Dial contact centre in South Wales

Looking for insight into CPW’s contact centres? Look no further than the Lone Voice and Kimi Magazine.

Both are former employees of a company called dial. They supposedly:

gives you the ability to concentrate on your core business and still respond to change, rapidly and effectively

dial specialises in the design, implementation and operation of the people, process and technology that constitute a modern contact centre

Their biggest customers are the Carphone Warehouse, British Gas, Welsh Injury Network and the Basic Skills Agency. Impressive no?

Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find some difficulty. Apparently dial was purchased by http://www.yesloansuk.com/, an unsecured loan company. On the news section of the dial website, this apparently means:

The deal secures the immediate future of all 300 employees, who will now be paid all monies owed to them.

Wait, so employees were working without pay?

It gets better. Yes Loans, the company that now owns dial has a rather large history of sketchy business. According to the Mirror:

THE first thing you need to know about Yes Loans is that it’s not actually a loan company. It charges £49.50 to put you in touch with other firms, which may or may not give you a loan.

And if you don’t get one, receiving a refund proves a nightmare, according to victims who’ve contacted us.

The second thing you need to know is that Yes Loans is owned by Keith Chorlton, who is currently serving a 10-year ban on acting as a company director.
Click here to find out more!

Chorlton, 56, had siphoned £460,000 from his insolvent dating agency, leaving creditors unpaid.

Yes Loans says he’s just a shareholder. Yet his Linked In profile has him down as owner twice. Once for financial services and the other for IT services.

His current company doesn’t seem that er, above board either.

This quote is from one of his former employees:

Dan said, “I didn’t feel personally that I was misleading them, because I did stick to the script, but I felt the script was fairly misleading. I was speaking to a lot of customers, that after they made their applications, and returned their fee with the forms, they had been advised that they had been declined for the loan, and they felt pretty unhappy and were saying they had been misled by the company.”

Not to mention the employees that alledge they were hit, or generally taken advantage of.

Kimi and Fido both say they weren’t offered holiday or sick pay when working for dial. Not only horrible but highly, highly illegal.

Knowing all this I’m rather terrified of the idea of these folks knowing who I am or what my bank account details are. Read for yourself….

WLA Case Study
Mirror story
BBC Wales: The customers who wish they’d said “no”
Kimi: Talk Talk/Dial/Yes Loans – The dire telecoms company.
Fido: Keith Chorlton – Post 2. Dial/Yes Loans

One response to “Dial contact centre in South Wales

  1. TalkTalk eh?

    I have to admit I’ve had absolutely no problem with them until recently.

    This is the story.

    May 2006 – Parents purchase an 18 month Talk3 International contract, almost solely for the broadband.
    We save money on calls, and get free ‘net. Everything’s perfect.

    Modem etc arrive – all work perfectly, and supported well by TT’s customer service people, and the included CD and documents.

    Internet set up – runs at 2.2Mb – fair enough, I knew we wouldn’t have 8 Meg straight away.

    Everything works perfectly until August 24th 2007…

    1. TalkTalk send us a letter CONGRATULATING us because we’ve “now moved over to the TalkTalk hardware”.
    2. Broadband speed shoots up to dead on 8Mb. Brilliant! I get my 446kbps upload speed which suits my game server amply.
    3. Everything goes tits up…

    Since around August 27th, we’ve had the odd few phone line problems – none of which were that irritating, and none if which happened frequently.

    Since approx Sep 20th, we’ve had no dial tone for anywhere between a few minutes and so far 4 hours, almost every day.

    October 15th (today): I call TalkTalk to complain about the last few days (where we’ve had a dial tone for about an hour across the 3 days!).

    Now, I have to say – fair enough, TalkTalk, the number is free from your landline. BUT… if the fucking landline doesn’t call out, then how is that of any benefit, huh?

    Anyhoo – I call TalkTalk, enter the phone number, and I get a recorded message:

    “TalkTalk are currently experiencing major network issues in the South Wales, Newcastle and (forgot other one) areas. Our engineers are working hard to sort it out blah blah blah”.

    This didn’t satisfy me, so I held on to talk to an advisor. He told me the same.

    Now I’m a patient guy (really, I am), but this time I went out on a limb and simply asked:
    “What ya gonna do about it then?”
    And – you betcha – he replie:
    “Our engineers are working hard to resolve the issue and we apologise for any inconvenience caused”.

    Okay – so it takes them 3 days to give me an hour’s dial tone?? Werhey – their electronic engineering degrees did them a shitload of good!

    And that’s exactly what I told him, before politely thanking him for his help (after all, it wasn’t his fault, the poor guy was trying).

    …I didn’t even have to hang up. It cut out.

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