For some reason, people not taking up their broadband.

Hi guys!

With the exception of moderating comments, Talk Talk Hell was on a bit of a hiatus for a few weeks. Part of that was Christmas excitement and bloat, leaving one only capable of watching various films on Channel 4. Part was ascertaining direction and need. The latter hiatus inducing thought was quickly ruled out by your comments and e-mails. So, I’m back and it looks like things will stay the same… for now.

Any ideas, beyond a petition and the wonderful Observer campaign, to get our message across clearly are appreciated. Just comment or

First, some rather amusing news:

LONDON (Reuters) – Carphone Warehouse (CPW.L: Quote, Profile , Research), Europe’s biggest mobile phone retailer, gave mixed signals on Friday as mobile phone contract sales impressed but fewer people were on its broadband offering than most analysts had expected.

Carphone said it was on track to meet analysts’ full-year forecasts and had connected 540,000 users to its TalkTalk UK broadband offering by the end of the third quarter, of which 132,000 were on its own “unbundled” lines.

I sincerely hope not Dunstone, you delusional person you. One can only hope that potential customers will run for the hills full of fury and fear regarding your service.

Reuters: Carphone gets mixed reception as broadband stalls

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5 responses to “For some reason, people not taking up their broadband.

  1. Ordered talk 3 plan on 16 Nov. Expected “go live ” date was 21 Dec. Price of modem direct debited out of my account on around 8 Dec. Transferring from Wanadoo/Orange, so I gave them My MAC code 3 weeks ago which they really should have been in touch with me a lot earlier. As of yet I still do not have the modem I paid for and My broadband service is still being supplied by Wanadoo/Orange. When I try to explain my situation to “customer services “, it’s like talking to a recorded message,they all fob me off with the same bullshit. Twice I have asked to speak to senior management and have not been able to do so. Surely it is my right as a customer to be able to speak to a supervisor if I am not happy with my initial response. I think my next step is to contact offtel to see if they are breaking the law somehow. They cannot be allowed to continue with a service as bad as this.

  2. Am in same situation as you Hugh. Our order placed 1st October. Still not on Talk plan 3 or broadband not switched form Orange/Wanadoo. Am know on 3rd MAC code and will run out 20th Jan 2007. I did receive two modems (perhaps one was yours?) and a username and password. They are now telling me my broadband has switched last week when it so obviously hasn’t as I’m still connecting with my Orange details

  3. Similar problem, still awaiting transfer to talktalk broadband which I signed up to at the end of Aug 2006. I am now paying Onetel, my original provider, 25+ a month for my broadband as I am out of the bundle deal I once had with them. So far ‘free’ broadband has cost me 125 pounds and rising.
    I have provided 4 MAC codes and next go live is supposedly / hopefully at the end of Jan.
    Talktalk customer services are useless, powerless and incapable of offering any real answers. Either that or I got cut off being transfered between departments. Not happy.

  4. Was put on talk talk in mid Oct 2006 and was told broadband would follow after connection. Weeks later called to enquire about broadband, was told I never ordered broadband. Oh yes I did, and the pantomime has begun. It is now almost christmas still no broadband, called again and was told another fairy story and that my broadband was now ordered and would go live, wait for it, on Feb 5. A wireless connection was ordered and sure enough Feb 5 came and went, still no contact. Called the infamous caller centre again, with it’s really poor quality line and was told another week and it will be done. WAS I A FOOL TO BELIEVE THIS. I called again Feb 22 and was told middle of March from someone in either the India or South Africa call centre. I then called another number from them and I believe (is this the correct word to use when talktalk is concerned) spoke to someone in the U.K. who said my new go live date is Feb27, I then asked a serious question if this was 2007 or 2008. While all this is dragging on I am paying on average £8 a month more for my calls and a whopping £10 for dial up. Remember there is no such thing as FREE broadband. And my message to talktalk is do not promise what you cannot fulfill. I will follow this up with a call to Offtel.

  5. I’ve got TalkTalk broadband. It stops working every day or so, usually for several hours. All TalkTalk can tell me is that the line test doesn’t show any problems. They’ve suggested I keep a diary of when it goes wrong and then call them back in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the broadband continues to go wrong, usually when I really need it. I tell you what, I can offer a free broadband service like this; just sign up with me and I won’t deliver anything.

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