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The Observer wants to talk to you

Hi guys!

The lovely reporter, Lisa Bachelor, running the “Why are we waiting?” campaign wants to chat with you if you’ve had issues with Talk Talk. You can contact her here:

Additionally, I know there’s been some talk of suing Talk Talk for breach of contract. Anyone who has been or is considering a lawsuit, please contact via the above e-mail address.

Good luck!

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More proof you’re not isolated in e-mail trauma land

These are the top search results for the day:

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More e-mail woes. Don’t cry, you’re not alone!

Deary, deary me.

Just a few, teensy, itsy issues with e-mail at Talk Talk right now. Impacting a few customers….

From Tim
Yes I too have not been able to receive any e-mails for a couple of days even though if I sign on to their webmail with internet explorer (not firefox) I can read them. I use Thunderbird normal but it seems TT is playing DumbDumb. There is a bright side the tremendous amount of spam TT lets through has also stopped

And Jan

I am also in South Wales and have had the same problems. I have received a couple of emails in the last few days – but I know for a fact there are a lot i’ve not got yet. Just have to hope that they all come through soon, fingers crossed.

And PR

I’m also one of the unlucky ones concerning the current email fault – I seem to be able to send OK but cannot receive (using OE), nor on frequent occasions even able log on via webmail. It would certainly help if talktalk had a ‘service status page’ so that customers could check to see if the problem was at the ISP or one of their own making. or not.

And Neal

Totally unable to access emails AGAIN – seriously thinking of moving ISP – service is non existent and to the web constantly drops- very fed up!

And Mo
I am having trouble with talktalk emails – has anybody got a solution – it is slowly driving me mad

And Colin

Exactly the same problem for days now – can use internet without any problems. I use outlook and can send emails, but receiving them is a nightmare…..I just keep on hitting the send/receive button and occasionally I get lucky and my emails are delivered. I haven’t called anyone as talktalk must be aware, but why is it taking weeks to fix?

And Dave

Yes I am in South Wales too and it is still bad this morning, I use Thunderbird and Outlook both have problems with talktalk Email.

And Allan has had it with this. Can’t blame him. It’ s been what, two months since the last time?

six months into TT and no usable email service I have been up the hill and back again with support, I even had the florida geeks look into my PC all to no avail. My in box works sporadically and never when I want to recieve anything important. I’m getting to the point of dumping them and facing the consequences. Surely a small claims court would not be on the side of a supplier whose goods are unfit for purpose whatever it says in the small print. Why should we have to “buy out”. Are there any leagal experts out there to advise ?

And Ian doesn’t want to go broke calling you.

Also problems (receiving e-mail only) for 2-3 days. Can send e-mail fine. However the fault in receiving has been intermittent over last few weeks and I have not yet been able to access webmail since signing up as a customer months ago.

Haven’t got time / patience / or phone budget to phone the so-called help desk after the reports that I have read about the service! Please post if anybody gets any sense out of them.

And Delli have not been able to log onto my talktalk email for 2 days…. different error messages each time

Am i the only one?

Paul’s born to run

We’ve just got our PC fixed today only to find the emails are down yet again. This is falling into a sadly familiar pattern. Unbelieveable.

Mark S, yes you can leave Talk Talk but it’ll cost you £70. I can’t bring myself to do this on principle. But rest assured that when my contract is up I’ll be off quicker than a very quick thing. Along with hundreds of others, I guess.

And David can see the problem. Can you, you know, at tech support?

I’m really fed up with being unable to receive emails. This evening i have been trying to receive them for over 2 hours and each time it times out connecting to the POP£ server. I wish i had never joined talktalk broadband, although the telephone part of the business is just fine.

Dave D has some sage like advice for the customers:

Last time this happened was in December when talktalk started to play around with the servers, the symptoms are you simply just cannot log on to the Email sever, but it will allow you to send but not receive. Last time I spent hours looking for a conflict in my system. I have my email on two different servers the non talktalk server still works perfectly every time so don’t let talktalk’s idiots try to convince you that its a problem with your system. Just another example of talktalk’s total incompetance

We’re telling John it’s probably a screwed POP3 server. Though, you won’t tell us, so we don’t actually know.

can get online but cannot send/receive e-mail. Have complained and received a £20 credit. (Threatened to cancel contract). Company informed me that it could be several days before the e-mail problem is rectified.

Can’t log on to e-mail (using outlook express or mozilla thunderbird) and cannot use or talktalk webmail. In fact, I can’t now login to ‘my talktalk’ on their website because it doesn’t recognise my username.

So, is it an authentication problem (radius server?) or is the whole system b*****xed?

If you know something tell me please.

Oh but wait! Maybe you do! A little snippet of info from Tim

Appears no one knows whats going on as have just received Email from Talktalk stating that problems are due to error on POP3 server and engineers are trying to rectify????

And I want to hug Jane.

Oh please help me. I’ve been sitting here crying for the last two hours. I’ve been trying for 6 hours to get my talktalk webmail to do what i want it to do. it took over four hours yesterday to clear it out and get it to send stuff to Outlook. i’ve spent at least 200 hours over the last couple of months just trying to get it to work when i want. I want to tear my hair out. what can i do to get the stupid thing to work. what do i do to get my broadband connection to stay on. i’ve spent hours on the phone to tech support going over the same stuff time and again and never getting through to 2nd line support until i’ve been made to go through it all once more at least. are they trying to get rid of customers who signed up for the ‘lifetime’ deal so that we will be replaced with customers on less favourable terms to the consumer. are all these problems deliberate systems failures so that we must spend more money on the phone to them thereby generating income. please someone, help me out i can’t stand much more of this.

But the ones that know obviously weren’t talking to David P

4 Days- can send (so far) but cant receive email except sometime during the night! Collegues have resorted to old technology (fax)!

Spent 11/2 hours on phone with Tech Services (19th). At first swore blind was my anti- virus etc. although his own ‘tools’ were down and he couldnt access my account direct apparently?

With his instructions tested all ports etc and hes stumped– then his ‘tools’ come back and he tries to access my account on the server- but hey it rejects- and rejects- then hes in…….but cant see emails!!!!!!!! Well Done- new answer- it must be a very, very large email/ or corrupt email thats ‘blocking’ the account…very original! Wants to finish shift- can only recommend I leave a couple of hours and try to access via http:talktalk and delete all ‘bad’ emails myself!!! Up to me to get phone charge @ 10p min back- £13.00 Absolute BS of course- some come down during night, but off again now. Can these complaints be forwarded to OFTEL or something- a 10 Downing Street petition maybe- desperate now as going to have to alter sleep pattern otherwise!

And Alexandra has some advice

Microsoft have published ‘white papers’ and techie tools with clear instructions on how to use them. Purpose? to give the equivalent of a driving test to a business user of a particular operation of a server -aka Email Server- so you know the signs and symptoms of OVERLOAD before the server becomes OVERLOADED and everyone who depends on your business like prowess -falls over as a result of holding their breath.

Rocket science it most definately is NOT, buy more servers and employ a resident mechanic who can put the wheels back on! Incidentally, for the concerned millions of T2 email users who come home in the afternoon to eagerly check if they’ve had a reply (to anything….) the customer service reply of having trouble with their “email server” – is not a good sign. Talktalk would do well to get a grip, and relax their stranglehold on their customers lives. The excuses have run out, hand in hand, with their credibility. I think.

But somehow I don’t think they listened.

Here’s what they said to ah

I have now had a reply from TalkTalk to a customer service e-mail I sent them yesterday about the ‘no response from server problem’.

“I understand this is very frustrating, however, we are currently

experiencing a fault with our email server, which is why you are unable

to access your emails. This is currently been looked into by our

engineers as a main priority but as of yet there is no exact time in,

which this will be resolved. If this problem persists please contact our

Technical Support Team on 0871 226 7146 who should be able to give you

an update as to the problem been fixed.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this


So, there you have it. POP3 problems at Talk Talk.

Dear Talk Talk,

Talk Talk Hell

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Ofcom

This is for all of you who had problems with MACs.

he process works by means of a migration authorisation code (“MAC”) which customers obtain from their existing provider and give to the new provider they have chosen. Customers need to follow three steps:

1. A customer wishing to change their service provider must first contact their existing service provider and request a MAC (customers should not request the service be ceased)
2. The existing service provider will send the MAC to the customer within 5 working days. The MAC is valid for a period of 30 days from the date that it is issued.
3. The customer must then present the MAC to the provider they wish to migrate to. The gaining provider will then process the request and inform the customer of the transfer date.

According to the Ofcom website this is all you should need to do with Talk Talk to get out.

It also stipulates:

The existing service provider cannot withhold an authorisation code to enforce debt collection or contractual rights. However, customers are not freed from contractual obligations they have entered in to with their existing service provider – i.e.: they will have to honour the remaining term of an existing contract or pay early cancellation fees, if applicable. An existing service provider will still be able to take reasonable action to enforce their contractual rights even after a customer has migrated to a new service provider.

It doesn’t say what will or should happen to the ISP if they fail to comply. I’d copy and paste that info into an e-mail if you’re having trouble. Good luck guys!

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Carphone Warehouse against bullying… Unless it comes from them.

A few weeks ago Charles Dunstone amused the cynics and pleased the easy by yanking sponsorship from Big Brother after the Shilpa Shetty Shenanigans. According to him, Carphone Warehouse and subsidiaries don’t believe that bullying is appropriate… or very nice. So, what do you call it when a company keeps customers against their will? When High Level Complaints go nowhere and the result of valid complaints regarding service is to cut off telephone service?

At the best, I’d call it aggressive. At the worst.. well, perhaps Charles Dunstone should pull out of the Carphone Warehouse as well.

From Mike:

I managed to be a TalkTalk customer for approx 6 weeks before deciding to leave. I have never had such bad service from any other. Free Broadband – well over 2 months and not provided. Cheaper calls – nearly double my previous supplier for majority of calls to same number. Customer service – do not answer emails, do not phone you or write when promised. I’m now on my third yes third high level complaint and I still have not hear from them. I stopped my Direct Debit after warning them I would do so if the service did not improve. Their reaction is to put a restriction on my line – now I can not even ring their Customer Services or Accounts department. What stupidity on their part. Goodby TalkTalk why don’t you ListenListen?

PS Not a disgruntled ex employee or connected with any other phone company – I just want my bloody phone service back from them!

We hear ya Mike, oh do we hear ya.

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Talking to the Internet

Geronimo e-mailed in to let us know about some rather bizarre issues with Talk Talk’s website. McAffee’s security advisor mentioned it had some rathre questionable links to questionable pages.

As it turned out, it was down to dodgy users turning their web space into a playground of naughty, naughty things.

However, Talk Talk, upon being notified took their sweet time.

Eventually someone in S. Africa (they sound rather good down there, don’t they?) managed to locate the source of the problem. Almost two weeks after it was reported.

Nothing like the timely address of a potential security issue.

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Flashing lights. This ain’t no disco.

The dreaded flashing light. You’ve checked your microfilters, plugged directly into the correct socket, did a dance with sacrificed chicken and still your broadband doesn’t work.

From Martin C

No broadband connection at all since 6.12.06 due to problem with local exchange. TT 2nd Tier Techies referred problem to BT on 4 occassions. 3-4 days turnaround time. Its still down & doing my head in. Any suggestions. (sent via PDA as no internet at home)

And Stephanie

I’ve not been able to connect to my Talk Talk broadband service for the past three weeks. There is a constant flashing green light on my ADSL line of my USB modem. I have: checked the microfilters, re-installed using the CD sent to me by Talk Talk, been on the speedtouch website to download drivers to update the modem. I have to date spoken to at least 9 different “technical” support. They all promise that someone will call me back, still nothing! I’m at my wits end. Anyone had similar and how did they resolve it please. Many thanks

And Adrian

Hi, I have the very same issue, stopped working 3 weeks ago, flashing ASDL line.

Currently in the process of dealing with these muppets.

They have one chance to sort this out and I will walk without paying my £70,

One question, are they in breach of contract and thus I do not owe them? Legally.

Any suggestions for our intrepid users?

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IP addressing means trouble with PC?

This conversation strikes me as being a little odd. It’s kind of right but mostly not.

Lets just say, we have recently signed up for talk talk, and have had an absolute nightmare with customer support.

We had a customer support rep telling us that because our IP address started with a certain number, we had to contact our computer manufacturer to resolve the issue. This is when the net connection was working before we switched to talk talk 😦

From Matt

The reason this is a bit strange and seems like a bit of a quick way to get someone off the phone is the way IP addressing works.

There are several different kinds of IP addresses. You guys don’t really want to know the nitty gritty. For your purposes, they can be broken down into two different types: public and private.

A private IP address is something like what you probably have at work. It might start with 192 or 10, very occasionally 128. These addresses are reserved for private networks. When you go out onto the Internet; a proxy, firewall or router will have a different public IP address. This is called Network Address Translation.

If you’re using a different kind of router, other than the USB thing Talk Talk supplies, you may have one of these IP addresses as well. Your router gets its public IP address from the Talk Talk network. Ideally, what should happen, is your router will get its IP from Talk Talk and give your PC a private IP address.

The settings might look something like this if you’re using a different kind of router:

If you’re using the +USB thing, they might look like this:

If you’re using the USB thing and you’re not getting an IP address from Talk Talk, it might look like this:

The latter is an APIPA address. That stands for Automatic Private IP Addressing. Windows gives your PC an address beginning with 169 when it can’t get one from your ISP. That means Talk Talk isn’t giving out IP addresses and there’s something wrong with your connection.

Your PC can still connect to the Internet but is masked from the rest of it. Confusing, I know.

But if they ever tell you that your IP means there’s a problem with your PC, ask for second line support. They either don’t know, or they’re trying to get you off the phone.

What is APIPA?

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Get help with 3rd party routers?

One of the most popular articles on this site is the one detailing the Dr. TCP MTU fix for certain websites. Most of the time it seems to work. Sometimes though, sometimes your broadband laughs at you. (Not, from what I understand, unlike some of the employees of CPW.)

As a side note, employees of the Irlam site. I’ve heard it all before, say something constructive or… shoo off.

What happens after the MTU tweak?

Darren still can’t upload.

I have canged the MTU setting to 1400 on my Belkin router and used DRTCP021.exe to change my computer to the same setting (as I was advised) and still I can’t upload anything. The packet activity is ZERO on the upload. Please help anyone!!

Clark saystry 3rd line…

Hopefully tweaking that MTU value should work for most people. The key with 3rd party router support is to stick to your guns and insist on going to 2nd line support. Admittedly they’ll pretty much tell you straight away that they don’t support 3rd party hardware, but they’ll have a willingness to help you out and have a facility to put you through to a 3rd line(!?!?) which is in the US, but free and will deal with anything and stick with you until your problem is resolved.

Any ideas? Could it be throttling?

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To charge or not to charge, that is the question.

I have a new and improved way of categorizing things here at Talk Talk Hell. Hopefully it will mean easier and as a result, more updates and more help. One question though, does anyone know anything about the legality of the below billing issues?

Have a read…

You won’t, will, won’t? CPW can’t even make up their mind about connection fees!
From Paul T

It appears there’s something of a Bermuda Triangle at the CPWhorehouse when it comes to important phone calls. I was initally told there wouldn’t be a cancellation fee if I tried to break my contract, but when I left they tried to charge me £70. Needless to say there wasn’t any trace of the inital conversation – either recorded or on the notes. As it happens, it appears they were bluffing, and as far as I know, I’ve been allowed to leave with no charge.

Debra writes in about them giving her broadband…. without asking:

I signed up with Talk Talk nearly 2 years ago everything was going fine until 29th Oct. when i phoned and asked them about Broadband services they do i didn’t give them any of my bank details, but un be known to me they had entered me into a so-called contract. Within 2 days i received letters every day telling me that my talk plan had changed, that i would be sent a modem starter kit and the connection date would be within a couple of weeks, i phoned every day to sort it out they told me it was nothing to worry about and assured me it had been cancelled. they went ahead and upgraded my line in which they completely wiped aol off my line, i had no in coming or out going calls for 3 days. They sent me a bill for £148 saying it would come out of my bank on the usual day, i phoned them up they again tried to tell me it had been cancelled, which was an obvious lie again so i cancelled my direct debit with my bank and got them to recall my last payment to them which for the correct amount either. On 13th i went back to BT it took them 2 weeks to clear my phone line so theta aol could reconnect. Jan 4th they sent me another bill for £208 out of that bill i actually owed them £12 in call and my original £8.99 line rental before they cocked it all up. i refused to pay the amount until they corrected it as it was not my fault they upgraded my line and my phone bills they looked back on their records to how many times i had actually phoned them agreed to re-emburse me for my calls which added up to £26 and also credit my account the amount i over paid them which i am currently waiting for. They also apologised for their mistakes and accepted they where responsible for upgrading every thing without my consent. They are the worst ever company i have ever come across, and i would never recommend them or their sister company (earphone warehouse) to any body in the world ever.

Which seems to be a common business practise at CPW:
From Shah

You wanna hear something funny? well its partially funny, if it had happened to sum1 else, my mum went to see her sisters wedding abroad, and we had the phone made one way for financial reasons, imagine my surprise wen we get a phone bill, from a company who told us that their service would start next month!, 42 pounds! furthermore i get a modem that doesnt work, (im using the ancient bt voyager 100 now, and its brilliant still) a bill on top of 20 pound, (two bills in same month) 4 features we didnt even select, and after i initially applied online (full details) i got a call, from india, – hello sir we understand that you wish to join our quality service, can i get your details?!!! oh and the smal matter of the phonline going down twice, and had to be disconnected for 46 hours each time so they can repair it, Im cancelling direct debit, like you did and will also post on the various sites you have mentioned,

But wait, you get charged… though they said it was fixed?
That’s what happened to Sue

I have been having constant problems with Talk Talk Broadband since June 2006. Still being charged for my “free service” despite being told it will be sorted – it never is! Now e-mails coming to me 3-4 times over. What a shambles – wish I had stayed with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange & that was bad enough!!

Advice: What can you do about the charges?

Nikki says

Cancel your direct debits if they are taking money that isnt rightfully due. Someone will do a bill recalculation and sort this out for you

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