CPW’s board think it’s all better now.

How many more times are they going to say it’s fixed?

Gildersleeve apologised in the report saying he was “very disappointed to have let customers down” in dealing with the initial connection delays with Talk Talk despite its broadband arm faring well against arch-rival BT.

Gildersleeve said: “We have dedicated significant additional resource in our call centres and re-engineered our provisioning and customer management processes to create a robust and scaleable platform. It is our aspiration to differentiate our broadband proposition not only on value but also on service, and this will be one of the
group’s key goals for the coming year.”

So, these ‘significant’ resources and ‘re-engineered’ thingies. Has it worked?

Mad.co.uk:Carphone Warehouse apologises for Talk Talk

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2 responses to “CPW’s board think it’s all better now.

  1. All better? Like hell!
    I managed to pull out before no harm was done – apart from the fact that TalkTalk stopped my call package before setting anything else up. I went back to the arms of BT – this was August 2006. Two months later TT sent a modem which I returned. I have moved house since then. Today my bank informed me that Talk Talk were attempting to take £103 from my acc, followed by two similar payments tomorrow!! Fortunately my bank have sorted it but I don’t know what this will do for my credit history since TalkTalk will presumably record this as a ‘bad debt’ despite the fact that they never provided a service

  2. Hi

    i love this site thanks to adim


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