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Charlie updates his blog!

Oh man, more idealistic blather from the man in charge.

On the other hand, we learnt some tough lessons about underestimating demand and trying to scale our systems to cope with the phenomenon we created. I wish I knew a year ago what I know now, we could have saved ourselves and our customers much stress. That said, we have improved massively over the past 12 months and whilst I am the first to admit we can still get better, we have eliminated the queues, increased the skill and quantity of customer service agents and got over 700,000 people connected to the service.

Did you though? Why am I still getting e-mails from people who still haven’t been connected?

I was suposed to be connected to talktalk broadband last August. It never happened and after countless stressful, expensive and useless phone calls to them they said it was my telephone wires and I should get someone to check them! I pointed out that they were my telephone provider and that anyway they had told me that I would be able to get broadband. After a few weeks of getting nowhere I told them that I would not bother them anymore [!] and they didn’t have to try and connect me. (From Sandra)

And you weren’t the first Dunstone, we were. The customers. We were completely pissed off and you finally admitted something was wrong almost 6 months later. That was after we badgered every newspaper and weblog we could find. So, you know, don’t pretend you had any idea about what was happening.

Thank you again to everyone who took the plunge at the beginning, sorry if we caused you problems. If you haven’t joined the revolution yet – one year on we are a much bigger, wiser and more reliable supplier maybe it’s time you gave the Challengers a chance to prove that we will save you a great deal of money and provide you with a great product.

How about people don’t and locate a better ISP?

That’s a much better idea.

Charles Dunstone’s ‘blog’

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Talk Talk Hell’s been busy!

Hey guys!
Lots of Real Life stuff happening over the last few months. I’m still moderating comments, so check them out. Some good info coming in our way.

Apparently the one year anniversary of ‘Free Broadband’ passed this week. Only fitting I should do a post now.

Amusingly, Dunstone was on saying:

Dunstone admitted that “coping with the demand meant that we couldn’t connect all of the demand at launch”, and thanked everyone who took the plunge at the start, apologising for the difficult beginning “sorry if we caused you problems.”

Dunstone was quick to point out that the problems have now been resolved.

Comes as a surprise to you guys, doesn’t it? All problems are resolved! So, that means your difficulties just don’t exist.

Don’t you feel better?

Read the whole article here.

As side, the finance director seems a lot more realistic about how the business went:

Finance director Roger Taylor said: ‘We’ve been getting our own house in order. We simply couldn’t have customers enduring the kind of nightmare they did, which was partly our fault and partly the fault of others.’


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