Crap connection, crap service.

So, LLU is the solution to the world’s broadband problems?

I really can’t deal with talktalk any more, or I think I will EXPLODE!!!! I better get if off my chest here I think before I rally my energy to go back in to the ring with another of their rude, unhelpful, arrogant or just plain non English speaking operatives.

We moved in October 2006, and requested that our phone line and broadband be transferred to our new address. After many promises verbally and in writing, non of which where honoured, we finally got our broadband on the 2nd January 2007.

The service was absolute rubbish, the speed was pathetic, I would have been better off on dial up, the connection kept dropping, and I couldn’t get on when I needed to due to a variety of error messages. Suddenly my service was dropped over one whole weekend, for 48 hours without warning. No telephone, no broadband. No-one would give me a straight answer as to when it would go back on, and despite their insistence that they had sent me a letter to tell me that they where going to suspend my service due to upgrading the line, I never received such a communication. When the service was resumed, the broadband was worse than ever. I was assured I would have up to 8MB, I would be lucky to pull 3 on a good day with the wind in the right direction. The little monkey on a bike at talktalk was obviously not peddling hard enough, as my connection just kept cutting itself off every 5 mins. I decide to steal myself for a conversation with their technical department on Mars, charged at 10p a minute, the cheek of it. The guy told me to click the broadband icon, and see if talktalk would connect. ‘There you are then’, he said. ‘ Is there anything else I can help you with today?’ I said I doubted it, and went and banged my head against a brick wall. This morning [11th of May] our service was cut off completely again. No phone and no broadband. I rang and asked for the MAC code. Talktalk’s own little ray of sunshine, John (wouldn’t give me his second name) was arrogant, rude obstructive and unhelpful. I have now put my husband on to the lovely John (send kisses) he could try to speak to him like that, but I wouldn’t advise it.

From crappy collections to shoddy service. Good luck Kate!

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30 responses to “Crap connection, crap service.

  1. Help. My TT Broadband has been running at between 2 & 45k – yes k – for 5 days now. It’s been perfect at 1.5 to 2 meg since exchange unbundling in Oct. 06. Tested on 3 speed tests including – internetfrog – the one the call centre siad I should use. And trying to get someone to actually connect me to the ‘level 2’ help desk resulsts in call cutoff. Any advice greatfully received.

  2. Agree with all of the above, Talk Talk are beyond crap, I have never in all my years met a company so uniterested in offering anything resembling even s**t customer service, as soon as my 12 months is up I am off and if they ever darken my door again I won’t be responsible for the consequences. Appalling, advice to anyone not with these tossers yet, DON’T DO IT!

  3. Oh yes,
    TT are bad..I have near dial up speeds.
    8 Mbps my a#s!
    If only I could, I would take them to court for misleading advertising!
    Try customer services..I spoke to a very helpful chap in Capetown a few months ago!
    Nice chap…didn’t fix anything though…quite useless.
    Has anybody had TT try take money from their bank accounts without permission yet?
    Watch out for this shoddy company!

  4. Why don’t they reply to my emails, I have sent numerous emails questioning my broadband ‘Go Live’ date, but received nothing back. I have telephoned several times, but ended up talking to people who I’m sorry to say shouldn’t be in the job. They have trouble stringing 2 words together never mind the ability to solve my problems.

  5. Where to begin with the TalkTalk saga? Having originally had no problems signing up, when I tried moving house it took them two months to activate the broadband, which has been very slow. I then discovered that they had actually created a second account for me, and I was paying for two phonelines simultaneously. A friend of mine moved into the my old flat and we tried EVERYTHING to get the account transferred to him (with the intent of not paying the disconnection and subsequent reconnection fee they were demanding). Sure enough, everything was eventually transferred. For three days. They disconnected him. They admitted fault but wouldn’t reconnect without the £170 reconnection fee. Bar stewards.

    Now I’m trying to move again, and they are requesting the BT phone number of the new house. BT is not allowed to give it to me. Talktalk denies that they can take over the line without it, but BT informs me that they have access to exactly the same database that they do.

    Currently, I can’t think because I’m on the TalkTalk helpline and the technology they are using to play music over the phones is so damned flaky that it can’t play more than a few notes of music without cutting out, repeating or distortion. Is this a psychological warfare tactic to get users off the phone or just a result of complete utter crapness? Either way, I’m absolutely furious. TalkTalk; avoid them like the plague.

  6. Told several times by there Indian operators, bare in mind i’m English, that they DO NOT support online gaming, my xbox live doesn’t work nor do my online games. Told that the problem was at my end, and that everything at their end was A OK, i decieded to lecture them on the 6 years of BT service in which i never once recieved a disconnect from the Internet. Needless to say they had ….. nothing to say.

    Their operators just regurgitate the same useless crap, “contact our second line team” “Hi second line team here, you need to speak to our Technical Support team”

    WAIT, they just sent me to you. TalkTalk ARE CRAP, changing back to BT before 30day trial is up. Whats the betting they wont be willing to cut me off intime for the BT transfer. Wankers the lot of them.

  7. My broadband kept losing connection and after ringing twice a day for god knows how long they still wouldnt send out an engineer.
    They are absolutely shocking to say the least. Talking on the phone to an asain person who cant speak a word of english.
    So we disconnected and we still get bills from them asking for £20!!!
    Whoever goes with talk talk for broadband or phone needs their head looking out becuase there service is absolutely piss poor.

  8. This is a message for Charles Dunstone (The Boss).
    Sir, Your company STINKS!
    A 85 year old lady who relies on her phone for contact with family and her CARE LINE with Social Services and who is housebound, has this weekend been disconnected by your company Talk Talk. A Cease order was put on the line with NO explanation!
    How can you support such action? You are the worst and uncaring company imaginable! We have arrange a line with BT and do you blame us!
    You and your companies are SHITE! I hope you rot in HELL.

  9. If my cousins experoence is anything to go by KEEP AWAY from TalkTalk as they are so crap it’s unbelievable.

    She signed up in January for a wireless router and a wired one turned up.

    Thats nothing though… SHE STILL IS’NT CONNECTED!

    Promise after promise has been made and still no service. Her only crime is that she’s too accomodating and hasn’t told them to stick it up their fecking arses yet.

    Its a bloody disgrace that they are treating people this way!

    Go to as they do what they say and you get what you pay for!

    The sooner TalkTalk goes out of business the better

  10. Yes I too have suffered the rage that all of you people have experience. Having foolishly signed up for the broadband service and was sent a going live date.

    I waited with anticipation to be able to use my broad band connection. But four days later I still had no phone line or connection. I contacted there technical team spending a fortune on mobile phone calls. Eventually they sent out a BT engineer who told us basically we had been disconnected and Talk Talk quite simply had not reconnected us probably becasue they simply dont have enough lines for demand on their service.

    I filled with an angry rage and decided to go back to BT and made imediate arrangment for the phone line to be taken back, well with in the Free Trial period, bearing in mind your free trial starts the day you sign up not when your phone line goes live or your phone is switched on.

    For the free trial I was asked to pay a connection fee of 29.00 . A bill came showing the connection charge and another 24.00 on top for something else I still to this day have no idea what it was for.

    Then BT took back the phone line and I thought that this was the end of my FREE talk Talk trial and it was all done with. But a week kor so later I recieved a bill from talk talk demanding payment for 81.00, 70 of that was a cesation charge and 11.00 for calls.

    I could not contain my anger and called their cutomer service and demanded to know how they had the cheek to attempt to charge me for the appaling service that was supposed to be a free trial and I demanded to know exactly what it was they had ceased bearing in mind that it was BT who took back the line.

    I pointed out I had cancelled my contract within the 30 day trial but they attempted to suggest I had not so we went through all the dates and phone calls I had made.

    I informed them that they had already breached the contract by turning off my phone for 4 days. I was so angry that I told them that I would be contacting trading standards and oftel and may even consider taking legal action.

    After a few threats in a very angry tone of voice the operator agreed that I had cancelled in time and agreed to credit my account with the cesation charge. I agreed to pay for the phone calls.

    A warning to anyone thinking having a ‘FREE 30 DAY TRIAL FROM TALK TALK.


    When you do decided they are a crock of shit you will probably be into your contract, I was lucky I got off lightly!

    So don’t do it!

  11. Yes TalkTalk are the worst ever!

    I decided to go to another provider only to be told by TT that I was still in contract so decided to stay with them until the contract is up. They still progressed with the switch over to the other company and can now only get incoming calls. Spent 2 hours being passed from pillar to post have emailed and no replies. What is going on at TalkTalk???

  12. Just found an application on facebook for TalkTalk fans suggest we all join and post our discrepancies as we cannot seem to get through to anyone!

  13. I agree – this service stinks I have been offline for FOUR MONTHS now and I am cancelling my service completly – the cost of cancelling will no doubt be high, but the cost of my for Another Year is far higher in my opinion. I don’t what it will cost but god knows I thinks it’s worth it.

  14. totally agree talk talk are worse than dialup thats the speeds i get, i get 20 kb max at times, lucky me worse mistake ever.

  15. wtf i supposed to be gettin 8mb?!?!
    sppeedtest sais i ahve 777kbps wtf that is
    0.7megabytes per second>! omg that is completely terrible talk talk can suck my fat hairy cock

  16. Yea, in total agreement with all those who regard the service provided by talktalk as totally f***in crap. Again, today, their email service has been unavailable all day. I’ve lost count of the number of times this has happened. Do not go near these people if you are looking for a ISP. Yea, it’s cheap, but a complete waste of time. I hope these guys go bust!

  17. ABSOLUTE SHIT-HOUSES.Transfered a contract with them ,then cancelled it six months later .Turns out they changed the talk plan and thus the contract.Astronomic transfer fees and a “Cessation” charge.Don’t touch them even with a shitty stick.In fact,why not send them a turd in the post,in return for the crap service.

  18. i compleatley agree ive finialy pursuaded my dad to get broadband so i can surf the web and talk to my freinds on msn or facebook but too bad we cant get bloody on it ! im verry pissed off about it . weve made some complaints about the connection but they dont do anything aout it. I WILL NEVER GET TALK TALK AGAIN.

  19. Talk Talk is the Worst broadband service provider ever.
    Iv been with other broadbands like BT and telewest and i never had connection problems. Talk talk connection is so crap that sometimes i feel like using a dial up. I went on it thinking its cheap but realised it ws a big mistake.
    Have to leave talk talk soon …

  20. Got a final demand for £47.84 sayying all previous requests went unanswered, the were no previous requests and I pay by direct debit any how. they even had the wrong account number.

  21. I agree with all of you right here!
    Talk Talk are a shit internet company!
    The speed is crap, the download speed is shit!(mine goes at 2kb wtf?!) and last of all but not least they are fucking thieves!They added 10 wireless routers to my shopping list which I only ordered for 1!In that result they took over £70!
    I mean wtf!Talk Talk should go out of buisness!
    I moving to Bt my cousin recomends it because the speed is so good!500kb!

  22. They are absolutely terrible barring the regular “power surges” that cripple our services for days on end, we regular have issues with out internet service. SLOW download speeds in the b/s blah blah, just not worth the hassle best pay a bit extra and go to a decent broadband provider


  24. Ok people, I’m with broadband at my home address using BT and they are utter crap! Where as my mother and father and my sister are with talktalk and have a GREAT service! I’m switching to talktalk asap! But I think the best conclusion is there is no “good” provider! It’s all swings and rounderbouts and lets not forget talktalk is the largest home BB provider in the UK even bigger than bt! I think the numbers speak volumes!

  25. talk talk are indeed crap i get about 10kb max on torrents only going up to full speed at 4am i phoned then up to ask if i have been thottled they said no the are blatently lieing can i get out by paying the 70 pound fee ????

  26. Totally agree with everyone else here. Been with TT for 8 months now, first couple of months went fine after a poor switch over, then its been hell, cut off completely for a week, and after finally getting through to them on the phone the guy at their end didn’t know anything he was talking about and was clearly reading from a script. they did fix it eventually but now, it looses connection every 10 minutes for 5 minutes which makes gaming, shopping, banking, online-tv n’ pretty much everything IMPOSSIBLE, and I believe they now actually see when your file sharing and pull your connection whether it’s legal or not. I’ve got another 10 months left on the contract which to hell im paying for. What I dont get is why there still advertising for customers with the xfactor sponsorship, i feel sorry for all these new people suckered in to this FOUL, EVIL, SHITE of a company. I just hope people read these messages and AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!
    ps.this is now my 4th attept to send this message. its like they know i’m trying to post this,eerie.

  27. It is unfathomably shite! Cuts out every 5 seconds and it always seems like when I want to use it! It won’t load. 3 minute YouTube video!! Then it cuts out and I turn it ona and off and only about 15 mins later! Today it wouldn’t work for 45 minutes and then worked for 40 seconds exactly! Talk talm are shite and whoever is running it needs to be slapped on their shitty little face for making this pile of crap! I’d rather be using dial up than this crap! At least it FUCKING WORKS!!!

  28. I agree with you all,I was spose to go live on the 4th of jan a week ago got my
    router and stuff yesterday.But guess what no internet!! I phone em today first I got some wonderfull technical advice “pull the wire out the back and plug it back in” WTF.
    Then got told that my broadband ain’t going live until 29th of jan after a 3-4 month wait too.
    Needless to say I jogged em on and am getting BT to take over the line and can get broadband after,bout feckin time.

  29. been with tiscali forever and never had a problem connecting to e-mail .t.t. has now taken them over(god knows how that happened).Guess what ,it is now impossible to connect to e-mail. Will have to reset everything up with another provider,good old t.t and i was thinking about going to them ,glad i read your comments before going to the gallows.

  30. Just spent 2hrs 45mnts trying to get the DNS ips from the techies at tt with no luck. Just found this post hope it is helpful to me. Thinking of tt I am not impressed so far with their service or tech abilities. Keep you posted. 1st March 2010

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