Bandwidth capping at 30GB instead of 40?

This has the potential to be a real issue for gamers.

All right I want my position made clear. I am a 17 year old student and loves gaming through Xbox Live. Now for the story. Oh, and I love the website and I officially hate talktalk.

At the last week of July, my internet got capped/throttled this interfered with my Xbox Live, my media capabilities i.e. streaming media. At first I thought “Oh I hit the internet 40GB cap somehow, it was only days from August so I waited until 5th August. No change. I phoned up TalkTalk. I’ll give you a run down of the conversation after a 40 minute wait on hold. I asked what was going on and it seems that they have throttled my internet since I hit 30gb not 40gb in the contract. I was like hang on I pay to have a 40Gb limit not 30. They said it was to be fair to everyone who uses the internet service. Angrily I accepted, I asked when will service be resumed. At the end of the billing month. September!? Yes. I cursed the night away.

Now its the 10th of September and internet is still capped, I have called TalkTalk 26 times in 10 days trying to get my internet working again. I never get a straight answer. Some say its the exchange, modem, cables, telephone, micro filters anything but them!! I ranted to tech support today, they said they’ll put me through to an engineer or live support or something. Call back in a few hours since hold time is very long, he wasn’t authorised to let me hold. I agreed to wait. Called back a few hours later and found that they have no idea what I was talking about with an engineer even though the other guy said they’d make a note of it on my account. They then said the connection is perfect on their end, my PC was to blame. Right. I was angry beyond belief, I stressed the fact that ever since I was capped my internet was broken thanks to THEM!!! “Nope, nope, the connection is perfect our end, its your problem” I am quoting an Indian woman here!!

I plan on grilling TalkTalk again tomorrow. I will not let them sleep, when the contract ends and I kid you not, I would prefer Dial-up with AOL!!! That is how ticked off I am. If you do talk with TalkTalk, give them hell son, or I WILL SUE TalkTalk!!!

Liam’s issue is resolved now but I was curious if anyone else had trouble with early bandwidth caps?

10 responses to “Bandwidth capping at 30GB instead of 40?

  1. I’ve had nothing but problems with Talktalk over the last 16 months I’ve been with them. I have recently had an argument with them as they capped me for downloading 8gig in a month. They removed the cap, but capped me the following month for exceeding 6gig. They then forgot to uncap me for 3 months after this. I’m amazed that they allowed someone to download 30gig before they capped them though. They seem to make the rules up as they go along. I’ll be switching providers the second the contract is up. They are criminals.

  2. What alot of people, including talktalk representatives, don’t realise is you don’t have to go anywhere near the download limit for your service to be capped. If the network detects ANY p2p traffic on your connection between 9am and midnight the cap is applied automatically. It’s in the T&Cs, but hey, why would anyone read those before signing up for anything.

  3. lesleavestalktalk

    I have found out that I am capped even though only being on a half meg connection there is no way I could get near the monthly limit of 30 or 40 Gig. I would doubt if I download 4 Gig on a heavy month. I reckon they are capping anyone using p2p

  4. Hi I’ve just been reading your site after stumbling upon it on google.

    Basically I think I’m in a similar position only they haven’t capped me (yet). Is it something to do with Xbox Live perhaps?

    I received a letter last week to say I’d gone over my usage limit of 40 gig last month. I knew I had downloaded a fair bit from xbox live (demos etc) but nowhere near 40 gig. My laptop usage for the month was minimial and nothing had been downloaded on that apart from a few 5mb files (not from P2P). I’m pretty sure nothing / nobody else has been using my connection.

    I decided to give talk talk a call so they could explain when and how I had gone over this limit. I was put through to tech support who decided to give me a lesson in IT (I used to be an IT technician and then worked for BT Broadband 2nd line tech support). I explained to the person on the phone that I knew as soon as a computer was connected it would use bandwidth but nowhere near 40 gig if your not actually downloading anything or viewing many websites.

    I asked the tech support guy to check the systems and see how much bandwidth I’d used for the month, I decided that someone must have a record of this as they had sent me out a letter. Anyway he put me on hold for a good 15 minutes and returned to say “you have not used 40 gig it must be a mistake so ignore the letter and call us back if you get disconnected”.

    Obviously I don’t want my service capped / disconnected because I’m paying £40 a year for xbox live on top of my talk talk subscription so I asked exactly how much I had used if it wasn’t 40 gig. He basically said he didn’t know and decided to tell me about how web sites will use bandwidth. I’m not sure how many websites he thinks I’ve looked at in the past month but it would be some amount. He asked if I could still access the internet to which I said “Yes, I hope so because you’ve only just sent a letter out”. On checking my laptop everything was fine but I’m still surprised I got a letter about it.

    I’m not sure if I can post links on here and I’m not working for these people in any way but I found a handy little tool which monitors your bandwidth usage and keeps a record for your previous month. It will tell you the average upload / download speeds as well which is handy.

    The application is called AnalogX NetStat Live if you want to check it out. It might take a little tweaking as it does monitor things such as CPU but you can turn these off.

    Now I’m just waiting to see if I get disconnected, capped or receive another letter. I have to say apart from this I think I must have been pretty lucky because I’ve never had any other problems (fingers crossed).

  5. I recently noticed that my bandwidth had dropped considerably from the 2.0mbps rate I was originally getting when I went down the llu route with talktalk. Strangely my router claims I’ve got a 514kbps down/108kbps uplink so I phoned talktalk.

    After the normal starter discussion about routers, master sockets etc TT admitted to capping me for having exceeded my download limit. Fair enough I thought, I might have hammered it a bit lately so I asked what the limit was. “40 gigabits download” says TT. “Bits not bytes?” I said. “Bits not bytes” said TT. “Are you sure, bits not bytes?. “Sure” said TT, “40gigabits in a 1 month billing period, then we limit bandwidth”.

    That to me seems like an awefully low limit and would explain how I might have exceeded it in a mere 9 days of surfing.

    Time to make sure that there’s nothing leaching bandwidth off me and figure out when the contract expires.

    Ho Hum – anyone else had a similar bits vs bytes discussion?

  6. Well if they are only giving an allowance of 40 gigabits then they want to reprint their literature.

    I thought Gigabits were shown as Gb/Gbit rather than GB. If 1 byte is 8bits then instead of the expected 40 GB we are only really getting 5GB (I think) in total which would explain why people are being capped or disconnected at 6GB usage.

    I’m not a wizard when it comes to maths but I think it’s about right. If someone can check out that calculation then I’d appreciate it.

    I’ve just been checking through my Talk Talk booklet and it specifically says 40GB so they are saying to their customers Bytes and not Bits.

  7. i had a dc problem with TT where i would dc every 5/10/30/40/50 or 60 mins. I told them to downgrade to 2 megs and it works perfectly now. Since then i have downloaded about 24~ gigaBYTES and havnt been capped.

    im pretty sure its 40 gigabytes or i woulda been capped along time ago

  8. We’ve had TT for about 15 months and we’re getting rid of it once the contract ends. Since the end of lasy year they’fe been billing us £3.50 per month for non direct debit, even though we set one up and they sent us a letter saying so. We’ve written to them about it can called them but it’s like talking to idiots.
    Add to that the fact they’ve completely blocked our torrents, and though we’re on the free calls package we keep getting billed for calls. In the end we just think Talktalk are corrupt and very sneaky about throttling or blocking broadband, and they are hopeless at billing and admin.
    Sooner or later a large amount of people’s contracts will be up and they’ll lose a lot of custom. They only care about getting your money and nothing about delivering a product.

    Seriously; avoid Talktalk.

  9. im on talktalk and they are ok as long as your torrents are encrypted, ive downloaded 15gb so far this month on torrent (its only the 11 remember) i frequently get close to my limit. Encryption my good friends, what they don’t know won’t cap US!

  10. to add to that, if you are on a dynamic (i.e. cable broadband) connection, if torrents go real slow, just dis/reconnect and its normally back up to peak!

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