Talk Talk’s service improving?

What’s your opinion on this claim?

Remember, as of about 6 months ago the most common complaints were:

1. Billing mistakes
2. Long waits for service (or non-existent service)
3. Trouble cancelling/moving service
4. Frequent connection drops
5. Extremely long hold times
6. Uninformed staff

Carphone Warehouse is to push for more broadband business after claiming a “significant” improvement in its customer services.

The group has been the subject of many complaints after struggling to deal with “unprecedented” levels of demand for its TalkTalk broadband offer, which provided free internet to customers paying £20 a month for a landline phone.

Is this true or more BS?

Carphone Warehouse: pushes TalkTalk service

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3 responses to “Talk Talk’s service improving?

  1. Absolute nonsense.

    I have had no incoming or outgoing calls for two days (so far – 11 12 Jan 2007) and have got so mad I was going to start a website and blog only to find yours.

    Anyway if I call out it says “The number I have called is incorrect” – That is for EVERY number I call.

    If you call in it says “This number is not accepting calls”

    A friend when he couldn’t get through phoned BT and BT phoned me proving the phone worked. In addition I have my broadband with PIPEX and that still works.

    So it’s NOT BT or the line.

    Well I was with Onetel so the number I use 0800 9571034 (from .

    I eventually got one of the delightful representatives at Talk Talk Onetel (who incidently I feel very sorry for) who finally admitted yes “Talk Talk are experiencing difficulties but not to worry – why don’t I call back in 24 hours if it still isn’t working!”

    So I called back. Sorry – Still not working.

    So I called back again today…Oh now they have no problem it has to be BT.

    Even though I spent ages expalining it can’t be BT, that was obviously what he was told to say and so that is what he says.

    Whn I asked for a supervisor I was told they were – guess what – in a meeting(probably working out what lies to tell for that day)

    I have people take money with no authorisation.

    I have had money taken off my wifes debit card without first getting her authorisation

    My parents are charged £8.50 per month for some International Package they haven’t asked for.

    In additon Talk Talk repeatedly take £49.99 in addition to the Bundle £29.99 every month.

    So service is getting better – I don’t think so.

    Andy Clarke

  2. Last summer I moved from the once excellent Freedom2surf ( now ruined by Pipex) to talkTalk. Yes, the modem arrived after the connection switched / migrated, but I had my router ready in case. Yes, it was only 1mb connection. I wrote to Charles Dunstone and within weeks that was sorted and I’m getting near 6mb most of the time. Later i had problems with my MS Exchnage email account. This took a long time to be sorted, but TalkTalk made real efforts. This has now been sorted. As I live in a small village (Cheddar, cheesy Somerset ) TalkTalk have to pay £9 a month for my line and I pay them £10 ( I think those figures are about right ). Anyhow, Nick Walker from talkTalk rang me and said that because of the problems experienced they would now move me to Free broadband for life and refund the last month’s £10. Come on folks – give these people a bit of slack. If you treat them with respect you get respect back. I am COMPLETELY happy with my package and will continue to recommend TalkTalk. Also I have a Netgear DG834GT router and have no connection problems – nor problems with DNS even when allowing the router to select DNS servers automatically. this company is trying to give consumers a good deal – a brilliant deal. I for one am TOTALLY happy. No doubt there will be bad times ahead – but in IT there’s no such thing as 100% foolproof systems. Even Entanet had problems of late.
    Thank you Charles, Paul & Nick !!

  3. To the Happy Guys – Charles, Paul & Nick – lucky you… actually, the reason that your stuff works is that the technology is tried and tested. You have the exact same service that Onetel offered b4 being bought by TT. The difference is that now it is a lot cheaper and they don’t make any money off you. So where they have enough customers (obviously not Cheddar) they are deploying technology that is cheap and untested… might explain why you guys are alright – enjoy it while it lasts.

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