Wireless troubles, is this MTU?

I’m not sure what this is, what do you guys think?

I’ve only been with Talktalk for 2 months and its a nightmare. The problem i have is that i got the free broadband package, installed my wireless router etc and now enjoy endless nights on the phone to the ‘brain cadets’ within their technical faults department. Getting connected to the internet is just a gamble; normally i lose.

I’ve turned off my firewall, got rid of the 60 quid Norton 360 anti-virus in favour of thier’ F-secure (advised by one of said brain cadets), i’ve even rebooted my PC from scratch as every time i phone Talktalk they say i’m connected and there isn’t a problem or they just reset the modem and get it to eventually work. One advisor told me to ring another talktalk number which ended up being a number to the Geek Squad, in which i would have to pay someone to come out and look at my fault; something which i think talktalk should do free of charge!

The thing is, there isn’t a customer help line that i can find, all i get is options for sales, faults for phone or broadband. I mention this to an advisor from their technical support section and she said that they just raise a complaint on their database and someone will call me (which hasn’t happened). I’d be very happy to end the contract and go with someone else.

Any advice? Have you heard of anything like this fault?

Any advice appreciated! 🙂

11 responses to “Wireless troubles, is this MTU?

  1. I joined TalkTalk in November 2006 and found the service abominable. The internet didn’t work most of the time and the phone was useless. I told TalkTalk where they could stick it in January 07 and appeared on Watchdog on their internet special. I dumped TalkTalk and made it clear to them that as they didn’t provide a decent and usable service as set out in the contract, I was declaring said contract void. They tried to make me pay to disconnect and I replied with a few expletives and suggested they tried suing me for the money. They tried hassling me with debt collectors but as Charles Dunstone had personally guaranteed on Watchdog that dissatisfied customers would not be charged I pointed out that I had been on Watchdog and was quite happy to raise the matter of Mr. Dunstones lies with the programs producers. I haven’t heard a thing from them since.
    PS. Anyone want to buy a cheap crappy TalkTalk modem?

  2. tbh guys i have worked for cpw for years now. there are only a handfull of people who never get problems sorted out and that is due to them comming onto a place like this getting worked up and then getting told false ifo from people who think they knw how to fix all your problems. have you tried going into your local talktalk / cpw store to talk to a sales advisor where they can get a direct line to some1 at talktalk and sort it out for you ???????? if no then stop moaning and calling up them . go down to a store and explain your problem and as them for help. simple. BT,VIRGIN,PIPEX. all these companys have more of a problem than talktalk, not to mention the prices they charge. i am with virgin and bt atm and have problems all the time. im affraid its somthing that happens to most people but people who cant be bothered to try and get it sorted come here………

  3. I agree with all that everyone has said the internet does not work, OK so far the phone is cheaper than BT but unknown to me BT had line problems which resulted with me having no dial tone Talk Talk was advised, I found out that it was BT’s fault but I am now facing a bill for £140 for BT to tell me it was their problem.
    How do I get rid of Talk Talk

  4. i also hate talk talk first went with them to save money as i was paying 50quid all in a month to aol this price was bradband and phonecalls. My first three months with talk talk cost over 600quid?. i was alledgedly phoning people over thirty times an hour. my email rarley works 7-10 websites i visit time out. even there home page where u click on a news story is allmost impossoble to read as whatever u click times out b4 page loads up. Customer service is piss poor. The people on the phone are all retarded. There antivirus is a joke. In short avoid talk talk
    ps aol im sorry please nuke talk talk and take me back.

  5. I’ve used this site to pick up tips here and there and my TT experience has been mostly good.
    I set up my Netgear WiFi myself and luckily it was fairly idiot proof. I did lose the Broadband for 30 days when my connection was upgraded. That turned out to be because it became intolerant of my in house wiring (with junctions) I had to re-wire directly to the master socket. And that is the nub of TT imo. If you NEVER need technical back up your OK. It’s not for the inexperienced as the tech backup isn’t good. I have recommended it to family and they’ve done OK too. So it’s not all back. I don’t work in IT but am probably a bit of a IT geek..
    Oh and luckily I live in a new house with excellent wires.

  6. re James post 30th Jan
    I can’t understand what CPW employee James is talking about. No wonder the broadband service doesn’t work.

  7. I’m heartily sick of the attitude that these huge monopolies have. Why is there no responsibility taken by anyone anymore. I’m a senior citizen and a relatively new internet user [ six months ] and its doing my head in. I transferred to Talk Talk in November as I was given such a crap service from BT and find I’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire! After countless calls to their so called Technical Help Desk where I can’t understand a word that they say -Sorry if that sounds racialist but it’s a fact – I feel like chucking the whole lot through the window – Computor and all
    Val Kelly

  8. I don’t think talktalk is the problem here, I think its phone companies in general. I have been with several companies in the past including BT, all of which have had indian call centres and all of whose services goes up and down at random intervals. I’ve been with talktalk for 3 months now with no hitches apart from the odd setup problem or two. I was even impressed when I phoned second line support (uk based) and after 30mins on hold had the call answered by someone who I could understand who told me he had spotted a problem on my line and he would fix it. Not sure I like the idea of them having remote access to my router but I see I can turn that off. It hasn’t gone down since. My advice is, ignore the helpline number they give you (those that ask you if its plugged in properly and get rid of you by telling you to swap the micro filters and come back in a week) and call the following second line support number: 0870 087 8080 (free from your home phone if its working (-: )

  9. Dave Beacall, you are a funny man, you are asking to go back to AOL yet you are currently on AOL. TalkTalk works through the original AOL engine so any problems you have now would still exist with AOL. This is pretty piss poor, why dont you all (with problems) use your common sense and go into a carphone warehouse store where the staff would be happy to help. Some are even trained to deal with technical problems to do with internet and wireless connectivity! Happy talktalk customer here with no problems, as for the first comment, dude get a grip! Watchdog???? never in my life have i heard such stupidity, watchdog is just a media tool that makes up rubbish to pull in the viewers!

  10. You could just leave TalkTalk… I know people who complain on here must love seeing their words displayed on a screen, after all what else will you do between signing on and waiting in Boots for your meth?

    Try BT, Virgin, Three, Orange, Vodaphone, Tiscali to name a very small percentage of them.

    Fact is, you all know this. People who take the time out of their lives to complain instead of actually doing something just like to complain and have nothing else to do in their life.

    Why have I posted on here? Because I just like taking the piss out of people who have no life. Ha!

  11. I had this kind of problem and i switched between the supplied and a a d link wireless modem. The problem remained.T T were usless it was as if we were talking a diffrent language .So i contacted tec support for my wireless router by e mail they replied almost instantly with a step by step walk thru of how to adjust my router settings.This worked a treat.

    talk talk sukcs

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