Clarifications. Read me!

Hey guys.

A few of you made this mistake recently, I am not an employee of Talk Talk!

I am an employee of an IT services company in Manchester in their IT department.

I run this site as a hobby/service to give people a hand.

❤ Tiffany

2 responses to “Clarifications. Read me!

  1. hey there, guess who’s back!
    i’ve been away for a while but im leaving carphone soon and if there’s anything you guys wanna know then just let me know cos i’m a fountain of knowledge and i have a full can of beans to spill! lol!

  2. Had to report a certain amusement with Carphone Warehouse I discovered today. Couldn’t remember the address to this and thought it was rather than a wordpress address.

    But oh…those Carphone Warehouse are no mugs, seeing as they’ve registered and it forwards directly to their free broadband sign up page! They’ve also registered, although that doesn’t automatically forward.

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