18 month contracts up in October

It was April 2006 when Charles Dunstone announced ‘free’ broadband. The 18 month contracts will come to a close next month.

PC Pro thinks this will mean a mass customer exodus. (hey, thanks for the link PC Pro! 🙂 )

What do you guys think? Are you going to stick around? Move to a different provider? Go into the new nuclear family warmth of BT?

17 responses to “18 month contracts up in October

  1. You’re lucky your contract is nearly up – I just signed up with Talk Talk and have had no end of problems getting broadband to work. I’m getting an intermittent service, but mostly it doesn’t work. The support people are useless, simply reading from a script, and second line support rarely calls you back. If I see a green light on my SMARTAX modem, then I know there’s no ADSL connection (which is more often than not). When there’s an orange light, meaning a good connection, I immediately go online to blog my problems at maximized.blogspot.com

  2. I hope so. As long as they pay people as cheaply as possible and continue to lie to their customers, i don’t think they will learn their lesson. instead of spending all their money on advertising and marketing, why not spend it on the customers and looking their employees?

  3. Yikes. Look like I may have just dodged a bullet; I was contemplating signing up to Talktalk braodband but I think I may just stick with my regular provider …

  4. Well I am ending my contract and a few more days I will have offcom amd trading standards on my side I have had no broadband for 23 days which would be ok but they owe me money the buggers

  5. i have just contacted talk talk and they have said that i will continue to get free broadband for the whole time i am with talk talk and not just 18 months.
    two customer service representatives have told me the same story tonight

  6. If you change your IP to one starting with 78 you should have no problems, I don’t

  7. I will probably leave. At the moment I cannot receive e:mails. Higher level technical support tell me that they cannot find my e:mail account. I have been with them since August 2006 . I can’t wait until February 2008 when I will be free of these idiots.

  8. How do you change your IP Clive?

  9. I just signed up and it’s day two. It took a while but I moved to talk talk due to price. My Dad had loads of problems in the first 2 weeks but been ok for over 6 months now. Yesterday was my first day and I was on and off, emails worked but www didn’t. I rebooted earlier today and all has been ok. I saw the comment above about IP address, indeed I am on a 78.xx.xx.xx address.

    To Jamie ; Just reboot your router and check your IP and keep repeating until you get a 78 address.

    For info I am using a Linksys WAG54G ADSL Gateway which has never let me down and is worth every penny. Froogle it for the cheapest supplier.

  10. Hello.

    Sadly i used to work for Talk Talk at one of their Uk call centres.

    Anyway FAO: Mark.
    Ofcom regulations state that if a fault with a service (ie your email) is not resolved by the ISP within 28days of reporting that fault the customer has the right to cancel their contract with no penalties.

    My advice to you would be to ring them and ask to speak to Options. Then explain you want to cancel. Depending on the type of line you have they will firstly try to stop you leaving, probably by offering to give you discounts, but if you persist they will inform you how to leave. They WILL threaten you with the £70 disconnection fee. Advise them of the length of the fault and ask them to check the notes on the account. If the 2nd Line technical support guys have done their jobs correctly and lodged your fault, the Options agent has no choice but to waive the fee if the fault is over 28days old. Don’t take their BS if they insist you have to pay the fee…they WILL lie to you about this.

    If you are an active LLU (ie free BB) customer then cancelling is simple . Ring BT, say you have an LLU line with Talk Talk and you want them to take over the line rental. Then once you have that sorted (approximately 15days) you can go to any of the numerous ISPs that depend on customers having BT line rental. I use Bt Broadband at home and has found it absolutely spot on – though i know this isnt the case for everyone. LLU lines can ONLY be transfered to BT. I could go into detail why but you would all be bored and probably know it anyway.

    Hope this helps – email me if you need to.


  11. Yep, I’m leaving as soon as I get my MAC. Have asked for it a number of times and not received anything. 18 months of hell and still it continues. The very worst company I have ever dealt with and they are c**p in every single department!

  12. Oh well… Apparently my billing date is the 8th of every month but they tell me I’ve already maxed out my 40gb bandwidth…

    Wouldn’t mind but I’m not into downloading movies, file sharing, etc… Yes, I do download from iTunes from time to time (but not daily), I use Skype occasionally and I do like internet radio. Yep, I’m also a member of Second Life and, ok… Yep, I use the net a fair amount with all those but…

    My main gripe…? They then tell me there’s no way for me to know how much of my allowance I HAVE used AND they won’t bother letting me know I’ve hit the limit.. They just go right ahead and cap the service.

    Even asked the Indian call centre guy if there was any way I could raise this limit – I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra to extend my bandwidth given that the service itself is “free”… But no, none of this is available…


  13. Well that’s it. I have just rung Disconnection team to tell them I’m off. 18 months of rubbish and they asked me why! The’re still having a laugh. Told me I could switch until after Xmas until I told them I already had. Then they said that the disconnection would need an engineer and couldn’t tell me when, possibly two days maybe more. This is totally different to what TT told me twice that disconnection is immediate, once to threaten me when they had mucked up everything phone lines, broadband the lot. If it takes two days, threes day I don’t mind but what I object to is when you take the trouble to ask the information you get is wrong every time! Anyway, I have enjoyed this website. It really has kept me sane. It showed it wasn’t just me it the the sheer incompetence of Dunstone and his cronies.

    Good Luck


  14. when re-booting your router make sure you get 78 or 84 but don’t settle for an IP starting with 89 as the connection rate is terrible. Personally 84 is the fastest IP. If you want to check you IP go to http://www.whatsmyip.org and you can check if rebooting your router has successfully found a faster IP address.

  15. I get an intermittent service. Had a period last year when it was pretty good for 3 months but since then it has been intermittent and now it is very bad. Disconnects after a short while and then takes ages to connect again, only to then lose it’s connection once more!! I want to change ISP but Virgin Fibre is too expensive and they cannot touch TalkTalk for phone package. Sky have a pretty good plan but that means me calling BT and getting my line changed again so that Sky can use it. Thanks for the tips on this page I will try to perservere with TalkTalk for the time being.

  16. Can somebody help me, I have been advised my tlalk talk that when I called to advise them of my new address when I moved home they set me up a new account and new contract therefore instead of me being able to be rid of them Ive got to wait until august as they said when I moved I had a new contract. I spent 53 minutes on the phone last night to someone who didnt understand what I was saying, everything I did say she repeated to her manager then I could hear her manager in the background telling her what to dsay, after 43 mins she put me throught to cancellations and was told I had extended my contract when I called to say I moved address,surely this cant be right???

  17. I have had an appalling time with talk talk. have had a problem where if my landline and broadband plugged in at same time, no phone calls can be received or made. Have spent 3 evenings on the phone trying to sort it, with no avail. Indian call centre promise to call back, nobody does. I have 4 children who are beginning to think they don’t have a mother. I asked to be put through to their complaints department tonight, but told you cant be put through and you can’t ring them, they will tell the complaints department that you have a complaint and they may ring you back
    Cried tonight

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