More proof you’re not isolated in e-mail trauma land

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talktalk hell
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18 responses to “More proof you’re not isolated in e-mail trauma land

  1. I know the frustration. I called talk talk a couple of days ago, spoke to somebody I could not understand (do they offshore?) who tried to nurse me through the process of configuring Outlook. I’m an IT professional, I almost had to beg this idiot to stop treating me like a dumb user and simply answer my question “What is wrong with your POP servers?”. After speaking with a supervisor, he replied “we have a problem, call back in 48 hours”. I’m not sure if I can go through the pain again of changing all the household e-mail accounts after dumping NTHell a couple of years ago. Come to think of it, it probably would be less painful. I found this site after the last dose of e-mail pain before Christmas, thanks for the ray of light in the darkness that is Talk Talk.

  2. easy(ish) solution here, do what I’ve done, switch to google mail ! Quite happy with the phone/broadband service but the email is hopeless so I’ve switched. When I swithc supplier I wont have to worry about a change of email address !

  3. I have just got off the phone from Talktalk’s customer service dept 0800 0490 0498 (dont use the 0870 number it just boosts thier profits)
    They told me that the email server will be back “on-line” on 26th Feb !!!!!!!! yes thats right in 4 days time.
    However they did offer me the choice of either cancelling right now at no cost (having signed up for an 18 month contract a while ago OR accepting a credit of £20 off my next phone bill.
    Bearing in mind the time it takes to switch to another ISP I have gone for the £20 credit.
    If you are having problems ring the cancelation line (its on thier website) and screw ’em down for a rebate.
    Good luck

  4. Have been with TT since May last year. I retained my hotmail email address and, following weeks of frustration, tearing my hair out, shrieking, things have been OK. However, I am due to go live at the end of February and I’m not quite sure what that means. 8mg – is that involved? I would rather have a slow computer than have it all mucked up once again by TT. Having said that, I don’t expect any miracles from TT re going live – their a dead lot!

  5. sorry, I can’t spell – they are a dead lot!

  6. Read some of the above comments with interest. It is now 6th March and my talktalk e-mail hasn’t been working for 2 weeks now! I am currently on hold with talktalk to see if they can also give me a rebate.
    Sadly no but two weeks on and I have finally managed to pick up my mail!

  7. been told by 2 TT assistants that the reason my e-mail does not work is because TT is not compatible with Vista. GREAT.

  8. Hello all,

    I work for talktalk, and i have to say i am also starting to think this company has customer service at the back of its mind \:-(

    good luck all

  9. i have two email accounts with talktalk. one appears to only recieve mail every three days or so. the other recieves its mail out of date sequence! i am so pi**ed off that i chose talktalk last year! i will definately be moving isp, can anyone suggest a compitent company?

  10. Can’t believe how crap TalkTalk is! I can never get throught to talktalk to any of their crapcrap administrators/technicians. I’m using a MacBook (new) with a belkin ADSL wireless router and have set up my mac mail to pop mail my gmail accounts. They work intermittantly and then I changed the smtp port to 25 as suggested and again it worked for a while then stopped? Some of the mail gets sent but without the whoosh noise so some people are getting the email ten times because I keep attempting to send them. I also keep changing the smtp server because a dialogue box comes up telling me that email cannot be sent on that smtp? I cannot send any attachments either on web mail or pop? I am really busy all the time so I can never get time to sit on the phone for a zillion hours and the time I use trying to sort this out is time I can never get back! Talk Talk is stealing my life! TalkTalk is an energy vampire that is not so slowly draining me of the will to go on. Bring back men on horses with ink and quills for long distance communication! Rant over now… has anyone solved this problem yet? please let me know..

  11. Stuart Suffell

    I to have been having a nightmare with my talktalk mail through Outlook Express 6. Everything was fine until 6 weeks ago then the wheels fell off and I haven’t had a single talktalk mail since. My hotmail works fine. The prats in Mumbai have blamed my Outlook and my Belkin router (which I bought from Carphone Warehouse as recommended).
    I am truely at my whits end with this shower of @rse*oles and their rubbish service.

  12. Stuart Suffell

    There’s been a development! During the early hours of yesterday and feeling in a devil may care state of mind I sparked up the Outlook Express and waited for the usual Talktalk server is crap type of message only to find that the messages started to come in. Now don’t get too excited because it only lasted for the first 5 messages then the link was severed . However might I suggest that we all develop insomnia and try to get our emails in the early hours or is this a dark plan hatched by the Overlord Charles to turn us all in to zombies???

  13. I am glad I found this page. I suspected I might not have been alone in this mess.
    I too have been having delayed emails (up to four days) for weeks now. I even know of one instance of not getting one that had been sent. There may be more. The problem seems without doubt to be with Onetel, because if I use Yahoo maiI have no problem.
    Not only is recieving a pain but sending to AOL users is fraught with disaster.We have two regular contacts who are on AOL (well no one is perfect) and for months now they have not received anything we have sent by Onetel… but Yahoo… no problem.
    I have sent several emails to them about the problem but so far have only had one reply (to which one of my emails I do not know, every thing is mixed up). They said of course that their “engineers were working on it as their highest priority”.
    Now this surprises me, because I thought a priority was something that had to be done prior to everything else.
    If the engineers are as good with wires as their excuse makers (and Sanjeev and his sisters) are with the English language then we are stuffed.
    Talking of Sanjeev, I have just given up ringing their “Service” department. Over Christmas we suffered an “outage” (I have never seen or heard of an inage). When I rang one of his sisters said “Vat is your operating system?” when I said “Linux” she said “Vat is dat?”
    I have pondered on on the possibility of Onetel storing emails intentionally just to save line usage for browsers and encourage punters to use “free” email services like Yahoo et al.
    I fail to see how a problem like this has not been fixed in the weeks that it has been going on.

  14. Well Talk Talk/Onetel must be the worst provider in the world. One thing after another and excuses, excuses, excuses. Most usual excuse is to blame everybody else. And as for their Mail, good God I must have been mad when I first signed up, I am just glad I no longer use them. I wouldnt recommend them to my worst enemy. Hey and get this if you manage to get through to anybody you pay the National Rate. When my, and my families e mail went off for three weeks last christmas it cost me 100 pounds in phone calls, yes 100 pounds. So keep clear of any Talk Talk internet service. !!!!

  15. Took me some time (months) without TT email reception until I worked out that the TT POP3 mail lies about the authentication methods it supports (their “Courier Mail Server” says it supports TLS, but it rejects your login if you use TLS). I had to add the line…
    sslproto “”
    …to my fetchmail.rc file (my OS is linux). Now I get mail no problems. Hope this helps some of you out there!

  16. I am just about to go mental. I am not a computer fan by any means but having been given a mac book as a gift I have made a huge effort to set everything up. MacBook is excellent but Talktalk customer servics are beyond useless. They don’t understand english, or help with simple set up problems. I will be changing to a different ISP ASAP!

  17. I didn’t bother with Talk talk webmail either. There are 2 solutions

    1) Try downloading Talk talk assist and go.

    2) Swith to another email service provider.

    To Download Assist and go go to this link:'t%20connect&showFAQ=ASSIST_GO

  18. Sorry… I just left a comment! On the page I gave a link to you need to go to the bottom and click on Assist and go – for troubleshooting help.

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