Charles blog breakdown from Christmas

Did any of you read Candide in high school? It’s about a guy who believes, despite his horrible life, that this is the best of all possible worlds. I can’t help but think perhaps Charles Dunstone is the real life Candide.

As I write, we have well over 500,000 people enjoying free broadband

I’m not sure if ‘enjoying’ is the right term here Charles.

we were unprepared for just how many people wanted to join the revolution. We have therefore spent the summer and autumn scaling up the business and improving our customer service. We undoubtedly still have some way to go until we become best in class, but we have made enormous strides during this time. Most notably, we now have no queues for connection and easy access to our call centres with little waiting to be answered.

This directly contradicts something he wrote to Ian Dewhirst in an e-mail: I would advise you to contact the number in the mornings as we do have peak times where the number may become busy and difficult for you to contact the store.

The process of transferring the lines is done in partnership with BT and does lead to a temporary interruption in service whilst the work is done.

Like, about a month’s interruption. Click the LLU tag for more info.

Thank you for reading this, if you are already a TalkTalk customer, thanks for your patience and support. If you haven’t joined us yet, its really worth thinking about. We still remain the best value telecom and broadband product on the market, and in the past 8 months have learnt a great deal about coping with demand and supporting free broadband.

We had patience with you about 6 months ago. That patience has long been drained. And new customers? It’s a crock, read this blog to see how much their service is ‘improving.’

Read the drivel here

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3 responses to “Charles blog breakdown from Christmas

  1. On the 12 April 2006, I did sign up to TALKTALK international with free connection to Broadband. MY name is xxx and the telephone number to with the above was to be supplied is xxxx. Order No xxx.

    Within 14 days I did supply my MAC code from my existing ISP supplier.

    Within a matter of days I received several emails requesting the MAC and several telephone calls requesting the same information, again the MAC was given, on this occasion when speaking to a human, I was told that I would be given a go live date shortly.

    Nothing happened, and again toward the end of May, I was again asked for the MAC, both by a computer generated email and by way of telephone call from several forging operators, my original MAC had expired and I obtained a new one, again replying to the emails, only to receive a number of telephone calls requesting the MAC. The new MAC was given verbally and again I was told that I would receive my “go live date.”

    Again, nothing happened and at the end of June emails arrived asking for my MAC, well two MAC’s had expired and again I contacted my ISP for a third. Emails arrived asking for the MAC, these were replied to and telephone call started again asking for the MAC, which was again given and I was told that my “go live date” would be with me shortly.

    Out of frustration, I search the net and got the email address for the CEO office for Carphone Warehouse. I send an email, setting out the above to receive an automated response” Your email is important to us, it will be investigated and we will reply as soon as possible. (Several months later I am still waiting)

    AT the end of September, Yet Another request for my MAC was requested and yet again a new MAC was requested and supplied by email and verbally, and you guessed it, I would get my “go live date”

    Charles Duns tan appeared on watchdog in October 2006 and said all the problems ware being ironed out.

    And today, I am nowhere near fore ward. Still no Broadband even though for the past six months my telephone account says that my broadband is due to be connected.

    Are you bothered, I guess not!!!

    Yours truly,

    Cheesed off

  2. I know that this is not related, but Charles D must be really happy over the big brother fiasco. After all its got to be the first time in ages that OFCOM have had more complaints about something other than his free broadband.

  3. My ADSL Line has been flashing since Nov 2006 and we haven’t had any internet since then. Technial Support are a joke and no one seems to know what’s going on. They keep saying they’ll get back to me but never do, they’re Customer Service is shocking!!!We’re paying for a service we’re not receiving and no one seems to care less.

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