Connection drops?

Hey guys!

Had an e-mail from Paul about a possible return to the delightful days of yonder when connections dropped every hour. Anyone had anything recently?

I’ve noticed a little bit of an increase over the last few months, not enough to be really annoying, but then I suspect my exchange is er, less than busy.




16 responses to “Connection drops?

  1. I have been logging all the drop-outs since last January and basically this is now a daily occurrence. I am now leaving Talk Talk – I think 19 months of misery is enough. I have to go round to my daughter’s house with my software and headphones to be able to take part in my OU on-line tutorials. How ridiculous do I feel? I am very upset that I have to pay £105 to come off the “free” broadband service – our exchange is now on the LLU, but I am going to pay and go.

  2. Alistair Grant

    Just moved to TalkTalk. You’re lucky to get an hour out of it. Mine went down in the last hour at 21:05, 21:20, 21:35 ( while talking to the tech support – “What is the temperature in the room where you have your PC ?” one of the typical stupid questions they ask ), again at 21:50 and hopefully it will be up long enough to send this note. Where do they get the hardware from? Orange had two dropouts for me in three years!


  4. I work a helpdesk and has a user stuck at home trying to connect, recently changing isp’s to Talk talk… we needed to phone them up, with a simple question.
    Does talktalk support VPN…

    Its a yes or a no right? wrong.

    I phoned up 4 times and had 4 different responces, yes thats right… 4
    1. yes of course we do
    2. whats a VPN, ill transfer you… line went dead
    3. no we definatley do not support it, but we would if you upgraded… (what the ***)
    4. no we dont, only businesses.

    Ive been transfered around from technicial support, to bussiness support to local support, noone has heard of VPN.

    “Its called…”
    “Virtual Private Network”…
    “No still no idea what your talking about, ill transfer you.”


    me “Do you support VPN?”
    them “we dont call and help home users…” – (she actually used thoose words) LMAO
    me “no i mean, does your line support asdl so users can connect to their workplace at home”
    them “we dont support this service”
    me “listen… im not asking for your to help me with VPN, im asking if you actually “CAN” or “CANNOT” use your line to do this.


    The whole converstation from 4 people have been a joke, ended with them hanging up on me.

    Talk talk is a joke, a micky mouse corporation. Stay clear.

    One person we spoke to… “do you support VPN” her answer “erm”
    me “do you even know what VPN is”
    her “not really”
    me “can you transfer me to someone else”


  5. Very funny! I’m a IT Support analyst .One of our home users is trying to use vpn over the adsl service. I have called Talk talk 3 times asking if they support vpn over there network.

    Me: Do you support Vpn over your adsl service for home users?
    Him: hello sir how can i help you?
    Me: repeat myself
    him: sorry sir can you confirm some details while i search Google to find out what vpn means.
    Him: no we do not support VPN.
    Me: so you don’t support vpn
    Him: no I don’t believe so, can you please call business support to confirm this?
    Me: it’s not a business customer.
    Me: “Hang up the phone”

    Really really bad company.
    Please use someone like Zen Internet
    I use them there great static IP as standard
    vpn support. Great customer support you can understand them.

    AOL or talk talk are very bad.
    Use zen or plusnet.

  6. Joined talk talk last month after being stoped in town, seemed a good deal “free broadband” went live yesterday. what the hell is going on.. my internet gose down at least once every hour. And twice in the last 10 mins. Is this the norm? if so i have 14 day to cancel, might just do that if this keeps up.

  7. Ehm…
    I’ve just subscribed to TalkTalk….
    I’ve been with BT Total Broadband Option 3 for 1 year paying £140 every quarter and I thought it was time to save some money…
    I’ve got the right to cancel within xx days and that’s something good…Anyway I’ve seen a message from a user saying had to pay £100 to get out of the contract….Why is that?Can they really do it?If the service is not working as stated on the contract users should be able to leave without any costs as this should be their problem.
    I’m one of those heavy users and BT was offering uncapped Broadband but….£140 every quarter is definitely not cheap!!
    What do you think?

  8. l have had yet another phone call from debt collecter rergarding outstanding balance to talk talk. After waiting over 8 months for broadband from talk talk which never materialised! l went to BT, talk talk wanted to charge for disconection fee when they had not fufilled their contract after numerous calls and talk talk customer services voiding charge l am still being hounded by debt collecters. How does this company run? even with computers they still can not get things right.

  9. Talktalk are truly dismal.
    they lied to me to get me to switch to their tawdry company.
    1. Disconnects for hours every week
    2. They told me no disconnection fe when I signed up
    3. They didnt tell me I had to pay for more than 5 email addresse
    4. My phone won’t work
    5 the customer service is appaling

    There must be legal grounds to get released from their contract which they don’t honour and sold to me under false pretences

    Please don’t use them crapcrap are rubbish

  10. Needing to terminate my Mother in laws TT contract. She has gone into a home and the house is up for sale. We have a Registered Power of attorney but TT customer service was messing us around. Letter, Emails and five phone calls all ignored.
    So I googled Charles Dunstone’s Email address and wrote a firm but polite Email. Suddenly I had more people eager to help me than you could shake a stick at. Situation resolved and a refund cheque, line disconnected and all in 24 hours. Great service guys and all it took was some lateral thinking.

  11. drop outs are a complete nightmare. Impossible to do anything for long before connection goes. Now going to move, worst decision ever made to move to this provider.

  12. over the past few weeks drop-outs have increased to every few minutes, it’s miserable down south

  13. If TalkTalk offered it’s customers 1 pound every time this popped up on our screens I would not need to go to work!!

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address.

    What you can try:
    Diagnose Connection Problems

    More information

  14. Dateline july 9th 08. could not conect to internet/email, looked at all conections, continuity ok, phoned help line, was told to do this that and the other, was not asked what i had done to try and fix problem, this that and the other did not work, so phoned again, and again, in the end i was told that it was something that Microsoft had put onto Vista, my system is XP, on the 25th july 08 i had to reboot the whole system. I sent a letter by recorded post, to the boss of Carphone Warehouse, still not had contact to say they have had my letter.

  15. Ladies and gentlemen,to persevere with TT,please ask for onsite local escalations and get a complaint ticket logged.It is the only way you can get them to follow up on a BB/phone complaint.Additionally,please consult for toll free or local numbers if you HAVE to call from a mobile.I would also recommend you read up on the code of practice and the terms and conditions while you’re waiting for someone to answer your call.If you see any loopholes on the thing,please proceed to speak in a calm voice and NOT get swayed by the agent you are speaking to.You will find addresses for complaints which are VERY different from the Head Office Address.If your call lands offshore(read “foreign office”),please don’t expect them to have records of your correspondence with an office in the UK.They are NOT CPW employees,they are contract workers,hence no bonus,no labour law for them,no union to support them,nada not to mention updated records and procedures.To make matters interesting,there’s a new trend,when after you nice folk have screamed/cursed/ranted and finally calmed down you say your taking it out on the company.Take it out on the company locally.Not some guy who’s offsite,who hardly has any powers to get anything done for you,apart from cajoling the onsite dept.
    If you have any “working” knowledge of the internet and the hardware that supports it,bypass 1st line support by telling them this “The drivers are upto date,the browser cache has been flushed,the modem is connected to the master socket with a new filter,the AntiVirus and firewall are off(or the pc’s in safe mode),I’ve run the blasted CD (version 5) already and still not internet.”Just tell them to add those to the notes and transfer you to 2nd line.

  16. I live on Edmonton/Woodgreen borders, my broadband has no ‘go live’ date after almost a month because talktalk doesn’t have any more room for broadband on their ‘llu’ at the exchange according to them -so you may want to find a different provider if you want the line and broadband together! Sadly TT can be seen on a makeshift stall outstide Morrisons in woodgreen flogging line & broadband deals.

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