No Talking with Talk Talk (this is a long ‘un)

Sophia wanted a divert put on to her mobile. Seems simple enough right? I think a lot of people have diverts put on. For example, if I want to divert calls to my land line I use my mobile’s menu. Easy-peasy.

For Sophia, however, it’s been a comedy of terrible errors and possibly… bald lies. Possibly (legal team.) Remember, if all else fails, blame someone else!

I have enough from Talktalk. Yesterday, Talktalk
promised divert my telephone to my mobile, but I
checked many time before I write this email.The call
divert hasn’t been done at all. Talktalk said they
have asked Opal(the telephone engineering company to
re-investigte again the fault). But when my friend
rang Opal, they said Talktalk hadn’t asked them or
given them new ticket to re-investigate my telephone
fault problem. Your so-called manager Pravin M
said he would call me in a couple of days time on 2nd
Jan 2007 to tell me the progress of the problem
solving, but he didn’t call at all. Instead, he bans
my number,
so that I completely can’t get through.
Talktalk is a layer, layer, and layer!!! Talktalk only
knows how to swindle money from its customers.
Talktalk charged me to pay other people’s bill, to pay
a modern which I had returned on Oct 2006, and even I
have no telephone and internet service, talktalk still
charged me money. Talktalk has broken the contract
with me. So, Talktalk has to compensate to me. If I
can’t get compensation as Pravin M agree over the
phone ( I have record). I will take Talktalk to court.

I am here to inform you that close my account and I
will no longer a talktalk customer!

It gets worse than the divert issue.

The horrible timeline:
* 7 December Sophia e-mails customer service regarding her bill stating that:
y November telephone bill has a lot of call to Nigeria,Italy, Belgium,and Germany which I have
never ever called. All those strange calls make the bill from normally £20ish/month to £105/month.
Please check. I think talktalk make a mistake or somebody stole my telephone line. My flatmates and I never did those call

* The response, (no date) from Nasreen M says:
have checked your account and November bill. I can confirm these calls were made from your line as I contacted an internal department to have that investigated into. All the calls displayed on your bill are extracted from your Local exchange and is therefore accurate details.

Like Talk Talk can’t make any mistakes right?

And then later on:
I can see that you have called to report a cross connection on the line and I would advise you to
contact our LLU Team on 0870 0873 527 for further assistance. If you have any further quires, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on the number provided below.

Beyond the spelling mistakes and dreadful grasp of grammar, does anyone think perhaps the crossed line Sophia reported may have something to do with those calls? I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am.

Oh, I get my evidence on December 15th when she replies to the lovely Nasreen. Sophia reported that someone with a number that her and her housemates were receiving calls from a number about 4 digits off from hers. Her theory (probably correct) is that other person, the one with the crossed line, was making the calls. I think that sounds reasonable. She’s also been without phone AND broadband for 7 days at this point.

One more e-mail I don’t have the headers for but was probably recent, says the fault was reported and wait. I’m horrified for Sophia, what a dreadful, awful example of customer service. You know how I asked the question before regarding ‘improvements?’ Well, I have my answer.

Can anyone help Sophia?

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6 responses to “No Talking with Talk Talk (this is a long ‘un)

  1. This may be similar to a problem my neighbour had. The phone line was working ok for a while until the customer received many calls for a third party.
    Upon further investigation, it appeared to be crossed lines.
    Ringing the first customer’s number got the third party’s and vice versa.
    I’m not sure if this also affected the bills though.
    You can check this by ringing you own TT landline number from your TT landline. If it rings then you’ve got a crossed line.
    You can also check by ringing 17070 or 1470-17070 if you have caller-id suppressed.

  2. Hello, I’d just like to state my issues regarding TalkTalk as they are very similar to those of Sophia, and I do so in the hope that somebody may be able to shed some light, be it technical or legal on the predicament that i find myself in. On October 16th my TalkTalk broadband was due to be upgraded to 8megabytes. It was on this day that the telephone line, which I had previously been very happy with, started to malfunction. There was a disturbance on the telephone line, a crackling sound and I was unable to receive telephone calls. I contacted TalkTalk who agreed to have the fault investigated. I received a series of text messages from TT stating that the fault was still under investigation and that another update would be given in 48 hours. The telephone did not ring when it was called but outgoing calls could be made until part way through a call, the line started to make a hideous noise- similar to the noise a telephone makes when it has been left off of the receiver. I actully videoed this happening in the event that I could upload the file onto my computer and send it to an angineer. The last text message I received from TT regarding the status of my line was on November 13th. During this period I made numerous phone calls to TT on the landline (until it was interrupted by the hideous noise) and on my mobile telephone (which, as a PAYG customer cost in excess of £20) and the problem was never rectified. This accumulated with me asking to leave the TT service at the beggining of November. TT agreed that I could leave their service as I indicated to them that they were not supplying me with a service and this in effect voided their own TandC’s. To my horror I received my final monthly bill from TT and it was a staggering £250. Upon investigating the itemised bill, the telephone calls that had cost so much were made to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Gabon (I didn’t even know this place existed until I saw it on my bill), mobile calls to Belgium and France as well as a host of premium rate telephone numbers. I spoke to TT the very morning that I received the bill and told them that myself and my girlfriend with whom I live had not made the telephone calls. I don’t know anybody who’s ever set foot in the middle east. I really can’t stress enough that I never made these telephone calls. As University students my girlfriend and I can easily prove that we didn’t make some of the telephone calls because we were registered in class at times that we are alleged to have been telephoning the middle east. I also alerted TT to the slightly concerning destinantions that the calls were made. It’s well documented that terrorism is funded by crime. The last time that I spoke to TT (around December 10th) they told me that they would investigate the matter and let me know what was happening. I had not heard a single world from TT and I had not received a single piece of communication by letter or email until this morning (Feb 9th) which stated that the outstanding money that I owe them has been passed to a Debt Recovery Agency and they intend to collect the payment within the next 10 days. After receiving this letter I contacted OFCOM and informed them of my situation. They gave me a reference number and a contact number for Management level TT Customer Services. I was told that they would contact me within the next 5 working days.

    So here I find myself, and I don’t know what to do next………
    Could somebody please offer some advice on what they think would be suitable for me to do i.e CAB or legal advice.
    Has anybody successfully got their way out of a similar situation?

    Please help……..

  3. A lot of the problems such as non-ringing phones seem to be down to the line filters used by TalkTalk.

    I experienced a few problems and so started to offer better quality filters for sale on my own website – plenty of TalkTalk broadband users have told me that these fix the non-ringing telephone problem – and the better news is that they cost only £4.50 each !!

  4. *bleeping* spammers, the filters are used for the Internet, not for the telephone.

    I am in the same situation with Talktalk, the line was noisy, now there isnt even a ring tone.

    This was reported via email to Talktalk, twice, I got one reply, with “before you make an report, check the equipment”.

    The full email came over very snotty, phone is brand new, the third phone since joining Talktalk, because of other problems.

  5. calls on my talktalk bill made between ooo1 hrs & 0700hrs were scrapped by talktalk as their own graphical bill proved for 3 consecutive months my line was never used between those times ( being a family household , everyone was in bed) it did take 3 calls to customer service to get it sorted though

  6. STINGERBLUE. I am having horrendous problems with my telephone – noises, loss of dialling tone, people can’t hear me, loss of caller display. If you ring 01612 22 2282 they are extremely helpful. They were able to establish today that there is a major fault on my line and have arranged to have it checked at the local exchange and, an engineer is coming on Monday to check all the wiring in the flat – AT NO COST! This has all happened since I went live on 6th July and installed the new modem. I may say that my computer is not much quicker as a result.

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