Potential legal action against the Carphone Warehouse?

Would anyone be interested in the below?

Hi, is any Talktalk victims wants to raise legal action against Talktalk? I would like to join. The only thing Talktalk does is swindling money from its customers. They charged me for other people’s telephone bill, a modem which I returned on Oct 2006, and even when I don’t have telephone and internet service because they do nothing to resolve my telephone fault, they still take money from my account! They are cheating !

Any lovely lawyers willing to point us/them in the right direction?

Talk to Sylvia

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11 responses to “Potential legal action against the Carphone Warehouse?

  1. Oh dear!,

    That didnt work did it mate………..

  2. i am helping a customer right now. see the queen mary legal advice centre for more details.

  3. Charles Dunstone's mum

    I signed up to TalkTalk 5 months ago in September, their “customer services” are incompetent, rude, inhuman liers. All they do is procrastinate, hang up on you, leave you on hold for hours and threaten you with extra charges if you wish to switch ISPs. I would certainly be interested in taking them to court as they are a terrorist organization and Charles Dunstone is the number one terrorist in the UK! Lawyers, government and other ISPs please please help us!

  4. I also signed up in September and since have had nothing but grief same story as above.Since then they have been telling me I have an incompatible product on my line (Marker) from BT .Turns out marker was from one of talk talks subsiduary companies Had enough going elsewhere now

  5. My partner and I are very interested in taking legal action against Talk Talk / Carphone warehouse.
    They are the worst company we have ever come across!

  6. talktalk should be taken to court under the trade descriptions act.

  7. talktalk are trying to take me to court to pay my last bill £53 !! its wrong and anyway they have over charged me every month for the past year they never reply to my letters they lie and will not give me a copy of the origanal contract……….see u in court Charles D !!

  8. talktalk bastards

    talktalk the fukin assholes have been charging us like its their dads fone here and money grows on fukin trees. sad fukin twats. the bill was sooo fukin high and they chat bullshit all the tym.
    they can fukin shag themselves.
    talk talk my ass.

    bloody hermeroids.

  9. I would like to update my experiences with “The Carphone Warehouse. The so called broadband is slower than my old dial up. It at most times is incapable of loading a site completely . Believe it or not I could not email TCW from thier’ own site!! The email sat there for an hour not being sent. When I tried to email further to complain the email address that TCW had given me does not exist!!
    The phone system is a joke, at times when I try to phone I get a recording telling me my phone is out of credit. Strange as I am calling from a land line with over a hundred pound of credit on it. TCW are impossible to contact and if you do manage to get through it is a policy of this company to hang up on complaints rather than deal with them. I shall now be moving to another provider.
    Barry Minot.

  10. The copy of the letter I sent to the car phone warehouse.
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I have had to resort to writing to you because your’ so-called broad-band system is incapable of sending a message from your’ own site, when I tried to send it, it just sat there for an hour not being sent. This often happens in fact your service was incapable of downloading the Google home page in three hours. Please don’t tell me that you were experiencing problems because it is a load of BS and the stock answer we have all heard endless times before if we don’t get hung up on. I was trying to get paperless billing for a second time but the email address YOU GAVE ME does not exist! (Account does not exist) What a disgrace!! The broadband service you provide is actually slower than my old dial up service.
    The phone system isn’t much better sometimes when I try to phone I get a recorded message telling me my phone has no credit and I am calling from a landline with over a hundred pounds in credit. I wonder if you people realise how frustrating this is not that any body there gives a damn. I shall now be looking for a new provider and have now posted updated details of this joke service on the growing complaint list against TCW on the net. I have also promised support to the group who want to take you to court under the trade descriptions act. I shall talk to the trading standards people and Offtel. Please provide me with a telephone number where I can get my mac code.
    B. V. Minot.

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