A reminder


I know you want to help each other. But please, I made an agreement with Talk Talk that I would not publish names and phone numbers of Talk Talk staff. Comments are moderated. These posts are not approved. This was a request from their legal team.

Also, stop posting your own phone numbers in the comments! The Internet is a scary place!

Also, also, this blog is Talk Talk only. I’m sure there are others for Bell south or whatever.

5 responses to “A reminder

  1. Hi,
    I just received the worst customer service ever, i thought BT service was nightmare, but no!!!!!!!…
    I switched to TalkTalk two months ago and took out the International Boost. I was enyoing calls to my family in Poland until i received second bill which was over three times what it should be… somebody had turned my Boost off without asking or informing me and my international calls was charged at the standard international calls rate! It cost me around £45 on top of my bill. I phoned the “Customer Service” line straight away to get some explanation. The advisor on the line wasn’t very helpful or friendly and when I asked what had happened with my bill he said “I dont know, but you need to pay it because its DD”. I asked to speak with manager or supervisor or anyone who was in charge and able to explain to me what had happened. I was then informed that there was no manager working that night but that he would email him requesting a refund for the mistake which would be approved within 48h. I then checked my account after around 56h… and nothing had changed!! I phoned back again and another advisor assured me that everything will be sorted out for me the next morning. I checked my account the next day.. and the day after that.. and it was how i expected … no money no explanation. When I phoned the following day I spoke with 3 different advisors who all said that they could see that it should be approved tomorrow or maximum day after (deja vu??) When I requested to speak with a manager again, this time somebody was working there. After spending 45 mins on the phone asking for some explanation and being assured that my case will be resolved by the manager that night and that he would call me back (that was great ), I asked for complaints department details to which I received… deaf tone!! They hung up!!
    Is there anybody who is able to fix their mistake?? What will happen if I don’t have money for my tripled bill?? I will have problems with my bank (i.e. bank charges) and my credit history will also be affected! And why?? Because somebody at TALK TALK made a mistake and there is no one willing to take responsibility for this or even to correct this! Im so unhappy and so angry that I switched from my old provider to Talk Talk

    • I in the middle of another horror story with TalkTalk, I won’t bore you with the details I just want to ask all of you to complain to Ofcom, I have and been following their advice but they do not do a serious investigation until they have had numerous complaints about the same company, so even if your’s is resolved PLEASE complain to Ofcom, it might not help you but it will save anyone else going threw the misery!

  2. The staff are being lied to and screwed over more than the customers they are trying to look after. Every day staff are being told to answer calls in areas where they have no training and no support. The systems we use do not work and help and answers to questions being asked are not available and we are expected not to complain. It is no wonder that our customers are unhappy

  3. i wrote to you about my bills i dont want them out that accouct can you send my bills through the post thank you thats how i pay

  4. England. Ment to go live with Talk Talk on 30 Nov 2009. They have cut off my phone, dont even ask about internet. 7 Days later. Not a single call from them. Called them repetedly from friends phones and carphone warehouse shop. Apparently its my fault and i should pay £160 to get an engineer out. Even though i know 100% my line was fine till they touched it. Run out of ideas, now in touch with BBC consumer programs, just to get through to someone who wont lie to me.

    Any ideas anyone?????????????

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