Talk Talk Hell’s been busy!

Hey guys!
Lots of Real Life stuff happening over the last few months. I’m still moderating comments, so check them out. Some good info coming in our way.

Apparently the one year anniversary of ‘Free Broadband’ passed this week. Only fitting I should do a post now.

Amusingly, Dunstone was on saying:

Dunstone admitted that “coping with the demand meant that we couldn’t connect all of the demand at launch”, and thanked everyone who took the plunge at the start, apologising for the difficult beginning “sorry if we caused you problems.”

Dunstone was quick to point out that the problems have now been resolved.

Comes as a surprise to you guys, doesn’t it? All problems are resolved! So, that means your difficulties just don’t exist.

Don’t you feel better?

Read the whole article here.

As side, the finance director seems a lot more realistic about how the business went:

Finance director Roger Taylor said: ‘We’ve been getting our own house in order. We simply couldn’t have customers enduring the kind of nightmare they did, which was partly our fault and partly the fault of others.’


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3 responses to “Talk Talk Hell’s been busy!

  1. After many many long phone calls to talk talk regarding problems we have been experiencing, often resulting in being cut of or passed to various call centres around the world we have changed to an alternative phone company.
    We have just received a bill for a ‘cessation fee’ of £70!!! just cant beleive it!
    I have looked under their terms and conditions and have found no mention of such a fee.
    Has anyone else received such a bill??

  2. Exactly the same experience. I signed up for Talk 3 last year and then requested the free broadband package Feb 12th 2007. After numerous telephone calls to various call centre numbers and 2 issues of mac codes they still couldnt deliver. The final straw was when i called to prgress this matter in June, only to be told that they had no record on the system of me. Brilliant!!! Then asked implications of cancelling (no mention of cessation fee), then talk talk cancelled my line, i had no telphone for 1 week. No apology other than a £70 bill. Never use talk talk again

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