Howdy Talk Talk Hell readers

If you’re coming here for e-mail problems, you’re not alone. I’ll check it out and let you know!

18 responses to “Howdy Talk Talk Hell readers

  1. E-mail abducted by Onetel/TalkTalk, NOT A phenomenon, just exceptionally normal!
    Dreadful Customer Services delivered by the Carphone Group …Profits up, Quality of Product down …how do they do that?
    Telecoms Technology Competition, there isn’t any! Had at one point a communication from Charles Dunstone CEO (SUPPOSEDLY) the content of reply only further demonstrates the Companies incompetence!

  2. i had to ring technical support in Bangalore to be told that no-one could access their email account and it could take 48 hours to fix we are now on 24 hours its pretty unnerving jill

  3. Apparently they’re improving the servers and webmail has been improved over the past few days.

  4. Had an aol email account and a talktalk account – fine until 7 November 2007. Whenever I log into talktalk it brings up my aol account and i cannot access any of my talktalk messages.

  5. i still cant get email when i ring Bangalore they always peomise me SOON when i ring here you get a recorded message saying they know SOME? people are still having a problem and the engineers are workingon it you know i’m not technically minded and only just scrape by on daily usage i also sell on Amazon with 2 orders waiting its so unnerving jill

  6. spending most of day trying to SPEAK to someone at talktalk tehe speak talktalk? but will it make any difference can anyone on here advise? thanks jill

  7. Speakin to TalkTalk wont make any difference, these issues are usually dealt with at a level way above customer service, my suggestion is that you wait for the service to be resumed, as you can imagine this issue will be affecting a lot of users and should be resolved asap in order to cause the least disruption possible



  9. i’m in the process of moving valued email accounts to a different address at least you lose the vast amounts of spam i’ll leave when i’m sure where i want to go i think i’ve done my 18 months also when they upgrade i can never seem to catch up i am not very technically competent and if theres something you dont understand and are doing wrong you can sometimes never get out of it like a bad habit so i’ll be ok on another email for now who knows what brilliant deal may come?

  10. BEN,

    If you have Talk Talk BB then you are in a 30day trial starting from the day your BB went live.

    They will continue to threaten the £70 disconnection fee unless YOU mention it to them!! As soon as you mention the trial period, and assuming you are still within that period, the talktalk agent MUST waive that fee if you cancel within those 30days.

    Hope this helps.

    (former employee of Talk Talks)

  11. Just how stupid do the people who answer the phones think we are? i have had trouble with outsiders hacking my p.c at home through the talk talk network. i knew it was happening and used the netstat command at the C:/line to get the ip address and location of persons unknown. i am also using the F-(un)-secure, insecurity package (not for much longer) which is not able to find the location on the hard drive of at least 6 pieces of malware Devil, Deep throat, sockets de trois, kuang 2 tcp+udp and another type of trojan the virus checker cannot find but the firewall is stopping…..(to say nothing of the remote logons through other great windows innovations). F-secure 2007failed to tell me when i installed it that there was 32.000 yes 32.000 files that needed immunising from the rest of the computer for safety. windows livecare is a must for the home user its free for personal users get it at C-Net for nowt(5*-5*’s).
    i phoned balk-balk to get some idiot telling me that because i am wireless of course i would have hackers, i told him to shut up he didn’t know what he was talking about, the addresses resolves in france and canada. not in my street. one attacker must be using an automated attack because in the course of a weekend i had seen 12000+attacks. i managed to get hold of secondary support (biblical music) and told them of my plight. entirely useless and unhelpful to the point that when i asked for assistance in reducing the amount of attacks they said they couldn’t. i asked them to look at the logs, they don’t have access to them…nevertheless someone has hacked me at some point and placed malware on my machine in places the scanners do not find it, support at F-Secure is also non existant, i firmly believe if we had any sense we would flee this *hitty company in droves and vote with our feet, any one else sick of hearing that bloody song….they want a revolution well its time to revolt!!!!Give your money to a company that actually gives a SHI*. i hope you do not have the same experience as me. and yes my internet security is quite good im not a fool and as i said to the muppet on the phone if this is happening to me you can bet it is happening network wide and people don’t realize it…oh i doubt that mr jones.
    I bet you it is.
    NEVER PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER INTO YOUR P.C!! NEVER! no matter how safe you think it is……….take care and run like hell!

  12. it took me 2 months and 100’s of calls to actually get my wireless connection in the first place. now i can’t send any email attachments or upload any photos. i tried to sort this out 6 weeks ago but gave up after hours of holding and never being called back when promised. have now been holding for 35mins today and it’s ruining yet another day off work! i have told everyone i know to avoid this company at all costs – they have the worst customer services i have ever used – and i used to be with bt so that’s really saying something!

  13. Ihave been with Talk Talk since November 2006 during that time I must have spent at least 25 hours either listening to “Something in the air” or talking to people who must be trained to try to fool you into believing that it must be your top of the range computer that is causing your failure to get on line or that it could be your modem supplied by talk talk or youir filter also supplied by talk talk.
    When after at least a half hour wait you eventually get through to their second line personell they really have not got a clue what to do either.
    The last time a managed to speak to somebody they said that they would get their engineers to make an appointment to come round to my hose to check the line. I am still waiting for the phone call which is over a week ago.
    Do not use this company unless you have had your brain taken out as it appears to run on a pack of lies!!

  14. Hi.
    Has anyone had problems connecting via Remote Assistance through the TalkTalk network. That has a clue how to solve it.
    I have two friends on the TalkTalk network with there Broadband Connection and I cant connect with ether of them,
    I can connect with there PC’s via the internet Remote Assistance when there PC’s are connected via my internet connection, when I have them on test with me.
    I feel the problem could be with TalkTalk.
    Can anyone help with this ????

  15. 40 minutes on hold and counting. It is astonishing how bad this copany is. Their hold music though shows promise

    “Call out the instigators
    Because there’s something in the air
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later ”

    The song goes on rather appropriately

    “Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now ”

    Too effing true!

  16. When talk talk called me in December and offered me a deal for phones and internet i thought – that’s a good idea… it turned into such a fiasco in the first 2 weeks that i canceled the account. 4 months later I’m still receiving bills, and even when I do get a credit – it’s not until the following month and I have to call them to claim it. It’s criminal how they are getting away with it! I’m now into triple figures for the amount they continue to take from me. I hate having to shout at the guys on the phone, but they do appear to have been trained in defensive communication. Thankfully have managed to talk three friends into not joining tt. I wish i could talk more into switching off but I wouldn’t wish the switchin nightmare I’ve had on anyone… Bt aren’t much better and after losing phones and internet for 2 weeks, I’m actually scared to switch again. It’s actually like being held hostage and I think these telecommunication companies know it! ah that’s better – now to start the formal complaint…

  17. since the beggining of february many people are having issues with talktalk connecting to gaming servers and ipoker servers i have since been investigating this issue and have come to the conclusion that talk talk/ Aol are now filtering network traffic in an attept to curb P2P, but in doing so this has had a negative effect on all UDP traffic im writing this in the vain hope that someone somewhere can verify this for me and i can then approch talk talk with relevant facts to back up my theory, while putting a block on P2P is all well and good they are in fact in breach of contract even under there so called fair usage policy because its effecting the general use of the internet and gaming servers they have caused me and many others to lose money through the ipoker gaming network and im getting rather angry they hold all the aces as they hold the line and i cannot tranfer to anothe r ISP

  18. Joined 6th June. Outbound calls not working untill 3 days ago. Internet on and off. Not paying the full bill. No Way! Services Suspended untill paid. Who in the right mind pays for limited service?

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