Charlie updates his blog!

Oh man, more idealistic blather from the man in charge.

On the other hand, we learnt some tough lessons about underestimating demand and trying to scale our systems to cope with the phenomenon we created. I wish I knew a year ago what I know now, we could have saved ourselves and our customers much stress. That said, we have improved massively over the past 12 months and whilst I am the first to admit we can still get better, we have eliminated the queues, increased the skill and quantity of customer service agents and got over 700,000 people connected to the service.

Did you though? Why am I still getting e-mails from people who still haven’t been connected?

I was suposed to be connected to talktalk broadband last August. It never happened and after countless stressful, expensive and useless phone calls to them they said it was my telephone wires and I should get someone to check them! I pointed out that they were my telephone provider and that anyway they had told me that I would be able to get broadband. After a few weeks of getting nowhere I told them that I would not bother them anymore [!] and they didn’t have to try and connect me. (From Sandra)

And you weren’t the first Dunstone, we were. The customers. We were completely pissed off and you finally admitted something was wrong almost 6 months later. That was after we badgered every newspaper and weblog we could find. So, you know, don’t pretend you had any idea about what was happening.

Thank you again to everyone who took the plunge at the beginning, sorry if we caused you problems. If you haven’t joined the revolution yet – one year on we are a much bigger, wiser and more reliable supplier maybe it’s time you gave the Challengers a chance to prove that we will save you a great deal of money and provide you with a great product.

How about people don’t and locate a better ISP?

That’s a much better idea.

Charles Dunstone’s ‘blog’

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9 responses to “Charlie updates his blog!

  1. Havent been here for a while, thought i’d drop by. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape the hell that is talktalk (at a price but worth every penny). I was wondering, do you know if Dunstone reads any of this stuff on here or does he still bury his head in the sand?

  2. I haven’t been here for a while either. Things seem to be going fairly smoothly, although I am still waiting to ‘go live’ which should have happened at the end of February. Might be better if TT just leave things as they are – I couldn’t bear a repeat of last year’s problems. I was down at the BBC last week and they very kindly put me in a hotel guess where – yes, right next door to Chuck Dunstone’s warehouse! Was very tempted to go in and have a look around, but had more important things to do!

  3. I actually work at TalkTalk. Won’t go into more detail than that, but I did send the owner of this site a very long email about our problems…

    Looks like it may be getting harder for people to escape now, too, as we’ve now done away with the option to go straight to our disconnections department. If you want to cancel now, you have to go through the many tedious options, speak to an advisor, and ask for them to transfer you. All after they’ve “attempted to save” you, as well.

  4. re previous comment….

    utter nonsense. i work for carphone warehouse. if customers exchanges have been through LLU – 14 days for go live date. NO OTHER PROVIDER CAN CONNECT YOU THAT FAST. if customers wish to cancel – ONE PHONE CALL OR VISIT TO STORE. you people really need to find something better to occupy your time.

  5. Fred: Karen, at least be honest. It’s been a year now since your company’s crappy broadband offer came to light. It was named the second worst, second only to Orange. Don’t pretend these are teething problems.

    And please stop using other names. Working for an ISP I’d assume you know I can see your IP address and that your hotmail account has ‘karen wallace’ in the name.

    For God’s sake.

    FRED | | IP:

    Irlam techs back on the case eh?

  6. Carol Richardson

    I feel it only fair to say that the service I have received from Talk, Talk whilst not being perfect has been no worse than any other big company I have dealt with.

    Admittedly, I still haven’t got the full VoiceMail Plus service – I have my own personal message going out, which is the most important bit for me – I’m just don’t get the ring back when the phone’s been engaged so I just remember to check when I’ve finished my call -but then I’m not being charged for what I’m getting.

    So, all in all, 8 out of 10 – which isn’t bad in these serviceless days.

  7. Charles Dunstone on Five Live if you missed it.

    Skip forward to 1min 52 secs

    comments to 5 live possibly…

  8. Sorry should have been 1 hour 52 minutes and 40 sec

  9. Was that Chuck Dunstone in disguise on TV this evening – letting we very dissatisfied customers who are locked into TT contracts – that he has now turned to opera to make a living?

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