Call for content and a quickie update

Well guys, I currently live in the US. I’ve moved to Portland, Oregon, so if you’re ever around say hi! I think that’s why you’ll notice a dearth of communication for the last few months. It’s tough to move continents.

I know there are a lot of people that still need help though. And while I think turning the blog over completely might be a bit of a minefield due to our friends in the legal department and some other sorts of agreements, I think this issue needs to be tracked independently. At least it appears so, I’m still getting e-mails and still moderating comments.

Anyone interested in contributing to the site, let me know! No pay, obviously, but you might get some additional traffic/rankings.

8 responses to “Call for content and a quickie update

  1. well i joined talltalk 2 months ago and inundated with problems getting on line and receiving mail solution nothing go slow computer still can’t receive attachments, no hope yet keep working sort it out

  2. I’m finally approaching the end of my contract with TalkTalk and wish to transfer to another provider. TalkTalk say there is no MAC key and the new provider must do a “local Loop unbundling”. I think this is further evidence of their unco-operative attitude. I welcome comments from others.

  3. Peter O'Neill

    I arranged to have talktalk broadband installed in mid April and cancelled it the very next day. No one came to install. They have just taken £50.10 out my account and have told me i made 2 calls, i dont even have a telephone or any cabels running into my house apart from my new Virgin broadband line ?

  4. friend moved from one flat toanother flat in same talk in one flat to talk talk in new flat.3 calls to talktalk allconfirmed no cancellation charge.they charged her and took monies in spite being told cancellatrion didnot apply.then told monies being paid back into her account.nothing ???

  5. Hi All
    I have had Talktalk for phone and internet for several years and have been really pleased – yes really! – till the last few months when the internet service keeping cutting out, gets very slow and websites timeout – We can’t get email reliably. We changed router (we use netgear) and still no joy. Calls to TT produced the result via setting router to channel 3 for wireless and reset Explorer but as soon as we were off the line it all collapsed. Suddenly we realised that it only worked when phone in use and sinec have been keeping phone off hook to use email adn net adn it is really fast adn marvellous! but now we effectively have no phone. Weird – has anyone else had this strange combo of problem and solution??

  6. It looks like you are a true professional. Did ya study about the issue? haha

  7. I wanted to share my frustration at the bullying tactics that new Tiscali owner, TalkTalk, are displaying to existing Tiscali Broadband customers such as myself.

    When the TalkTalk takeover was announced in November, both Tiscali and TalkTalk sent letters promising that services would remain unchanged. However, a letter dated 10th December from TalkTalk breaks this promise.

    TalkTalk are *requiring* all Tiscali Broadband customers to switch to its Weekend Talk call package by 14th January or face a £5pm hike in broadband fees, from £14.99pm to £19.99pm. This call package is a poorer deal than competitors on the market such as Primus’s free Home Phone Saver (featured in today’s MSE newsletter), which I use and gives me free evening and weekend landline calls (TalkTalk’s package is only free weekend calls), plus offers cheaper line rental.

    Furthermore, TalkTalk is introducing a 40GB/month download limit, whereas my current Tiscali package (£14.99 ‘Unlimited 8Mb Broadband’) has no fixed limits, only a fair usage cap “well in excess of 100GB/month” (from Tiscali website). Finally, TalkTalk are requiring customers to lock into an 18 month contract, hiding this detail in small print on the back of the letter!

    From reading here, this appears to be typical TalkTalk behaviour?

    Cheers, Ben

  8. Hi All,
    I’m having some fun with TalkTalk – I moved to New Zealand in October, and proir to my departure I cancelled the contract for the broadband and phone in our flat.

    I’ve just recieved a phone call from the UK from my parents who (fortunatly) opened some of my post by mistake, re-directed from the flat where the broadband was, saying I’m being taken to court for not paying the bill. I’ve just spoken to TalkTalk, their billing department was closed but the lady I spoke to confirmed that my account was actually closed back in October. I’ve had to pay the debt collectors to avoid a CCJ, which I’m going to try to reclaim from TalkTalk.
    Will keep you posted on how this works out..

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