Happy Valentine’s Day from Ofcom

This is for all of you who had problems with MACs.

he process works by means of a migration authorisation code (“MAC”) which customers obtain from their existing provider and give to the new provider they have chosen. Customers need to follow three steps:

1. A customer wishing to change their service provider must first contact their existing service provider and request a MAC (customers should not request the service be ceased)
2. The existing service provider will send the MAC to the customer within 5 working days. The MAC is valid for a period of 30 days from the date that it is issued.
3. The customer must then present the MAC to the provider they wish to migrate to. The gaining provider will then process the request and inform the customer of the transfer date.

According to the Ofcom website this is all you should need to do with Talk Talk to get out.

It also stipulates:

The existing service provider cannot withhold an authorisation code to enforce debt collection or contractual rights. However, customers are not freed from contractual obligations they have entered in to with their existing service provider – i.e.: they will have to honour the remaining term of an existing contract or pay early cancellation fees, if applicable. An existing service provider will still be able to take reasonable action to enforce their contractual rights even after a customer has migrated to a new service provider.

It doesn’t say what will or should happen to the ISP if they fail to comply. I’d copy and paste that info into an e-mail if you’re having trouble. Good luck guys!

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3 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day from Ofcom

  1. Please note – This does not get you out of any contractual obligations! You’d still have to pay any cancellations fee you agreed to, unless they would be waived.

  2. It’s true that they’ll pony up the MAC code on request, but if you’re an LLU customer don’t think that means a quick and easy switch to another provider. You’ll go into a queue for BT Openreach engineers to un-unbundle your line and unless you’re going back to BT they won’t hurry. Think in terms of weeks, and longer if you’re going to Orange.

  3. I’m going from LLU to non-LLU and have given TalkTalk two MACs already (3rd one coming up). (Yes I’m actually trying to get TT Broadband…)

    9 months on , still no broadband.

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