Trouble with phones!

Hey guys,

Anyone else having issues like this?

My parents switched to TalkTalk about a year ago because they can call me in the US and relatives in Australia for free plus they get broadband internet. For the last six weeks their service has been useless to nonexistent. They received a letter saying their service would go out for a few hours while the lines were upgraded and nothing has worked since. No dial tone. Cut off after a few minutes. Today we tried to chat and gave up after 6 tries to connect. I also get a message saying their line is busy when they aren’t even using it.

They tried calling customer service and were told that the line was fine, they needed to recharge their fine and there was nothing TalkTalk could do. They even got cut off during the call to Customer Service but were still told your line is fine.

Anyone else having these problems recently?

Let us know 🙂


8 responses to “Trouble with phones!

  1. Hi, Tell me about it!!!!
    The worst decision ever was to leave BT. Talk Talk do not have an operational faults department, nor do they have their own engineers. Our ‘phone (and internet access) went down on Tuesday morning – reported dead line. Wednesday evening received text “fault resolved” texted back phone still dead. Thursday ‘customer fault services’ (?) apologise fault automatically closed as line tested OK – re-registered fault, however if the faults inside the house IT WILL COST YOU £140!!!! (what do BT charge £60?). Friday ‘customer fault services’ (?) apologise fault automatically closed as line tested OK!!! When asked when an engineer would come was told an engineer couldn’t be ordered if the line tests ok! But the ‘phone is dead! Can you organise a local engineer I was asked! But you are the fault department, aren’t you? Ok then please have my calls transfered to my mobile – “how long will the fault take to repair” I was asked! What!!!!! You are the fault service so you tell me AND THAT WAS THE END OF THE LINE. I requested that a senior manager to call me back – didn’t happen. Fixed the fault myself – the master box had been fried by lightning – so not an internal fault! THANK GOODNESS we kept our broadband with Tiscali as from what I read here that looks like an even bigger nightmare with talk talk. First thing Monday I’m on to BT Sales and if Talk Talk think they have a hope in hell of me paying a £70 disconnection fee DREAM ON!
    My advise to anyone considering Talk Talk is to steer well clear and not touch them with a barge poll – now to write to Watch Dog!

  2. I went through hell with crackling phone lines. Eventually they sent someone out who found that the junction box was corroded. Took him 5 minutes to fix! Why do they always disbelieve you?

    Latest problem is that Call Waiting has changed – for the caller. They used to get a message (“… knows you are calling”, or something like that).

    This has suddenly stopped: the caller now just gets ringing. After about a zillion calls to the brain cadets they tell me that’s the way it is. Can that be right?

  3. Has anyone had an issue of unknown phone numbers appearing on their talkatlk phone bill

    My parents have had a load of international and 118.. calls (£24 for one single call) appear on their bill that they know nothing about, the total bill came to £294. When we dialled one of the international nuber, they denied knowing anyone from the UK.

    I called talktalk and they are putting a stop to the direct debit being taken out and asked us to go to the police and get a crime reference number so talktalk can invesitgate (as if the police are going to be interested in my little problem!). but the talktalk operator said that the fact that they’ve been asked to tell customers to get a crime report could mean they’ve had this kind of thing before.

    I would be very interested to hear if anyone else has heard of this.


  4. I had dreadful problems on changeover in January 2008 but after a few days everything worked OK. The only problem now is that the system doesnt always register the number on my phone of who is calling in

  5. no broadband since jan got that fixed by may but now wont accept my email address FED UP WITH TALK TALK

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    Up your energy levels after spending so long waiting for the advisors to answer your call.

  7. As far as TalkTalk are concerned. I recently received a phone call from someone at TalkTalk advising me that my 18 month contract was up and that it would be automatically renewed. I advised the caller that it was the first communication I had received from TalkTalk since joining them which seemed to be at least 2 years ago. I advised them that since joining TalkTalk I had made so many calls to Talktalk about not being able to get on line and my phone not working for a week. I asked them if they could guarantee that
    I would get the service promised in their contract rather than the numerous days of not being able to get on line over a 15 month period.
    All they would say is that TalkTalk have improved their service and that the had taken on more staff to deal with the problems that they are having with TalkTalk.

    I refused to agree to another 18 months contract and said I would carry on with the existing contract until I was satified that TalkTalk services had improved.

    As far as faults with your intenet service is concerned, I managed to get TalkTalk to replace the modem and filters and since then the service has dramatically improved. I cannot trust TalkTalk tomaintain the current service hence my reluctance to agree to a further 18 month contract

  8. I purchased a netgear wireless router to to enable me to use my laptop at home. This did not work, after constent calls and hours of waiting and being redirected to India and then back to London then to South Africa I was told that it was the equipment at fault. I took the equipment back. I was still unable to work from home as the broadband connection was so inconsistent I could only work for half an hour at the most at any one time. I again complained to Talk Talk, this time I was on the phone for 3 hours!!!. I decided to change back to BT. I agreed that I would pay a £70.00 cessation fee to Talk Talk and registered with BT, they gave me a date for connection. A week after this BT called me to ask why I had decided not to use them. Rather confused I asked them what they meant and that I was unaware that there were any problems. Apparently Talk Talk cancelled the swap without my consent!!! I had to re register and wait for a further week for my connection to BT. I called Talk Talk and logged my complaint and also told them that under the circumstances they would not be receiving a cessation fee from me. They have now sent this bill to a litigation company and added a further £25.00 admin fee on top. I am getting constant phone calls threatening me (daily sometimes twice daily). Surely Talk Talk are the ones that have broken the terms of the contract by cancelling my request with BT. I don’t know what to do next.

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