Charles Dunstone to answer questions in Manchester

It appears Charley is going to be at the GMEX in March. Oddly, I pass the GMEX every day on my way to work….

CARPHONE Warehouse boss Charles Dunstone is expected to be quizzed about his firm’s decision to withdraw sponsorship from Big Brother when he attends Greater Manchester Chamber’s annual dinner, in March.

The company is now the UK’s leading independent communications specialist retailer and has an annual turnover in excess of £2.3 billion.

The Chamber’s annual dinner will be held at the Manchester International Convention Centre. Speakers in previous years have included Ex-Mirror boss, Piers Morgan, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alistair Campbell, Mo Mowlam, David Blunkett and TV political commentator John Sergeant.

Sadly it’s unlikely I can afford a ticket. Any of you city councillor types?

Big Brother sponsor is to talk to Chamber

Apologies for the lack of updates guys, Talk Talk Hell was in Spain.

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