(Link) How to reach a person.

Hey guys,

Got sent a link by someone involving the below article. Unlike a lot of link spam, this is actually pretty useful. It’s a sort of primer on how to navigate phone trees. Some of it is just relevant to the US and Canada, but you guys might find it useful as well!

We’ve all been there. It’s infuriating to sit on hold for 20 minutes, only to be connected to a service agent who has only a cursory grasp of the English language and even less knowledge about how to help you. The following tricks will help you skip to the head of the line and find a better person to talk to.

VOIP News: 50 PBX hacks

One response to “(Link) How to reach a person.

  1. I read through that link, and Im sorry to say, the majority of that will not only cause you to wait in queue longer, it will simply waste your time.

    I work for TalkTalk, and thus I have a good understanding of our processes and phone system.

    If you call any other department, you might get through quicker/speak to a UK based person, however when they transfer you they will transfer you to the back of the queue. This will cause the same amount of queue time+the time spent with the other advisor.

    The best way you have to get in touch with a UK advisor, is simply to call in and hope the call gets routed to a UK callcentre. You can also request to speak to a manager who can contact a manager abroad to arrange a callback.

    Once you have spoken to a UK based advisor, ask if he has an email you can contact him on. Some advisors will happily give out their company emails, as we dont have direct numbers.

    Im sorry to say, there are no easy ways to skip to the head of the queue, however when you finally reach a good advisor, make sure to make the best of it for future use as well.

    Regards, Nick.

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