Don’t use Talk Talk if you have a home alarm

According to this Live space:

Thinking of changing your telephone provider???
Choose any one other than TalkTalk
Their customer service is crap
If you have a monitored intruder alarm system it will either not work at all or it will cost you £5.90 every time it sends a signal to your monitoring station
BT will only charge you 4.5p per signal
I am currently waiting for a reply from Charles Dunstone
CEO – Carphone Warehouse as to why it took 8 days from reporting this problem to them saying they dont support alarm connections.

Er. Wow.

ad03bandit’s Live Space

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2 responses to “Don’t use Talk Talk if you have a home alarm

  1. My house alarm has been bleeping from time to time since we switched to broadband with talktalk. This is due to the line going down regularly. And I say broadband….well, no sign of the modem yet!

  2. I work for CPW networks (perviously Opaltelecom) which are the back haul system for talktalk, i am an engineer of the system and i can tell you that its not because we cant support the home inturder system, its because it is a IP system and need a microfilter attached to the alarm inorder for it to work correctly, i can wait until BT retail start unbundling, they have already screwed up 35 lines in south wales and just about got them up and running at the moment we have 18,880,740 and of course we have had problems but we have also led the way! when BT actually start there overhaul to 21cn we will have shown them how to do it right, BTW for your info 85% of all faults on LLU lines are cause by openreach engineers who arent trained properly or old and rotting copper cabling, i remember may times tell bt over the phone how to do there jobs.

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