Cable connected to wireless?

Hey guys! My wireless setup is via an adapter on a system at home set to Access Point. I then use ICS from the wireless adapter to connect to Talk Talk’s network. Needless to say I don’t have a fancy router :).

But, my guess is someone knows how to do this without shelling out 25 pound to Geek Squad?

Have a read and see if you can help!

Hello there Mr. Hell. My name is Abbey and I’m the daughter of an existing Talk Talk customer, and I wish to tell you my trouble.

Today my dad and I spent the afternoon feeling frustrated, annoyed and quite angry. Infact there was a point when I felt like smashing my computer up with a sledge hammer, a feeling in which I’m sure all computer owners have experianced at some point.

But anyway here’s why:

I recently got a Nintendo DS for my birthday, and couldn’t wait to get set-up on Wi-Fi connection, believing that it would be relatively straight forward. (I should have known better!!)

I mean I have all the equipment I need: Internet, Wireless Router, a DS and Windows XP, and finally a compatible Wi-Fi game.

I’ll get to the point, our wireless router (purchased from Talk Talk) is currently set up with the cable connected setting, but to enable Wi-Fi connection, we need to change it to the Wireless setting. Not sure of how to do this, we turned to Talk Talk for help, so we rang their helpline. Before getting anywhere, we were transferred to 3 different help sections after only explaining our problem.
Finally though, it seemed as though help was at hand, it looked promising!

The help service that we were talking to now, was called Geek Squad and they said they could easily help us change our router to the wireless setting BUT!!!…….

………It was going to cost £25!!! £25 just for a set of instructions? Talk about being ripped off, it’s diabolical!!

So let’s summarise my problem here; My dad and I spent an afternoon trying to get help on how to make our router wireless, when it’s supposed to be wireless anyway, we phone TalkTalk up and get transferred all over the place, when the number we first rung up should have been able to help us out. Then when help is finally available, we find out it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg to get it. Talk about bad service!

Anyway we gave up on Talk Talk for help on this matter in the end, and we certainly weren’t prepared to pay that £25. So I turned to the internet for further help and I stumbled onto your website. On there, it was nice to see we weren’t the only ones going through this ‘TalkTalk Hell’!

I’m sorry this E-mail was miles long, I never intended it to be this long winded, thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it. Goodbye, take care.

Thanks for your lovely e-mail Abbey. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

8 responses to “Cable connected to wireless?

  1. WiFi, what WiFi !
    I also have a router from Talktalk. Her’s how.:
    First phone talktalk, enquire about routers, be told the price is £29.99 Order, and wait, router arrives, need c/d for vista. Told that it will be sent. Okay so far?
    Invoices arrives, showing the price at £49.99. Phone talk talk to be told that is the way they invoice!
    They accept the price of £29.99 and they will CREDIT on next invoice, thus holding my money interest free for one month.
    After telling Talktalk what they can do, they sent a cheque for the balance.Okay so far?
    Next comes connection, I learn that by pay the Geek Squad £25 they will alter something or other.
    I have been a client of Talk talk, endured over charging, in-correct charging, the usual promises Etc. Why you may ask, because they are cheaper than most.
    Oh! I have been waiting for over 25 minutes to speak to Talk Talk, I keep hearing that my call is important to them, Now I ask you, WHY?
    That’s all folks

  2. I too have had a far from enjoyable with talk talk.
    When i first decided to purchase the talk talk broardband i was too offered the geek squad for £25 but as i am an electronic engineer who has worked with computer and networking for the past 10 years if declined this offer thinking ” hay how complicated can it be”.
    After receiving my router and set up CD through the post i then set about the set up process. All went swimingly until it came to the set up wirless conection section and all the problems then occured.
    I could have had the free modem with out the wireless option but no i decided i would pay the 30 quid or what ever it was and go wireless.
    Since this problem i have been in contact with talk talk and have been told that the way to fix this is to subscribe to the geek squad!
    In the heated discusionwhiched followed this sugestion with Silvesta from the talk talk customer services he managed to let it slip to me that the CD they send out to set up the router DOES NOT contain the correct setting to set up your wireless conection and if you want this to work correctally then the geek squad is your only option.
    When i ask him if he thought this was imorral he did not reply. They since have offered to send me out a copy of there new set up cd and see if this will sort the problem.
    Any tips of over comming this please let me know and if the new CD works then i will too tell the world.

    sorry for going on.


  3. I have exactly the same issues as you both describe. Exactly the same scenario ie. late delivery of modem, overcharged for it and wrong install disk and same response from their call centre in Stornaway, they suggested I look on the modem manufacturers website for technical support!!..and they know the company is at it! Does anyone know how to set up the router without paying the bas***ds £25??!!

  4. May be able to help with router issues, I had the same problems myself. I’m afraid to say it but unless you pay they don’t want to know. Its a rip, to many people are havingthese problems and someones getting rich solving our problems caused by talktalk. Right rant over. Forget the connect and go disk, you need to access the router settings through your LAN connection by opening it in your browser, I have an echolite provided by talktalk, enter into the address bar you will then be asked to enter a user
    name type “admin” the password is also “admin”.
    You should now be in the Web Configurator, HUAWEI Echolife. Click on Basic then WAN Settings, in the username and password boxes enter you talktalk username and password from your welcome letter. scroll to bottom of page and submit. then enter the Wireless Lan settings, set authentication type to WEP-128Bits, in the box below Key#1 enter a 13 digit code mix letters and numbers. this will set password on you wireless network, remember to write it down. there are instuctions in the guide with you talktalk disc.

    Hope this is of help,

    For different routers address should be on page 13 of guide.

    TTFN and good luck.

  5. harpur mccarthy

    the previous post omitted to add that an ethernet cable is needed to connect to the router. this connects via the ports at the back of you network on the computer to the port at the back of the router. then you open up your browser window and place your router address in the address bar. once that is done follow the steps as described.


  6. harpur mccarthy

    <> should read network card

  7. Ditto every thing above, have scrapped a perfectly good router, bought their shiny white router, installed all and cannot access the security setting area, directed again to “geek squad” pay 25 quid and all will be beautiful again, what a scam, better named Scam squad, send out equipment that cannot work without paying protection money to squad, and tech will not deal with you, who runs this company Tony Soprano But no not this time I’ve had enough, as soon as contract ends will cancel and go elsewhere, it’s not even the money, I am fed up waiting 20-45 mins to talk to non english speaking indians that cannot do anything anyway, and then hang up if the problem isn’t on their cribsheet, sorry no more space but I feel strangely better now,

  8. Hi there, I followed Phil’s advice but I still cannot connect to the internet with my Echolife wireless router. In the wireless network connection it says that it is acquiring network address but won’t connect. The wireless network is blottobart and not talk talk so this is perhaps the problem – I don’t know what blottobart is! Any help would be appreciated as I’ve been trying to get this set up for months!

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