A plea for help.

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been a most negligent Talk Talk Hellion recently. Lots going on in the old personal life. I’m still moderating the comments though. I find most of the issues from last year (!!!!) are still relevant, a lot of the answers are still on the site.

I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve been running this blog for over a year and the CPW still hasn’t shaped up their act. It’s bad business. I’m also disappointed people claiming to be employees are still leaving abusive, ignorant comments. You guys aren’t saying anything new. I give the readers free reign to rip into these jerks.

Here’s a letter from someone being chased by debt collectors:

i’m glad i’m not the only person to suffer at the hands of the single most incompetent, negligent, and frankly outright company of liars it has ever been my misfortune to call a service provider. I would be genuinely interested to know if the case i am about to recount is unique (although i think i already know the answer!) and if there is any legal action that could be instigated.

In september of last year i moved house. I was previously with talk talk and had contacted them prior to the move to arrange transferring the service. At that time they informed me they had started the process and that i would need to establish a bt line when i moved in and let them know the new number. From that point they said to allow 10 days to get up and running. This was done. After about 15 days i contacted them to find out why i still had no service and was told they had no record of the request. This was a little annoying and i politely informed them that as they had not fulfilled their end of the bargain i no longer wanted their service, a service at that time i didn’t have. They agreed and told me that as no request had been made (by their records) they would go away and i would never hear from them again. Great. I was happy.

I continued to set up a line with sky and for the next 3 months experienced a similar level of incompetence from them (or so i thought), sky unable to transfer my service from bt. In January sky finally managed to set up the service from bt. About two weeks later i received a letter of impending court action from a debt collecting agency acting on behalf of Talk Talk (cpw). This was a little confusing so i made a few phone calls. It transpired that a week after talk talk had confirmed they wouldn’t set up an account, they went ahead and established a phone line anyway, which explained why sky had had so many problems taking the service from bt. As i had not set up a direct debit with talk talk the line rental and call charges accrued until january when they finally passed the outstanding debt to the debt agency. During this time i received no bills or notification that they would pass the debt to a collection agency. I was blissfully unaware i had their service.

In this instance is it not illegal to act in this manner, passing a debt on without informing me i owed them money in the first place?

After a long and heated conversation with several talk talk employees ( well actually several phone calls because they kept cutting me off and not returning calls) they agreed that as their records clearly showed i had cancelled the request that didn’t exist in the first place, the fault was theirs and they would credit the account with the sum and go away and never contact me again, again.

I was a happy bunny… for a while.

About two months later i received another threatening letter from a second agency. Apparently i still owed talk talk money. How so?! I contacted talk talk again to enquire why. They informed me that after having told me they would credit the account with the full sum (again their records confirm this), they decided that they would only credit the line rental and i still owed money for the charges. I was no longer a happy bunny. Although this decision was made after telling me differently no attempt was made to let me know of their change of heart. Following further heated discussions and my continued refusal to pay for a service i didn’t want they again agreed to honour their original sentiment, credit the final outstanding balance and go away and never contact me again, again, again. The manager i spoke with promised me he would credit the account personally and contact the credit agency himself. Wonderful. I was a little happier.

Today, a week later, you guessed it. Another phone call from the same credit agency informing me that unless i paid the money owed there and then they would issue a county court judgement against me. As bunnies go, i was the single most annoyed bunny in the world. Another phone call, another round of apologies and more promises.

As i write this i am sat here waiting for a knock on the door from a debt agency maintaining i still owe them money!

I cant believe these actions are legal. Passing a debt to an agency on two separate occasions without informing me i owed them money must be at the very least dubious business practice, if not outright illegal.

I am in the process of compiling evidence to support this sorry tale, their records of conversations, my phone bills, etc, with the intent of at least sending this to the ombudsman and watch dog. If there is any way this could be taken further or incorporated in a larger complaint by others in similar positions i would gladly involve myself actively in exposing talk talk for the criminal bullies they are.

thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to any comments you might have.

This is not an isolated story, sadly. I don’t really know what the ins and outs of credit collection laws are. Does anyone have any advice they can provide? Any pointers to laws (they have to be breaking some) they’re in breach of?

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  1. What is webmail?????? do you mean phone number
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