So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuuu

More e-mails in the box. If you think my silence was indicative of an improvement in service? Oh hell no. CPW’s lousy product chugs on as bad as it was a year ago.

We have been customers of TalkTalk since June 2006, having signed up for
their package of telephone calls and free broadband. As yet, we have not
received any broadband connection, despite many phone calls and emails.
still use Tiscali broadband, which our son has been paying for. Phone calls
to the company usually end up in Mumbai, being answered by very polite and
apologetic individuals who promise speedy action. We have dealt with six
different individuals in letters and emails, never the same person twice. On
21 August we had a letter apoloising for the dealy and asking us to contact
BT re ADSL, which we did. On 23 April 2007 we were promised connection
within 14 days, but still no sign of it. On 17 May 2007 an individual
emailed to say she could find no record of our order for broadband!

We have emailed TalkTalk now to tell them we consider they have failed to
provide the service they contracted for and that we will be seeking
compensation and recovery of the costs of continuing to pay for Tiscali
broadband when we should have had the free connection from TalkTalk. We
have also informed them that the direct debit arrangement for paying their
bill has been suspended. Perhaps this will inspire someone there to get in touch.

A year?!!! Wow, Tim is way more patient than the rest of us. Can anyone beat 15 months?

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