Confirmation regarding e-mail

Hey guys,

I have some information regarding the e-mail thing. Talk Talk are going through an upgrade period to resolve some of the previous e-mail issues you guys had.  Some of the upgrades didn’t go as planned, hence the problems from last week. They say they’re still working through a backlog of issues at the moment but hope to have things resolved soon.

Let me know if that helps or not!

10 responses to “Confirmation regarding e-mail

  1. yer my emails been playing up the last few days, wont sent via smtp and the internet is slow also im not sure if there related, hey atleast we aint with virgin!!

  2. I also seem to have lost some programms at the same time. and cant get to my settings on normal or safe mode. has this happend to any one else.

  3. I also seem to have lost some programms at the same time. and cant get to my settings on normal or safe mode. has this happend to any one else.

  4. I TOO have had it with talk talk, however I am screwed because our phone is with BT, and talk talk has a contract through BT, I like the fact I can c all usa with out being charged internetaional calls, but at what price of my sainty !

    For 12 weeks, we have had phone calls missed, phone dropping out during calls, not able to dial out. and also internet dropping out . CONTSTANTLY. We have replaced modems, microfilters and done numberious of their tests at their requests. HAVE They sent an engineer out NO !!. WHY.. who the hell knows !

    I am beyond angry. IN THE USA. IF YOU have a customer that complains more then 4 times in 3 days. THEY roll a truck out to see the problem.. IN ENGLAND, you have to keep complaining untill someone bloody well wakes up , and goes . oh there is a problem.


    I PROMICE you, if and when they bring an enginer out to our house. and it turns out to be a BT problem.. I WILL POST all over the world, THAT BT AND TALK TALK are CRAP !

    CRAP Customer service, who just read via a script and keep saying nothing we can do, we have to log a fault. we cannot do any more. WHY NOT !!! YOUR customer service person. DO some service to the customer.

    I AM BEYOND angry. !!

    anyone want to contact me , and want to go to watch dog and the media about this. CONTACT ME … I am ready. PEOPLE need to get off their arses and and start giving a hell of a lot better customer service then they are doing.

    all i got to say to Talk talk reps is..IF THIS WAS YOU.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO !! 12 WEEKS THIS HAS COST ME. .12 WEEKS OF AGGERVATION !!

  5. lawrence Preston

    We run a business which used emails as a means to book sessions. Our incoming emails stopped on Friday afternoon and did not come back until Monday evening about 6pm, whereupon we received about 30 emails some very important.
    This is not the first time this has happened. Just after joining in September we had similar problems!! Can we not move on the grounds that they are breaking their contract to us??

  6. Well,yet another server failure,it’s like gambling every time you sit to use the pc,will it work or won’t iy.The phone light is flashing away for the last 2 weeks but I know I haven’t a cat in hells chance of addressing either problem as Talktalk are virtual reality.I refuse to pay them to put their appalling” service” right as I am paying every month for a p—-poor atrocious rip off set up.Can you tell I’m mad?there is no way to speak to them as they hang up on you or tell you a load of made up fantasy which helps not a jot .Or you get a person in India or S.Africa

  7. I am on talktalk for phone and broadband and so far have not had a problem, My friend who lives a couple of miles from me has BIG problems ever since it was installed about 4 months ago, From christmas eve to new years eve everything has been fine she switched on today and guess what she cant get on the internet again this has been happening ever since she switched to them at first it was usually once a week for perhaps a day now she cant get on at all or access her emails, She has spent hours on the phone over the last couple of months to technical support who have been quite rude and treating her as an idiot they dont listen to what she is telling them she has paid for an engineer to come out and he said it is nothing to do with her PC it is talktalk, She has been on the phone again today and they have promised to call her within 48 hours, I told her not to hold her breath! If anyone is having similar problems I would like to hear from you perhaps you have a solution to my friends problem?

  8. I rely on my email working because it is my business email. I know that some people emailed me around Nov/Dec 2007 and their emails didn’t get to me. TalkTalk have been useless – they couldn’t tell me why the problem happened. I’m hoping that the problem has gone away now. Problem is – how do I know if someone has emailed me, but their email hasn’t got through?!

  9. Having similar issues to a lot of you here: intermittent service, dropping every half hour or so, only fixable by leaving the piece-of-junk powered off for 20 mins. This is due to line sync issues and the TalkTalk equipment in your local exchange – a point illustrated by the fact I and others had perfectly fine broadband through a BT line, be it Sky or otherwise.

    I am a network engineer by profession, and having to explain the solution repeatedly to their outsourced call staff and confusing the heck out of them gets you nowhere fast. I have been promised call backs from ‘the higher-level tech team’ numerous times, to no luck. I could *train* the ‘higher-level tech team’, but unless I grab myself an axe, a large DSLAM multiplexer manual, physically break in to the local exchange and *try* to fix the problem myself, it’s me (or us) Vs the brick wall that is Frontline Customer Services.

    I would not trust some of these imbeciles to boil me an egg, let alone anything else. On another note, I asked 5 times, on 5 separate occasions to transfer details of my partner’s account to my name, to no luck. Every time its ‘sure, sure, it’s done’, but hey-hey! every time I call up, it’s the same old details! What dya know?

    I thoroughly believe we live in a day and age where free broadband ought to be free broadband, not some watered down half-arsed intermittent service that will be fixed ‘when it’s fixed’. The so-called ‘network problems’ Talk Talk harp on about is insider-speak for ‘stop calling us – you’ve got free internet, live with it’.

    I am currently trying my best to leave talktalk services ASAP.

  10. rodney s merrick

    no doubt when or if talktalk sort out the problems there chairman and director,s will get a big fat payout for being in charge and providing a real crap sevice

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