To charge or not to charge, that is the question.

I have a new and improved way of categorizing things here at Talk Talk Hell. Hopefully it will mean easier and as a result, more updates and more help. One question though, does anyone know anything about the legality of the below billing issues?

Have a read…

You won’t, will, won’t? CPW can’t even make up their mind about connection fees!
From Paul T

It appears there’s something of a Bermuda Triangle at the CPWhorehouse when it comes to important phone calls. I was initally told there wouldn’t be a cancellation fee if I tried to break my contract, but when I left they tried to charge me £70. Needless to say there wasn’t any trace of the inital conversation – either recorded or on the notes. As it happens, it appears they were bluffing, and as far as I know, I’ve been allowed to leave with no charge.

Debra writes in about them giving her broadband…. without asking:

I signed up with Talk Talk nearly 2 years ago everything was going fine until 29th Oct. when i phoned and asked them about Broadband services they do i didn’t give them any of my bank details, but un be known to me they had entered me into a so-called contract. Within 2 days i received letters every day telling me that my talk plan had changed, that i would be sent a modem starter kit and the connection date would be within a couple of weeks, i phoned every day to sort it out they told me it was nothing to worry about and assured me it had been cancelled. they went ahead and upgraded my line in which they completely wiped aol off my line, i had no in coming or out going calls for 3 days. They sent me a bill for £148 saying it would come out of my bank on the usual day, i phoned them up they again tried to tell me it had been cancelled, which was an obvious lie again so i cancelled my direct debit with my bank and got them to recall my last payment to them which for the correct amount either. On 13th i went back to BT it took them 2 weeks to clear my phone line so theta aol could reconnect. Jan 4th they sent me another bill for £208 out of that bill i actually owed them £12 in call and my original £8.99 line rental before they cocked it all up. i refused to pay the amount until they corrected it as it was not my fault they upgraded my line and my phone bills they looked back on their records to how many times i had actually phoned them agreed to re-emburse me for my calls which added up to £26 and also credit my account the amount i over paid them which i am currently waiting for. They also apologised for their mistakes and accepted they where responsible for upgrading every thing without my consent. They are the worst ever company i have ever come across, and i would never recommend them or their sister company (earphone warehouse) to any body in the world ever.

Which seems to be a common business practise at CPW:
From Shah

You wanna hear something funny? well its partially funny, if it had happened to sum1 else, my mum went to see her sisters wedding abroad, and we had the phone made one way for financial reasons, imagine my surprise wen we get a phone bill, from a company who told us that their service would start next month!, 42 pounds! furthermore i get a modem that doesnt work, (im using the ancient bt voyager 100 now, and its brilliant still) a bill on top of 20 pound, (two bills in same month) 4 features we didnt even select, and after i initially applied online (full details) i got a call, from india, – hello sir we understand that you wish to join our quality service, can i get your details?!!! oh and the smal matter of the phonline going down twice, and had to be disconnected for 46 hours each time so they can repair it, Im cancelling direct debit, like you did and will also post on the various sites you have mentioned,

But wait, you get charged… though they said it was fixed?
That’s what happened to Sue

I have been having constant problems with Talk Talk Broadband since June 2006. Still being charged for my “free service” despite being told it will be sorted – it never is! Now e-mails coming to me 3-4 times over. What a shambles – wish I had stayed with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange & that was bad enough!!

Advice: What can you do about the charges?

Nikki says

Cancel your direct debits if they are taking money that isnt rightfully due. Someone will do a bill recalculation and sort this out for you

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2 responses to “To charge or not to charge, that is the question.

  1. Further to my original post – bermuda Triangle at the whorehouse – I believe the honest advice came from the original operator who informed me there would be no charge for cancellation because broadband had yet to go live (and was delayed). In short, they hadn’t supplied what they’d advertised – use this to exercise your right to cancel without fee.

  2. Nikki

    Re: cancel direct debits and someone will recalculate bill.

    What happens if you receive threatening red letters and the debt collectors are called in. The elderly and the vulnerable shouldn’t have to put up with that, let alone the rest of us. this is crooked bulls**t. The government should get a grip on this industry.

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