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Hi guys,

Updates relevant to TTHell soon!

But, I wanted to warn you about something else first. is a website setup to harvest credit card information. Don’t buy anything from there. If you have, cancel your credit card/debit card and notify your financial institution.

The police have been notified.

(More info on my personal site.)

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6 responses to “Off topic

  1. Thanks for warning us Tiffany – looks scary…

  2. I just had my line moved over from BT to Talk Talk. I have been using Talk Talk for about a year. My landline phone is capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages and whilst my line was on BT I could still use the BT service centre numbers for sending and reciving text.

    Now that my line has moved over to Talk Talk’s equipment I can no longer send text and texts are delivered by the automated voice rather than as a written text message.

    I rang Talk Talk customer services and they advise me that they do not provide a text service. Here was me thinking that they provided a comparible service to BT! I am not impressed, particularly as I was not advised that I would be loosing nay services as part of the move.

    Anyone else had a similar experience?


  3. Switching from BT to any LLU voice provider will likely lose you many of the more exotic services BT provide. Along with the one you describe there are others, such as the facility to have any call made with a certain prefix billed to another account, usually one paid for by your employer. More of these services will come online as the new providers bed in their core services and expand their network capabilities. That goes for Orange, Tiscali et al as well as TalkTalk.

    In alot of cases problems like this are down to being misinformed by a TalkTalk sales rep, and that should be taken very seriously and reported to the relevant regulators. However, sadly alot of them are still down to people just not reading the T&Cs before they sign up. How many people even now know they’ve signed a contract that allows TT 28 days to fix your broadband service before they’re in breach of contract?

  4. Well, that svaes me trawling the Web for hours trying to find and answer. So, TT don’t support Text Messages; the price may be great but the service seems to be significantly less than we expected…. Ho, hum.

  5. Hi.

    Thanks for the pcpartsandmore warning.

    And yes, after switching to TalkTalk, I can no longer receive messages as text, but sending them works fine.

    Caller Display doesn’t work, either.

    Bloody TalkTalk.

  6. Hi there, I am having issues with the text message service also. Knowing how the service works, there is a number which calls with the data for the text. For me on the first day this number was 01582 392000 determined by 1471 however now my caller id is set up, the texts are now set to come through as voice. I cannot however find the correct number to send the text messages on, matt, i dont suppose you have the service centre number that you are using to send text messages do you? Thanks

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