SMTP restrictions?

Derek wrote in with this regarding sending e-mails from another ISP’s network. My thought is it’s an IP restriction to try and prevent relaying through their mail servers.

(For a run down of open mail relays, clicky on

Check Derek’s e-mail:

I have been in France for the past eight weeks. A friend allowed me to use his wireless network but not once could I send an email via talktalk on my VAIO laptop. I telephoned the talktalk help line using my mobile telephone but was told that everything was OK, or that I should use the talktalk internet mail service. This I could do. I then sent an email to talktalk telling them about my problems in only being able to receive emails and not send them. They sent me a reply again asking me to telephone the help line. I asked them to telephone me and another reply simply told me to again telephone the help line.

As you know, using a mobile telephone to contact a help line, press one, press two press three etc. is very expensive. Fortunately, I had retained my dial-up connection to and was able to access this to keep in touch with emails and such like.

When a customer is in difficulty and sends an email asking for help, surely it should be within the bounds of the help line to ring back to try and discover the problem.

I have been a strong supporter of the TalkTalk telephone and Broadband service since it started and recommended it to many friends. I appreciate that the service has attracted incredible numbers, as there is no service to beat it at the price. I hoped that after the service had been in existence for such a length of time most of the connection problems should have been sorted out.

What do you guys think? Any confirmation? Honestly though, the tech should have known if this was the case.

5 responses to “SMTP restrictions?

  1. You will need to change your outgoing server name in Outlook from TalkTalk’s to that of your hosts ISP, ask the person whos network your accessing to contact his ISP in order to obtain the SMTP address (usually smtp.insert ISP name Go into Outlook, go to tools, accounts and change the outgoing mail server name and that should resolve the issue

  2. There has been a recent change of process within talktalk and now NO second line techs make outgoing calls, unless it is a higher level complaint or a line fault on an IP stream (BT resold) service. Good luck getting through on the new inbound number. Witing times at peak of about an hour.

  3. Colonel Gaddaffi

    This thread is totally irrelevant to the topic at hand, 2nd line inbound is a newly established service, outbound calls are made when they are needed and they aren’t exclusive to IP Stream customers as the majority of customers are LLU anyway

  4. When I think about it this is probably mostly about botnet control. Spam bots usually send their junk mail direct (since traffic through a smarthost would quickly show them up).

    Of course it’s also an aid to government snooping. Makes it easy to intercept your outgoing traffic.

  5. Talk Talk’s outgoing mail server is not working! Ahhh! The engineers acknowledged the problem and have no idea when it will restart.

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