Monthly Archives: February 2010

Just a brief update

Hi guys!

Just a couple things. I am now located in the US (using Qwest DSL. No outages, no trouble getting it set up! It’s just really bastard expensive.) I’m still moderating comments due to previous legal issues with Talk Talk/CPW. But not that frequently.  I wanted to remind you of the comment guidelines. Some are due to the above, some are personal preferences.

1. I will not tolerate racism in the comments.

2. No names/numbers of Talk Talk employees.

3. No advertising of anything.

4. Do not post your phone number or address.

In the mean time, the domain expires in May of 2010. I’d like to see the site continue, but obviously can’t effectively manage it from America. So if someone would like to take it over that agrees to the above, I’d be more than willing to entertain any offers. This would not be a financial transaction, but I would need to be able to trust you, so some blogging experience or online identity would go over well.