Tell me your troubles….

Hi guys,

Talk Talk Hell would like to know if you have any niggling issues you need to get off your chest. I have a meeting with the MD of Talk Talk Hell and head of customer services and they want to know what you guys think! Drop me an e-mail outlining them, or any issues that still require resolution here

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  1. When are you meeting with the MD? I am in process of outlining our current situation because we are unhappy with Otelo’s provisional conclusions and TT maintaining fault is with Orange and me.

  2. Hey cool 😉 You are meeting Charles? Send him the link to my Zen posting ( )
    just kidding – good luck for the meeting André

  3. ups – MD of TalkTalk wont be Charles then – as he is the CEO of the CPW… anyway good luck with the meeting – It seems it took quite some time for them to finally agree to meet……



    PHONE NUMBER – 01752 670832

    Hello Mr. Dunstone.

    I have today commissioned solicitors to commence legal proceedings against you for breach of contract and breaching The Supply of Goods and Services Act for failure to provision phone and broadband services as contracted to do so by 5pm today. Dispite severel phone calls to your India and South Africa call centres, which got me absolutely nowhere, you have not done what you were contracted to do so. I requested that by line and broadband services be transferred to you over TWO MONTHS ago, and after chasing and chasing, got a provision date of the 24th August, today.

    Therefore, unless services are fully provisioned by 8pm today, the agreed time and date, I will take you to court for loss of business and compensation of not less then £5,000 plus court costs. If judgement is awarded, I will them immediately issue you with a Statutory Demand, which will be the first step in me and my solicitors taking insolvency proceedings against The Carphone Warehouse and their associated companies.

    Unless you deliver on the contract as agreed, I will close you down.

  5. Darren – this is just what I wish I had done way back last January. This company has not delivered the service it promised to me and every time something goes wrong they assume it is my equipment. This morning, after being off-line most of the last 10 days, they have got me to turn off my Windows Firewall! I am obviously quite worried – but I have now decided to ask for my MAC and compensation and am going to cancel both DDs. Enough is enough. Ann, Ryde

  6. I’m conscious my last comment was possibly incoherent based on a sheer rage (husband says I went purple). Anyway, after having an Apple technician here at our house for three hours on Friday (1 1/2hr of which was him on the phone to Talk Talk) we appear to have a sort of working system BUT the interesting part is that the Talk Talk support person (we went to level 2 for all your experienced Talk Talk callers!!) said that Talk Talk do have an issue with over-subscribtion and we had to change some settings to overcome this. Now in my world, surely its actually illegal to sell a service that you can’t actually deliver?
    Needless to say the bill for the apple man is being sent directly to Talk Talk, and I will be sueing if they don’t pay up promptly and calling lots and lots of newspapers to publicise my case.

    LOVE the blog. Its great to know I’m not alone.

  7. After serious landline problems last year when TalkTalk ‘upgraded’ it, I eventually cancelled ny standing order in desperation. Result – they cut off my broadband. I reinstated the standing order but have not had broadband since – they say it’s a fault on my line!
    Now they have given BT my name & address to put in the phone book without my permission although I have been xd for 25 years.
    Now contract is running out I can’t switch to Virgin or anyone except BT as TalkTalk refuse to transfer my phone no & I would have to change it. I’ve had it for 25 years – why should !?

  8. Has anyone else had direct debit problems with TT? We originally signed up with them in July 2005, and had no problems (luckily!). We moved house, and asked to move our services to our new house. I was told we’d need a new contract, but naively didn’t think anything of this, as we’d had no problems before (!). We had also asked for the landline, but were told we’d need a BT landline first, as they couldn’t set it up straight away. As BT would lock us in to a 12 month contract, I cancelled (with much trouble) the landline, retained the other services, called the bank to cancel the original direct debit, reset a new dd with talktalk, and we were go. Or so I thought. Then our phone stopped allowing outgoing calls “because of an unpaid bill”. Our direct debit had apparently been stopped. We had no warning from TT that this had happened (the letter arrived several days after the cut off). I asked my bank (Smile) what was the problem, and they said it had been cut off by TT. Reset direct debit, thought all was sorted. But no. Every month the same thing is happening. Finally someone at TT told me the “authorization code was not unique” – they apparently send your a/c no. with an additional final letter to your bank, and this apparently wasn’t unique. But “if I reset the DD” that would all be ok. I have lost count of how many times I have reset my direct debit…

    Now, this could potentially be a problem with Smile. But I seriously doubt it. We have many direct debits with them, have never had the slightest problem, have always had EXCELLENT customer service. Here’s an example – phone up, enter a/c no, sort code and pass number. 1 min on hold (nice music, Sat morning so busy, don’t mind) – answered “Hello Dr M, this is Adele. I’m sorry for the delay”. Pleasant and helpful conversation finishing with “Have a nice weekend”. Is that effing rocket science? No options, no repeating the same info I’d just typed in, no being passed from pillar to post.

    Anyway – my question is – how locked in are we? We were with TT for almost 2 years before moving, we didn’t try to leave and then come back – we wanted to take our service with us. I feel that if we’re asked to pay the penalties for leaving then we’re being penalised for moving house. If we’d stayed put and had these problems we could have walked away. Anyone have any thoughts.

    Apologies for rambling – not long off the phone to TT…

  9. Hi everyone!
    Dear Claire,
    I have been in a situation very similar to yours. After a very long wait since the application, we finally got our go live date which was August 2006. Just like you we had no problems initially until the end of January 2007 when we let Talktalk know that we were about to move. We wanted to move the service to the new house but they said we needed to subscribe with BT and then cancel the contract later to let Talktalk take over again and start providing their service because they can’t install a phone line themselves . The whole process took two months, BT charged the cancellation fee and we had no internet service during this period.
    Now the interesting part is that even we were sent a cancellation confirmation letter from talktalk stating that the previous connection at our old address will be cancelled within 10days of notice, still we found out later that our account was being debited for the old service when in fact we were not even living there any more. They charged us for the whole month of February and March adding up to £42.97. It took a long time, a lot of phone calls, long waits and conversations explaining the customer services operators about this and finally they stopped debitting our account and cancelled the old account. Now since April, its gonna be 5 months that we have constantly been calling them and asking for the debitted amount they owe us but every time they just dodge us and do nothing about it. Many times they tricked us that they are gonna send it to our bank acccount which will take about a week or two. but there was no sign of money coming in from talktalk. they promised to send a cheque when I contacted again but the cheque never arrived either. Recently when we contacted them after we returned from holidays, the operator said we’ll have a look in detail and see what has happened to the account and call you back later. But its been a week and nobody called.
    We seriously need some help to resolve this problem and get our money back. I think they are really penalising customers for moving house. Please help! anyone!…

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