The Observer wants to talk to you

Hi guys!

The lovely reporter, Lisa Bachelor, running the “Why are we waiting?” campaign wants to chat with you if you’ve had issues with Talk Talk. You can contact her here:

Additionally, I know there’s been some talk of suing Talk Talk for breach of contract. Anyone who has been or is considering a lawsuit, please contact via the above e-mail address.

Good luck!

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35 responses to “The Observer wants to talk to you

  1. Hi,

    Before I purchased my TALK TALK broadband, I had confirmation that my current modem would be compatible and that I would have no problem installing my wireless connection with it.
    I am still am not able to connect.After making various frustrating calls to their call centres all over the world, I was told that my modem was not compatible and I would have to purchase one of their modem for £50.
    That is not an option for me because I had already paid £100 a few months ago for my modem.

    I notified Talk Talk that I wanted to cancel my broadband connection as it becamse too complicated but keep the phone line rental, to my dismay I was directed through ‘option 5’ and what I was told wasn’t very nice. The agent wsa simply bullying me into remaining a customer.

    What I was told:

    -I could cancel my line but would have to pay the £80 cancellation fee or buy their £50 modem and sell my current one on Ebay.

    I said to him that it was not an option. He became agressif and said that on top of the cancellation fee I would have to change my phone number as the phone number I had been using for years was theirs and they would keep it.
    The final straw was that, it was going to take me 30 days to get a new connection with another provider because ‘leaving’ customers are not a priority on Talk Talk’s list.

    What could I say? I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. For using such bullying tactics, I do not wish to remain with Talk Talk but I don’t know what to do and would consider suing them

    Hope it all makes sense

  2. Well where do i start for those who dont like long stories look away now !!
    It all started in september 06 usual knock at the door ”hello would you like to have the best phone isp provider ever ”i though here we go again talktalk , but wait amin ”how much” ill have it .
    promised connection end sep 06 and then jan 3 07 then then feb 7 07 and then feb 21 07 and yes wait for it [you guesed] now march 3 07 . phew thought i was dreaming then after millions of phone calls hanging on the phone for hours speaking to as many foreign people and trying to teach english to them at the same time ,and one chap giveing me his personal guarantee from south affrica after every other word ,till i fell asleep .now that i have woke up do i give up or shall i wait for this fantastic service or if anyone knows for a better provider please let me know ?
    thanks for reading ohh by the way no offence about foreign people and i’m not racist but you’ll be surprised of the new languages i can speak now!! chow baby

  3. Luckly my internet works, but only up until 5pm when it decides to cut out and then i have to reconnect.

  4. I have been with talktalk since July 06, and since then I have had problems connecting to my e-mail account, and trying to connect to broadband during the mon-fri 9-7pm is a frustrating experience. Sometimes when I do get a connection it cuts out suddenly and I would have to re-connect again, if I can.
    I have tried to phone the technical team, but the line connection was so bad, I could not hear the agent properly, it sounded like he was speaking to me from Delhi. I had to end the call as he was not very helpful and also because I was having the priviledge paying for the phone call!
    I don’t recommend talktalk to anyone, although I did when I first joined, and the friend I recommended talktalk to is also having bad connection problems.

  5. Everything was going fine until Oct 06 when I noticed the Internet speed had been upgraded to 8mbps. All of a sudden I was being disconnected or experiencing no connection for no reason, sometimes for a period of several days. Talk Talk said it was a ‘line carrier bandwidth’ problem, whatever that is, and sent me a new modem (Smart AX). I installed it and enjoyed a few hours of Internet access on Feb 3 – the last time was able to connect to the Internet! Since then I’ve spoken to dozens of people in Delhi, South Africa and Preston (!), all of which seem to be rob0tically-primed to run through the same generic tech instructions, and at least a dozen of whom have cut me off before I even finished to explain the problem to them. I finally managed to speak to an account manager in an escalations team in Ireland who assured me he would deal with the problem “to the finish”. He disappeared 10 days ago after telling me it was a ‘local exchange problem’. This is a very abridged version of my history of frustration with this joke of a company. Please someone anyone tell me what I can/should do!!!

  6. I signed up for TalkTalk in January 2006 as they offered a very cheap phone deal. In March last year, I decided to sign up for Talk3 International, but at no time opted for their free broadband, as I had read and heard bad reviews, and as I relied on a decent, reliable connection, decided to even contact them to make sure that this remained the case. In August, I was told that my free broadband would be going active and that they required my MAC code. I again emailed and phoned to tell them I was not interested in their free broadband. In January this year, I recieved a Talktalk broadband disc and an activation date of February 4th. Again, I telephoned them and told them I did not require this service. On February 4th, I lost my internet service. I phoned AOL (my ISP) and tried various unistalls and reinstalls. No good. I phoned TalkTalk. They had activated my line for their broadband, but assured me the problem was not theirs, but , firstly my modem, which I replaced and still had the problem, then I was told it was an issue with AOL’s software which I took off, and then installed the TalkTalk software as told, but still nothing. Then I was told it was my dsl filter, which I had already replaced with three different ones! I was then told it was my line, and that they would phone me back to arrange for a technician to come out. No call back. I phoned again. Same thing and no call back. I cancelled TalkTalk. I had no broadband or internet since February 4th and have wasted nearly two weeks waiting for TalkTalk to rectify this problem. I went back to BT on February 27th, but due to the change over of telephone exchanges, my AOL was somehow cancelled. I should be back online March 6th. I’ve been with AOL for 4 faultless years. Even though it was not their end at fault, they have given me 2 months free and a reduced monthly fee for 12 months. TalkTalk offered me £10 off my bill!! They caused me to lose a months internet, cost me a new modem, alot of wasted time on the phone and wasted time uninstalling and reinstalling, getting my friend round to check my pc, getting a friend to test my line via his laptop and undue stress and frustration. I wrote a letter of complaint 2 weeks ago….guess what……no reply! I would not recommend this company to anyone! Customer service is zero! A truly bad company!

  7. I am just so fed up with Talk talk, and it is such a relief to know that I am not on my own! My issue is that although I no longer receive a service from Talk Talk and haven’t since August. (The reason I left was because one of their “representatives” made a mistake on the home moving form and told me that I would not have internet connection for at least a month. I was at the time doing a university course through the web and so it was vital that it was connected quickly). So I paid up and canceled my direct debit. Now every month they keep trying to take money from my bank account and then billing me £4.99 per month for a direct debit penalty, for the last 4 months I have been told it will not happen again but every month through the post comes that familiar envelope with talk talk on it and a demand for money that I don’t owe. I have even had a threatening letter from a debt collector. I am very worried about being black listed and just don’t know what to do. I have written twice but got no reply and phoning is worthless. I am a single mum with a severely disabled child and do not need any more stress in my life!!! Surely they are acting illegally trying to access my bank account? Like you all you it is just endless. Is there one central phone complaints office like “OFWAT” for water complaints.

    If you have any ideas of what next i would be eternally grateful.

    sorry if it sounds like a rant but I can not be the only one this is happening too.

  8. Sally
    I know it’s a chore but if you scour through previous posts on this site you’ll find sound advice. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the regulator (ofcom) can get involved until either 6 or 12 months after the original dispute.

    Personally, my next step in this situation would be to get a solicitor involved. It’s probably time to cease informal contact with Talk, Talk if the debt collectors have been called in. Get the solicitor to draft a letter threatening legal reprisal if the situation continues. Ask him/her to make it clear that you’ll also be seeking sizeable financial compensation for the emotional distress caused to you and your disabled child.

  9. Well. Been a customer of talk talk for many years and no problem. stupidly decided to upgrade the call package by getting greedy for free broadband offer. Go live date 13.02.2007 but then when i phoned on 28.02.07 i was told it would be 01.03.2007. No password or user name to hand and ironically the litreture including password arrived in this mornings post on 07.03.07. I have been withour a phone for 5 days and without internet since 01.03.07 when talk talk took over. As per previous posts, i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. can’t go anywhere as the line is allegedly being updated by Talk Talk. What a bunch of s*i*e. Talk Talk should be renamed MUTE MUTE as tehre is no dial tone on phone and no broadband service. CRAP compnay stay clear is all can say. Recommend an enemy but not a friend.

  10. This maybe elsewhere on this site but in answer to the earlier post by Sally There is an Ombudman scheme “Otelo” that talk talk is part of but you have to have written a formal complaint first to

    Customer Liaison Manager
    Carphone Warehouse
    1 Kelvin Close
    WA3 7PB

    Otelo will only act if you have made this formal written compaint and if

    “· You are not making satisfactory progress

    You must follow your company’s complaints procedure, as set out in their code of practice and allow them up to 12 weeks to sort the problem out for you. If, after 12 weeks of making your complaint, you’re still not happy with the way it’s been handled, you can pass it to us. For example, the company might not have replied to your complaint or you may not be satisfied with the way they have sorted it out.
    The deadline for bringing it to our attention is nine months from the date you first told the
    company about the problem.

    · You have received a deadlock letter from your company

    You might get a letter from the company that says they will no longer be handling the complaint.
    They might, for example, say that they can’t do anything for you and this is their final position.
    We call this a ‘deadlock letter’. You then have six months from the date of the letter to pass your complaint to us.” – copied from a reply from otelo when I tried to complain.

    They can contacted on, or by phoning 0845 050 1614 or 01925 430049

    Hope this helps some people who are fairly new to the rubbish that talk talk calls service. For most people it is probably already been too long and the thought of another three months is possibly unbearable.

  11. After waiting months, their modem and installation software arrived. The software was dreadful and the modem was faulty, but after 10 hours I got it to work with a Netgear router.

    No email, not very speedy, but at least we were connected.

    Then in October, they switched lines to Opal from BT as part of Local Loop Unbundling. The service stopped immediately.

    After weeks of phone calls and staying in for engineers, I wrote to them in November by recorded delivery threatening to terminate the contract if they did not fix things. No reply.

    In December, we arranged with BT to take the line back ASAP. This they did in January, so I wrote again by recorded delivery terminating the contract and threatening legal action to recover our costs. No reply.

    In February, we got a bill including line rental even though BT were operating the line. I wrote to them again. No reply.

    So I issued a small claim for £877 at Guildford County Court. No reply!

    Two weeks later their time ran out and I applied for and received a CCJ against them.

    According to the person I phoned at the court, if they haven’t paid up in a few weeks I can send the bailiffs in.

    Watch this space!

  12. Nice work, mark ld.

    It’s difficult to know whether all this represents a deliberate attempt to squeeze as much money out of (ex) customers as possible, or just rank incompetence – Probably both.

    If/when it comes to sending in the balifs why don’t you contact the local/national press to see if they’re interested in running a story, thereby ensuring maximum PR humiliation. Or take a day off work, join the balifs on their quest to recover the money and enjoy the spectacle. Better still, advertise the time and place on this post so we can all tag along. I’ll bring my video camera.

  13. I called Talk Talk helpline on the 27 August for help with my broadband. They took my details and said they would call me back the next day. It is now 7 months and they’ve not called! Am I surprised? Hell no.

  14. Jan Crossfield

    Just gone with Talk Talk – their salesmen are very convincing to get you on board. Had broadband fitted last week – since then no phones are ringing in our house. Reported the fault on 23rd was told it was a networking problem and would take till 28th. Rang on 28th only to find that what a surprise the complaint had not been logged! Got in several queues and got cut off most times especially near 7.45p Was told yesterday 29th that it had to be logged as a new call ref the fault! Told to unplug everything in the house. Hours later I decided to replug the freezer back in and tried again to ring them was told no one would deal with this matter for quite a while! What can I do the phones are a lifeline my Mum is in a care situation at home and this is her lifeline to me and the phones dont ring, have to keep checking messages which people dont like leaving every 15 mins. Desperate to know what to do. Can anyone help me out there? Jan

  15. Jan, I feel for you. I have had no landline for 14days and I am at my wits end. I have just spent 3 hours on 3 calls to talktalk this morning – getting cut off after an hour etc etc. l have talked to supervisors, sympathetic call centre staff and engineers – I have just been cut off again having wasted my day yet again. I also need some adviice. Good lluck. Fiona

  16. P.S. I have been calling EVERYDAY for the last 13 days with the same result…….fiona

  17. WOW well done Mark – really well done !!!!
    cool amazing…. I would love to see BBC report about the bailiffs walking in at the car phone Warehouse 🙂

  18. sandra gilbride

    I was suposed to be connected to talktalk broadband last August. It never happened and after countless stressful, expensive and useless phone calls to them they said it was my telephone wires and I should get someone to check them! I pointed out that they were my telephone provider and that anyway they had told me that I would be able to get broadband. After a few weeks of getting nowhere I told them that I would not bother them anymore [!] and they didn’t have to try and connect me. I continued receiving bills for a service I never had and ended up getting threatening letters from solicitors and debt collectors with messages giving me a mobile number to leave my payment on!! In the end I gave up spending money on phone calls to them and ignored them. I haven’t had any communication from them since December 06, but I wonder if my credit rating has been affected. The whole ordeal was beyond stressful and frustrating and in fact I’m becoming upset writing and thinking about it!! I eventually went with bt broadband and they came and connected me without a problem. In fact there was a problem with the external wires but talktalk should not have sold me a service they couldn’t provide and should not have behaved in such a bullying, rude and really awful manner. As soon as my phone contract with them finishes I shall leave. I have already changed my mobile provider. I am now going to lie in a darkened room.

    PS My sister had an even worse time with them

  19. Lorna Brice-Nye

    Hmm.. what to say. Yes I was swayed by ‘much cheapness’ my go live date was fixed at Jul 06. After mutiple MAC codes acquired I gave up and went stayed with Homecall (biggo mistakeo) Talk Talk and Homecall Pipex both charged me for the services. I cancelled and cancelled Talk Talk but to no avail and then this January I was suddenly put onto Talk Talk broadband and they allegedly cancelled my package with Pipex. I’ve had the usual probs with the phones but my broadband is satisfactory and I sadly didn’t want to rock the boat. Today in April I have received a bill for £75.00 for broadband services with Pipex up to May this year..WHAT!!! After calling them the chap said that Talk Talk ‘cheated’ the system and should have used a mac code to transfer then they’d have cancelled it. Me thinks that I can now use this to stir up Talk Talk if only I could find a way to contact them (as you all know it’s nigh on impossible). Any suggestions how to contact their legal team. Then maybe they can fight it out and we can all stand back and have a good laugh!

  20. Lorna
    They’re hardly going to fight it out amongst themselves as long as they’re both, presumably, still taking your money. These companies like nothin more than to watch you try and jump ship and then get stuck as you attempt to cross over. They just sit back and watch you bolster their coffers. Get your legal team involved if you want to reclaim your losses.

  21. had no land line for 7 weeks nightmare on elmstreet big time. just had service restored had to sort problem with bt and talk talk myself.totaly stressed out over experience they say poss £50 compensation would i be better off
    going to smalls claims court any one had similar exp

  22. Well, having obtained a CCJ against them, guess what?

    They’ve ignored it. So I sent another £55 off to the court last week to request a Warrant of Execution, i.e. send the bailiffs in.

    I haven’t heard from the court yet, as I think it has to be transferred to the nearest court to Portal Way.

    In the meantime, I had an email a few minutes ago from TalkTalk’s customer services promising to sort things out. I’ve just replied asking whether they are going to pay what is now £932, or wait for the knock on the door.

    My advice is get your claims in now (only £80 in court fees or less if you claim less) before they wake up…

    …all the forms are available online from

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  24. I have had exactly the same problems as everyone else on this site, especially being unable to receive emails. The problem for me is that I am self-employed and work largely from home, depending on email for offers of jobs, documents to work on etc. I now ask my agency to copy any correspondence to my husband’s work address as his emails to me seem to come through quicker (although there was that one that took 8 days…..). Last week I still ended up catching a bus to his workplace to pick up a print of a document I needed to use for a phone call an hour later. I desperately want to leave TalkTalk as soon as possible because it is affecting my ability to earn money but I don’t see why I should pay the penalty fee when they have probably cost me several £100s in lost work. Any ideas?

  25. If you have problems with email from TalkTalk but can still get online, sign up for a ‘browser’ email account – I use googlemail – there are others.

    Then you don’t have to use the TT email address or email programs at all (Outlook etc).
    Obviously you only access all your emails when your connection works…

  26. Has anybody else waited as long as 10 months for broadband? (they promised 2 months). Still don’t have it and I’ve given them 3 MACS!

    I also waited 5 months for their International 3 phone service – finally have that.

    Unlike many people here, I insist that TT must give me the service they promised and I won’t leave.

    I’m also claiming £370 for all the Broadband and telephone charges I’ve paid to other companies during the period TT should have given me their service.

    Also, does anyone know how much I could reasonably claim for all the time I’ve spent sorting this out?

    And is better to put in a Small Claim or go to Otelo to enforce it (assuming they don’t cough up)??

  27. I sympathise with all the previous posts! During Talk Talk’s unbundling of my local exchange in November 06 I ended up without phone or internet access for 6 weeks. I called customer service and fault reporting just about every day. I wrote to Talk Talk and emailed several times when I could get to another computer. Nothing. That is until I tracked down Charles Dunstone’s email address and sent him a pleading email. To his credit he got the mess sorted out and two days later my phone and internet were restored. But why couldn’t these seemingly solvable problems have been solved without Mr Dunstone’s intervention? Subsequently, I’ve had repeated loss of service for both phone and internet and the connection remains completely unreliable with dropped connections happening every day (as I type this I’ve lost connection three times!) The modem they supplied to cope with the line upgrade is uninstallable and customer service remains completely useless. I have several months left to run in my contract with Talk Talk but I’m quite sure I’ll bail out before then….I have no intention of paying Talk Talk anything to terminate my contract early. Good luck to everyone in a similar situation. This company deserves to go down!


    Since I signed up with TalkTalk in October 2006, my life has been in upheaval….

    Since Mid April 2007, my telephone line has been disconnected along with my broadband.

    This happened all without warning and I have come up against a “ Stone Wall of Silence”.

    TalkTalk has ignored all of my letters and phone calls to repair the fault, but the irony is, that they are still sending bills and collecting money from my bank account.
    Together with other costs that they owe me, this amounts to £162.00

    If this is not bad enough (! ) on the 15 April 2007, the day that my line was disconnected, I rang TalkTalk by mobile explaining that because they had disconnected my landline, my family from Spain could not reach me to tell me that my brother had died that day and that caused all of us a huge amount of stress.

    Even after repeatedly explaining this to TalkTalk representatives at length, they callously chose to ignore my problem and broke promises to repair the line.

    I have done all that is reasonable to follow TalkTalks’ complaints procedure; I have written to the Customer Liaison Manager and all Directors of the company.

    Until today, TalkTalk refuses to TALK and there is a “Stone Wall of Silence” in resolving this.

    I have taken this matter up with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Trading Standards.

    Can any one advise me if I can legally terminate my 18 months contract with TalkTalk without any penalty to me and to seek compensation?

    Can any also one tell me why OTELO is not duty bound to take action against such companies, when customers like myself are being stone walled

  29. Since waiting months for the broadband it finaly arrived.

    its slow, cannot open alot of pages, gets stuck on pages,connection too games is apaling.
    the modem smart ax has alot of hidden settings which seem too block alot of ip adress and inbuilt firewall which means you wouldnt realy need too buy there firewall of them.
    “quote from a Tech help at TT”
    you dont need your firewall on the modem has 1 built in. so why do they still sell firewall too people who use this modem ?

    my advise is dont go with taktalk get a decent isp for your connections


    I disconnected from TalkTalk in March of 2006 and despite paying a £70 disconnection fee for the privilege of doing so I am still receiving invoices/Notice of Legal proceedings over a year later.

    On four separate occasions I have received assurances from the people manning the broadband customer services helpline that the continuing invoices are a mistake and that my account would be credited with the amount owing and the account closed so I would not receive anymore invoices.

    After my last call in November 2006 I also e-mailed customer services as well as complaining through the “Contact Us” section of their website and asked for confirmation that I would no longer be receiving any invoices. Despite not receiving the confirmation I asked for I believed I must have gotten through to someone as the bills stopped arriving. That was until this weekend when I received the latest notice of pending legal proceedings.

    I have taken the matter up with the telecommunications ombudsman (Otelo) and have been advised to write to the customer liaison manager and return to them if I don’t receive a satisfactory resolution with in 10 days. Unfortunately the creditors will take action before this 10 day period has expired regardless of the fact that I have informed them that I am in dispute with TalkTalk.

    The hassle that this terrible company has caused me is beyond a joke. Getting anywhere by ringing the customer service desks is an exercise in patience and persistence. I have been bounced between departments many many times and this often ends in the call being diverted to a nameless answer phone or the call inexplicably being dropped. Often when I do get through to someone they have a limited grasp of English and are unable to understand the problem (and me). I have twice been told by operators that the computers systems were running slowly and I would have to ring back later, interestingly on both of these occasions the systems started running slowly around the time that the phone operators grasped that this was not going to be an easy problem to resolve. There is a definite reluctance on the part of the phone operators to escalate my calls to their superiors and complaining is made even harder by the fact that there is no appropriate section to make complaints on the TalkTalk website.

    I have the greatest sympathy for anyone who has problems with this organisation as it seems to me that they deliberately making complaining difficult presumably in the hope that the customer will get demoralise and abandon the issue.

    I would advise people to contact Otelo if they are having issues as they are able to advise you on the best way to complain.

  31. I rang talk talk yesterday (Thursday 5th July 2007) as it i was experiencing a fault on my phone line from the morning. I rang all the numbers that i had got, they kept making me go in circles. Telling me to ring this number, that number. No help was provided.

  32. Having read through the above comments, it’s on the one hand comforting to find so many like minded people all united in the common cause of dissapointment and frustration with this totally useless ISP, I’m not alone!!! But on the other hand it baffles me how this can still be allowed to go on. Surely there must be some official body that can bring Talk Talk to account, if only for trades description if nothing else. I wish “That’s Life” was still on, I’m sure Ester and her team would sort them out.

  33. Chris Pegley – Latchmere?

  34. We have received the second Provisional Conclusion from Otelo and it is the same £100 goodwill gesture with the same lame offers to write a letter of apology & ensure the disconnection fee is not on our final bill. We cancelled TT in March and there was not fee on the final bill.

    We are completely unhappy with the result, because TT was not cheaper than BT as promised, we incurred extra costs during the three months without Internet service and wasted alot of time on the phone only to be disconnected or ping ponged between the BB and Customer service departments.

    TT still maintains fault lies with Orange and myself. We experienced much of what many on this site have & cut our losses after three months. We have followed the proper protocol and feel nothing has been gained and the ‘goodwill’ gesture is insulting when they cost us more than that when we were without service.

    We will be rejecting Otelo’s second offer and find another course of action that will hopefully provide some satisfaction. How long is TT going to be able to deny they are responsible for so many of its customers to be without service and all their ‘customer service shortfalls’?!

  35. I am heartened to see that I am not alone in my utter dismay at Talk Talk’s appalling service and accountability.OTELO’s Final Decision on my complaint is tantamount to aiding and abetting a company with zero ethics – where is our protection as consumers ?? Anyone with ideas on a Class Action suit ??

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