Halo 3 issues?

Well, that’s a new search term. ‘Halo 3 MTU’ came up today.

What’s the issue? Do I need to fear something?

Edit: The folks at Eurogamer are all a buzzing about NAT problems and Halo 3. thread is here with some good information.

4 responses to “Halo 3 issues?

  1. I have Halo 3 and everytime i try to play it online
    with friends over xbox live talktalk will crash whenever it feels like it and force us to restart the entire level, I’ve tried everything i can think off

    The log just tells me CHAP Authentication Failed.
    I don’t know how to fix it and it’s driving me spare.
    ShitShit more than TalkTalk!

  2. I would love any help! Please!!! 😀

  3. Type in NAT Open Xbox Huwaei (or words to that effect) in google and youll find an xbox live help section for the TalkTalk modem, its not just TalkTalk routers that have this NAT issue its all routers

  4. Oh yeah CHAP authentication normally means Username or Password issue? Is the link light Amber when your connecting? Try restting the modem at the back and entring all the details in again via your computer

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