt to collect this back from me is I think the last straw. Having put to one side the pending complaint with OTELO, I intend to resurrect this an add to it a complaint to the DCA (Information Commisioner) . Anyone interested in the full story, which I have fully documented, let me know.

    Please note the above website, action4u.eu, is not due for launch until December. If you are interested. let me know and I will drop you a notification on start up. Keep up the good work!

  130. Debt collectors sent in to collect back a good will credit! Can anyone top this one?

    I won’t recount here the usual problems (broadband that does not work, accounts that do not work) and how to get your money back. However, having resolved these issues (so I had though) TalkTalk have just set the credit collectors on me to collect money they owe to me! I suppose this was triggered by someone reading a minus sign in my old account as a debt (it is in fact a credit balance). To make matters worse, the bill comes from TalkTalk, whilst the credit (alleged debt) is with OneTel. This consitutes not only a farce, but a breach of Company Law and the Data Protection Act. Even more oddly Onetel claim they are unable to access my closed TalkTalk account, and vice versa, in order to sort out this mess.

    I thought I had put the nightmare that was both TalkTalk and the sister company OneTel behind me after they grudgingly paid me a good will gesture by cheque earlier this year (TalkTalk), and a good will credit (oneTel) in lieu of an unpaid credit (due to me) which goes back to last July. The attempt to collect this back from me is I think the last straw. Having put to one side the pending complaint with OTELO, I intend to resurrect this an add to it a complaint to the DCA (Information Commisioner) . Anyone interested in the full story, which I have fully documented, let me know.

    Please note the above website, action4u.eu, is not due for launch until December. If you are interested. let me know and I will drop you a notification on start up. Keep up the good work!

  131. Sorry but I seem to have sent this post twice due to a bloc by my firewall. Please keep the version with the title!

  132. TalkTalk attempting to claim back good will credit using a debt collector..some lessons.

    Always keep paper records such as letters and print outs of online bills; don’t bother with endless and pointless phone calls; don’t let anyone close your online account until any outstanding issues are resolved. Why?

    Well because the latest in the debt collection saga (above) is that OneTel have acknowledged that the account is actually in credit and the debt collection letter was sent out in error. The debt collector similarly, though less apologetic, has advised me (wrongly) not to bother sending in the accounts proving there is no debt (the hard evidence requested by my first contact with the agency).
    There remains the small question as to who pays for this complete waste of my time (and that of the debt collection agency). If I had I conscientiously thrown all the old records in the blue box for recycling, I would now have a job to prove I was not in debt to TalkTalk (OneTel???). Worse, as OneTel would charge me 5 GBP for each copy of the invoices required to prove to the debt collector I don’t owe them anything (likewise TalkTalk), the credit would effectively be turned into a debit … real magic!

    I am therefore a) pleased I kept printing off copies of all monthly statements (in the case of TalkTalk these were invariably wrong), b) prevented OneTel from closing my online account when they wanted to do so (otherwise no proof they owe me noney), and c) am now considering charging TalkTalk to cover the costs involved in obtaining proof that the debt they are attempting to collect has nothing to do with TalkTalk (TakeTake), and is actually a credit.

    If I were rich enough, I would use my phone (now managed by Toucan), to complain to TalkTalk – but then that would put me in debt.

    I reconcile myself with the thought that the effort is worthwhile, as apparently TakeTake have managed to figure out ways of making money out of their own incompetence.

    PS having warned against reliance on phone calls, is there anyone out there who has the gen on the legality of using recorded phone conversations: some of mine would make for considerable hilarity and provide the basis of the next run of The Office.

  133. Friend of mine moved from BT Broadband to Talk Talk, then found that she couldn’t get into her Gmail account. Other sites were fine if a little slow. NB She was using a 3Com Office Connect router, model number 3CRWE754G72-A. We upgraded the firmware (just Google “3Com router firmware”) to the most recent version, 1.31, and bingo, got her Google Mail access back.

  134. Ive just been reading that comment from the talktalk sales person what a laugh that was, no wonder the company is a joke if thats their attitude free broadband my arse is it free im paying bloody 15 quid a month for a 2mb speed the company should be looked into by someone its a shambles that they can get away with such bad level of service. This is a question for the talktalk sales person if talktalk is so good how bloody come so many people have had bad experiences with it get into the real world and open ya eyes idiot.

  135. I’ve been having noise (crackling) on the line. Caused all sorts of trouble with the broadband. TT advised eliminating the extension cable between phone socket and modem – no effect (but lots of hassle for me).
    Lost dial tone intermittently too.
    Then I had to jump through hoops with 1st line service (monitor 3 calls over 24 hours – why?).
    Did that, then BT Openreach came to visit. The problem was with corroded connections where their cable comes in.
    TT’s delaying tactics are plain irritating!

  136. “Debt collectors sent in to collect back a good will credit! Can anyone top this one?”

    Similar situation here – applied a goodwill credit, took it back out the next month. Sick.

  137. rofl nice partition 299 sig. think talktalk have a problem they only have 300 customer, lol this website makes me laugh, to be honest you only hear from the people that have problems, the other that have a decent service don’t call in, you should stop whining on this site give talktalk a call and get your problem fixed, it will only take a few mintues of your time…….. rofl 2 hours that is…..

  138. Hi, Tell me about it!!!!
    The worst decision ever was to leave BT. Talk Talk do not have an operational faults department, nor do they have their own engineers. Our ‘phone (and internet access) went down on Tuesday morning – reported dead line. Wednesday evening received text “fault resolved” texted back phone still dead. Thursday ‘customer fault services’ (?) apologise fault automatically closed as line tested OK – re-registered fault, however if the faults inside the house IT WILL COST YOU £140!!!! (what do BT charge £60?). Friday ‘customer fault services’ (?) apologise fault automatically closed as line tested OK!!! When asked when an engineer would come was told an engineer couldn’t be ordered if the line tests ok! But the ‘phone is dead! Can you organise a local engineer I was asked! But you are the fault department, aren’t you? Ok then please have my calls transfered to my mobile – “how long will the fault take to repair” I was asked! What!!!!! You are the fault service so you tell me AND THAT WAS THE END OF THE LINE. I requested that a senior manager to call me back – didn’t happen. Fixed the fault myself – the master box had been fried by lightning – so not an internal fault! THANK GOODNESS we kept our broadband with Tiscali as from what I read here that looks like an even bigger nightmare with talk talk. First thing Monday I’m on to BT Sales and if Talk Talk think they have a hope in hell of me paying a £70 disconnection fee DREAM ON!
    My advise to anyone considering Talk Talk is to steer well clear and not touch them with a barge poll – now to write to Watch Dog!

  139. You are all so frikkin dumb. Everyone who has wasted time posting to moan on this website is frikkin dumb

    I bet 90% of you have tamely let talktalk keep taking your direct debit every month even while they shaft you with shoddy service.

    Here’s how to deal with that fat, celibate wanker Dunstone:

    Inform them that you have had no internet on a day of your choosing. Send a recorded delivery letter – its ok, they won’t respond.

    After 4 weeks of no internet send another recorded delivery letter informing them you have complained tto OFCOM. Send a letter complaining to OFCOM, also recorded delivery.

    Keep copies of all 3 letters.

    Cancel your Direct Debit.

    They’ll start threatening you with Debt Collection Agencies. Send letter telling them to shove it up their ass.
    Attach copies of all correspondence and threaten legal action. Helps here if your address is SW-something for example.

    They’ll ignore you and you can ignore them – bliss.

  140. Hi Criminally Vulgar
    If thats your pic i’m in love, if it’s not, ah well!
    I came upon your site by accident, it;s a cracker, I almost feel ashamed i’ve nothing to moan about, but you’ve broadened my horizons and I am spreading the word, keep it up

  141. Just found this blog after scouring the net looking for another service provider so that I can once and for all ditch TalkTalk. Thing is, they’re all as bad. Just read exactly the same negative comments about Tiscali. All these corporate companies care about is getting the customer to sign up (usually charging a sign up fee) and then when the going gets tough, their “Amazing” Customer Service basically send you up shit creak without a paddle!

    I’m not even going to begin to explain my toil and trouble with TalkTalk as I have had problems with the broadband service since signing up in 2006. Again, some operators who answer the call to you when needing help can be brilliant, yet most are incompetent, do not listen, follow a script of trouble shooting questions and for the most part are barely intelligible. Spoke to a brilliant guy this morning who has sorted the problem in 5 minutes by tinkering with the settings in my modem (well, i followed his instructions). Why didn’t any of the other imbeciles do this? Why on earth was I sent on a wild goose chase to the Carphone Warehouse to get a new ADSL filter last year, only to have the same problem AGAIN and to be told to go back to the CPW AGAIN. “It did NOT work last time” I told the operator. “But believe me, you must just go and do this as otherwise I could lose my job!” was the reply. Ha! HE wouldn’t pass me through to someone who would be ABLE to help because he was scared of losing his job for goodness sake. I know about procedures, I’ve worked in call centres, I’ve managed call centres and I know that there are people who will go that extra mile and there are people who are not worth the ink on their pay cheque!

    Anyway….to all you buffoons out there who have replied to posts saying “Give TalkTalk a chance”, I do nothing but laugh at you. Why on earth do you think this wonderful lady (TalkTalkHell) has taken the time to set up a blog? TalkTalk are absolutely crap and I was about to jump ship to Tiscali but have now realised that their customer service is just as bad. It’s the same wherever. They all make pie-crust promises they can never keep.

    Ps The most annoying thing throughout my TT ordeal was the time when I was placed on hold for an hour or so and I could hear that prat’s voice (Charles Dunstone) blabbering on about free broadband yadder yadder yadder…. Talk about rubbing salt in one’s wounds eh!

    PPS – If TalkTalkHell sees this, I have to say thanks for at least setting this up. t’s actually quite good to know that I’m not going out of my mind because that’s how the customer is left to feel. Shame on them!!

    PPPS – Has anyone heard of the Webcheck service via http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk ?
    Apparently this is where the public can gain access to company director’s contact details….quite dubious about this which i why I’m wondering if anyone has used the service and got through to someone other than the muppets who reside in the callcentres, whether they be in Newcastle, Preston, South Africa or Mumbai!

    PPPPPPPPPPPPS I alsom sent a letter of complaint tat was never replied to. I actually ended up speaking to a supervisor, who refused to discuss the matter but said it MUST be writing! What a cop out! Shame on her the lazy cow!

  142. hi there,

    i work for tt and you are right to be concerned, because at a very basic level, it’s deception. the managers know it, the staff know it and so on. problem is, all the big corporations are the same. they all say it’s a slight hitch or a one off and so on. it’s lie after lie after lie.

  143. am i really as stupid as they make me feel?

    I am currently just under two thirds of the way through my 18 stretch with TT, and I have to say that up until now i havent had much to complain about.
    Oh well, all good things must come to an end at some point!! What better time than April 1st for things to start going pear-shaped? I honestly thought someone somewhere was having a fucking laugh!! No, honestly i did! (They probably are.)
    Suddenly without any warning at all, my Outlook 2007, my email client of choice for my sins (not a fan of webmail and i like to keep all my eggs in one basket – saves on baskets – can we just leave it at that pls) froze – just fucking froze….solid! Never had a problem before. So there I was wondering what the fuck had happened – must be a Microsoft issue i thought, quite reasonably imo, so off i went moaning to Micorsoft about my woes……who were very helpful – set up a new profile, simple bimple, great! At least i could now have access to my appointment schedule and be where i should be when i needed to, which was a relief.
    Hmm, no access to my POP3 mail server though, try and try as i might, time and time again – computer said ‘No!’
    OK, i thought, again imo quite reasonably, phone TT and find out if there is a problem with their mail.talktalk.net server. Get a straight answer out of them as to why I can’t access the mail server? Can I bollocks! Very nice the first chap i spoke to, yes quite pleasant – besides the fact that we were on the verge of needing to employ the services of an independent translator so that the pain of him assuring me that it couldnt possibly be a fault at their end – it must be a fault with either my brain or my bloody microfilter, would have been easier to bear! Anyway, we were getting nowhere, fast, but i wanted answers and was not going away, so as all good customer services operatives should, he palmed me off to a ‘more technically experienced’ colleague with whom I found verbal communication with a relative pleasure. This was despite the fact that it was apparent that he had recently smoked at least a 1/4 oz of the finest weed he could lay his hands on, which as it turned out was greatly to my advantage. This fella couldn’t give a fuck about the company, sooooo disillusioned with the whole damn issue and with a type of honesty i can really relate to!!! ‘No mate, you wont be able to use that particular email client any more, we don’t support it any more. Cost-cutting you see, we’re not paying out for an email server any longer, not when you can just use the webmail account that you have with us. As for the shite bandwidth you’ve been getting of late (2.6Mbps) well we’ve been having a few problems that were trying to get sorted since this AOL deal – you will just have to be patient, and not use your internet when you want to, just when we allow you.’

    I just had to love this guy, he was terrific!! Why can’t they all be brutally honest like him? I dont suppose it’ll be long before he’s back in the dole queue, however I would like to thank him for putting me out of my ‘microfilter induced paranoia.’

    Personally I don’t want anything at all to do with these American assholes, who it seems are already taking liberties with my freedom of choice, and deciding to let me keep paying through the nose for a service that i am no longer receiving to the standards (i use the term loosely) that i was, quite frankly, stupid to believe would be maintained throughout the course of my contract!

    In short, i now feel great for having got that little rant off my chest, but these fuckwits will not be seeing a penny more from me, ever!! 😛

  144. Goss Kamperis

    After a disasterous period with “Talk Talk” I issued a writ.

    I have a court hearing next month.

    I will donate anything awarded ( above costs ) to the NSPCC – I just want the judgement !

  145. to Ray-Pugh: YES I have worked in a call centre, and yes the pay was crap, however, i at least had the dignity to help people the best i could, and IF i couldn’t (unfortunately due to our CRAP systems i often couldnt) i at least tried to put them in touch with the right person.

    My story: Have just signed up for TalkTalk (about 7 weeks ago) was told and i quote “your phone will be on in 2 weeks and your broadband in 3” 2 weeks later, in fairness the phone came on and worked, no complaints there, a week passed, no broadband pack… i ring them up and am told “sorry thats 3 weeks after the phone lines active” that would be monday, (writing this on saturday) today recieved a little booklet with my account number and such in it, and my “go live” date, in another 3 1/2 weeks time…. phoned talk talk, was passed to 3 different “customer service” people and told there was nothing they could do…. “right put me through to cancellations virgin will have me online in 2 weeks” they put me through to cancellations, and magically i was told by the (english speaking and very helpful in all fairness) young lady that BT were delaying giving the MAC address and they would have full control of my phone line on the 1st October, (about a week away) she then promised that as soon as the phone line went over to them, she would manually activate my broadband and send me my Welcome Pack with my Broadband router in it,

    Incidentally i phoned them back and told them to confirm my go-live date, and i was told that a note has been added to mya ccount to be manually activated as early as possible, so HOPEFULLY this is the end of the issue, i will keep you informed 🙂

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