Talk Talk Hell Returned!

Hey guys,

Back in business now. You know what the worst thing ever is? Listening to yourself on a tape recorder. Eek. I want a voice transplant. I also appear to have a permanent cold.

So, I have my notes from the Talk Talk meeting all together now. Something will go up in a few days, along with catching up on the e-mails you guys sent.

One thing though, when you e-mail Ms. Talk Talk Hell, please include your phone number. Don’t worry, I’m not going to call and breathe heavily and as mentioned above, I have an appalling voice so I won’t be talking dirty. I won’t sell your number or give it to anyone untoward. This is so I can forward your issues on to Talk Talk themselves. Ok?

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2 responses to “Talk Talk Hell Returned!

  1. Hi
    Just to let you know of talktalk new? Broadband control strategies, my phone was turned off for 8 days for no reason what so ever, line was dead then line made noise couldn’t make call, but could go on internet weird. Then the phone rings out of the blue, this guy says, hi has your phone been off, i said yes for a week now, he said I’m an a BT engineer and i have fixed it, i said fixed it what was wrong, he said there was a short in the cable, i said a short, he says yes. I thought to myself if there was a short in the cable how could the internet work?
    I thought nothing of it until i check my broadband connection same 40kbps all day for last 2 months nothing changed there, but now i can’t check files on rapidshare in the day time only after 1am, so it seems talktalk are now controlling what i can do on the internet. I can’t wait for contract to end so i can tell them to stick there company right up there asses, i will never go back to talktalk even if they gave everything away for free, they also have the worst customer service in the world. Well 2nd to the Taliban.

  2. hehe karat – what business are you doing with the Taliban?

    Never found their CC number….. Do they offer broadband? 🙂 LMAO

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